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Compleate Private Branding Solution

I am looking for a Designer that can implement the compleate private branding solution .

We need Design something mixed between the original site but to be funny and usefful like with Pictures for the destination Ideas , facebook share and like buttons.

For more detailed information You can make a registration in

and see how the site can be build verry eassy here. Just putting the codes in the Header and Footer fields. The project is verry eassy.

You are invited to see this link

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ATmega 128 Programming

Looking for a experienced ATmega Programmer. Must be able to code in C or Assembler in AVR Studio 4
I want to create a 16 Step Sequencer

Analog 1 is connected to a 100K Potentiometer to variable the speed running thru all 16 steps
Analog 2 to 17 is connected to a 100K Potentiometer which creates the Value of Digital out PIN 16 to 32
Digital PIN 0 to 16 is connected to a LED to show which Channel is active
Digital 16 to 32 will be then connected to a MAXIM DS1804-100 Digital Potentiometer (which connected then to a 40106 Schmitt Trigger generating a Sinus Wave)
Crystal will be a 16MHz
This is a private Project with low budget. Will write a good reference for your CV if requested.
When succefull, i have more Projects (one more is already planed including 7 segment and 16 segment stuff)

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