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[Newspaper Live Feed]

Hi Programmer,

Im looking for programmer to help to build the live feed newspaper in single platform that could support in Iphone,Symbian and blackberry. The programmer must deliver app in the format ready to submit for approval (3 platform).

You must sign Non-Disclsure agreement before receiving the full brief.


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IPhone Aplication

I need the following modules / screens for a generic iPhone app. The idea is that there is a logo, front page menu that gets to these pages. Then the content and graphics are customized for each screen to fit the company.

the menu contains the following items:

* find my store
* opening hours information
* contact details
* facebook page display + integration
* twitter page display + integration
* rss news feed
* survey
* tell-a-friend

find-my-store-> opens Google maps, with a pin on the location of the store; maybe when you click the pin it opens up the standard extra info page and can take you to the "website" link through safari or something.
opening-hours -> just a nicely designed info page
contact details -> same as opening-hours, but has links to send an in-app e-mail / comment / etc.
facebook-integration -> i.e. a "like" button or something that puts a like to the companys facebook page
twitter-integration -> integration to post something about the company automatically under your twitter account
rss-feed -> some feed pages, this is a nested view, first to read the rss feed item list, then to go into further views reading each item; up/down buttons, etc.
survey->engine to ask multiple choice and free-text answers
tell-a-friend -> forward email with some pre-defined text info

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WordPress Coder Needed – Fix 2x Issues On My Blog


I have 3 problems on my blog (no idea why they are there)


I have this script, but i cannot activate it it gives me errors about some files missing 777 premission. But i change these premissions but still the error comes.


On the main page if users want to go to 2nd page ie: < this link does not work.

For categories these links do work.


RSS feed URL < does not work.

I need all these issues fixed, i can give you access to our website and FTP for you to edit.

Only bid if you have wordpress expiriance, do not post if you dont know how to work with these issues.

My budget is: 30$

Thank You!

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Setup Google Base Product-feed For 2 Magento Store

We want a magento professional to complete the following task

– Work for 2 websites, same duties
– setup the google api for our magento store (google base product search, google analytics)
– the google base product feed must be posted and be searched in google product search
– Please provide a 2 new google accounts for each websites

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UK Google Product Search, Feed Update – Cre Loaded

I am looking for someone to make some changes to my database, admin pages and website to accommodate the new conditions to the new product search criteria;

I currently have the feed duplicating products that have a promotion price, this needs to stop.

I would like it that the feed is automatically created and stored in a file on the server to allow it to be picked up by google weekly.

New Attribute to include in the feed.

color [color], shipping [shipping], availability [availability], product type [product_type], mpn [mpn], brand [brand], gtin [gtin]

Tax and shipping fields need to be added.

any fields need to be added to database and to admin and also be included in the Easy Populate.

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Neec PHP Script To Translate RSS Feed Via Google Translate

I am looking for a script to install onto a server which takes RSS feeds and translate into English using Google Translate API.

Looking for something like:

# Supports HTML in feeds
# Outputs all feeds in utf-8
# Auto detects source feed language
# Strips existing links
# Supports images

Need urgently.

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Database W/ Automatic Input/output

Youll primarily make the code, some already provided, for an RSS feed that automatically extracts information from PDFs, e-mails that have attached JPEGs and PDFs, e-mails that have attached Word documents, and text in an e-mail body.

The idea is to have something that only takes a few seconds, costs as little as possible to maintain, and works entirely on the web. The project involves receiving band press releases to a single e-mail address (the web host) that will then automatically be posted to the web publicly so announcements are instantly delivered to fans.

The information should also be searchable (initially start off with an estimated 3,000 searches per month with room for growth). Seeking a database that is also highly customizable for myself and the consumer. Those who access the RSS feed should be able to personalize/filter it with a login along with about 10 user options, and be able to search archives depending on those criteria.

Samples e-mails and images/PDFs can be provided. (Note: the e-mail server is gmail; the code provided is a portion of the RSS.)

