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Stream Videos From Megaupload

I need a script or wordpress plugin to stream videos (mp4) from the filehostings directly – (megaupload mainly- if megaupload works i dont care about others). You can see a working example from m o v i e z e t DOT com.

Stream from Megaupload
Use player and load subtitles

I need this working for firefox, chrome, safari, IE and opera. I dont care if you copy part of the code from other sites or the player is a free player. I have a pretty clear idea of the php files it calls and javascript files that are called. I also have downloaded these files but I cant seem to get them to call each other correctly. I am pretty sure it is all there, just that the frame is not being called correctly. I can provide what I have if it reduces the workload and completion time. I really do feel like someone with a little more experience can work with the files i have retrieved from their site and get it together fairly quickly.

If you visit the site – you can see that the plugins for all the browsers are there. these can be downloaded locally, and then the files called inside can also be downloaded. When it is all said and done, the user-side script calls another server side script, which calls another which calls 1 of 3 php files, and then finally loads the fetched video on the swf player. I am pretty sure I have all the files that are called.

I have a wordpress test site running on a random domain that can be used for this project. I can provide via private message.

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4 Sound Files Inserted Into FLA ( Salman Only)

as per spec

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Need Flash Designer And Programmer To Develop Stand Alone..

I need a stand alone highly customized flashed based video management.

here is what i need:-

we are producing video training programs which are in .flv files . you need to design a good interface in flash where users click on the video and they can view that particular video . lets say there are 20 videos so when ever they click on the video that particular video starts.

files must be encrypted . i should have options to change the videos via xml so it works on auto pilot. that software will be burnt on cd and distributed. so no one should be able to copy the videos , etc.

contact me if you have done this kind of work before.

budget $50 .

only freelancers no company.

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Page Similar To Sharecash

So, I need a page like for uploading files. I need full script with options:

a) For page Users:
– To see today earnings, yesterday earnings, month earnings and all time earning.
– Refferal system with unique link to register and 10% earnings of refferals for refferer.
– Option to upload files, also multi upload (many files in 1 time) and to see how many times the file was downloaded and check the file url.
– Option to request payout, when on account is 10$+
b) For downloaders:
– When he enter the file url, then widget with offers pop-up
– When offer is completed, then download button appear and for uploader of this file is added money.
– If widget will be closed without doing an offer, then there will be some options to buy premium account. (Premium accounts can download without doing offer.
c) For Administrator:
– Admin Panel to check how many files was downloaded, what files, downloaders IP, to check people dont use proxy etc.

And maybe some autoban option for using proxy, downloading yourself files or multi downloading from one IP.

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FTP Client For Automated Secure Backups, Window XP Onwards

We have a clear understanding of what we would like this software to look and feel like. We do not have time to develop it in-house hence we are outsourcing.

Our company offers remote off site backup. The aim is to have a lightweight software package installed onto a customers PC or server which once setup the customer will not need to look at again. all the files and directories that they choose will be automatically backed up as and when changes are made to them.

everything uploaded will be encrypted and password protected meaning they and only they will be able to access them. file name and file type will be visable but everything else will require thier password to be inputted.

the customer will also be able to restore/download using this new software and, if they choose, they can just enter thier password once to unprotect all the files they are downloading.

the list below is not exhusted and we will be looking for the developer we hire to make suggestions and come up with new feature ideas.

we understand that there are several opensource projects available for customising plus there are .net FTP classes available to buy. We hope to make use of these and save development time

please make sensible bids and leave your comments and suggestions.


Either or C++ to be used
Windows XP onwards & Windows 2003 onwards compatible. Possibly MAC compatible.
Long term relationship required to supply updates, fixes, new features etc etc, client side of this project if phase 1. Phase 2 will be server side.
Regular communication!


Automated upload of selected files/folder and or scheduled uploads.
Detection of file changes which activates upload.
Automated password protection encrypted for all files/folders, maybe some sort of zip?
Multiple ports used
Proxy server settings.
Directory browsing on client machine and remote machine.
Usage counters, total sizes etc
Ability to right click any file on the client machine and add it to the upload list which means that file will be constantly checked for changes.
Auto resume function for dropped connections
Multiple revisions stored on server
Auto creation of correct file structure on server.
Detection of client machine name
Optimized for speed and security
the ability to ignore certain types of files extentions for example .dlls

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File Synchronisation Software, C#

I want a file backup/synchronisation software that automatically syncs some files on my computer to an USB device whenever the device is present. Files should be synchronized during my workday. The configuration of the backup needs to be one gui and the backup software another. Using VSS Would be optimal.

