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Extract Betting Data From Website

I will require a program which extracts betting information from a particular website. The information extracted will be then processed by another program and be sent back to the website. This is basically making the betting process automated.
Contact me for more details.

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Jaspersoft IReport SQL Designer/Writer

We are looking for a freelancer with a good, working knowledge on how to create a jaspersoft report that retrieves data from a ms-sql 2008 db over graphic elements and some static text. We may assign you several reports depending on your turnaround time and quality of work. You must be able to extract the visual elements from a PDF or PSD file, and dig into the SQL table to extract the structure. You will be given access to the SQL dev server. In return, you will provide the jrxml file, and may be asked to make changes and/or fix issues. We are using ireport v4.

In addition, we may provide you with working jasper reports that need either cosmetic adjustments or tweaking.

All are small to med complexity reports.
Please attach samples and short description of your experience and what you can do for us.

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Extract Emails From Website

Your job is to extract company emails from finnish yellow pages.

Both sites contain same data. You can search companies by industry or keywords.

I have tried to extract emails myself using email extractor softwares, but results were unsuccessful. It seems that the site has protection agains this.

Your job is to find solution how to extract all the emails.

The total number of emails is around 100k.

Before bidding try if you can extract emails or not.

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Need Web Data Extract For 2 Sites – I Just Need Data

I have 2 sites check Project message board for instructions.
do not waste time asking negotiations. serious people needed.
just bid and finish the work and take the money.

we are serous managers have tons of work. If you know web data extract just do it

Total $50.00 i will pay for this 2 sites. Yes total is $50.00

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Extract DateStamps From Excel & Create A Progress Bar

Using an Excel2007 spreadsheet , I need to extract multiple date stamps and generate a progress bar with those dates.
One cell contains a worklog (can be a long text containing multiple DateStamps records).Here is an example of the content in a cell :

"Approval Comment
Mike: Approved
25/Feb/2010 1:18:30 PM Bobby
<<From Worklog >> 00000006555581
Authorization Comment
03/Mar/2010 8:03:15 AM Gim
<<From Worklog >> 00000006955581
Approval Comment
Peter: Approved
01/Nov/2010 9:09:31 AM John
<<From Worklog in Change>> 000000065559581
13/Dec/2010 1:09:36 PM Jean
<<From Worklog >> 000000065559581
All cars ready"

I need a progress bar showing in different colours on the right side on a separate column.In the above example ,there are 3 datestamps

25/Feb/2010 1:18:30 PM
03/Mar/2010 8:03:15 AM
01/Nov/2010 9:09:31 AM
13/Dec/2010 1:09:36 PM
each interval between the dates should be with a different colour .Also,the last interval should be RED if it is longer than a specific time.
This should be a macro compatible with Excel2077-2010 .

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Perl/bash Scripting Tasks

I have two tasks to be completed quickly. Programmer should know linux & basic scripting.

1) Download this test page from youtube:,24&search_query=hello
I need a script (bash or perl), which will extract basic video information from the saved html page. For example, video url, video title, uploaded by, etc. You can output a CSV file or preferably mysql statements to dump in a database table.

2) See this page:
ffmpeg is a tool that can be used on linux. Using some command line options, it can be used to extract frames of a video (specific frame number, or specific time, etc). Write a bash/perl script, that will extract all frames in a given video file. The frames should be stored per minute and per second. That is, say the video is 5 minutes long. then create folders 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 inside each of them, create folders named 0 to 59 (for seconds). All frames of a video (count=fps) to be stored in corresponding folder. This is an easy task (no video knowloedge is required, you dont need experience with ffmpeg). Just study the syntax and you have to write appropriate for-loops).

I will select the lowest bid from someone who can work today.

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Extract A Single Flash Video From A Website

I need a single flash video extracted from a new website. This should be a very simple and straightforward task for someone who knows the right tools. I am willing to pay 5 dollars for this.

Heres the video I want extracted

As proof of concept you can extract any other video from the sidebar and send it to me or upload elsewhere.


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Extract Date From Web Site

Need to extract the email address of the staff members of this company

I also want to do many other sites but will just start with this one.

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Extract Data From Website (web Scraping)

Web scraping project, i will give you website and you will create script to collect required data. I expect results in csv file.

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YQL, HTML Parsing

I need to parse through HTML pages to extract contact information.

Input: Web site
Output: CSV of the needed data (extract phone numbers, addresses, etc)

Should be an easy job with som YQL skills or similar.

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Extract Emails And SMS Number From Any Website

Hi All,

I need to extract emails and sms number from not only 1 website.

It should be from any website which i think there are many emails and SMS number available for me to extract.

For example like classifieds, yellow pages website, properties listing portal, vehicle listing portal….

The way it should work:

– In webpage, I insert URL in then text field,
– then press EXTRACT button, website start scraping
– then result will shown in web page like below format:

email, email, email……

123456789, 123123586, 135812352, 218456335, 558615521…..

1 data + 1 comma + 1 space

Kindly bid.

Thank you.

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QtWebKit Link Extract Library


I need standalone library/DLL based on QtWebKit that will parse DOM and extract all links and forms (with inputs) from given HTML/JS page.