Obviously, the formats are not all uniform. But also, the JPEGs themselves of documents are also not all uniform. The code will have to consistently pull out the right information from key fields. About four different JPEG sets would be the initial target, but the XML would have to be designed in a way that fosters easy growth when a new type of JPEG is added.

The project must also include alternative outputs to the RSS feed and website, which include e-mail and text messaging. Some ingenuity may therefore be required to keep this bid low.

Also ideally, if the different inputs could be streamlined into a uniform output, that would also be preferred. So different date formats would be translated into a pre-set format.

Basic website display and secure encryption requested (The RSS feed will display on a website). Superior design skills are a plus.

Please break down parts of the bid into what each segment would cost.

Awarding bid will be based on bidders previous work and communication skills. Provide a link to your site.

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Real Estate RETS Feed WordPress Theme

First Phase:
I am working on a project that requires a RETS (Real Estate Transaction Standard – provided as XML) feed to be integrated into a WordPress theme. Each listing from the feed needs to be setup to post as blogs, not pages. Specific XML fields must be programmed as an iframe to allow for dynamic changes as the feed is updated (example, if homes status changed from Available to SOLD). images and walkscore data should be included as part of the themes development (image references and walkscore data provided). Once completed, this should be automated.

Once finished, each listing post should feature other homes for sale nearby as well as show neighborhood businesses, shopping centers, amenities, etc. This could be placed as sidebar widget, etc. Every post should have a way to contact us via form, email, phone, etc. per the page they are view for tracking.

Ideally, nothing should leave the site.

Second Phase:
Not for this project, however should be able to pickup where left off in a few months (gotta make the money first) this project will lead to posting property tax data provided as CSV files. All properties in my local county should exist as a posted blog. As data is pulled from the RETS feed (above), the property tax will be included into the page to give the end-user more information about the property.

In both projects above, images and walkscore data should be included as part of the themes development (image references and walkscore data provided).

I am familiar with WordPress, just not XML and other types of coding. That being said, money is tight. I am willing to do whatever I can to offset some of the cost. One example, that I like as a foundation is

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Website Improvement

I would like to make some changes to my website –

I would also like my domain name to be directed automatically to

You must be able to visit my website and make suggestions for change as well.

I would also like to add a Site Map.

I would like to keep the current colour scheme and logo but you may make some suggestions.

I would also like to add a Facebook and/or Twitter feed.

If you look at you can see the poeple who like the Facebook Page of the same company. I would like something similar.

How can I add a feed or Blog?

I would also like to add Google Analytics and Possible Google Ad Sense4 as well?

I would also like a Search Page for people to search my OWN website?

I may also need to include a Privacy Policy and/or Terms and conditions

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XML Feed For Suresh

Feed their site with our deals, based on each city.

See attached API requirements.

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Build Html Table With Data From An XML Feed

I have two xml feeds that I need some data extracting and displayed on a php webpage.

The first feed has two elements that need to be displayed.

The second feed has seven elements that need to be displayed in a html table, with the table row repeating for the next 10 instances.

A third table is needed for a reworking of some of the data in the second xml feed. Only one instance is pulled from the XML feed this time.

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ColdFusion + ICal Needed

I need a UDF or cfc that works something like this HOWEVER I need this to be a full feed whereas the calendar will contain any number of events. So the page would query the events, then using cfcontent, call the cfc and output all the events that were returned by the originating query.

Not sure how to best word it for you – I need my outlook or google calendar etc. to use the page as its live calendar feed.

So when I enter in the feed address it would read something like this –

I really dont know any better way to explain it to you so please ask questions before posting your desire to do this.

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RSS Aggregator, Save And Search

Part A:
I currently have a custom RSS aggregator but I need the data to be searched.

I need an advanced search function that allows me to search by:
1) keywords using simple logic (specific phrases, and, or, not)
2) sources (for example, only search from articles from
3) specified date range

Part B:
There are some websites that do not have a RSS feed, but update articles in a standard format daily. I want to scrape the articles and turn them into an RSS feed into my data base.

