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Academic Writer In Software Field

need a skilled academic writer with enough experience in technical writing. major in software engineering

1500 words essay on Software Process & Management.

Deadline 7th April.

details will be provided through PMB.


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Ipad Application Catalog For Field Representatives

Hi there,

Application will be a product catalog and order application all in one meant for field representatives. It would only be an business to business Ipad app. I need to know the costs + time expectation

See attachment for details or pm me for more info.


Marvin Binderhagel
GC Productions

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OSC 2.3 Shop – Contributions, Custom Fields, Debugging Etc.

I need for the new shop project the following things:

Product options:

Field for the Tax-Number (for to display in the order, not in the website)

Field for the Measurements (length, width, height)

Field for the storage position (for to display in the packing note, not in the website)

A possibility to enter the number of the products in stock (and for every attribute) so that it counts down with every order. I need some kind of inventory management – so that the product or the colour/modell doesn´t list when everything is sold out and give alert at a specific number to order more of the product…

It now displays only the netto prize – but it should display the brutto prize like this: 3,95 inkl. 19% MwSt. (very important!)

Wishlist function – where the customer can save the products he would like to buy later.

Login-Field in the header.

Where can I change the text of the template (everything is written in lowercase letters – but this is not correct – some words in german beginn with an uppercase letter!

Where do I change the button styles?

The reviews don´t work – debug this.

I also have problems with the slideshow of the template – I found out where to change the big pictures but don´t know where to change the thumbnails and where to set the correct links?

Sozial Bookmark integration of Twitter and Facebook and others on the productpage.

The client does not know yet which payment ans shipping providers to use – but this will come later on, too.

The client requires a packing note (with the storage and stock count informations) and a invoice in pdf-format (with item number, invoice number, tax number etc.) to send to his email when an order is placed.

I need someone who really is an OSC expert and who is willing to invest some time into this project to make it a top notch and fully working shop…

As we are on a very tight budget please do not bid too high!

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New Release Webform Project


URL variables
Current URL variables:
logo (yes/no), Logo=1 lshows the Susteen logo
product (yes/no), Product=1 shows the 4th tab with the Susteen products
links (yes/no), links=1 shows the link to
style (css file location and name), links the content to an external stylesheet
aanvrager, is the name of the third party site which determines the stylesheet and the results document
mail (yes/no), mail =1 shows the e-mail form on the 3rd (results) tab

New URL variables
Download (yes/no), download = 1, shows the download button. Default = 0
Waarde (yes/no), waarde=1 shows the waarde field on the results page. Default = 0
Investering (yes/no), investering = 1 shows the investering field on the results page. Default = 0
Waardestijging (yes/no), waardestijging = 1 shows the waardestijging field on the results page. Default = 0
Kosten (yes/no), kosten=1 shows the kosten field on the results page. Default = 0
Subsidie (yes/no), subsidie = 1 shows the subsidie field on the results tabs. Default = 0
Outputset (all, best, both), all shows only package all results tab, best shows only package best results tab both shows both packages results tabs. Default = all
Emailcc (yes/no), emailcc=1 shows the cc e-mail field on the e-mail form on the results tabs

Results tabs

We have expanded the results and added an extra set of results. The extra results should be presented on the results tab. The extra set of results is shown in a extra (second) results tab.

The two results sets
1.Package all (Results 1)
2.Package best (Results 2)

1.Extra cc e-mail field on the e-mail form on the results tabs
When emailcc = 1 the cc e-mail field should be shown below the email field.
When sending the form the results document should be send to the email and the cc email addresses.
The cc email field should be validated as the email field.
The cc email value should be saved the results table of the database.
2.Download button
When download = 1 a download button should be shown below the e-mail form. Use horizontal ruler to separate the e-mail form and the download section.
When clicking the download button the results document should be generated and presented to the user.
3.Investment information (investering)
When investering=1 show the necessary investment on the results tabs below the Mogelijke maatregelen zijn: text.
4.Value increase (waardestijging)
When waarderstijging = 1 the value increase is shown on the results tabs
5.Net costs (netto rentekosten)
When kosten =1 the net costs are shown on the results tabs
When subsidie = 1 the subsidy is shown on the results tabs

> Uw geschatte verbruik ligt tussen de 2320 en 3320 per jaar
> Uw geschatte energielabel: D – G
> U kunt tussen de 760 en 1760 per jaar besparen
> Uw nieuwe energielabel: A
> Mogelijke maatregelen zijn: HR-ketel, gevelisolatie, vloerisolatie, dakisolatie, HR++-glas, zonneboiler, zonnecellen
> De benodigde investering is 12000
> U kunt rekenen op 500 euro subsidie
> De netto jaarlijkse kosten 400

Output PDF

Per resultstab the results of a package, the e-mail form and the download link are shown (see url variables).

