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Add Features To Existing Shopping Cart (for Dharmin007)

This project is to add the following features to a cart system already in place designed by dharmin007.

The drop down of items that is currently pulled from the database needs to be put in alphabetical order.

Once a user has submitted their order, they need to be brought to a thank you page with the option to either enter their email address and have a copy of the order emailed to them or click a different button and download the order.

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Penny Auction Website Redesigning Plus Adding Some Features

Our penny auction website is open. Paid a high price for back end, site coding and all programming.
Everything is strong and ready, I just dont like the design work and I want to add some features….

Your job is to make small redesigning work…

And add features like the following:

Sharing Integration with Social Media Sites. Twitter FB and more

· Independent language module with the ability to add, modify and remove languages. (It would be a plus to have the ability to automatically switch between languages based on the visitors geo-location.)

· In addition to the normal registration process, we also need to have a Facebook Connect or OpenID without the needs of RPX for any users

· Ability to give users free bids for (for registering, winning their first auction, referring a friend and for buying bid packages for the first time). give cash

· Referral by email, MSN account, OpenID, Facebook etc. give more cash etc
– Blog/Forum section…

We are open for suggestions… please do not bid the price of building a website we will not consider.
Bid a reasonable rate to do similar features and redesign work.

Thank you

PS : we have several penny auctions that you will take care and maintain and more coming that we can give you if you show great communication, talent and results…

enjoy bidding

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20 Pages Website

Multi domain site with around 16 pages, with the following features

1- should enable user to post there feeds
2- imports some automatic feeds, and media streams
3- users can download some contents
4- ideas to increase its visitor for the target customer
5- some dynamic and interactive pages
6- other suggestion like news web technices and features will be
highly appreciated

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Tutoring Website

We are looking for a professional website designer to build a website for us. The website is going to be a tutoring website but with many unorthodox features. We thought of the features (or of many of them) but the programmer will need to know how to implement them.
Some of the features include: suggestion list (style eBay/Amazon), chat (style Facebook), buy, sell, etc.

Before we start working, a confidentiality agreement will be signed.

This is very important! The programmer MUST be from NYC. We think that the best way for us to work is if we meet in person.

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Auction Script/website

I am in need of an already made auction website/script (i dont want a bidding website/script).It must have features as that sold at and ebay features,people must be able to buy and sell on it with a very secured payment means.I want an already made website/script that can be made available within 1-2days,not the one thats has to be built from scratch.Nevertheless,it should be a beautiful one.
Your payment
we both become business partner and we both share the revenue from the website (sales & advert).I promise this is going to be profitable to you cos i have the perfect plan on how to make the website big.I will also like someone with SEO knowledge.
You will also help with the installation(i already have the domain and host) and google adsense.If you interested in the project and meet the requirements,bid with your website/script demo and tell me when you will be online.Only serious partner with a demo!!!!!

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Auction Website/script

I am in need of an already made auction website/script (i dont want a bidding website/script).It must have features as that sold at and ebay features,people must be able to buy and sell on it with a very secured payment means.I want an already made website/script that can be made available within 1-2days,not the one thats has to be built from scratch.Nevertheless,it should be a beautiful one.
Your payment
I do not make a payment for this project but we both share the revenue from the website(sales & advert) as long as it is in use.I promise this is going to be profitable to you.
You will also help me with the installation(i already have the domain and host) and google adsense.If you interested in the project and meet the requirements,bid with your website/script demo.Only serious bidder!!!!!

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Auto Tagging Script For All Types Of Tagboards

Program must be able to post tags to all sorts of tagboards to over 3000-5000 sites each day, input of these addresses must be user friendly. Software must be able to support tags of up to 600 characters, consisting of special characters.

After tagging, software should be able to generate report in excel format.

Software shld be able to support a login system,sale of taggings will be via a credits system. Successful bidders will have to advise on how to set up the infrastructure needed for such a service

Final product shld be a downloadable software and with features rivalling the example provided.

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Group Buying Website

We are looking for a web designer to build a group buying website that consists of the regular group buying (ex. groupon) features such as: Once a day deals that tips off once a certain amount of buyers have purchased, a daily email sent to subscribers, a link to our merchant account for payments, the ability for our staff to add and update the daily deals (it must be user friendly).

