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DataBase / Excel Help

I have about 32000 records in an excel file. Each record has about 15 columns.

About 12000 records are duplicate and a few records even appears 3 times. I can remove the duplicates by sorting the records by "name feild" and then find duplicates by formulas.

But, the problem is that in the duplicate records, the other 15 feilds are not same for all duplicates.

For eg.

Cell number A1 and A2 are duplicate, But Cell A1, A2…and B1, B2 are not same. Some data is in row A and some data is in Row B.

I need help in merging those records. For eg. if Row A1 is blank and B1 has the data, then I need the B1 data merged into A1. If both feilds have data, then I need data combined from both feilds.

This should be very easy who know the excel and database things.

Once this is done, I may also need you to do a cleanup with the database and convert to mysql format. But, this will be another project.

Let me know if you dont understand anything. Easy $30 for someone who is capable.

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CRELoaded OsCommerce EasyPopulate Automation

Not sure if this can be done, but well see! The goal of this project is to have EasyPopulate in our CRELoaded osCommerce store automatically check to see if a file is in a certain folder, add certain column headers, add "EOREOR" to the end of each row, save and then import the new file.

We have a system in house (SCO OpenServer) that we export a spreadsheet from using the report writer. It exports feilds depending on the report we want generated, in this case being item number and quantity. We have this file set to upload to our server hourly. We want osCommerce to open, add required feilds, save, and automatically import this file when its done. Let me know how we can do this!

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