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Custom ECommerce Project With CMS

We have a custom ecommerce work. We need a development team or good programmer to make all the functionality running. This project has an urgent deadline in 20 days or sooner. You dont need to do the design or the css layout for front page. Please read the following requirement

1. Install payment gateway (for accepting credit card)
2. Add other payment method (bank transfer and COD) >> will be done offline
3. Activate an email notification for ordering (3 types: by Credit card, Bank transfer, and COD)
4. Create a shopping cart (Order workflow will be provided). >> there will be minimum amount to get a free shipping (e.g. $100)
5. Create a "tagging" feature
6. Survey feature
7. Tweet and like feature on each product
8. Activate a standard form: (contact form, catering form, and kids activity form)
9. Membership feature (for checking points) >> User will register offline, and member can only check their current points, checkout using their details, and get a points when purchasing a product.
10. Newsletter feature: just prepare the database (with CSV file) >> no need to provide a blast feature or use a newsletter application
11. Weekly Quiz feature
12. testimonials feature
13. each product will have a size selection and qty

1. CSS for admin / CMS (dashboard css layout will be given, you can continue from there)
2. ability to update the content for all web pages
3. ability to edit the categories, sub categories, and product (including image, price, description, and tag)
4. CMS feature: order status (past and pending orders)
5. CMS feature: member list
6. manage a weekly quiz
7. Sales report & Product achievement (Can be exported to .xls or .pdf)
8. pdf. upload for "download page"

I will provide the basic css codes, site map, and workflow details. Please provide the quote with your best portfolio and make sure you read all requirement and pay attention to the timeframe. Milestone will be released after full work is running well. Thanks for bidding this project.

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Mobile Phones Related Website

i would like some to develop a website for me showing mobile phones, reviews, specifications, comparing, prices and rating like

users reviews can be a simple star rating and comment feature.
comparing mobile phones like recombu
thumbsup feature ( can be provided )
blogs can use wordpress to bring down the total cost
and add another feature like yahoo answers ( i can also provide you an open source answers script )

let me know if someone is interested in a long term work.
my budget is set to upto $750 but we can discuss it.
please bid if you can create 2.0 websites and work on a professional basis.
thanks for your time.

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New Feature For An Existing Android App

Want to add an "add user to favorites" to an existing application. Take a look on the Google Market. "Rate my SelfPic"
Will provide source code to finalize the bid to few selected service providers.

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Custom Google Maps/location Feature For My WordPress Site

I am looking for a Google Maps and WordPress expert to create a custom Google Maps feature for my WordPress site.

This feature will take user submitted data from a form (which you will also create or I am open to using a ready-made form solution) and plot this data on a google map based on the users location. I will need to display the form and map in each WordPress post, so I need the ability to generate multiple forms and maps unique to each post. In addition, there is a main "Maps" page of my site which will aggregate all of the data from the individual forms/maps and allow the user to filter map data by posts.

Please PM me with examples of your Google Maps and WordPress work.


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Improve My Website Header


I want to improve my free software downloads website header

– Simple, clean and clear
– Easy navigation and search
– Unique
– Color the same our website
– Easy edit and expand in feature
– Full css/html coded

After finish work must send me files include design, images, css, javascript, html… all files for I can edit and publish on the web in feature.

My budget fron $100 to $200


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C# ASHX Image Handler For Png’s That Are Created Runtime


I am currently working on a feature that allows a user to print a screenshot from my web application.
The screenshot and application side of the feature is already done and I have already had a
web developer work on parts of this and all work so far will be supplied.

I have a web application that sends a png as a byte stream or a base64 encoded string in chunks to a javascript. After everything is received a popup is opened where the png is to be shown through a ashx file.

The problem is that it is not displayed correctly or at all in all browsers. The feature must work in all major browsers, IE 7/8/9, Firefox, safari and chrome. So far It only works in IE 7 and partially in chrome.

Most of the code is in C# and a little bit of html/javascript. There is approximately 130-170 lines of code across 4-5 files.

