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Flash/Js,other: Modul For Sliding Wardrobe Doors And Inside

We want to build a module for sliding doors and the inside for website visitors to put together theyre own and view the price and order. There are around 100 – 200 rules and up to 100 details that must be programmed.

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Need Facebook Likes

Actually i need just as many as possible likes at this button at my page

i dont care from where, from who, anything. Untill 24.12 i need to have as many as possible likes there. Its an web article competition.

I dont need targeted fans like 20+ years, from there or there, with 100friends. NO !

I need just likes from anybody,anything. So price is important, not quality of likes.

Only what matters is that likes will be there until 24.12 15:00 CET , thats all

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5,000 French Facebook Fans


We need 5,000 Facebook Fans :

– All fans have to speak french
– Fans have to live in France, Switzerland, Belgium or Canada
– 85% or more have to be MALE
– All fans have to be under 35 years old

You have 1 month to do that. High feedbacks and low milestome % will be prioritized.

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1000 Specific Facebook Fans On Our Facebook

This project is for a long term project and additional friend requests will be requested monthly if you do a great job and follow directions as posted below.
We need specific cities of fans from USA.
You must have positive feedback for this type of job on to be considered


* All fans must be real accounts (No Spam, No Bots, No Fakes!)
* All fans must be accounts with 50 friends or more
* All fans must be from Oregon, Washington, or, California, USA
* Friends from other States/Countries will NOT be paid for
* All fans must have more than 4 pictures on their page
* All fans must be over the age of between 18 (over 21 on two of the eight accounts)
* All fans must have status updates that go back at least 30 days (they should be active)

* MOST IMPORTANT – You must not add fans in a way that will get the page banned or suspended — there will be no payment if the page is suspended within 14 days of delivery. NO SPAM ALLOWED!

* You must use legal means of obtaining friends (If the Facebook page is banned, I will note that in your comments and feedback!)

* YOU WILL NOT BE PAID IF THE ACCOUNT IS DELETED: You must not add fans in a way that will get the page banned or suspended – there will be no payment if the page is suspended within 30 days of delivery.

* We will only pay for fans that remain active after 10 Days


– Your work will be checked by a third party. If your work does not meet all of these requirements, you will not be paid in full. Providing this is accomplished successfully we will continue our relationship with you adding 100 more fans per month per account on a ongoing basis.

– You will be paid 30 days after project is completed.

– To ensure you have read the requirements and are capable of following directions, please place in the bid a code "August2010"

Please include with your bid:
* Price
* Accurate date of delivery
* URLS with examples of previous Facebook fan page work
* Please send a detailed plan about how you are going to achieve the target numbers.

08/06/2010 at 14:55 EDT:

N.B: Please tell the specific time to get 1000 fans in our different facebook pages. Money will be escrow. Thanks!

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Need 3000 Facebook Followers

Need 3000 facebook followers for sart-up business. They must be either : entrepreneur, own business, marketing executive, PR person, journalist, and with over 100 friends.

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