However, we also have some features that we would like to customize for our website that groupon does not offer which I will PM to website developers that we choose based on your responses. No copyright/Intellectual property laws should be broken and the website should be secure as we expect high traffic.

The design of the website is extremely important to us and we would like to have a site designed more similar to: we want the design to be modern tailored to young users who are on social media websites such as facebook and twitter.

We prefer somebody who has done work in other group buying websites or is very similar with the concept and the customization of these codes—- as I said earlier, we do have features that will be different than the regular group buying websites that will need to be custom coded.

Please PM us your work both in designs that you have done as well as any group buying sites that you have created.

We are also looking for a long term relationship and for a developer that will maintain our website as well as be reachable for months and years to come.

Looking forward to hearing and working with you!

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Property Search Engine

Property Search Engine based on crawling, data text-mining, dynamic navigation based search, AJAX and Ruby-On-Rails
technology that will allow deep crawling of websites to find and accurately extract key meta data for inclusion in the search engine such as price, location and features.
In addition, the search platform would allow for high performance, fast search indexing and querying allowing users to experience an instantaneous response to their search, refined by detailed property features, and retrieve the latest properties on the market.
Front End already has been developed and is up and running.

References with contact tel. numbers and NDA would be required.
Important: No Upfront Payment. All work will be scheduled in stages and payment will be released on stage completion. We would be happy to provide references should you require.

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Gaming Center Management Software

Similar to this:

We are looking for a dramatic improvement in features including:

a) Command and control screen to easily monitor critical data of multiple centers.
b) Multi-location support including the ability to share license keys across centers and run events.
c) More secure, virtually block out everything in Windows.
d) Easy advertisements and promotions in client
e) Easy integration with online site
f) Better error reporting for physical and software issues.

And more!

Basically we are looking for someone to take the core features already offered in Smart Launch and dramatically expand upon them.


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I Need Auction Website / Script

I am in need of auction script/website which as features like that sold at must have the same features or something better.Above all,it must be MORE BEAUTIFUL.If you have this,then all you will also do is
1)installation and setting (i already have the domain and webhost)
2)add google adsense to the website
Your Reward
You get all the google adsense revenue for the next 6months + $1000 at the end of the six month.You can bid with the website demo.only serious bidder with a demo please.

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Custom Group Buying Website

Im putting together a website that is similar to the group buying deal websites out there, like Groupon and LivingSocial. Looking for professional web developers who have had prior experience in building websites such as these. You should know how a group buying system works inside-out and be confident in creating a professional-level product.

I would like several custom features on the site, for example a virtual cash rewards system, a lucky draw system, or an easy way to email daily deals, so you should be able to implement them if you are installing a packaged software. The site should also be easily adaptable should I need to make changes in the future. Development time should be fast and painless.

Aside from the usual features, the website should be secure and protect user data. Most importantly, it should be SEO-friendly.

Please send me links to your resume or previous works by PM. You might be required to show some demos of your own custom work.

Logo and a rough PSD of color scheme/layout will be provided, as will a full list of required features.

Best regards and good lucking bidding.

03/30/2011 at 0:26 EDT:


I would also like to know if you can implement a system/software where business can track the usage of coupons. This is important so customers do not reprint and reuse coupons.

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JW Player Add-ons And New Features

We require having our JW Player edited so that we can have the following features on our Music and Video page.
1. File (mp3 or mp4) title
2. Artist name
3. Date added
4. Number of downloads
5. A

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Hospital Facebook Game

We are looking to make a Hospital (Facebook game), including ALL features (points and coins system, bonus, helping friends, neighbours

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Joomlafy And Secure Custom Forms

I have a joomla 1.5 site with a customized series of Question/Answer forms I created that stores users input into a stand alone database (not Joomlas). I did NOT do this by creating a module or component. I am new to web development and just did the simplest way possible.

The Project: Securing the forms using Joomla features to accomplish this.

The custom app is currently working. It uses AJAX to submit the form and then uses a lightbox to display the work they just saved.