Part C:
I want to turn my emails in my gmail inbox into a RSS feed that can feed into the database to be searched.
The emails often contain pdf files, I would like those pdf files to be searched as well.

Please let me know if you can do any of the parts above. Thanks!

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Require An XML Feed From Ecommerce ASP Website – Experts


We have the source code of a ecommerce website that has been built on ASP. We need an XML feed from one products page. Need to create an XML to get title, description, image, price, size, etc. There will be a buy now button under each product which must be linked to that product on the ecommerce website. This is a simple task. There might be more work depending upon how well you execute this.

Only experts & someone who can finish in a day or two max.

answer this 5 + 9 = ?

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Data Feed Store



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Insert XML Feed / Affiliate Code

We are very similar to We have 10+ affiliate relationships, and we need to insert their code into our site:

1) to display their deals on our site
2) to display our deals on their site

Lets start with one project and if satisfied, the rest of the projects will be given in order of importance.

Qualities Important to us:
1) Quality of work
2) Your communication skills
3) Speed of completion

Our first affiliate project is They take our deals from our site, and display them on their site (Deal Aggregator). Attached is the feed structure they want.

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Create Candle Stick Stock Chart

I am a securities trader and have an ambitious plan to develop my own trading software. My first project is to develop a module to create candlestick charts from a market data feed. Attached is a sample of what i want created.

Its a price chart, the data comes from the market data feed (which I will provide a sample file). Youll see price on the right and time below. Price is plotted using the following basics: high, Low, Open and Close.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.

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Rss Feed Scraping Help

I want to take an amazon product feed, like, but i want to add my own links to the feed. so the product description does not link to amazon, it links to the site of my choosing.

what i need:

1. biggest possible aggegration of amazon product feeds
2. script where i can specify my own links to link out from the product descriptions

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Internet Expert (linux, Affiliate, Php) Needed
– vergelijken van elektronika & computers.
– usa feeds van de grotere elektronica & computer sites, momenteel ben ik al aangemeld

and a few others

Hello freelancers.

I need someone who is a general internet expert and knows linux a bit, affiliate stuff a bit, knows
how to work with a database and a bit of php.

What I need are data feeds.

This are the steps.

1. Join an affiliate program that has data feeds with the information I provide you.
2. After validation and acceptance you need to download certain feeds from the affiliate programs.
The feeds I need are only the bigger ones, f.e. Ebay or Amazon or, only websites
with an Alexa ranking below 5000 or so.
3. Next I need you to download the feed to my server. This is done with wget from the linux shell.
4. After downloading you need to register the feed and import it. This is done with mcedit and
php scripts that automate this. For this step you have to take a look into the feed by using mcedit
f.e. so you can see how the feed is structured and which fields contain what. Next
you can use import & register scripts.

I will explain what kind of feeds I need when you contact me. F.e. for one comparison website
I only need electronic & computer feeds from the USA. For another one I need feeds of book
sites from Germany etc.

I need an hourly price for this, I am on a very small budget so give me your best shot.

Really, really read the above? Then end your post or PM with *READ*


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OpenCart & Adult Toys Data Feed


I have a OpenCart installed and ready to be developed.

We need to populate the product from into its categories where it pull the data back and forth. Please see that link for info. If you can do this please bid.

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Joomla Real Estate Site

My websites need to support joomla, especially use database ( IDX format) for the integration of the mls/ property listings. I need a blog on the site for own post. The blog forwarded as an rss feed. Backdoor to manage client and agents. The client login should have their property search saved and able to make their search list an rss feed. Google map integration for all searches.

Please pm before bidding so that I can forward the website that will be used for design purpose.

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Integrate Product Feed From Supplier

I currently own a webstore and some of my products are dropshipped. My supplier updates an xml file and a csv file every hour to let me know how many items are on hand. This helps me keep track of my inventory so that Im not selling out of stock items.

