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Need Male Narrator – Short Film

Short 3D Animated Film: Autodesk 3Ds Max
Title: Deja Vu

In order to be considered for this project, you must first submit a voice sample of the following script to its entirety. Your audition sample will not be used in any way to promote or advertise the film as you are not being paid for it.

You must submit the sample.


The air was cool with a slight summer breeze; the leaves were blooming, and the world seemed so full of life. Every person, unique and different… special in their own way. My name is Clark Winter; I was born in Manhattan after my mom was rushed to the hospital during labor. She nearly died they told her, but she managed to hold on. I grew up like any other kid, and there were very little things that worried me. For so long my life seemed well, and I thought it would continue that way. It was that very summer morning when the air was cool with a slight summer bre
eze that I decided to go for a walk in the park. Why I had the sudden feeling to go for a walk in the park eludes me; but I did it nonetheless. In the crowd of people, a single man stood out. He was not in a rush like everyone else; nor was he distracted by the people around him. He stood motionless, in deep thought. It was not long before he saw me looking at him, and so he began to move. He slowly walked up to me and crouched down to my level. I had never seen him before. He struck me as a nice guy, but I had no idea what I was dealing with at the time. This stranger spoke to me shortly before walking away into the crowd, never to be seen or heard from again. He said.. "If you wish for something long enough, one day it is bound to happen." And then he left. Just like that. What he told me has left me in question to this day, when it all became clear. That same day, as I stood near the ice cream shop, eating away at my ice cream, I heard something peculiar. Something I had never heard before. It was chaos.
I was unable to comprehend what was happening at the time, considering the fact that I was still a little boy.
My parents had passed away, along with many others in the chaos that had occurred. Only years later had I been told what really happend, for then I was old enough to understand and cope with it. I grew into my late teenage years. I began to change, and so did the world around me. I remember the day my parents died as if it were only yesterday. I remember the stranger who came up to me, and spoke to me, and every day I would be reminded of his face. Every day his face seemed more familiar than the day before. I remembered his words clearly, and I thought about them every day. I did make a wish, but it was an impossible one; all hope I had for my wish to come true since childhood had been gone; and yet… I continued to wish… I continued to pray. One day, as I was sitting in my living room, a strange feeling overcame me. It was not long before this feeling became overwhelming, and even more-so out of control. I believed that I was dying. It was not painful, but rather uncomfortable. It was my memories drifting closer, and sooner than later, they became a part of my present. Suddenly, I closed my eyes, and everything was silent. Upon opening my eyes, I found myself in a city. Where I was became clear to me, but the why was a completely different story. Everything made sense, but at the same time it didnt. I couldnt explain it to you in words, because it was just a feeling. I felt like I had been here before, and I was right. My dream had come true, and I believed that others should have the same opportunity. I saw a lost and confused boy standing on his own; I walked up to him and kneeled down. And so I spoke to him. I told him what a great man once told me; words of wisdom that I would never forget. The child did not appear to understand what I had told him; but regardless, I did. I knew what kind of situation I had gotten myself into, and it was time to make the most of it. So, I went home. And there… I stayed.

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Improve Englishscreenply For A Short Film(half Page)

Looking for a native Englishman or American, who would check the grammar and spelling in text as well as improve that text to make it more attractive to the reader!

The text is kind of a screen play for a short film (kind of commercial, but it is not). So itcan not be longer than 270 words!

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3d Animator Wanted For A Short Film!

We are looking to create a 2 minute animated film short that is Pixar quality. The script is a light-hearted romantic comedy. We want the short film to be on par with Pixar and Blue Sky productions and to submit it to film festivals around the world. Since we are on new ground, we would like an reputable animator to take a look at the project to determine how many animators it would take to complete the project in under a years time. The entire short takes place in one location, focusing straight on two characters.

We have a studio to do all the sound recording so we just need the animation.

We dont have a large budget for the project but it is an idea that has not been done before and its a very fun charming project that has the potential for great success.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Website Redesign

Web developer needed to update website for established fashion and beauty website.

We need 3 pages that we can update using Joomla or similiar (if you can recommend a better alternative).

The 3 pages are –

1. Home page
2. Menu/section page ie film, music, beauty
3. Main text / review page ie film review, news piece etc

It is primarily a fashion and beauty website with some reviews and news pieces on film and music

We would the like the 3 pages to be Dreamweaver templates.

We want social network buttons on all pages using AddThis or similar.

It must be designed to achieve optimum search engine results.

We would like to see links to previous work that you feel would be relevant to our site.

We need some small PHP coding work done for forms as well.