Whenever the result document is generated only the results of that particular tab are presented/included in the document and saved in the database.

1.More than one page
The current output document (pdf) can only consist of one page.
The new functionality should support more than one page.
2.Standard text
The output of the new version of the tool will contain standard text blocks. Which are either filled or left blank. I would like to be able to include these text blocks in the results document
3.When sending the results PDF the results should also be stored in the database. This is current functionality. However, this must be expanded since there is now more results (data) to be stored.

Output e-mail

1.I would lik

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My Mnemonic Devices

Dear Friends,

Wish you all a happy bidding.

I am a mnemonic-holic. I love to coin, collect and share mnemonics. I am looking for people who can coin and write articles–with insightful mnemonics–in their field of expertise. You can visit; get a clue on what I am talking about.

So, during bidding,
-Tell me your profession(one field you are very good at). And show your experience and expertise in that field.

For instance, if you are a doctor, you must be able to come up with mnemonics that helps doctors to remember clinical and medical terms. If you a web designer, you must be able to come up with a mnemonic that can help webdesigners to improve their designing skills.

I like to pay anywhere between $10-$15 (500-700 words) for quality articles that has insightful mnemonics.

Here is an example.

I am a corporate soft skills trainer. I have written an article on effective listening skills using DJASPER mnemonic (I coined this mnemonic based on my professional experience)

Effective Listening Skills, a vital Non-verbal communication skills, through Easy Mnemonic Devices

Mnemonics, sometimes called acronyms, is one the most admired memorization techniques of humankind. Mnemonic devices helps to retain and recall information faster as it often stores the details and concepts in the long term memory. DJASPER is one such mnemonics examples that can help remember different types of listening.

From management students to working executives, corporate trainers to managers, effective listening skills are vital in every phase of professional life. The listening becomes better when one takes conscious efforts to improve his/her listening skills. Both verbal and non verbal communication skills play equal role when it comes to effective listening skills. The listening especially important for public speakers, corporate trainers and managers.

Different types of listening is summarized using a simple mnemonic device; DJASPER

Detective listening
Defensive listening
Judgmental listening
Active listening
Selective listening
Passive listening
Pseudo listening
Empathetic listening
Evaluative listening
Reflective listening

and, I have written an article (500 words) on DJASPER.

I expect the same from other professionals such as mechanical engineers, architects, content writers, proof readers, typists and every other professions.

I will give further details later.

thank a lot and wish you a best of luck

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Random Word Generation

Simple admin panel with three total fields where words can be inputted, or uploaded. The script will randomly combine the words in each field into a two output types. One with spaces between the words, and one with a "-" between the words. So if there are 100 words in field one, 50 words in field two, and 50 words in field three there would be a total of different combination of 250,000. If field three is blank, it would adjust accordingly. The important part is being able to place the widget code multiple times on the same page and still generate new combinations, and not repeats.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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M-Learning App. A Product Guide For The Field Staffs

To develop a mobile learning application to serve as a ready reference product guide for our field staffs to browse through our wide range of product and for their details. This should aid them to promote appropriate products to customers based on their requirement. There should be a two way interaction between the Headquarters and the field force. There should be provision to conduct quiz and survey through this interface.

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Database Field Fill

I have a large excel database of over 1.2 million entries. I have 2 columns that i need to fill, that currently have scattered entries.

I need a program that can take the business name field from column B and add "www." to the beginning of the name and "" to the end of it… ie. www. business name

and then once that is done, a similar code that can populate another column with "info@" business name ""

The database already has some filled in so i would need to fill the missing fields.

does anyone have a program that can do this for me for 1.2 m records in excel?

