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Long Term Article Writing Project1

Foreclosure and Travel Articles

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Article Writing

Looking for a freelancer writer interested in writing articles for a Monthly magazine to be published from January. Excellent English writing skill and good communication is desired. Articles on Travel, Health, Business, Fitness, Fashion, Politics, etc are welcome. Please submit quotes and sample works.

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Travel Article Writing

Hi there!

We are looking for excellent, serious and motivated writers who want to write about worldwide travel destinations!
Your job is to produce informative articles of high quality for our website.
Are you that excellent writer who meets our high expectations? Wed be happy to meet you!

We would like to cooperate with copywriters who;
– have excellent writing skills in English: grammar/ spelling/ style ( UK)
– can produce unique texts of high quality
– are experienced in writing informative texts instead of the usual marketing texts
– can write according a style guide and manual
– are looking for a pleasant and long term cooperation.
– we prefer to cooperate with European copywriters or who have travelled to Europe multiple times.

Looking forward meeting you!

Kind regards

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SEO Travel Content Article Writing

We are looking for a long-term article writing partners who deliver high quality travel related articles. We are looking for well thought out articles that use actual research or facts where appropriate and the articles should be interesting to read. We are very strict about quality and the quality of grammar.

Thanks for bidding and we are looking forward to working with you.

Trial project definition:
This trial is to find long-term writing partners. The trial articles must comply with the criteria listed below and will be used as consideration for a long-term partnership. Consider this an interview.
— 5 unique, new articles with 400 words each
— Topics and keywords will be provided
— Must meet the writing criteria below
— Payment will be made after validating against the criteria

Please provide the following information along with your bid:
— Indicate your rate for 500 and 600 word articles ($ per article)
— Providing a sample of previous work would help (but is not required) and references
— Indicate if you have experience with article rewriting as well (not required for this trial project but beneficial for the long-term partnership)

Writer criteria:
— Professional article writer
— Native English speaker
— Committed writer (will complete projects properly and on time)
— Able to write on various topics
— Experience with SEO article writing
— Willing to adjust style based on feedback

Writing criteria:
— 400 word articles
— No spelling mistakes
— Proper grammar must be used
— Use conversational UK English
— Unique content
— Interesting and relevant content on provided topics
— Keyword density of 1.5% – 2% using provided keyword
— Keywords to be used in title and first sentence (and then 4-6 times elsewhere in article)
— Keywords must be used naturally (fluid in proper sentence structure)
— Note: The keywords will not be the topic, but they will be similar enough that the keywords can be used in an article about the topic. It is up to you to combine the two properly.
— Articles should not use first-person pronouns (I, me, we, us, etc.) and should not contain personal opinions. Articles are written for clients and the client may not share the same opinion.
— Any statistics or facts used must have the source cited (use *, **, ***, etc. after the reference and cite the source at the end of the article)

Other important notes:
Please make sure you agree to all of the following terms:
— When you submit articles for a project (including the trial project) you relinquish all rights to the material to us and the articles may be used in any publication by us and you cannot reuse the articles for any future work, publication, or resale
— Any samples of previous work you submit will not be published by us and the rights remain yours or the current owner of the content (whoever currently owns the rights)
— Any articles not meeting the criteria above will be rejected and we will not pay for articles that are rejected
— Payment by PayPal is preferred or through
— We reserve the right to update the criteria at any time and you will have the opportunity to accept the criteria changes to continue writing or you may stop writing for us. Changes to the criteria will always be as necessary and will be reasonable

I appreciate the content of this bid looks similar to another posted we are not connected and appreciate their well written definition that i have used. I hope you do not mind!?

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Travel Related Article Writing Spain

We need writers who can produce travel related articles about Spain and the Canary Islands.
We ONLY consider article writers who;
1. have excellent writing skills ( UK)
2. live in Spain or have lived there
3. have travelled to Spain or the Canary Islands more than once

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Link Building And Article Writing

We are an online marketing company having more than 500 websites live. We are looking for link building and article writing for travel in India and international for our websites.

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Feature Article Coding

I need someone who can create a custom built feature template so I can add this kind of thing to my website…


Im guessing these were flash projects but Im not sure

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Travel Article Writers Required

Kindly read the entire project description before bidding.

Project: 20, 350-word Travel articles
Time-Frame: 4 days


– Excellent English Writing Skills. Preference will be given to native Americans and Filipinos.
– Commitment. You will be required to submit the articles within the given time frame. Failure to do this will result to deduction from payment. This is a forewarning to slackers and joy bidders.
– Creative. We need someone whos not caged by ordinary words. Insert I aim to make a difference. in your private message.
– Dynamic. You must be someone who can approach the same subject in different ways and explore its every aspect. We need you to produce unique articles, always.
– ORIGINAL. The most important aspect. All works will be run through Copyscape. Plagiarism will result to abrupt termination of contract and non-payment of plagiarized works.
– SEO. Past experience is a must.

– $1.5 per article
– Kindly place a bid of $36 for 24 articles. (Escrow may be requested but this will only be granted to Freelancers with relevant feedback.)

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