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Download Icons, Fonts, PSD Files, Textures From The Internet

Hello. I am looking for a person who will spend some time to search the web and find Web Design related resources, download them and sort into folders. The whole collection should contain, in total, around 10,000 (or more) items from these categories:

– icons (at least 5000)
– PSD files
– fonts
– textures
– stock photos
– HTML site templates
– WordPress themes
– Photoshop actions & patterns
– links to Photoshop tutorials (list them on a single HTML page)
– links to HTML tips & tricks (list them on a single HTML page)
– links to PHP tips & tricks (list them on a single HTML page)
– links to jQuery tips & tricks (list them on a single HTML page)


ALL files must be distributed under GPL or similar license, i.e. they MUST be free to use with commercial projects. This is REQUIRED. After you send me the zipped archive, i will manually check the files if they are free to use. You must, therefore, provide links to the sites where you downloaded the items from.

Please include "roger" word at the top of your bid to prove that youve read the project description and understand GPL license requirement.

For icons, use sites like – it allows you to filter results as "Allowed for commercial use (No link required)". Only those items can be downloaded.

For fonts, use and similar sites.

For PSD files, icons, buttons, graphics, use

For all other types of resources, please also use similar sites – remember, items MUST BE TOTALLY FREE FOR COMMERCIAL USE.

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PSD To CSS/HTML (9 Page Website)

I have some PSD files, and Im going to need these files in real good and incredibly clean HTML / CSS pages.

All the PSD files are for the same site so they share the same header and things of that sort.

My goal is to implement these pages as a template for another custom CMS script that Im working with.

Right now the PSD has about 8 pages, but remember they are all for the same site. So, its not the same as doing 8 totally different PSD files that have no connection.

If can also help me integrate this partially in my custom CMS (PHP with Yii Framwork) let me know as well.

If you are only interested in getting the pages to CSS / HTML then thats fine too… just let me know when you are bidding.

Please only bid on this if you are a design perfectionist and you are willing to go the extra mile to make sure that all aspects of the page function properly and that you are able to generate CSS / HTML that will be easily adoptable by another CMS type script.

Thanks so much.


PS – In order to view the PSD files, or jpg or whatnot, youll have to ok signing an NDA.

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PSD ( Photoshop ) Files Cut Out

I run a mid sized design firm in the USA. I am looking for a client that can cut out psd files from images I send. This is an ongoing job and is very simple. I will send you pictures of files . speakers, people, djs, artists and just about anything. I will need fast turnaround and someone that can do CLEAN and QUALITY cut outs in photoshop. ( removing the backgrounds ) You have NO RIGHTS to use the images . PLEASE SEND EXAMPLES. I will have 40 or more a week.

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Need 3 SWF Files Created

I need three swf files created.
Please have a look at the attachment to see what I am looking for.
I will provide you with three mp3 tracks and three jpg files and would ask you to create the flash files from those.
I also need the working "<object></object>" code to insert into the website.
Needs to be done quickly.

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Improving Downloading Script – Kohana

I have a script that retrieves files from popular sites like rapidshare etc. The script is written in Kohana so Im looking for a person who knows this framework. These include:
– improving the current action script
– add options for files streming

If cooperation is successful it provides a constant cooperation with the site. There are a lot of things to do in the future.

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File Hosting Website Similar To Filesonic, Bitshare

We need a File Hosting website developed. The website features should be similar to leading file hosting website like Fileserve, Bitshare, Megaupload, uploading where users earn cash for uploading files.

You have to visit the above mentioned website to understand all the REQUIREMENTS.