I need someone to both do the work of securing the forms (at least the first one) AND walking me through the basic concepts (using screen sharing such as GoToMeeting). To my understanding, the best way is to use Joomlas built in features for this.

If you are an expert at Joomla and securing forms, AND you dont mind connecting screens to TEACH me the basics, Id like to hear from you 🙂


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Create A Dating Script

We are

We need to develop a new Script like

We need a script for being listed in our scripts product list

Front end example :

With same features.

Script must be easy to being installed by a customer who ll buy from us this script with a simple 1,2,3 steps (that make client able to install it simply on his server), user must be able to traslated it in a new language uploading a language.txt file from admin. User must be able to replace some content pages (like about us…) and logo from admin. Script must be multilingual.

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Mobile Spy Software With Web Interface Required

Hi there,

Please read this posting carefully and dont post if you have just the general shit youd post on every other project. I need people who are sincere and understand what I am talking about. 🙂

I need a mobile spy application built for all the platforms including but not limited to iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile (each platform – ALL OSes). It has to be should be tested and upgraded with time.

I also need the web interface where people can signup, login, reach a place where they receive a validation code which they need to enter to the application to make it work(payment verification), download the software for their required Mobile OS, then can check all the call-sms logs and all features (mentioned here plus a few more features like Call interception (live call listening/environmental listening). For more details, please study sites like, &

I need this project finished under 2 weeks max.

If you have done this already or have experience and 100% faith that you can achieve results in required timeline, Id consider you and if you finish it in good price and timeline, youll be awarded more similar projects.


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Website Changes And Redesign

I need an experienced website designer and coder to make changes to my website

Im looking for a redesign to make the site look and feel more like this website but with my branding and social elements (such as creating a user profile and also leaving ratings and reviews). Please type "confirm" in to your application so I know you have been on both sites and read through my requirements.

The site will need to keep certain aspects of what users can currently do on my webpage, but using many of the design features from

My whole site will require a redesign, but for your idea, this is what I need the main pages to look more like.

My homepage:
The homepage to look more like:
Note: I need a similar navigation area. An area for the top 10 rated things on the site. A search box like the one described below. A banner advertising box on the top and bottom as well as square advertising box through the site on the upper right hand side.

My category page: /cat-4-shops
The category page to look more like:
Notes: I will have 4 category pages in total. Each category page will need the Top 10 rated places in that category and the latest reviews in that category. The "recommended" box on will need to be "features" which will be enhanced listings.

My places page:
The places page I want the site to look more like:
Notes: I will need the google map box. An easy to write in area, which I have the option to write in or not. The social bookmarking element where people can "Like" on Facebook or Tweet about.

Some of the features that arent on that I would like on my site are:

– To include the "Latest Reviews" on the homepage.
– A tag system. Where each place has certain words that can be associated with it and searched upon. This is tied into the search feature below.
– A new search feature where users can type in "What" they are looking for (such as cheap drinks, the ivy, pizza, etc) and "Where" they are looking for it (such as a Postcode or place). These tags will need to be on each place with a maximum of 10 tags to describe "what" the place is. These tags will be visible on each places page.
– An area where users can "Review" each place and leave a star rating followed by their written review. To appear on the places page.
– A blog where I can write articles and features (this will need to be visible on the homepage)
– An area for people to suggest a business to the site. Like this page:
– A members area on the homepage, randomly displaying some of the users who are on the site
– A Facebook login feature, so people can link their profile to their Facebook account
– Updated URLs so they read like this name/place name or name
– SEO enhanced in the coding and to keep the SEO features I already have in place such as Meta descriptions, page titles, etc.
– Easily updatable and manageable in the CMS

As the site is a modification of what I have already, I will need to keep a lot of the articles and information I have on there. Some of the features are also already coded into the site but will need to be used and displayed in a different way. Please keep this in consideration in your pricing.

Thanks for bidding.

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WordPress: I Need To Add Somes New Features


I have created a new community website and I have to add somes new features and solve a small problems.
This is what I want to do:

NB: I will explain more to the person that will do the work

1- send the confirmation link to new members email to avoid spammers.