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Best Get Paid To Script Need With Some Good Feature

We Need Good Get Paid To Script With Grate Feature like Offers By Country, Easy to Use Admin , Users Details In admin area like ip address ,user name ,password, earning details, pending offers country , in sign up form we need ,country , email verify and more

for more details see on

or search in google GPT Sites you got idea

we will test script before pay you
we will select best script

for more details PM me

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Automatic "check In" App

Im looking to use the automatic check in feature thats used in apps like Loopt and foursquare. This check in is obviously only used in certain locations on that map that we chose. I want people to be able to see who is currently checked in at these locations at the current moment.

Obviously more details will follow but the main focus is being able to use an automatic check in with a map feature.

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Creating Advertising Portal Similar To (

** I need a site as describe above

* I need a comprehensive database schema base on state
* SEO and API is definitely a must
* Needs to be customizable
* Design can be minimum (clean frames) but feature/ function needs to be distinction.
* It will be an ongoing development (after project completion) if satisfactory of the functions/ feature and work ethic is met.

* Please do not bid too high as per-budget is low.


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I need a website same like we need someone with programming abilities, someone that can setup a radius server and payment module to accept payments through , paypal, and others. I will need a administrator management page, and a dealer management page.

I suggest you to register for a free account with to see what we would like to duplicate.

This needs to be incorporated into a new website design. This will have to be a complete site.

For those that need mor info:

Web Based so Operators can access the programme remotely.
RADIUS Authentication and Accounting
Real-Time Online Billing and Multi Currency Card processing with e-mailed invoices. SMS payment facility.
Prepaid and Subscription online Voucher sales (With randomly generated username and password) for assignable time periods and values.
Automated Off line Prepaid card creation into a pdf sheet.
Affiliate structure so different Hotspots can sell different types of voucher in different currency denominations.
Agent and Affiliate commission feature to automatically pay an agent or affiliate their due commission.
Roaming Functionality to integrate with other Hotspot companies.
Multi NAS support for a list of Access Gateways.
Authentication of NAS by both IP or DynDNS
Automated Affiliate reporting of usage
Automated export of Accounting information to Quickbooks
Monitoring feature to show active Hotspots with number of users , username, password of each user and the ability to disconnect users.
Feature to click on Active Hotspot and access the web management of that Hotspot.
Total Username Searchability
Affiliate accessability permissions so Affiliates can see stats for their own hotspots.
Operator permissions for stats and groups of Affiliates.
Total reporting facility.

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Crowdsourced Collaborating Script

Sik-inoV8 software requirements

Im developing a business plan, and im looking for a Quote on the following.

I need a script(if you have an already existing one that can be customized that is fine)almost like or any other crowd-sourcing site.

But this one should work something like this.

1- multiple users posts projects that needs funding, posting videos , pics whatever.

2- the Crowd will vote on the top 3 or how ever many projects, which will take them to the next level.

3- the crowd will now help add on to the project by adding feature they would like to see etc.
This will also require a point feature that each crowd member will be scaled on.

4- once the 3rd step is complete the projects will be moved to the next level which is the funding level. So the will be people who sign up as "funders" they will only have a view of the project that made it to the 3rd step.

5- For The project that receives its required funding, a database of the funder,the crowd members that voted for the project and the users that posted the project must be stored to be used later to be able to view who was involved with each project. eg: excel since it can be integrated with things like project management systems etc.

please reply and help me in any way possible even if it means recommending someone else.
Thanks in advance.

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Best Sms Script

I want to make a sms website.
deserving candidate please mail me

website like combination or feature of way2sms 160by2 and youmint. only professional and competent persons may contact. i will like to see a demo before buying.
1) in how much time you will finish the work.
2) should have spaces to put ads better to design in dreamweaver.all should be php and mysql
3) the candidates who know how it works only can email me with there quotation.

Additional features must be:
4.options to add international sms in future.
5,options to extend sms upto 280 ch(i know it will take 2 sms).initially 140ch +ad
6.send ad email to users to earn money just a feature in youmint.
7.sms categories

and rest in youmintm160by2 and way2sms…..

if you are not cleared please mail me i will send exactly……

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Groupon Type Website Pre-paid Card Feature


We are looking for a programmer to develop a new feature for our Groupon style website.
The feature should act as a prepaid card.

