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Facebook App

Project discussed with provider already.

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Facebook App

Looking for someone to build app for my chat room on facebook.

need to set app so my chat will be on facebook for user to log in chat from facebook like this competitor

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Simple Facebook App


I would like a facebook application which can

1,) send facebook event invitations to all friends who accepts the app.
2,) when joining app, automatic message to users wall and saying he/she likes the app.
3,) gather information of user, such as name, email, etc..

Thanks in advance!

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Facebook App + Backend Application

We are planning a facebook application which works closely together with a backend php application which has to be developed too.
Basically the backend application will allow to create some kind of polls which will then be published through the facebook app.
Details are strictly confidental and will be send to interested bidders.
Just feel free to send us a private message.

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Facebook App Similar To

Are you interested in (dating).I looking for somebody who is able to manage complete (I mean working – including webhosting) application. It is important make quick realase of basic version with phased expansion and modification.

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Facebook App

We are looking to hire a programemr who can help us create customized facebook applications that include rich media content.

Please let me know if you feel you are a potential fit for this project.

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Roomate Facebook App

Name : Ideal Roommate

Specifications :

1. This app should enable people to tag people they think could be their ideal roommates from their friends lists.

2. Once they do that, the same should get published on their wall and on the wall of the people that they have tagged as their ideal roommate.

3. A person should be able to tag a maximum of 5 people.

4. It should record Facebook ID, Name, Email address and location.


1. The app should specify with pictures/text, that it is the official app for The Roommate Movie.

2. It should inform the user, that by liking the official Facebook page of

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Facebook App Only For Webphpworld

As discussed.

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Facebook App From Sqlite Database


We have an iphone app based on a sqlite database. We need to write this app for facebook and include the social features (like, share with contacts, comments).

PM for the database, screens and iphone app so you can see it.

Show me what youve done on facebook.


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Need Facebook App Installs!

I need facebook application and I need facebook users to install my applcaition mainly US/CA/UK real users!
Please make you bid for 500 installs. I will first see the quality and speed then I will use your service for min 20000 installs.
thank you

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Facebook App For New Product

I am looking to create and interactive app on Facebook that can be used to launch a new product. The product is a new amplifier and i would like to create a 360 rotating image which can go transparent to see the engineering on the inside of the product. I would like the app to showcase the features of the new amp and allow customers to get more detail by clicking on any of the listed features. I would like customers to be able to scroll through some select photos so they can see the amp showcased in real world situations. I would like the ability for customers to register their interest in the product by entering their details, and link to our main website for the location of selling agents in their country.

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Facebook App Continuing

This is what i want for the proyect.
* Determinates from the contry the customer is, the mother tounge languages. If is english he looks the app in english, and if its soanish, in spanish, i cna trslate all words..
Spanish App

User Id = Id
Group Id =
First Name = Nombre
Last Name = Apellido
Name = NC
Email = eMail
Ip Information = IP
City = Ciudad
Region = Región
Country Code

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Facebook App

Hi, I would like to have facebook apps which would promise to show all the friends and facebook profile who visited your profile. This apps should get random profiles from users friend list and some from facebook profile. Before showing them the visitors profile they should give permission to post it on their wall and access all the privileges which normal apps do. After that it should have ask the user to do 1 survey and then it will show the list of visitors profile. The survey option should be dynamic in sense if I want to disable this option it should not ask to do survey and show the profiles.

Project is very small and doesnt require much of programming and logic.

Budget of project should not be more than $50 and is on the basis of FCFS.
Please show some of your proof that you are good at programming.
After completing the project show it live.


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Facebook App

Facebook App

Simple container to be built to run an externally linked iframe

Our iframe is 960 wide, Facebook is 760, so an automatic resize of the iframe to be inserted is required.

We want a tab positioned on the users homepage under their profile picture so it is easily accessible any time they want to open it.

We want to post on a persons wall when they install it with a special message.

We want to offer them to send this onto all their friends.

You may also have some other options or ideas, these should be supplied in your bid.

We want you to build it and apply it so that it runs bug free and reliably.

Previous experience required. Please provide current Facebook proof.

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Facebook App Templates

Need several simple templates for a Facebook app (510px wide)
3 different layouts for a welcome tab, which should have a spot for a photo, a navigation menu, 5 blog listings (just title and short text). Colors and design are up to the artist.
Need 1 layout (but in 2 different colors) for a video page, basically just a nice spot for a YouTube video, a preview image for the YouTube video (facebook requires a preview to be clicked on before the video is loaded), a navigation bar, and a paragraph of text.
Need 2 different listings page layouts – these are for product listings, usually will be used for real estate but should be generic soas to serve other purposes as well. With pictures.

I do not need the app made. I do not need any PHP or FBML scripting of any kind. I just need the CSS/HTML layouts, in .html files would be fine. Our app developer will take care of "wiring them up".
I also have a unique opportunity for the person who takes this job.

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Facebook App With Review Programme And Admin

Project as described with george

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Simple Facebook App

I need a simple Facebook App. It should ask the User a random question about another User (Which can be answered with Yes or No) and posts the question+answer at the wall of the user the question is about. You need to know FBs TOS and write clean code.

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10,000 Facebook Likes For Our Facebook App, 1st Test Trial

We need 10K Facebook "likes" to our apps page page.

Quotes more than $100 will be rejected, and you must have experience.
Send me proof/references youve done this work before without the accounts getting suspended.

No spam, bots, or fake accounts.
No accounts in danger of being suspended.

Our Facebook apps are new

These must be likes from real people from USA/Canada, with:
at least 2+ photos,
At least 30-50+ friends, and
Status updates that go back at least 2 weeks.