2- * Add the possibility to members to "add" (upload) their own icon from their member area.
* Add the possibility to members to "change" their own icon icon from their member area.

3- add paginat for a specific page.

4- Rate this answer: The answer that was more notes from the community, will be placed first. (like in

5-allow member to contact each others (private messager).

6- A small problem in number of author name caracter.

Thank you

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Custom WordPress Theme

I am looking to ha a theme created that will be a local business listing directory.

The directory will combine the best features of the following.

This theme is specifically for business listings.

I want to create a theme that is very usable by newbies with complex features to handle thousands of listings.

I would like to also have features of a city portal.

I would also like to look at some of the popular features from other mainstay directory scripts.

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WordPress Plugin Duplicated With Extra Features

I have a plugin that syndicates my WordPress Blog post to multiple other sites. The plugin is not well supported and 5 sites do now work. I would like to duplicate the plugin and add some other featuers as well, I have the developer license for it, so you can review it to duplicate it.

Heres the link to the updates and the plugin:


–> Again please post specific examples of plugins or syndication software you have developed.

Im looking forward to adding more features to the plugin, so this is phase 1 or 4 phases so there is more work and I look forward to a very long relationship.

Look forward to working for you.. need this worked on ASAP 🙂

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Complete Site For Categorized File Upload/download

I need a complete website project which will list pdf documents. There will be user register/login. Everyone will be able to display the pages but only users can download documents. While uploading documents at admin panel, there will also be 3 feature/categorization entrance for document. 1 of those will be used as category and the other 2 for filter at listing. During the entrence system will also advise already recorded features and if it is new, will be new record. It will allow to upload same features for different documents.
At the main page, there will be menu listing the categories which we set while uploading document. The categories will display all related documents. Then user will be able to narrow listing with the related filters (which we set the 2 features).
I also need a side at every document page and main page for users to advise (upload) document. It will include same parts as admin upload and when a user upload a file, it will fall in admin panel as a pending cofirmation upload. After control and confirmation of admin, it will be displayed as well, and an email will go to user.

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Software Test Plan Authoring

Write a new test plan for a software product.

With reference to the new features listed in the User Manual produce a new test plan that covers these new features

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MFH Contents + Functions + Features

Hi ,

Ive already created a skin (header , footer , background ) for my MFH script from .

Im looking for a freelancer to do all the contents , features and functions for me (Index page , premium page , download page , account page , filemanager and etc…….) .

I want the all the contents and function similar to type and functions) as because i wanted to do free file hosting but the content theme must be based on style) .

All the contents must be fully functional . All the contents must be completely done. (Juz start promoting after this)

Use the existing function of the original script or add extra script work .

Its a bit difficult to do . So , be carefull before bid your price and tell anything you cant do.

Looking for those who worked with this script before .

Serious bidders only…!!!!

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Adding New Features To Existing Website


1) New Features have to be added to the existing matrimonial website.

2) Also some changes have to be done in the website.

3) Finally overall improvement of whole website.

Other requirements will be discussed later on with bidder.

Only advanced php and mysql programmers are required to bid.
Bidder must have good review and rating of above 9

Interested bidders please response fastly

Looking for longterm relations

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Video Chat Website

We are looking to design a new website with the same features as Myfreecams.

We highly encourage potential bidders to visit the website, preferably with a premium account, to understand the functionality. This website will function similarly, have all the same features, however it will have a different layout as well as other features to distinguish ourselves as a better website. Please start by visiting in order to understand some of those features already in place.

For bidding purposes these are some of the basic requirements.

Adobe Flash
IE 5+, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari
Wiki informational pages
Adult web hosting
Payment processing system
Webcam and IRC chat style system
Emoticons with upload capability

Further details will be written in the scope of work.

We are currently looking for professionals with samples. Especially interested in developers who have done similar work in the past.

There will be an agreed upon schedule with milestones. At a milestone we will want to review the work completed thus far and commit to payment after approval of the each milestone. There will be no more than two milestones and a final acceptance. All source code, scripts, software rights will be transferred to us at the conclusion of this effort.

We are a small group looking to create a good working relationship with the developer for future work as well.