When the user is about to buy the coupon, a option is given: pay the total amount by credit card OR buy a pre-paid card of a higher amount for a discounted price.

Example, pay the U$20 for the coupon or U$25 for a U$ 30 value pre paid card.

When the card is purchased, the money should go to the users "wallet" which already exists, and he uses the money from there to purchase the deal.

All the website is on CakePHP.

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Friend Invitation – Facebook And Other Socail Sites

We have a social networking website that we need some feature added to – we already have it integrated with facebook, but we need to add the feature where people can invite their facebook friends from our site. We will make a competition for people who invite the most friends and most people overall and show the results in real time along with what they will get for each winnings. We will make a facebook canvas (have the app embed in facebook).

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Need Feature Added To Existing Website

We have a social networking website that we need some feature added to – we already have it integrated with facebook, but we need to add the feature where people can invite their facebook friends from our site. We will make a competition for people who invite the most friends and most people overall and show the results in real time along with what they will get for each winnings. We will make a facebook canvas (have the app embed in facebook).

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Animated Video For Website

1.5 minute animation to describe how a new startup website works. Videos to take example from are Groupon and DealsToDo

*only serious bidders with experience and positive reviews. Must have excellent communication. Must respect the deadline, or project will cancelled and no money released*

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Auction Site Like Ebay

Need site very similar to ebay. Your bid includes a feature by feature match of all the features on with a new original design with unlimited revisions. Check my buyer feedback and bid with confidence.

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Facebook Integration + Flash Media Player

We are looking to design a new Media Player feature for our website where the media player would display the Title, Artist, Dated Added, # of Downloads etc. for mp3/mp4 files posted on our website. Currently, our websites displays these contents using the JW Player however it is not what we need.

To conclude the exact requirements needed for the flash mp3/mp4 player, please read the following:

1. The plugin must display song title, artist name, date created, number of downloads, a download button (only for mp3 files), a rating system, facebook like/share, tweet share
2. These features must be displayed at the bottom of the media player
3. We already have a licensed JW player, meaning you do not need to work from scratch
4. A picture of what the final outcome should be can be emailed to bidders upon their request

The facebook feature that we require needs to entail the following feature:

1. This feature must allow Facebook users to play our mp3/video files directly from Facebook rather than visiting the site in the first place.
2. A picture of what the final outcome should be can be email to bidder upon their request

For the MP3/Video player we are hoping that the developer can create a plugin for this feature.
The budget that we can afford to set for this project is $100, if the price you are asking for is much higher please DO NOT post a bid. We are looking for a long term developer who can work with us on a continuous basis.

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Facebook Like Button Extension Installation

I need for an extension from called Facebook Like Button to be installed on my site so that each product has a unique like button count on the category view page. The extension has this feature built in. However, it may not be installed correctly on my site.

Currently all products have the same like button count. And when a customer likes one product, all other product like button counts will also increment. I would like for this issue to be resolved so that each product has its own unique like button count.

The extension also comes with a like button anylitic feature. This is already installed, but does not reflect the like counts for each product. This also needs to work correctly and is included in this project.

An example of a working version of this project can be viewed on the demo page below.

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Bollywood Celebrity Tweets Show On To WordPress Website


I want to add Bollywood Celebrity tweets feed on my wordpress website.

I need exact feature like or

You can create plugins or script for it, but i need feature to add/remove Celebrity twitter account and how many tweet in a day.

Only experience programmer are invited for this project.

Budget $50

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Android App Upgrade Feature.

Need to make a critical update to my music app
need to add a EULA in English & Spanish
also to remove a website letters from the app
if interested please PM me

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Website Feature Additions

Freelancer required to help build sitemaps for around 25 global sites to improve SEO, and add new features to our invitation-only social network.

Must be experienced with PHP/MySQL, OOP and Javascript. The successful person will work for approximately four weeks from our headquarters off Oxford Street, London.