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I Need The Best Website Done At An Affordable Price & Fast!!

I need a Very Creative person to put together a Perfect/Flash website for me in 3-5 days from the close of this bid. This website is for a Concert and Film Production company, so it needs to stand out from the Rest!!

If youre not creative, please dont bid!! I need someone that can provide me proof of what you can do, and I need this done within 3-5 Days! If you cannot do this, please dont bid.

I also need someone who is proficient in SEO, Video/Film Graphics, and more.
High PR1, PR2, linking, would be nice too.
If you can put together a nice logo for me, that would be great too.

I have a vision of what i want my website to look like, but Im not that creative when
it come to website. Ill work with you to come up with the best of what you can do.

If you do well and not charge me too high, I will have my people pass out 3,000 fliers at one of my
concert events, with your name and contact info on it..

I will also need step by step directions on how to upload it to my Godaddy hosting service.

Leave a message and let me know what you can do.

Thank you.

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3d Animator Needed For A Short Film!

I am looking to create a 3d animation film just like pixar!
i want the quality of this film to be able to compete against pixar animations!!! (it is a must!!)
we want the film to be 1hr to 1hr 15mins long so this is a BIG PROJECT!!!
if you think you can do this then please bid! you never know you might even get into the film industry then win an oscar or something lol! 🙂

we will do all the sound stuff for the actors/charactors for the film from our end so you dont need to worry about that!
we will also provide you with rough sketches of the character too, so you know how they might look like ect!

before all this i must say, this is a very low budget film cas we never done this before but if all goes well on this film then we will hire the animator again for the sequel film! and pay thousands and thousands!
we are looking to spend £500-£1500 on this film! so any higher bids than £1500 PLEASE DONT BID! ONLY BID IF LESS THAN £1,500!

so hope you bid! And a very good luck!

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IPad App Icon

Main iPad icon 512 x 512 pixels & Splash-screen (horizontal and vertical)

I need design for iPhone app icons and launch screen. All work to be original created by you. Please include portfolio of iPhone app icons that you have done for consideration and the expected time to complete. This is work for hire and we retain full ownership of all the work. All graphics will be sent as .psd files.

I have a starting point (my other app) but it is your creatively and ability that matters. You take it some place cool! The App is in the procreational creative film. Film/theatre/pro-photo production industry.

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Illustrations For A Fun Fantasy Adventure Film

Talented illustrator needed to draw 4 scenes of a fun fantasy adventure film that we are currently trying to sell in the US.

The purpose of the scenes is to give producers a feel for story elements, main characters, and the film generally.

Some details of the 4 scenes can be found here ( More detail will be provided to the winning bidder.

You should be a good communicator as there will be some back and forth during the initial stage of the project. Your portfolio should include relevant work of a very high standard.

Happy bidding,

MAX BID $300

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Film Website Design Conversion

Hi there,

I need a good programmer to convert a website design for Film. There will be 3 parts on the project:

1. Main website (homepage – Production House) features
– HTML5 and CSS3 base
– Javascript thumbnails slider and pop up information.
– Comment Box
– Search
– news with a facebook share & like
– articles

2. Sub website (recent project – film) has approximately 15 pages:
– Home
– Story – put a youtube video
– Cast & Crew – standard text and image
– Gallery – with a downloadable artwork and gallery preview
– Contest – rules & prize, submission form, user can interact here
– News – Blog & Release
– Facebook connect – their comment on the website will be linked to their facebook account

3. Admin page:
– this is a page for admin to update the contents.
– it has a word editor (for editing the text).

The codes should work in various browsers, and provide "pixel perfect codes". The timeframe is short for the "front end" page. It must be done by this Sunday Night or Monday Morning (GMT +8). The admin pages (for content updating) by 16th of March. I might choose more than 1 provider.

I will provide the .psd file. Please provide a specific quote (per part) and also include your best portfolio.

Thanks for bidding this project.

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Evaluate My Media-youtube/user/pjperlakogAPPRAised@50k

