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Website Home Page Visual Comp & Web Style Guie

Hi all.

I have a set of wireframes and a new product. I will be using BigCommerce for the implementation of my store. I have a developer who will help me with the tricky build parts but am looking for a designer to provide me with;

* 1 x visual comp of the home page (based on the wireframe layout & packaging design)
* A background pattern for the website (I have a pattern which will need to be manipulated for this)

* Colours (primary, secondary, tertiary etc and any acceptable shades there of in RGB, CYMK & Hex- these can be pulled out from our existing packaging)
* Typography/typefaces (this can be pulled from the packaging)
* Styles (colours, font face, colours etc) for page titles, headers 1-5, para, tables, links, hovers, visited colours, buttons, forms, etc – basically the CSS elements (the designer will need to make sure these all work together on the page)

I have an very rough mockup of the page layout already to give the designer an idea of what I want. This job is really just to refine it and specify the elements for the CSS so the developer can continue to work.

Thanks for your time

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WordPress Theme (basic Setup, Transfer Of Web To WP,enhance)

I currently have 7 wordpress sites (domains) pre-installed with WP 3.0 and a customized WordPress theme (premium theme from themeforest). Now there is a basic error with the theme, the developer is not reachable so I need help swiftly.

I have multiple Projects this is the first I needed to be done. The projects are:

Project #1 -Wordpress theme (basic error, permissions) estimate 1-2h
Project #2 -Wordpress theme (transfer one dual language simple web site to the new word press theme, You dont need to match 1to1 you can be creative and improve/ design new) estimate 2-4h
Project #3 -Wordpress theme (populate the 6 themes with logos (logos are ready) and make them lively) estimate 2-4h
Project #4 -Wordpress theme (for all 7 themes, Write meta title, tags, and description for each page, Install Google adsense and analytics via plugins, Check everything works.) estimate 2-4h

All in all this maybe takes between 7-14h of work. Let me know if you think otherwise.

Now here is what needs to be done for Project #1:
Sort out the error. The error is I cant change any settings in the WordPress theme plugin. So in the theme plugin there are predefined buttons for uploading a custom logo all done nicely but when I choose the respective logo I get an error message. At one point the developer responded and said something with permission needed to be changed? WP 3.0 is setup out of the box and the plugin is installed out of the box.

I am pretty sure a wordpress crack will get this solved in no time. I will provide the WP admin login and/ or ftp access etc.

So, if I like your work then I will be interested in hiring you for long-term work. When all the seven sites work I have the need for an virtual assistant and some freelancers for article writing etc. etc.

Please bid $30 and then PM me with how much you will charge for the batch.


P.S. Experienced WordPress cracks only as I have already lost money to some freelancers not able to deliver what they promise. When you PM I will send you the link of the theme I bought and the Website to transfer.

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6 Hours Training On Visual Web Ripper

I need about 6 hours of training on Visual Web Ripper (VWR).
I need to create a project in VWR, save data in MS SQL Server and use its interface in VS2010/C#.
Will give you access to my computer using (ID+password) or any other access mean to my Windows 7 computer during training.

My time is GMT + 1

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Mortgage Reduction Program

This is a excel based programs which converts bad NON deductible debt into good debt.
We have a technical accountant here who has created the program who is able to go through the matter on SKYPE video who is very keen to complete the project.
We need to be able to enable the macros into a Visual basic or other suitable program.
The work is less a weeks work and should be completed asap.

We also would like to discuss how we can get client data which feeds direct into the program which will be held in a cloud style program….

If you win this project we have a other project called super buster which we need looked once this is completed…

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Mobile App For Local News


Seeking to develop highly functional mobile App for NEWS agency to promote and advance its business objectives.

This news app, will incorporate a suite of useful tools for the typical local resident. Tools such as live weather (based on a user

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We need a good looking website for Shoes store and Accessories.

– The website must be in two languages ( English and French)

-Web site and menu similar to : menu)

-Products display page on selection of particular category/subcategory(horizontal slide displaying

-products with multiple color icons under each product

-Detailed product page similar to :

-We will be using opensource with Stock inventory management, newsletter system, analytical, and other basic functions and advanced

-Basic order page modification

-Order tracking system

-Member login for check out

-shipping module integration

The website must be easy to use: edit the text , change the location of the menu, change colors

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Web Harvesting of Job Portals using Web-Harvest

We need experienced developers who scrape given German sites

Technology: Web Harvester
Framework: will be provided by us, also target database
Delivery: Web Harvester Scripts
Sites: German Job portals, structure is list + details
Number of sites: 60 (for the first release, if delivered succesfully, there will be 300 additional sites)

Please state in your offer, where you have gain experience with Web Harvester. Some basic German would be a plus, because you have to do the mapping from the site to the target data structure.

Three typical sites:

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extract from yellowpage like site software

MAX BUDGET = 100USD (if you bid more = deleted immediately)
I will pay immediately after software is tested and fully functional.
must be able to get in touch with msn every day.
must be able to get in touch with email every day.

windows or web application to extract data from a yellow page like website and put on a database. YOU MUST PROVIDE ALSO THE SOURCE CODE WELL COMMENTED.


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