Some basic requirements will be:

– Multi-Server balancing
– Basic &amp;amp; Premium Accounts
– Customized points rewards/cash earning/affiliate program/system with GEO IP tracking
– File hosting using form upload/ remote upload / ftp upload/ email upload
– Live Progress Bar of uploading files. (ajax)
– Make download links available for users
– User Registration/ Membership Feature
– User Panel to see downloaded files, remove downloaded files
– Admin Panel for creation of different membership plans, adding/deleting premium accounts, etc.
– Integration of Payment System (Paypal/2CO) to accept membership payments
– Fully secure &amp;amp; hack proof

More details will be discussed with the selected bidder.

This is a REAL project and hence only serious bidders should BID.

Please provide details of past work.

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IPad PDF Reader

I need an IPad/IPhone App that :
– read an XML directory listing from a server ;
– public a tab view of the directory and the files ;
– make possible to view the files (pdf) ;
– the files (pdf) can be highlighted, searched and linked;

The application must be customized in the layout and in the color scheme,
in a way Ill send to the winner.

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VB Download Files With Custom Ref. And Upload Via Curl/ftp

Im searching for an software developer who can create a VB/VB.Net program for us. We got a link list with like 30000 links, but they are only downloadable with a custom referer. Once they are downloaded, the files need to be uploaded via Curl or FTP (we need both options).

More information only for project winner / choosen developer.

King regards,

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Wp Download Plugin Or Free Software Application For WP

Have Wp site that I want to integrate some sort of Download Manager
Want for people who sign up to be be able to download free material, material that I can control, files or programs etc. One week they can access certain files, another week different files etc
This will be free to people who sign up

Then if they subscribe, they have access to a Memebrs Area, again which I can manage

So basically looking for a Download Manager of some kind for wordpress
Need it to store email address, type of member (free/subscriber) and access to what files to download

I will of course pay you if I do use your recommendation

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Create A Windows App That Will Convert Excel Files Into PDFs

Create a windows application that will convert excel files into PDF

The program needs to accept two excel files

The first is the Data that will be used to create the data in the pdf
The Second is a lookup file

The lookup file is used to get the Size and Style by looking up from the Product Code field from the first excel file

The application needs to create seperate PDFs per picklist – You get this from the Pick List field

If the amount of items on the picklist for a single order is greater than 33 it should paginate on to the next page

The PDF needs to be layed out as per the example PDFs

Naming Convention for the PDFs:
514114 PickList_20091027160027
ie: [Pick List] Picklist_{Date/Timestamp}

The fields that need to be pulled in is illustrated in the Field Breakdown PDF

The application needs to have a setting or a configuration file where we can specify where the PDFs output will be saved.

I have included example of the excel files and also examples of the Output of the PDFs

Please only bid if you Understand the project and have previous experience and can finish!

Best Regards,

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Re-Create Poster

Were looking for a graphics guy who can help our client with creating some posters. He lost the original source files (psd) and only has a high res PDF to work from. We need 2 posters re-created.

What we need you to do

* Re-create the poster
* Make some small adjustments and additions based on clients specs
* Send us layered PSD files and PDFs ready for print.

The client has nearly everything to re-create the posters.

For someone who has experience with Photoshop this should be a walk in the park and doesnt take more than 2 – 3 hours to do. An image of the posters is available on your request.

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Javascript Problem Within Mobile Website

Solve javascript/jquerymobile problems

We are working on a little and simple content webpage for mobile.
We use HTML/javascript/jquerymobile as basic technic.
Because we are novices in this kind of things, we have a few beginners problems/errors/difficulties.
The solving of them is the task of this proposal.

We guess all the problems result out of our incorrect use of javascirpt/jquerymobile.

In principle the site consits out of a navigation and single content files (HTML).
We build a sample (attached to this proposal, starting with the index.html) which is based on our work. The solving of the problems can/should be done within this sample, so we can copy the solutions to our original data. The sample also reflects/shows all the problems described below.

The solutions have to be done with javascript and/or jquerymobile!!!

List of the problems/difficulties (with aditional comments):

1. Within the single HTML-files there is a javascirpt which resizes automaticly the images.
– When the files are opened the normal way (thru the navigation) the script doesn´t work.
– When the files are opened directly with a browser, the script works.
– When the files are opened thru the next-Button, the script works.
– It seams, that the scirpt is not triggered correctly.

The provided solution needs to work offline!!! without any help/contact to a webserver!!

