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Reqd 1000 Facebook Fans From India

I need 1000 facebook fans for my page in less than 3 days from India only

need someone with skills and who has done this work earlier (experience counts)

no fakes allowed

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project for speedracer1980ry

10 rewrites per day of 350 words each totalling 70 articles per week totalling 35$ per week

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FaceBook Friend Request

Im looking for a person who is able to create accounts on Facebook, including adding a photo, and description. Daily you are to send out 50 friend requests per account.

Your upkeep of the accounts created is to respond to messages and add new friends as they come.

Be sure to include the number of accounts you are able to maintain and at what price.

Due to the nature of this board I require you reply with the word "freedomempowers". Responses which do not contain this will be ignored and removed. Thank you for understanding and happy bidding!

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Article needs to be rewritten

Let me tell you who am I looking for.

1. I need a long term professional.
2. I want the person to be fluent in English and I am very serious about it.
3. He has to be dedicated and should be in touch whenever I need him.

I need articles to be rewritten. I will be providing 12 – 15 articles per day. I want all them rewritten within a time period of 24 hours. So if you are committed to work and are not going to show up, please do not apply. I would not appreciate compromise with the above mentioned points.

I will be paying you once I have checked the articles myself. I will approve the articles if they are thru with the following criteria:

1. There should not be a single grammatical mistake in the article.
2. They must be a minimum 500 words.
3. They should be ORIGINAL. Please do not copy/paste it, believe me I will know for sure if you do.
4. They should be delivered ON TIME.

I will be available to you whenever you need me. I will allow changes in schedule if informed earlier.

I would be willing to pay 30 cents per article. So for 15 articles, I will be paying you 4.5 USD. The payment would be released the same day I get the articles rewritten.

If you would like to apply for it, Please send PM. I will be providing you with 3 articles that I will expect you to rewrite within one day. If I like your work, I will hire you. I will in any case pay you for the 3 articles that you will be rewriting.

That is all I need.


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