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PHP Modular Script For Simple Country-oriented Ad-buying

Hi there
The project is very simple: I need a modular PHP script (one class that I can include in my scripts) that I will integrate in an existing application to accept advertising from interested parties.

The script will include a database table, optimized with the proper indexes, that will accept the ad name, ad ID, ad "type" (a numeric identifier to identify the zone on the page, for example top, right or bottom), a field for the ad code, a field for the ad image, a field for the price, a field for the country etc..if I forgot something in the logic its up to the programmer to solve it

The script will include a simple interface where a user can purchase ads based on the country, and it must be integrated to accept paypal IPN and automatically insert the ads in the database and activate them upon payment.
I also want the option to turn this into a manual process should I wish to review the ads first
Every country will have different prices for ads, so the interface should display an ad buying interface differentiated by conutry, with different prices taht I will select

I will need a simple CRUD interface for the admin to administer the price per country for example, approve ads, suspend ad showing etc

The script will also handle the ad-showing part, and it should be able to return the most appropriate ad based on an IP (highest paying ad for that country), obviously integrating with GEOip
It should also decrement a pageview from the available ones every time the ad is displayed (so if a user bought 2000 views, they will get 2000 views and then ad displaying will stop for that user)

The script should have a configuration section that accepts as parameters:

– a mysql database, host, user, password and table name
– a path for geoIP with maxmind (the .dat file)

I need the script within 15 days, please only serious bids

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HTML Table Column To Export To Outlook To Field


I have a data view webpart , where i have to filter the columns using Dropdown Check box list and have a search box which filters the dataview when we type text.

1. Design Dropdown checkbox lists having data view webpart column data , when some one selects one check box from drop down it should display data associated to that text
2. Search box – starts filtering the moment we start typing the text
3. column – should be able to slect a specific column and have a button, when we click on button that column should automatically export the data to Outlook To: field. The column is email address.

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Plain Coding


This project is simple, i need to the able to had employes to a DB. (ADD and DELETE)

Need to be able to ADD and Remove the refered scroll down list

Admin can edit client.

Then when someone is connected we need to fill a form that look like this :

We need a place where they could look into the DB to find a client by their phone number. If they find it, they are able to ADD new info, like a new policy number. So to give an example, if they quote a car, then the client may call back to quote the home.

When they pull out the client, i need a field where they could say its has been sold.

The date need to be written automaticly.

fisrt name
car policy number Price
Home policy number Price:
Refered by (i want that field to be scrolling one, because i need to edit this field.)


Then i need to be able to have a report of this By agent, need to know how many quote they have made each week.

Need to be able to calculated their sale.

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PHP Developer Needed

We require a PHP developer with an immediate start for an initial 4 month contract looking to perm.

Your role will be based at our offices in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire so no offshore applicants please. The role includes creating standard CMS sites upto multi payment provider ecommerce sites. We have a designer so no real graphic experience needed you will be provided with a full field by field specification and the overall style template.

Salary upto £1,750 per month

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Modify Joomla Installation : Add Extra Registration Field

We need an additonal field added to the core registration form of Joomla 1.5

Single field only (with confirmation field)



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IPhone – Modify Existing IPhone / PHP Application

I have an existing iPhone application (I have the iOS Source code), that needs to have additional functionality. It is a bus passenger counting system. Currently it counts people who get on the bus at each stop. When the driver presses the counter button it records 1 record and stores it until the data is uploaded to my webserver. The additional functionality that I need is:
1. Add a second counter for people that get off at each stop to be recorded in the same way. I have designed the new psd file to use as the new skin.
2. Add a new field that captures rider type (this is a scrolling top field that would record different rider types when pressed. The default would be Regular, but you could select Transfer, Handicap, Bike, +5, User#1, User#2, User#3, User#4, or User#5)
3. Currently there is a manual upload to my server. I would like to add the ability to automatically detect a WiFi/Internet connection and automatically upload the data. This would be user selectable to either turn on or off.
– The current upload is slow with hundreds of records, so we are looking for a way to speed it up or at least do the upload in the background.
– We need to make sure that the data is valid (i.e. no duplicates, all records uploaded)