2. At the top of each page there is a navbar, followed by a header.
We want a space between the navbar and header (dynamic or fixed hight need to be discussed) where ads are shown.
The ads come thru a javascript. A sample javascript ad is in the bottom of each html-file.

3. Edit hight of the navbar and header
The hight of the navbar and the header need to be sized down to minimum but reasonable hight, in fact just a few pixel less then the standard version.

Last note:
The solutions have to work on actual devices and I want prove of it. If its on an android and/or an iphone is equal to me!!!!

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Improve My Website Header


I want to improve my free software downloads website header

– Simple, clean and clear
– Easy navigation and search
– Unique
– Color the same our website
– Easy edit and expand in feature
– Full css/html coded

After finish work must send me files include design, images, css, javascript, html… all files for I can edit and publish on the web in feature.

My budget fron $100 to $200


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Redesign A New Website

I have an existing website that needs work doing to it. To be absolutely clear: I bought this template and can only update it by XML files, I do not have the original Flash source files only the SWF files and XML files. The current website has a number of problems and I would like a new site that looks and works in a very similar way but is easily updated and is more user friendly. You can view the existing site at These are the changes I am looking for:


TOP OF SCREEN: The words Featured Project removed and replaced with Welcome
My new logo added to the picture field and some welcome text placed beside it (there should not be an option for more

BOX on LEFT: The words Projects replaced with Previous Clients – a selection of new pictures (that I can supply to replace the existing ones). When visitors click on a picture a new screen open – Ill call this the case study screen as it will need to appear on another page – (as it currently does) with photos, embedded video (if the project has one) and brief description.

BOX on RIGHT: This should have a Twitter feed and logo links to Facebook and You Tube

ABOUT page: The revolving globe needs to be replaced with a picture of me. Credits to date subsection needs to be replaced with an online version of my CV

PROJECTS page needs to be called CLIENTS and the sections should be Broadcasters, Charity, Public Sector – the style of the page should remain the same – when someone clicks on a project link this should open the case study page as it does on the Home page

SHOWS page should be replaced with a media page – I would like the page to retain the current style but would like embedded videos that can be played directly on the website that viewers can scroll through

COMPANY page can go

CONTACT page – I would like the contact details to be changed and made bolder. I would also like the option to contact me via facebook, skype, twitter or email

I would like the site to be built in a way that allows me to update it easily and for additional pages to be added with ease by someone through

Again to be clear: I only have the SWF and XML files for the site as it exists at the moment

I only want to work with freelancers who can communicate quickly and easily and can turn this around relatively quickly. It is crucial that we can communicate with each other easily.

I will only accept a freelancer who has clearly read what I have outlined here.

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Pinnacle Cart Only For: Aksjnp

We are looking a an expert who deals with pinnacle cart

Our version is: Version 3.6.4 pinnacle cart

we are wanting a couple of items changing in our website.

our site is

– We are requiring the whole featured items box to be removed and replaced with serveral box and links
– We require the catorgeries to be changed so we can add other catorgeries
– We also need a new flash banner which looks and modern
– We also require a few other smal bits and pieces to be complete, but we can discuss these via PM

Your work is to make changes to pinnacle cart php files to handle this.
If you are expert you can figure out and do it fairly simply.

shopping cart is based on php,css,smarty code

Please do not bid on this if you are not an expert with pinnacle cart and its php files, only an expert who as worked with pinnacle cart and knows what you are doing please bid.

Can you also please provide us with work you have completed

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PSD To WordPress + Small Shopping Cart Function

Hello everyone,

I am re-posting this project since the other developer decided to quit on us because of his family troubles.

We have a project that we need assistance with. Recently we have been getting quite a bit of projects, similar to this one and other ones as well. If all goes well with this one, it will be a pleasure to do more work for other project with the proper candidate.

Please review all of the information stated here before bidding;

– We are looking for a professional that is expert in WordPress. Can implement a small custom or modify a plug in to work as a small processing cart type. The process of this is simple, client click on purchase or buy button, is sent to a page with fields for address, name, credit card, the submits for to process the transaction and upon approval pop the thank you page.

– The right candidate will be able to follow guidelines and use clean coding when coding our pages from PSD files, he will have experience and be able to showcase us examples that he/she coded. Design files will be provided to you to code that will be the first step. Second step would be to get all of the functions within this site working per our instructions PDF file.