Code must be portable and work on Linux and Windows.

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Extract Prices From My Local Sportsbook

Hi to all, I need a person, who would be able to extract betting prices from sports betting site

As you probably know there are many free xml feeds witch allow you to see updated prices and to have comparison sites or something like this. e.g.

So I need to get the similar source from sporsbook I mentioned, that I would be able to create comparison tables with them and so on.

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Reverse Engineering


i am looking fro skilled individuals who have the ability to extract mcu, mpu and other proc firmware and then disassemble the firmware to make a specific solution.

alternatively disassemble mcu, mpu firmware which is provided of different processors and extract specific algorithm or ultimately create specific solutions for me for the hardware.

the cores which are most common would be the renasas nec v850-e1, infineon tricore and others

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Nginx Webmin Guru For Nameserver Dns Issue

I have a bit of an issue with this job…clients server has webmin and nginx installed and i am not familiar with both …the below are the problems i have .

1.) When i go to clients IP address i can see the website but when i go to clients domain it says server is down.
I have gone to the registrar at godaddy to set up the namervers yet this problem persists.
So i need this sorted.

2) I have a file at /home/********/**********.zip and because i am not familiar with webmin i am finding it difficult to extract this and will need you to extract it to be extracted. I tried to extract it via ftp and ssh but it gives me permission denied error

2) I need a subdomain to point to /home/******/html (the html directory will be created when the zip archive is extracted)
Again same lack of knowledge with webmin i need you to sort this as well.

When you are through with sorting this out you will document and explain solution to me.

Small budget =Quick Job= Super fast payment.
This needs to be done in the next few hours.

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Email Scraper Needed

I need a email scrapper that will extract emails from fb, twitter and other websites , i want to extract through country, city, and zip codes
bid for further discussion

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Extract Contact Information From LinkedIn

I require a program to mine Linkedin data and extra into Excel / CSV format.

I would like the ability to run a specific keyword search ie. IT Manager, California and then mine the results which come up automatically.

I require the following information to be captured at MINIMUM:

Full Name, Title, Company Name, City, Country, Industry, Website Domain (ie.

It is important that my IP does not get blocked while/from doing this, so you should be familiar with LinkedIns settings in this regard, and ensure this does not happen.

If you choose to bid on this project please provide details of similar work you have done previously, or a demonstration that you are able to carry this out fully.


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Datamining, Extract Data From Excel And Csv File.

I need assistant, featuring various small tasks: extract data to CSV file, data mining, extract data from excel.
Tasks will be distributed throughout the 2011

Best regards, Rasmus Refer

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Extract Some Data From Another Website

Im looking for a good PHP programmer to develop a script that extract some data 2-3 times an hour from another website.
the site organize the data into 3 categories and the data is listed by each country but i want the script to get the data from 2 categories only and 10-12 countries only and i get to change the countries as i wish.
and i want to be able to add my own fixed data to the final extracted results.

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Scraper – Aggregation- Extract To WordPress

Looking for someone to extract contents from and various other sites and load them inside a wordpress blog. We basically want to create an escort aggregation that will automatically update our site with new post when they are posted to these sites. We are not scraping/extracting the entire body of content, but rather like this for example: – we will then use the different locations as the categories. We will add a text to the title that we are extracting to help make the content more unique.

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Extract Some Data From Internet – Simple Project

This is a simple project, i will provide you with the links that you have to visit and extract some data and send me in a .rar file. This is a very easy project suitable for beginners. Only freelancers from UK, USA and Canada will be given the project/

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Export Magento Guests Emails

We have been using Magento for 1-2 years and we routinely export the customer data in csv format so that we can market to them again.

However, we know that a lot of people check out as a "guest" and even though they enter all of their contact information including email, we are unable to extract it in any export.

The only way we have been able to get their data is manually going through the invoices and copy and pasting the ones that have "guest" or "not logged in" associated with their order.

Regardless of the method we would liek 2 things.

1) Extract all the data right now so we have a current Excel/csv database of all of our customers including "guests" and "not logged ins"

2) Give us instructions or tools on how to export all of them in the future.

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[Photoshop Skills]: Extract Figure To A Transparent BG

I have an image containing a figure that I need extracted (cut) to a transparent background.
Need this done today. Should only take minutes for an experienced designer.

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Data Extract From Websites Perl Or Php Or Javascript Needed

Work is simple

i will give website and required data to collect you create script and i will run it and if any issues you will fix it.

I need perl or javascript or php expret only

i have 40+ scripts people wrote earlier for this kind of work

$30 per site.

do as many as you like

bid for 1 site first.

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Extract Data Of A Website

Hi there,

The project is this:

extract the data of a website and put it into an csv so that i can import it into Magento (including attributes).

For more information, contact me.


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– For Mindon Extract Some Data From A Portal

Extract some data from a portal

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Need Scraper, Extract One Website, Data In MSSQL

1) Need a MS-C# program

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Extract Video, Must Remain High Quality

We need a video copied out of a site so that we can use it – we have permission.

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Extract Data From Oracle To Show In Joomla

I want to get some info from db oracle and show it in joomla, here is an url where they talk about it. If possible please bid

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