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49 Articles By March 1st.

We need 49 original content articles (copyscape-free) about 49 states, excluding Alabama. The Alabama article is already written up and I am attaching it to this project as an example, so that you can see what exactly is required. The articles structure should be very similar, if not identical — intro, climate, geography, agriculture.

The articles can cover topography, terrain zones, water resources, climate zones, review of agricultural activities and farming (required), and, possibly, hunting and fishing resources. You can use Wikipedia or other sites to research geography and climate, and possibly some other sites for farming/agriculture.

Time frame: need all 49 articles by March 1st. Delivered in batches of 10.
Word count: 700 words minimum

Create a sample article on any state and attach to your bid. The winner will be chosen based on the sample.

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Search Engine Optimisation

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Homestead Farming And Women Empowerment

I. Introduction
The project is meant to promote permaculture using women or rural areas
II. Objectives
Promote integrated farming practicesand ecofriendly agriculture
Income generation for women
Protect the environment by promoting suitabe waste disposal practices
III. Technology
Aquaculture technology- type of pisciculture
Integration of poultry,Dairy technologies
Bio composting
IV. Sources of finance
Govt subsidy per project as applicable
Own funds
Funds from Local self Goverment Institutions
V. Beneficiaries
Unemployed women
Employment generation
Income generation
Waste disposal
VII. Merits and Demerits

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