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Sr Joomla Programmer – 3 In 1 Comp Feature

I have 3 installed/operational components – jextsurvey, jfuploader and ckforms. Currently info users upload stores in 3 different places. Need it in an html file that shows info from these components in one – so one file per user, instead of 3.

Max budget: $50

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Zen Cart Site Debug And User Rating Feature Added

We have a retail site, built using Zen Cart at that needs the following bugs fixed:

* Images dont preview when you add a product in the admin area, but they do appear on the website successfully
* The link on the admin home page to the Online Catalogue doesnt work
* The URL for each page no longer shows easy read URLs

Furs and Frills is a site dedicated to providing tools and kits so you can make life-like dolls. We want an area added to the site called Real Baby or Not?. This feature should allow users to upload their pictures on to a forum and for other people to rate and comment on their work. The following needs should be accomodated:

* Users must create or log into an account on the site before uploading their picture or placing a comment, but should be able to view pictures and comments without doing so
* Option for automatic emails to go to people who have uploaded their images for comment/rating saying that somebody has commented on their work.
* Users who have logged in should be able to rate uploaded work out of 10. This rating is then added to all preceeding scores and an average score is displayed next to the image.
* There must be sensible limitations about file size for uploading images and clear instructions.
* Users uploading their pictures must be able to choose a username and avatar if they dont want to use their real name
* Users must be able to place comments and others respond (a forum)
* The feature must be attractive and in keeping with the overall look of the site
* Ability for users to upload pictures of multiple dolls and have each one rated and then for people to search for that users dolls.
* Ability for each user to write a short personal bio about themselves.

We would expect some discussion with the developer about this so that our needs are fully understood. We also have another retail website that at a later point we may want this feature installed on too (although this would be another project). The concept came from another site You may want to check this out to understand a bit better, although the look is far from what we want.

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Research And Write A ‘top Ten ??????’ Feature Blog Article

I am looking for and exceptional writer to research and ghost write a top 10 type feature blog article about a particular niche subject. The writer will need to research the topic, finding interesting and engaging examples of the subject, gather supporting images and write the article.

There is not an immediate time pressure on this and I would prefer that the freelancer takes the time to thoroughly research the topic and create a genuinely interesting and engaging article.

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Activity/Chat Feed

Hi guys, Can you guys please design a chat/activity feed page with features such as

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Looking For Senior PHP MySQL Programmer 2 Add Feature

I have a site this is programmed in object oriented and stored procedures that i need some last minute updates on.

I want to create a new join feature for our members
I want to install a secure certificate on our order page
I want to create payment gateway that pushes data to main site from marketing site, then directs that same member to our new join feature.


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Compleate A Flash Catalog For Images Or PDF Files

The feature will create Flash Catalog for images or PDF files
Unlimited number of pages
Create a flash file

I want three different bids
1 a feature just convert images or PDF into eflip catalog

2 like this one

3 like this one (With active hot links and more)


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Joomla Project

I need a programmer to provide me with the following:

1. Install job listing feature for job seekers.
2. Script faster

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3 Fixes For My Site

1. On mainpage. Display 5 links to most commented articles. Same way as latest commented articles

2. Make this appear on blocks the same way as other menue working.

3. Feature stoped working. Make this subscribe feature working again.

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Online Application For Kundli Generation


I need an online application for Kundli generation which will run on my website..
Key feature I need in this are

1. Horoscope Generation
2. Life prediction
3. Match Making
4. Kundli Making

And various feature in it.

Reference website :- This kind of features I need. but enhanced.
( all three feature )

Any Query you are welcome


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Custom Website Using YouTube API (Flash & PHP)

For the sake of privacy, simplicity and to save your time, below is a brief overview of the website we are looking to have created. We have a complete visual list of every feature we want available in .pdf after you have read the overview below.

YouTube API: We want to use the YouTube API to stream videos from YouTube, create playlists, and save favorite links.

Login: Users will be able to create an account to store their playlists and favorite links.

Search: Users will be able to search through YouTube

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