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Facebook Fan Page App – Fans Upload Photo For Contest, Vote

I need a standalone app page on my fan page where fans can upload their pictures and display these pictures in a gallery. Admins will be able to delete the pictures but fans cannot (uploader can delete their own picture). The functions and look of the app has to be streamlined with facebook. Fans can vote on the pictures by clicking on like or share and post on their walls. THere needs to be a stat showing top likes and top shares on the front end where everyone can see; and on the backend for admins, there need to be more stats for analytical purposes, such as traffic, from, to, visit length, where from…etc.

1. countdown before upload is disabled.
2. each fan can only upload XX number of pictures.
3. Fans can re-arrange browsing sequence (eg. upload sequence, name sequence, top likes, top shared…etc).
4. Ask uploader for their name, description of the picture, address…etc
5. Fans should be able to search for the pictures with keywords.
6. After voting deadline, top liked/shared pictures will be announced
7. Each picutre can be voted at both thumbnail view and enlarged view.
8. Enlarged, zoomed in pictures should be a lightbox similar type of display using ajax type language.
9. comments (facebook style comments that can be displayed on fans wall) should be within the pop up ajax box,
10. In thumbnail view, only show a few comments to save space.
11. leave space for ads, links..etc

As the app will be in Chinese, I need the complete source code so I can edit the content into chinese language. Need to tell me how to install on facebook step by step.

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Facebook Fan Page Javascript (FBJS)

Hi, I need a Fan page created with FBJS – Facebook Javascript.
The page should automatically prompt the user to copy and paste a hidden code using ctrl+c then alt+d then ctrl+v, it should detect after each action is performed using FBJS event handlers then move on tp the next step.
If successful I will need many fan pages created.

here is an example!/pages/What-does-a-guy-and-a-car-have-in-common-Answer-They-both/116478815040368?v=app_117911668228295

Also, i would want the code aswell and instructions to set it up with any other page.

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