"You have the opportunity to witness & stock(mintage) some rare skateboarding footage of talented rising stars. Approximately HALF HOUR of edited Film that was shot between the years 1998-2000. This Motion Picture includes Skateboarders most during their high school years performing difficult acts or stunts for the audience s pleasure. "The HALF HOUR of Film takes place through out regions of Los Angeles and but not limited to Orange County. This film was originally created for a grade in a High School art class, although with the triad s vision and with your help Victory Skateboarding through D. A. D. would love to stretch the original limits and give viewers across the globe the opportunity to view these images & or Graphics. Former C. A. S. L. Member plus triad; Paul R Perla is literally managing to scale the mountainous 3CCD DIGITAL WORLD of the recent film industry by copyrighting a smashing HALF HOUR 8 millimetre definition VHSX, DVD, or BlueDisk upon demand; titled "SATURDAY SCHOOL." Back in 1999 a group of Minors (Thunder Bolt, PJ, Chicklett, and Dragon Ball) skateboard from Euclid street in Upland(57 too the 60 too the 10 exit Indian Hill) through deep off of the 710 N inside the city of San Pedro, With in the Los Angeles County collecting what they like to call footage, moreover artistically created tricks with flips, spins, and, jumps. Upon demand can be reproduced inside VHSX, DVD or BluRay COMP. The Nineties ERA proove clips within material could be antiquated Choice despite EightMM definition RAW(direct) & RARE.
For sale on this website as well as Payless Tobacco in La Mirada.

an animation I have been working on for the last two years, yet was captured inside eight MM video during the turn of the new Millenium. Within the video you can see clips, graphics, or images that are A-ccurate D-istribution.) Which is my Business Some of these eight MM clips are skateboarders that have appeared in Transworld as well as atleast five that are caught inside four one one Skateboarding Video Magazine, where Bam Magera made his first debut. The film Maker and Creator of "the Beginning," wich this title can be found through out the Netflix as well as the DVD Empire Database(under Extreme Sports) has some of his artistic ability, plus touch found hidden in multiple scenes. Also there are two clips and or scenes of Board Rider found in Motion Picture "Lords of Dogtown(." Role-Tony Alva s Stunt Double.) Plus, finally caught on tape is celebrity & board rider seen in an "Warner" Pictures Gaylord Film Please enjoy this Media, thus is the memories of my past.

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15 – 20 Second Film Company Intro Like Dreamworks

Creating a small film production company for historical movies. Have the vision, just need someone to make it reality. See below for description.

Desired output: avi file
Length: 15 – 20 seconds
Background: black
Format: widescreen
Sound 1: Wind filled with sand
Sound 2: Suspenseful Egyptian flute or other instrument
Sound 3: Storm Drum Bass impact sound like used for T-Rex steps in Jurassic Park or any other Hans Zimmer sound scores

Scene Description

Ornate large brown hourglass with gold trim is sitting in the middle of the desert against the black background.
Sand is flying by and around the hourglass as the camera angle is zooming into the sand in the hourglass
The sand in the hourglass has a gold sparkling hue to it almost as if it is gold dust and not sand
As it falls into a pyramid like pile, the sand takes the shape of a well detailed pyramid when the camera completes its zoom

Text Description

Bold embossed/extruded golden papyrus font with dark cracquelure/marble streaks
Centered under desert scene and hourglass, similar to how text would be displayed for a motivational quote poster
The text extrudes from the dark using alpha transparency and a flash motion tween to animate the text growing 30% as it becomes visible
Initial text reads SANDS OF TIME MEDIA
Central letters S OF change texture to sand and appear to blow away to the right
Remaining text now spells SANDTIME MEDIA as letters come together to replace the missing
A nice bass drum impact would be perfect when SAND and TIME merge together


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Short Film Website (simple)

Create simple/6-page (for now) website for short film

Need someone who can design as well as code

$60 to start

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Film Data Base

We are looking for translators from french to german, italien, english, arab

you should have stated experiences in pedagocical writing for children (from 12 years and older) and knowledge in film history, ideally as well in internet writing (but not imperativ)

the project is planned for one year, per month min 8 text (of about 4000-6000 signes) to translate and 8 to edit (more is also possible), altogether we have about 700 texte in each language to assign

please apply with references and price estimation for 700 texte (one year time)

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Ad Poster For Craigs Job Section- Tv/ Film

Currently seeking ad poster for craigs in job// tv/film section paid cities. Poster will be required to have US credit card to post in this section.

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Need Writer

I need a story for my animated short film. This film for children so the story must be like that.
If you have any story matching to my requirement, i will purchase from you.
Otherwise you write one interesting story.
Please PM for more details.
Thankyou for your time.

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Illustrations Of Film Characters Needed


Im looking for three illustrations of movie characters from The Goonies, The Big Lebowski and Anchorman.

I would prefer the illustrations to be line only and in black and white. I dont want the illustartions heavily stylised and would prefer them to draw influences from comic book stylings.

Please could you quote for all three images and provide links to portfolios.


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Native english speakers only.


looking for a person to write blogs (up to 300-500 words/ blog) and/or articles (up to 800-1000 words/article).

the topic you need to write about focuses on the business of music licensing (not music reviews) and music supervisors (people that select and place music in film, tv, advertising, video games). people who read your articles are music industry professionals interested in placing music in film and tv, such as music publishers, record labels, composers/producers, artists/bands.


you will be paid $5 per blog entry and $10 per article.

thank you.