In addition to these new features, there are several small changes that I need done, as follows:
1 App – do not reset current stop location when settings are changed, only reset when Route is changed
2 App – also allow route and Stop count reset if you press ON and OFF at the same time for 2 seconds
3 App – correct language when there are no records to upload, currently states, "There is no any record to uplaod!", change to "There are no records to upload!"
4 App – If Next Stop or Previous Stop has not been pressed for x minutes, then pop up reminder
5 App – If there has been inactivity for more than 150minutes, open settings screen
6 App – Settings – move Driver to top, then Route, then Bus, then Plus #
7 App – Settings – Format text of Driver field to be BOLD RED and Route field to be BOLD BLUE and Bus field to be BOLD GREEN
8 App – Settings – show "Last successful upload: [timedate]"
9 App – Settings – UDID display for customer reference
10 App – Settings – view/hide total count
11 App – Report upload – speed up, put into background

If you are interested in this project, I can send you picture files of the current app and the new skin.

Also, the original developer is sick and therefore not able to continue on this project, so I am looking for someone who will want to continue with the development of this project.

Future development will include this app collecting and using GPS data and porting to Android, so if you have experience working with GPS and Android thats a plus. And if its something that you want to do now, that could justify more money, but it still needs to be done quickly.

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Expert Flash Action Scriptor

Hello All,

We are looking for an Expert Action Scriptor. Our assignment is minor for now. But having Mega Projects in April month.

Project Details :

Please have a look at the link :

For now we just need, that if somebody click any Auto Panel in the Flash, the Panel name should be displayed in the TEXT FIELD below. Only 1 Panel will be entered in one time. If need more panel, then need to click Add More, again the same process. The 2nd Text field will be appeared with Clicked Panel name. Thats it.

We have similar 3 autos more. and the work is very simple. We can pay $30 for this. Max it will be doing to take 3-4 hrs. for an expert professional.

Please apply with relevant experience.


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Expert Flash Action Scriptor

Hello All,

We are looking for an Expert Action Scriptor. Our assignment is minor for now. But having Mega Projects in April month.

Project Details :

Please have a look at the link :

For now we just need, that if somebody click any Auto Panel in the Flash, the Panel name should be displayed in the TEXT FIELD below. Only 1 Panel will be entered in one time. If need more panel, then need to click Add More, again the same process. The 2nd Text field will be appeared with Clicked Panel name. Thats it.

We have similar 3 autos more. and the work is very simple. We can pay $30 for this. Max it will be doing to take 3-4 hrs. for an expert professional.

Please apply with relevant experience.


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Build Database From Image In Folders/Sub Folders On Server

I have 173+/- folder with 4,500+/- subfolders with Jpegs in them you will ignore any "gif" file.

Youll need to scan through the folders and images to build my database with the following fields.

Title – Images Folder Name minus the underscore (image folders have underscores)
Category – Category will be the Parent Folder minus underscores
Tag – Tag will be image name minus underscores (foo_image.jpg will become a tag of "foo image"
Date – Blank Field
Image Path – The web path to image (i.e.
Image Width – Image Width in pixles
Image Height – Image Height in pixles
Image Name – Foo_image.jpg
Image Title – Title will be the image name minus underscores, same as tag field.
Description – Blank field to add a an image description later.
Posted Field – Blank

I will give you FTP, DB and Phpmyadmin access to run and test your script, once youre happy that it works I will run the final PHP script via SSH.

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Ipad App Minor Revision

I have the source code. Check the scrwenshots in the app store, it is a very simple form input app. Data dig.

I want the same header box at the top.
First form field will ask for name:
Second form field will ask for number:
Third form field will ask for special request:

Now i want when the person hits submit it automatically emails the information to an email address. Ofcourse over wifi or 3g, but i want it to happen automatically, so theperson can just walk away from the ipad and it is done just by pressing submit.

It will also need a spot on the menu to enter the email address to send to. It would also store the results locally on the machine.

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Analyze Code, Fix And Optimize Virtuemart Site

I need a professional to analyze my website code, optimize it and find out what is making it crash. After launching yesterday and people started surfing the site the memory went through the roof and the site crashed.

We are upgrading our Vserver to at least 1 gb ram and 15 gb disk space.
The current setup is 10 gb space and 512 mb ram

The site has around 10.000 products, a few modules and plugins.

One thing I have noticed is that the field "data" in jos_session is holding vast amount of data. It seems like something is injecting unnecessary code in to the field. I saw that for my session the data field was holding around 150.000 characters!