Thank you and good luck.

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Classified Website

We are looking forward for development of a classified website with the following features.

Keyword and City Search
Add posting which will be integrated with the user registration process for the new user.
Adsense Integration
Analytics Integration
Maximum ad-posting
Admin dashboard with complete features.
SEO optimized, friendly URLs including city, automatic title tag, heading tag, Internal linking of posts and category, xml sitemap for Google.

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Football Pools

Hi good day.

I need a user system like this page:

General Site Features:

User Management
Module like a blog to post news
Football Pools (quiniela en español)

Register Features:

Each user can add your nickname, name, last name, email, avatar.

Characteristics of registered users:

Forgotten password option, private messaging with others users, profile view, discussion forum, football pools (of soccer), see private pages.

When registering, users can participate in football pools, and according to their successful betting is positioned in an overview table.

Every forecast made ​​by the user in a football pools displayed for other users and that they can rate and comment.

Apparently it all, I welcome your comments.

Note: I speak spanish, but i try with english.

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I need a script coded that is basically inspired by (not necessarily in appearance) the website Anyone that applies for this project please be familiar with all of the features on or have a look at the site first. I need it to include all of the features regarding membership, url tracking, payout options, advertising options, geo ip tracking, and any other features that adfl.y offers which I have not listed.

First, when I say that I want an clone I do not mean I simply want a copied HTML version of the site. In fact, I prefer for the site to look different in appearance. Actually, the purpose of my project is not to have an HTML website created, but rather I specifically need the following features (just like coded into a functional php script: 

1. A working URL shortener script which tracks the urls, the origin of the url, which member created the url (if they are a registered member) and the number of times the url gets clicked including a recording of the IPs which click the url. 

2. The script needs to allow members to register on the site and have a working control panel which records the stats of their shortened urls. It should also track the members shortened urls in regards to cash payments for each time a URL is clicked. The amount of earnings that would be paid would consist of different payout rates according to the origin of the clicked traffic. 

3. The script needs to contain an administrators panel in which the admin can view all users and their stats, as well as the possibility to terminate user accounts if needed. Furthermore, the admin panel should provide a feature to approve/reject advertisements that may be purchased by potential advertisers. These advertisements should be formatted as either top frame banner ads or interstitial(intermediate)ads which the administrator will be able to choose from. 

4. The script should contain a Geo IP feature that will log and distribute the clicked url traffic to the appropriate advertisement based upon the country which the advertisers chooses. 

5. The script should contain an advertiser control panel that will allow the advertisers who purchase ad space or traffic the option to view their stats as well as create and start/stop/pause their ad campaigns. 

6. Finally, the script should contain a gateway payment option (paypal only) to pay members for the url clicks they receive and to receive payments for any advertisements sold. 

If anyone is still confused I would suggest actually having a look at the site so you can get a better idea of what I need based upon what features are available on the adfly site. 

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Similar Website To With Added Features

We are looking for a very talented programmer/programmers to create a website similiar to but with added features such as a job board and a place to list apartment rentals. This is a vague description because a NDA must be signed.

You must know either RoR or PHP, but most importantly know Flex because you will be using We are looking for a website design that is very sleek and easy to use such as

This is for serious bidders only. You must have a portfolio ready as well. This has potential for full-time work and/or long term contract if completed flawlessly.

Do not bid if you do not have the sufficient skills to complete a project of this magnitude.

03/19/2011 at 19:01 EDT:

Please bid with an accurate price including testing. We have a budget of $3000 or more

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Game Website – Designer, Coder And Database Development

Search: Professional freelancer for development of a Game Website.

You have mastered knowledge with the website development languages, strong creativity and very familar with graphical website design. Its required that you can show previous design work, and its a huge plus if you have previous knowledge from making game designs.

Graphicly we wish to have a site similar, but not entirely similar to;
Technically we require similar features as;

Those previews speaks mostly for themselves, but we additionally require some social modules, such as; Album, Video and Tournament features.

You should be able to finish the project within 45 days.

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Need New Features Added To Joomla Website

I need new features added to my Joomla based website.

I need a scheduler added so people can make appointments and a gallery to be added.

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