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AVISynth – Convert Video Capture Of 16mm Film

I have many hours of video which I shot while old 16mm films were playing. My frame rate is something like 58 FPS; Im not even sure what the standard frame rate of 16 mm films is, but I want a script which will "watch" the video, recognize the best video frame available for each original frame of the 16mm film and string together these best video frames.

Output will have the same frame rate as the old 16 mm films did.

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Native english speakers only.


looking for a person to write blogs (up to 300-500 words/ blog) and/or articles (up to 800-1000 words/article).

the topic you need to write about focuses on the business of music licensing (not music reviews) and music supervisors (people that select and place music in film, tv, advertising, video games). people who read your articles are music industry professionals interested in placing music in film and tv, such as music publishers, record labels, composers/producers, artists/bands.


you will be paid $5 per blog entry and $10 per article.

thank you.

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Seeking Animation Studio To Create Five Minute Cartoon

We are a film production studio with two animated DVD

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Animated Film

We are looking for a team to translate our book to an animated film, the story is a fairytale and can be compared to disney stories such as Bambi, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, Alice and Wonderland, Ariel, etc.. the film will be around 30-40 minutes. We will provide you with the book and all the character sketches that we have completed for the book once we have signed an NDA agreement with the provider we select.
The film should have the classical disney vibe, we want to make it simple and classy, nothing over the top in visual effects, this is not a TOY STORY 3 or AVATAR production.. 🙂 this is a good link to see the look we are after:
We are looking for a single company that can take our simple story, turn it in rough story boards and complete the animation. If your company can do the voice overs and music soundtrack for the movie as well, or have relationships with a company that can work with you on this, that would be a great plus, since we are looking to have only one contact to get this project done. The provider we are looking for, needs to be independent and get this project done from scratch to finish. We are looking for a confident candidate that can be in the drivers seat and take it all the way from inception to finish.
In simple terms you will get the following:
1) the story
2) all the character illustrations

and you will have to produce:
1) A 30-40 minute animated film with voice overs and appropriate music soundtracks
2) we are looking to get it completed within 8-10 weeks

please only bid if you can do this kind of animation and understand the project requirements, please kindly send us samples of your work otherwise we will not be able to consider you for the assignment. We would prefer you give us a flat rate bid for the project, but will also look at bids with breakdowns in per minute.

we look forward in seeing your proposals. Thank you.

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Kort Film Script Vertalen Engels-nederlands

Translate from english to dutch
about 7000 words.
Its a short film script and a Directors vision.
We need it on the 7th of december before 4 PM Ducth time.

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Video Grain Look Help Needed "Film Look"

I am going to film a movie and want to see if anyone help me take my digital footage of the movie and give it
the "film look", The link below will explain a little more of what I am looking for.

Thank you.

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Compositing And Vfx For 3d Short Film

We need a good vfx artist for our short film(3 min) near Navi Mumbai. who has a good knowledge of dynamic particles and compositing

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Layout For Film Festival Program

Here is what we are looking for… we have a film festival program book we need images from films, text and some photos laid out on 4-5 pages of the program. Each page is 8.5 X 5.5. We would supply you with the text and photos. We just need a graphic designer to lay it out artistically.

Timeline is important, so please indicate in your bid how quickly you could finish.

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Documentary Film: Former Child Soldiers & Orphans In Uganda

Aid the Nations, a nonprofit organization based in Chicago, Illinois is working to provide humanitarian aid to orphans and former child soldiers living in a remote village of Kiwumu (near the capital of Kampala), Uganda. Our projects include education, vocational training, farming education, mental health counseling, and emergency care. We are looking for assistance with putting together a short film documentary (less than 30 minutes) to capture interviews of children in our Miracle Kids School and surrounding villages. Looking for eager, passionate, and dedicated reporting to project the hardships of the children and youth, need for international assistance, and ways that people can help. All responses are greatly appreciated.

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Flash Text-Animation

We have an existing Flash Film witch rotates several words or phrases. The word are hard coded in the flash film itself and it is very time consuming to change or extend the word. We want a flah film witch takes the words or phrases from an external XML or Text File so we can easy change these word whithout editing the flash film itself. We can provide the existing flash film source (.swf file) so there is need to do the desing of the banner. Its simple a white area with some rotating words with a fade effect.

This is a very simlpe project for one who is familar with flash and actionScript. Please write the Word "HAVE-READ" to your bid.

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