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5K Facebook Fans Needed Fast

– 5,000 "likes" needed
– must be REAL people
– from all countries (not just asia/india etc)
– no bots, no scripts
– must abide by facebook terms & conditions
– quality assurance
– professional service providers only
– 2 week deadline
– bonus payable for successful completion

Fake accounts are NOT welcome. Our marketing team only work with REAL service providers who provide an honest service.

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25,000+ Youtube Views

i need some who can provide fast but real views. no bots. i cant have this video banned from youtube, its too amazing. give bid on price per 25,000 views and say how fast you can do it. thanks. also say if views are from one place like one country or not. thanks.

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Fast SEO Expert Needed

Hello All,

We are looking for a SEO Expert for

It is currently on page 2-4 on Google but want to be on top.
Please contact us, with your credentials.

Kindly dont forget to send:

(1) Details of the service/s offered by you, in this process.
(2) Cost applicable, for your service

After this i have 2-3 more websites for same work.


Adil Zafar.

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Template Designer, Excellent And Fast!

Looking for an excellent Graphic designer experienced with slicing PSDs/AIs and converting them in to templates

In your bid please show links to your actual work being used.

Only competative bids.

Must be available via Skype daily.

Put NoBS in your bid message. I will not respond to automated bids.

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Need Nightshift Teams And Individuals (Extremely Fast Work)

Need captcha team and individuals.
Very fast server at night.
Bid if you follow the following req.

*If team they should be able to do 5k-10/daily for small team.
*If team is large they should be able to do 10k-20k or more/day.
*if Individual they should be able to do 500-1000 entries/day or more.
*New freelancers if done captcha on any site before can bid here also !

payment thru M.B or paypal for teams thru GAF also.

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Talented SEO & Fast Link Builder

I am looking for someone who has a very good knowledge of off page SEO and fast link building

I am after someone to work with on a number of sites and possibly leading to an ongoing situation.

The keywords we are targeting are in the 150-200k competition range.

You need to be able to build a large scale (1,000+) back links showing in yahoo or google quickly

You also need to be able to find high PR backlinks from relevant sources for the site, to increase or PR

Please bid by telling me what services you can do and what your charges are.

We track all our rankings and backlinks, so please dont apply if you just plan to claim what we have already done.

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Effects Library MonoTouch, OpenGL ES 1.1

Seeking a fast effects library in Monotouch C# that uses OpenGL ES1.1 for the use in tile based games and related UI.

You can employ particle effects or clever use of textures and blending.

Show as demos in sequence, where required use a sprite character to demonstrate effects such.

I am familiar with libariries out there and is looking for more than a few days worth of using Google.

Must contain 20+ effects which include the following.

– Lightning effect
– Lazer effects, e.g. shot and beam.
– Force field
– Various pulse effects for position on map high lighting
– Scanner effect on spriite
– Explosions
– Blood and body parts
– Fluid (e.g. water)
– Fire/Smoke/Plume/Clouds/
– UI effects ( highlight texture, sheen, )

Preference but not all necessary towards bidders who show
– Quantity and quality
– An effects library that is fast and scalable in number of instants
– Who can produce a demo (one or two effects) or a video to secure the bid and similar in the first milestone.
– Bonus effects that work on openGL ES 2.0 with shaders

Please contact me if you have questions.

Kind regards.

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$100 Adword Vouchers Needed Fast

i need 100 100$ vouchers monthly

Bid price for 100 vouchers

Scammers do not bid.

i Allready found two smart guys here

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Want $100 Adword Coupon Fast Today

I need Google AdWords coupon codes

Please bid for 10 coupon codes.

You will get paid, after I have confirmed that the codes are correct.

If everything works well, I will continue to buy coupon codes from you.

Scammer Get Lost From here

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Guru FLEX Game Developer For Project

Title: FLEX game developer for project

Work to be done:
The creation of additional features to an existing game. This is a FaceBook game built using Flash Builder 4 FLEX/Actionscript 3.0 for the client and SmartFox Server for the backend. We require help with the client side only.