I need someone who is good at debugging and fixing errors, also know how to optimize queries if that should be the issue.

Payment will be made when the problem has been diagnosed and successfully repaired.

I need this ASAP, not in a week.


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Wedding RSVP Site

Im looking to build an RSVP page for a wedding website. Im slightly familiar with php and mysql, so that would be best, but open to whatever works. The following is a general description, but not set in stone if you have ideas you think would work better.

Id like to be able to import a csv file that has fields for first_name, last_name, allowed_adult_guests, allowed_children_guests, address, phone, email, notes, RSVP_ID, status

RSVP_ID will be a unique alphanumeric string in the form of xxxx-xxxx

The webpage will display a page prompting for the RSVP_ID. When a valid RSVP is entered a page will display two buttons and the users first and last name. One button declining the invitation and the other accepting it. If declined, status field will be updated to DECLINED, and a page with some TBD text will display and an email will fire off to me with this update.

If accepted, a page with dropdown boxes from 0 to allowed_adult_guests and 0 to allowed_children_guests, a box to put an email in, a box to add a phone number, a box to add notes(food allergies..), and a submit buton will be viewable. The only required field will be an email. When submit is clicked the status will be updated to ACCEPTED and the corresponding field will be updated, a confirmation page will show up with some TBD text and an email will fire off to me with the information.

I dont need anything pretty as Im planning on inserting this into an existing site.

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Word ActiveX Form Field

I am looking for a web page with a form field using Microsoft Word 2003 as the text field editor.

Most preferably, I would like the rtf/doc source submitted as the contents of the field, otherwise the pure text of the filed must be submitted.

Also the spell checking features of MS Word must be supported, both speel check the entire field and the right click spell check.

My google reserch on the topic:–Embed-MS-Word-Component-in-an-ActiveX-Control-3oc1ReEDHf.html

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Customise OS Ticket

We are looking for a php coder who can modify a copy of the latest version of osTicket (currently 1.6.0) to include two additional (optional) fields, and modify the view ticket screen to display a click-able link, if one of the additional fields is not NULL, containing a part-static, part dynamic address.

i.e. if Additional Field 1 is not empty, a text link on the view ticket screen should show that points to With the xxxx value being retrieve from the contents of Additional Field 1. The same applies for Field 2.

The winning bidder will also be required to create a Codeigniter 2.0.0 library class called osticket.php, which can take the contents of a web form and interface with osTicket to create a new support ticket (including getting osTicket to generate its standard emails).

The class should also have functions for the following:-
* To return the number of currently open tickets
* To return the number of open tickets assigned to a specific person or department

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us with a pm and we will endeavor to answer the query as quickly and in-depth as possible. We have a requirement to use osTicket, so any suggestions on using alternative software is not required.

The amount of overall work required in this project is not believed to be excessive, and we are looking for bids that are towards the lower to mid-end of the stated range.

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Add Fields To JSP Page

We have a web based JSP page running on JBoss that displays certain fields from an Oracle DB.

We have a very simple job where 2 fields need to be added to the page. The first field exists directly in the DB, the second field is the result of a query. You will be coordinating with our DBA to implement the change.

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Custom Php Shop Mod – Branding Cost

Add new field to db: price2
add new field to db: xxx

existing custom php shop cart page:

when cart total >= xxx then replace price field value with price2 field value in existing total calculations
replace zero with No charge
add text string

Non dynamic:
add text link with small popup message (help tip)

Apply same changes to clone site

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Asp Recode Query And Page On Web

Changes needed to our asp code for our website/platform

Changes include:
Changing location of secured login to before displaying search results
Add new field (s) for query and query return
Change format of query return text
add checkbox for select all or none to the export of query
feedback button add
add forward and back navigation to the query return for multiple records
Change the export to display the same as the on screen results
add option for more results displayed (ie: 25 by default with the option for 50 or 75, or 100)
Include additional fields on the initial query return list
Alternate shaded lines on the query return list (aesthetic)

More detail on these upon acceptance of the bid/job. All fields required exist in the database, and the field matches will be given at the time of awarding.

