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Rap Jingle Written

I need lines for my rap jingle. THis is for a bail bond 30 second TV commercial.
The main lines are, which need to be repeated many times are:

CALL 800-WIZ-BAIL, to get out of JAIL.

Pay is $40, unless your work is outstanding I would pay double.
Send me 2 sample lines so I know you are on the same page as me

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Find Domains Names For Sale

I am looking to purchase domain names in a particular niche.

I need someone who can:

__do research to find active domain names that are over 3 years old

__rank in the first 100 pages of Google for niche key words

__find the email addresses to the individuals that own these domains

__email the individuals if they are willing to sell there domain name

__send me the lowest amount they will sell the domain for

All work should be done by email only

Must be able to send me leads daily for interested sellers

I will pay $10 to start and $1 per legitimate lead

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WordPress 3.0 MU Proper Installation

I need someone who can install WordPress 3.0 MU on my domain and make it work. I will pay $10 for this

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I need someone to make daily calls to small business owners.

I will train you on the fastest ways to collect the phones numbers.

I will provide a very simple to the point script.

You will be selling SEO services and SEO experiance is an added benefit.

You must be US speaking. I will speak with you to verify you abilities.

In you bid please provide:

How Many calls per day you can provide
You cost Per week

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High Pay, Easy Work. Data Entry To Telemarketing Options

This will be geared towards businesses. You will be paid $100 for a sign up, then $50/month as long as they stay a member.

The service is this. When you do a search for a company name, many times they only have one of the ten listings. So when a client does this search, there are nine other listings they see, so the company is losing a lot of business to the competition. The service we offer is to ensure the company ends up with the top ten listings for their name (Instead of just one) so they do not lose those sales.

When you find these companies they do not need to be called, they can just be emailed. So this can be a pretty easy research, then data entry job. If you are in telemarketing, the sales should be pretty simple.

This is our product, not someone elses affiliate product. You will get a tracking code to ensure you do not lose sales. I will send more information to those interested.

To make sure you are not auto responding to this, please include "commission" in your replies since this is a straight commission job.


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Find Errors In My Website

I need you to find errors on my website i.e. and tell me. I shall pay you for FIXING them!

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Find Me PLR/MMR EBooks With "Giveaway Right"

The task is very simple.
Search the internet for Private Label Right (PLR) or Master Resale Right (MMR) eBook that has "Giveaway Right" and give me the ebook/download link. The ebooks topics must be vary, not just in one niche. The eBook has to be free to download too (i dont have to sign up or pay for the eBook).

My budget for this is $12. So you bid on how many eBook that you can provide.

Remember, the ebook must come with "Giveaway Right".

Thank you.

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Telemarketer: Appointment Setter For Life Insurance Company

I have 25 life insurance agents who need more set appointments.

You would need a list of homeowners that are not on the due not call list. Va. Md. SC. NC. Ga.

We pay $20.00 for set appointment; $45.00 for sale of appointment; No shows = $0

We will provide script.

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Youtube Views

I have 50 videos that I would like to have 50,000 views each.

I will pay $50 for this work.

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Writing Team/s Required

Looking for teams for regular article writing work. Pay $2/500 words

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Need someone to create a weight loss article ASAP

I need somone to create a 2,000 word article based on the keywords:
How to lose weight naturally.

Please leave examples of previous work.

Looking to appoint someone for this project ASAP.


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Blog Commenting and Acct. Creation

1) EXCELLENT English Speaking and Writing
2) Worked with Blog Posting and Forum Posting in the past
3) Can follow simple instructions
4) Looking for continual pay per piece work
5) Often Hightly Visible online presence

I will provide the links and detailed pictured method of exactly how to login and post. You will post with a blog comment, forum post, or account creation. Your skills need to be in writing good content on a post so that the link stays up!

PM for more details

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