Who we need for the job:

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10,000 YouTube Views Fast

Looking for someone who knows how to get original, non targeted views, fast. In your bid include the number of views you can get in 24 hours. If its not 10,000 thats fine. Tell me how many you can get. Then give your price for that number of views. This could repeat for a few days if youre successful. Money is already in my Freelancer account. Thanks.

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Hi friends. now i am here give u chance to work wit my new project 24 hour fast dataentry server. my server name is i am out of bids i am give chance to work some selected bidders and if they honestly work with me then i will select them for me to work on this project.

i am also invite new frelancer. in this your job is only to retype the words into blank space and it is the 24 hour fast my starting rate is 0.50$ to 0.80$ in and if u done goo d work in th enight time then u wulill be selected., and i am select u when u complete 10k meands 10 thouusands. and i am pay payment via freelancer.

if u have any other proble then ask me question via bids and u will get answer in the 24 hours.

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Details Of Project In Description

Hello there
i need face book likes for fan pages from USA Florida
you need to be fast and experience on this work
i need 1000 likes but for first i need 300 likes for trail project
i will pay you $8 to $10 for 300 likes

kindly bid if you have experience in this field and DONT WASTE MY TIME IF YOU DONT KNOW ANYTHING

this is urgent project you need to do fast work


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Need A Facebook Fan/Like Supplier Fast

I run a Facebook Fan/ Twitter Follower site and need to find a supplier. Im looking for targeted US users only. I have a few projects currently that require fans so Im looking for an immediate supplier.

Please only bid if you have experience with this and can deliver relatively quickly.

Please include price and an average turnaround time for 1500 facebook fans located in the US.

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Want Adword Coupon Fast

I need Google AdWords coupon codes

Please bid for 50 coupon codes.

You will get paid, after I have confirmed that the codes are correct.

If everything works well, I will continue to buy coupon codes from you.

Scammer Dont Bid Here

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WordPress Expert

I am running a lot of websites, now I need one wordpress expert to help manage the wordpress sites.

I am ok working with a company, or 1 person.

I have a few tasks that we will run as a project to begin with.
Your bid should reflect 40 hours of work.

You should be able to work for at least 4 hours between 8 AM and 5 PM Pacific Standard Time (GMT -8)

Who am I looking for:
a) Someone who is very skilled in WordPress
b) Someone who can convert PSD to Templates quickly and accurately
c) Good graphic design skills
d) I hope you are a fast learner, you can fast research and find a solution for the assignment I give to you.
e) You must have a fast/reliable internet connection.

To get this job:

1) Respond to this bid starting with

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WordPress Web Designer – Fast Job Start Immediately

Hi There, I have 2 wordpress websites already installed. I need someone to add a suitable theme and set them up with page layout, headers/footers, graphics, large slider on home page with some graphic images related to social media marketing in them, text boxes, buttons, badges etc for maybe 5 or 6 pages but the internal pages dont need anything really added at all.

There is no content required to be added and as i said they are already installed. I need a good wordpress expert and a someone with good graphics ability as well as website layout skills to make the sites look professional and look a certain way.

The look of the sites Im looking for is similar to these but with a big slider on the front page:

I have another 10 example sites with notes to make it easy to get the look right.

I have access to elegant themes and templatesold if you want to use one of their templates or use you own.

Both websites are related and along similar lines so they can look similar but certainly not identical. Im looking for a quick fast cheap job. Nothing else is required just set them up along the lines of the site examples i provide and be able to do it in the next couple of days. If the designs go well, them i have another 2 sites i will contract you to do and i always have new ones coming along so a good job here at the right price could mean semi regular work.

Freelancers with good feedback will be preferred due to bad experiences in the past although if someone can prove to me why they are worth taking a risk on low amounts of feedback anything is possible.

Please only apply if you can complete in the next few days. The winner will be the one with the best skills and feedback that can do it fast and at a good price

Thank you

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Mysql Pagination

Mysql pagination, i have the complete script, just add with new variables, should be easy and fast coding, I will sent the files, need fast.

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Fast Design/HTML Work

Looking for someone who can fix one of our subpages a bit. By that i mean to make it looks nicer, add some better graphic, reoorganize some text and put it in tables, so it will look more user friendly.

More details on PM.