Unfortunately I am manually checking this everyday, which takes a considerable about of time.

I am looking for someone to integrate this feed into my shopping cart so that my stock levels are automatically updating themsevles.

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Very Simply Streaming Audio App.

Im looking for a very simple iPhone app that will stream an icecast based audio feed that I can hard code into the app at build time.

I also want to be able to co-brand using a simple background image.

So simple, open the app for &quot;The Joe Blow Show&quot; and it plays a static audio feed and a wall paper of the shows logo.

Thats it for now…

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Add Rss News Feed To Joomla Site

Need to add a news feed to joomla site

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Create Rss Feed For Around $10

I need to create an RSS feed from the following search: and I need it done today. It is for a clients wordpress site and I need a page with this feed showing like the way it does on the newspapers own page. If any part of the feed is wrong I want to make sure I have a way of it not showing up once I have seen it.

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XML Parsing Project – PHP Script

Visit the XML feed located at:

For each record in the XML feed, read it into a mySQL table:
ID (INT 11) – should be simply an autoincremented number
VENDOR_NAME (VARCHAR 255) – maps to <advertisername>
URL (VARCHAR 255) – maps to <clickurl>
DESCRIPTION (VARCHAR255) – maps to <offerdescription>
START_DATE (DATETIME) – maps to <offerstartdate>
EXP_DATE (DATETIME) – maps to <offerenddate>.  If offerenddate is "ongoing", the field should be set to 0000-00-00 00:00:00
PROMO_TYPE – maps to <promotiontype>

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Edit Data Feed Csv So It Uploads To Affiliate Network

I have generated a csv file with the attributes needed to go into an uploadable data feed file for affiliate merchant program at c-l-i-x-g-a-l-o-r-e .com.

I need someone whos familiar with data feeds to simply put the 45-48 products in order, in the correct way so it uploads smoothly into the system. (Note – I will do the uploading. This project is to setup the file)

The instructions for uploading a data feed file the correct way are listed here:

If youre an expert with data feed files, and can configure the data file for 3 shopping comparison sites (CSE"s), that would be even better.

Please send an outline of your experience with this type of work. I would prefer to hire someone I can work with again.

Please give me a sampling of your rates for:

1. the affiliate account for 45-48 products
2. comparison shopping data feeds (80-85 products)

Upon choosing a provider, I will send you the .csv to fix.


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A Dynamic Website From Various Feeds

Here is what I want:

The website will display 5-6 different columns. Each column will be coming from a feed from a different website. Now the catch here is that the feed may not be really simple and work may have to be done to display the items in the feed properly. We will need to extract the thumbnail, the description and couple of other details from the feeds.

The website then, would of course be dynamically updated whenever the source websites post a new item. Right now I am looking at this one page only and a lot of focus is making the page visually appealing.

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IPad Magazine Reader App – Images, Videos, Text Via XML Feed

We are looking for an Objective-C / Cocoa Touch programmer to create an iPad magazine app which will pull content from our server and will dynamically update from our XML feed.

Similar examples of what we are looking for include the CoolHunting app and the TED app (both pull content from the web and update dynamically and TED allows you to "save for later" offline viewing).

The features are are looking for are:

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Atom XML Feed Integration For Website

We are in need of someone familiar with Atom XML integration.
Ideally we would like a standard JavaScript or other widget that can be included onto existing page template.

Multiple feeds will be integrated, but all from the same source.

PM for specifics and examples

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Website Database Feed

Our current site, [Posting of URL with contact information is prohibited – removed by admin] , has a Current Vacancies page which has a feed to our database (which is hosted and maintained by our IT support company, ZenZero). This page updates 4 times a day with any vacancies entered onto the database. Im redesigning our site in Dreamweaver and need help with connecting our site to our in-house database. I imagine its a straightforward job – please get in touch if youre interested and would like more details.

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Activity/Chat Feed

Hi guys, Can you guys please design a chat/activity feed page with features such as

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