Pretty straight forward, budget of course is $200. However, the lowest bid will win with the most experience and feedback.

Please provide examples of your clean coding skills, and WordPress example work as well. Please remember the first step is to get our design into WordPress. This is already 50% or more done for you by the other developer, just needs to be finished. You will be provided the documentation, PSD files, PDF file, full access to the WordPress area. We need the coding done within 24 hours and the functions by the very late end of the week (Friday).

You must be available online to message or chat. You must also update us every 4 hours of the progress.

Thank you,

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Voice Talent Needed For Childrens Book

Looking for voice talent to read a childrens book.

we need 4 different character voices:
1) Farmer Joe (8 words)
2) A Duck that speaks english (34 words)
3) Aunty Joan (55 words)
4) Narrator (453 words)

Only for candidates who has clear English language without heavy accent.

If you are interested please,
1) forward your profile and previous experince in this area,
2) give your best samples of each of the voices needed,
3) number of days of your deadline,

The final product will be presented in a series of MP3 files – 1 file per sentence (There are 43 sentences, so 43 files needed)
Payment will be released to you within 48 hours after your project is satisfied and approved.

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Earning From Uploading And Downloading Your Files!

This project was posted before.

I posted it again to clarify all the bidders of what I really need and want.

You can upload your files in any "File-Sharing website".

Then post your links into the site I will give you.

Then if it accumulated 1000 downloads, the website where you uploaded your files will give you an amount depending on the size of the files that have been downloaded.

Example: 50 mb = 1000 downloads = $1.

That is just an example.

SIMPLY GO TO then, click the "banner below helpingya page" then it will lead you to a page. I want you to look on the top of the page and count how many "brands" they have.

answer should be P.M. to me.

Without that, your bid will not be counted. thats it.


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Need Help Uploading Zip Files To My Website.

i need help uploadig zip files to my music website. Was working find before now i try and it cant go through. i need someone skilled in web programming to help me figure it out because im at a lost. pm me asap

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Social Engine 4 Plugin

Im looking for a skilled PHP developer to create a custom plugin for SocialEngine.

This SocialEngine plugin will allow users to upload torrent files or magnet links.
After uploading torrent-file plugin should add it to torrent-client (some command line torrent-client) query.
It should download video files only (other files should be skipped).

it should convert video files to lower bitrate and add them to video section (video plugin), each file a new video post.

Torrent-client should run on a separate server.
Video files should be stored on the same server as the torrent client.

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Excel Macro For Comparing Text Files

I need .xlsm Excel file that can import and process one or more TSV files (TAB separated values) and compare the values with previously imported data and dump the results in CSV files.

All of these points must be met:

– There must be a "settings" sheet that will contain different variables.
– The files must be imported automatically, file names/paths will be listed in the Settings sheet
– The TSV can contain one or multiple columns
– The values need to be compared (exact match – although not Case Sensitive)
– The results will be exported into 2 text files: "Identical" and "Different" in a new folder (Folder name = Date Time – eg.: D:28.03.2011 1730)
– In the "Identical.txt" file, I want to have the names of the files that were identical after comparison
– In the "Different.csv" file I want to have the following values: "filename,original_text,new_text"

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Create Form Via PHP To Update SQLite Database

I am looking for a very basic HTML page (no design) with an incorporated inline editing (provided by jeditable) plugin via jquery to update changes to an SQLite file.

Full sample files by the author of jeditable are provided, I need the bridging of this plugin to work on my hosting companies restrictions.

The sample files via the author post the content to a /tmp directory which is disabled by my hosting company. Full FTP access to the sub-domain is provided.

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Need Outer Box / Product Packaging Designed For 5 Products

We have 4-5 products that need boxes designed. I have a few of the design files that the factories gave me, which show the current box sizes/designs. I just need graphics made to be displayed on those boxes. One of the boxes, I will give you measurements, and you must create the appropriate box file that I will give to a factory.

So far, the files I have are:

photoshop c3
Adobe Illustrator cs5

I will give the logos to you, and the text for the boxes. Its up to you to design the exterior of the boxes so that they look great!

To win this job, it will help if you have designed product packaging before, and can show some examples in your initial PM.

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