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$$$$$ Super Fast Data CAPTCHA PROJECTS With GOOD RATES $$$$$

Hallow I am back again,

I am looking for individual or team for my new data entry simple typing job.

It is very easy work and ANYONE who have basic internet knowledge CAN DO this work.

Speed of images 100% guarantee super fast 24 hrs but in between 5:00 pm night till morning 11:00 am INDIA TIME

Rates starting $1 for 1k and if performance good than we increasing in future also.

Payment will be only twice month through GAF, Paypal Etc.

Note: " Bids only accept who work must be in night hrs India time "

I am also available 24 hrs online on my yahoo email.


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Hi freelancers ,

This is a captcha typing work project anyone can do this work.
both unexperienced and experienced freelancer are most welcome in my project.I have a fast sever for this project .100% on time payment and payment will every week friday . I need more user bid in my project.everyone get a chance to work.

1user can use 2ids
typing rate 1k(1000):$80 usd
if u work hard rate can be increased further .
hard working teams are most welcome.

for further information pm!!

thank you

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Fast Server CAPTCHA Project – Night Team – Good Pay !!

Hello Pals,

I am back now, we are looking for a captcha providers from INDIA who can work during IST night timings, very good server, good accuracy and genuine pay. Interested team can start ASAP!.

Please contact me in PM for further details.

P-S: BIDS without PM will not be considered for project.

Pontu Ding!

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Simple Joomla Information Site To Do FAST

I need a site made as fast as possible in Joomla, is an information site and I have all the text ready,
just need someone who can make it possible right now, cheapest and fastest will win this protects,
Long term relationship possible, the site has to have 10 of articles in, and some basic functions
as for details on PM

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Groupon Project 2 – Would Like A Groupon Site

Please send your best bids ASAP and include your portfolios, and demos as well as access to the admin of your demos. Best web designs will be contacted. This has to be different in look and feel. We want to have a daily, weekly and monthly deal at all times, Please when you bid be ready to start immediately I would like to have the site online fast if you already have a template that looks good, that we can use then will be good as well as im looking for fast knowledgeable quick setup. Thanks.

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Fast And Reliable Writers Needed – Ongoing!

Excellent and reliable writers and re-writers needed for long term. Must be able to start today.

Requirements :

1. Articles must be plagiarism free, perfect grammar and no spelling mistakes.

2. Must be able to meet deadlines. Should be available on chat or fast response via email.

3. Minimum of 450 words articles with SEO friendly.

4. Must be agreed to write or rewrite a sample paragraph/sentence that i would provide.

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FAST Help With Moodle

I have a problem with moodle. My users can not login. i need someone to solve this problem in next few hours .

I will pay 30 dollars max as this seems to be very small problem.

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I already have a source.
What i have currently is an youtube bot that automaticly Subscribe/rate/comment… What i need added is "Flag option" to it..
ANd 1 i need one more app done in which only "Rate and Subscribe" but done with api or something… Since my bot is working very slow, and from what i heared if you use apis you can make it very fast…
I am not a codder so i dont know, but you can tell me if that can be done, since i need it work VERY FAST!!!

03/13/2011 at 7:17 EDT:

Someone also told me that it can be done by using multi threading i dont know…It is coded in

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$$$$ Good Data Fast 24 / Hrs Captcha Projects Ready Now $$$$

Hallow I am back again,

I am looking for individual or team for my new data entry simple typing job.

It is very easy work and ANYONE who have basic internet knowledge CAN DO this work.

Speed of images 100% guarantee super fast 24 hrs but in between 5:00 pm night till morning 11:00 am INDIA TIME

Rates starting $1 for 1k and if performance good than we increasing in future also.

Payment will be only twice month through GAF, Paypal Etc.

I am also available 24 hrs online on my yahoo email.


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Host My Video File Properly


I have a video file with mov extention. It is close to 1GB. My developer compressed it and it become 55mb. Right I try to host on my site I know my site is fast. The video comes so slow. But when I post the same video to Youtube it comes so fast. I want host my vide effectively so it comes fast.

Also I am looking for way to promote my video.(Optional)


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Iphone Xcode Flood Fill Algorithm

Convert Fast FloodFill Algorithm (like or similar) to iphone xcode project.

Only fast implementations allowed!

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