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Iptv Set Top Box, Streaming Media, Iptv Streaming Server

Just need someone who has experience with iptv. set top box , streaming media, firmware for set top box etc . to educate my programmer about this subject. this assignment is for one hour conversation on skype. answering some questions and make recommendation . previous experience in the field is a must to apply for this project. please include previous experience in the field when you apply.

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Edit WordPress Eshop Checkout Field

Hi Freelancers

I am wanting to edit a field in the eshop for wordpress plugin checkout form.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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Custom Jomsocial Work

Need to customize the fields in JomSocial 2.0 profile. We need a "likert" scale type of field (see: to be added to possible field types. The likert scale is used a lot in surveys to ask a user question that can have an answer on a scale from 1 to 5, or 1 to 10.

The likert-style Field should be displayed on a profile pages and should be editable by Jomsocial user.

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Add Custum Field On A Petition (on A WordPress Blog)


I have a website:

and a blog (WordPress):

On the page of my blog I have a petition.

You can find infos about the petition there:

I am searching someone who can add on this petition a field (there is a custom field for that) to know where the users are coming from (country and also the city). The infos must be stored at the right place (database)…

I hope the work can be done and finished this week (25 Feb)

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Excel Spread Sheet

I have an existing monthly invoice that is too cumbersome to fill out by hand. I need someone who can take the existing scanned time sheet as a background template in Excel, and:

1. create fields for inputing clients name
2. clients class name
3. hours worked
4. subtotal hours for each client
5. total hours worked
6. total amount due.
7. field for my name and address
8. a field to import jpeg for signature
9. a field for the date
10. a field for SSN

I have Excel from 2001, so it will have to be compatible with my version.

There is a different hourly rate for day and evening hours. When inputting hours, there will have to be the option of choosing either day or night. There are 6 rows for clients names, so if there are more than 6 clients, it needs to roll over to the next page with the same background image, and complete the total on the bottom of this page.

I will need to be able to converse with the freelancer who wins this bid in English via Skype to clarify the details once you see the original file. I still need to submit the old time sheet, so I will have to be able to save this document as a pdf in order to fax to my contract according to their standards.

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Excel VBA Project – Database Driven Spreadsheets

Service company with field workers looking for coder to redesign and combine various separate excel spreadsheets into one master file.

Please see following short description of our work:

order entering into template with customer data
pulling data from (non existing database) for work criteria
confirmations of orders to customers and suppliers
assign staff to job (normally 1 or 2 days)
travelling scheduling from different locations
providing prepared file to field worker for completing (text and photos)
field worker will return file completed
Verification of completed file by senior staff and PDF report generated
Sent by mail to customer
Customer will accept / reject result

Back office: Various statistics, invoicing,

It is our aim to work from one master file in the office where all information is available without opening additional spreadsheets

We are open to suggestions and improvements and new technologies, please only reply if you are genuinely willing and able to willing to develop a complete working system.

When bidding on this project, only bidders with a detailed response will be considered, standardized comments such as "need work", "please PM" will not be considered.


Will provide more details to qualified providers.


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Custom Outlook Form For Contacts

I have designed a custom contact form in Outlook. I want to have the form automatically take data that has been put in other fields and dump the information into the Job Title field. For example: The following fields would be located on the form for entry: User Field 1, Assistants Name, Managers Name, Spouse/Partner, Children, Hobbies. All of the information enterred into those fields would be placed automatically into the Job Title field. Data in the Job Title field would look as follows:

User Field 1: XXXXXXXXX
Assistants Name: XXXXXXX
Managers Name: XXXXXXXX
Spouse/Partner: XXXXXXX
Children: XXXXXXX
Hobbies: XXXXXXX

This appears to be possible by going into Design Form, Properties, Value

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Resolve Site Errors

$30 Max
Must be completed within 3 hours
Objective: resolve site errors

We are seeing various errors on our Drupal site:

* user warning: Unknown column delta in order clause query: SELECT * FROM content_field_date WHERE vid = 154 ORDER BY delta in /home/(thesite)/www/www/sites/all/modules/cck/content.module on line 993.
* user warning: Unknown column delta in order clause query: SELECT * FROM content_field_date WHERE vid = 153 ORDER BY delta in /home/(thesite)/www/www/sites/all/modules/cck/content.module on line 993.
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We need the errors fixed.

Please only respond if you can complete this project within 3 hours.

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