Any questions, just ask. Wed prefer someone with a good track record whos done this work before.
Wed like to get started right away.

For right candidate, theres more work to come. We do mutiple projects a week

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Facebook App D.O.


Users can build their own CITY OF THE FUTURE.

The user can choose:

– a landscape (between 4 landscapes)
– objects
– buildings
– characters

Users can drag & drop the elements from a lower selection bar, inside the chosen landscape.
Elements can be moved (by drag & drop).

By clicking on a specific element (already positioned in the landscape) the user can choose to resize the object according to 3 sizes (small, medium, big).

Theres no a fixed path, users can choose to jump from the landscape to the objects, without selecting any building.
At any time during the "creation", the user can share his/her own city on his/her FB wall.

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Facebook Fantasy Portfolio Manager

I would like an experienced developer to develop a Facebook application that will allow users to :
1. trade virtual cash on various stock markets
2. trade fixed income securities
3. the prices of the securities will be updated automatically from the relevant stock exchange feed and sometimes manually via price file upload
4. Users will be able to view their portfolios performance and compare against other friends
5. users will be able to recommend friends to join and receive bonus virtual cash when they do

Previous experience is a plus and please submit sample apps.

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Facebook App

Im looking for someone who can make me Facebook application similiar to that one .
My budget is 150$.

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Facebook App – Panoramic Viewer On The Wall

Your mission is to create an application for Facebook and the wall were you can display 360° images directly on the wall.

We have a viewer that plays the panoramic image, we need a twist on the implementation so can confirm us as whitelisted and we can display and play with panoramic image.

Look at this reference!/360cities?v=wall

We will provide you our flash player and know how!
You need to be involved in a past project for showing some references.

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Facebook App

Hi there, I hope you are well.

I am looking to find a facebook application developer. I would be looking for someone who has a good thorough understanding of both facebook api, paypal api and mysql databases.

I would provide the wireframe illustrations and design of the application. The design I would already code in html and css if necessary.

I am really wanting this application to be extremely well coded and as light weight as possible as it is vital that it is stable?

For further details please get in touch and I will discuss the project in more details with you.


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VERY Simple Facebook App

Ok this is what Im tryna do and wanna know is this possible. I want to create a facebook app for my facebook offer! Like frame the offer in the app or anything like that!? Please let me know what u think, and please dont overprice it, this is very simple. I just want the user to use the app and when they open it, the app is /looks like the offer and is framed.


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Facebook App Project – Current Phase

This is the next milestone for FB app project.

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Facebook App Developer


I currently have an app on facebook my_chances.
The app was designed poorly and I need for someone to redesign it.
It needs to have all the features that it currently has and with keeping the same logo.

This is the first of a few applications that I need designed.
Please when hiring tell me what apps you have designed before, the timeframe to complete this job.

Please take a look at the app

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Facebook App Development

Change up my facebook app so it is iframe instead of fbml

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Modify Facebook App Script

Modify the script to accommodate api

vars.php and sendframe.php

must be iframe.

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Need This Facebook App Cloned Asap!

I wont share what the app is here i will show you in pm please get in touch need a facebook app expert for this job asap. please get in touch

i need this cloaned asap please only get int ouch if you can do the job if not please dont waste your time

Facebook app experst only/

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Facebook App – IRC Based Chatrooms

Looking forward to develop a chatroom(s) based application on Facebook.

If youre aware, MSN Chat used to be an IRC-based Chatroom platform, with MSN + user-created rooms. Im looking forward to replicate the same experience on Facebook, with the following features –

1) IRC Based rooms (hosted on our own servers) and managed by us.
2) Flash OR Java based client which helps user access the chatroom, via Facebook.
3) Real-time chats, emoticons, actions and moderation in room(s). Just like IRC – there can be an Master Admin, Admin and Moderators.
4) User-created rooms to have their own moderators (3 level of moderators – gold / silver / bronze) and ability to manage rooms (mute user, kick user, re/de-moderate users, deleting rooms etc.).
5) Zones for every country or continent – App-based rooms to be featured on top and user-created ones below them, with about 20-30 rooms on each page.
6) Ability to connect to the chat-rooms using IRC Clients (and obviously run incredible trivia / quit / vote scripts).
7) Ability to see a user FB profile from chat (they can then add them as friends).
8) Unlock achievements and ranks based on user-vote, time spent, words spoken etc (optional at this stage).
9) Built-in filters to minimize abuses (in the client).
10) Create "Featured Rooms" by users, for some credits which can be earnt (using SuperRewards) or bought (using Social Gold).
11) Buy special emoticons, personas, fonts, colors etc via virtual credits / currencies. (good way to monetize).
12) Display Ads above the app and below it.
13) Ability to ban a user and / or IP from accessing the game. This can be IRC Server controlled.
14) Abuse report system for users (so they can abuse a mess maker).
15) Full Facebook Integration and App.
16) Possibly creating Tabs, which can be added to other apps (like their own chat-rooms).
17) 30 days of support (to iron out bugs, glitches, if any).

The idea here, is that this app will be basically an IRC Server-based Chat app, where a user will log in using his Facebook credentials (on the Facebook app) and chat with people.

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Facebook App Installs

We need a marketing partner who will get Facebook users to visit our application, and install it – becoming an "app user".

We will pay $50 per 1000 REAL, US Facebook users.

For example, if you use software to invite friends to the app, and 1000 users install the app in 2hrs, you will receive $50.00 (once Facebook Insights updates and we see 1000 users).

If you can get 1000 users in 5 minutes, then you will be paid $50.00 for those 5 minutes work!

We are ready to begin as soon as possible. Feel free to PM me with questions.


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