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Sms Gateway

Hello i want to create an sms gateway so i can send sms autonomusly to my clients, and also sell to other companies via an http api of mine.

i want you to pm me, with what exactly is needed for do such a project, and also the price and timeline of yours.

what i want is a light version of clickatel, which is a sms gateway company, so other companies uses its http api to implement it into their apps and create websites and software, and also individuals can buy sms to send to their clients/friends.

please try to be as detailed as possible

thank you

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More Traffic

We are a real estate company and want to increase traffic to our three websites

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Link Building

Looking for someone or a company to build links with at least PR3 for some of my websites. The person must be committed.

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Magento Attribute Import/Export

I am looking for a Magento Expert who has experience creating custom Extensions in Magento. I need an attribute import/export extension created using the import/export tool in the admin part of the site. I would like it as an extension and should not have problems with future updates of Magento. Below are the requirements.

I want to be able to create the import/exports in Excel and then the imports to be imported using CSV. The exports need to be exporting excel or if csv can be easily converted into Excel.

Attribute Names
1. I would like to create one file to import the actual attributes and properties themselves in. All properties would need to be on the spreadsheet to edit. I would like to be able to keep adding to the same spreadsheet and import that when I add new attributes so it would know to only add the new attributes/properties when imported.

Attribute Labels & Options
1. Then I would want to be able to create a separate spreadsheet to import all labels and options. I have attached a spreadsheet to show how I would like that set up.

2. I would like to be able to upload the spreadsheet and be able to import new spreadsheets on a regulare basis. When doing this I would want only new attributes added. I would like to be able to keep it so if there are the dublicate attribute labels in the column only 1 gets imported and it recognizes the multiple labels and knows not to keep adding.

3. I would like it to some how sort the attribute labels/options ascending in alphabetical and/or numerical order even when new information is added.

4. The top row of the spreadsheet would have to be the attribute code and only go by that.

5. It would have to recognize and be able to import special symbols like " / , & etc.

I am open to suggestions on how to do this differently but I need to know before you accept the job if you would be doing this any differently.

I would like someone that could get started within a few days and prefer to have this done in about a weeks time.

Please PM me for what you can do.

Please only contact me through PM.

Thank you,


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Extraction of: 2 directory websites Y*e*l*l*o*wP*a*g*e*s.c*o*m.a*u

and t*r*u*e*l*oc*a*

I require all business listing from these 2 websites.

Data Required: name, description, cateogry, ph*on*e, m*ob*ile,fa*x, ema*il etc.

Data is to be 100% accurate.

* Requirments:
– attention to detail.
– Experianced in detail data ex*tra*ction on this scale.
– Fast Internet Connection.
– Quik and accurate.
– Able to Start ASAP.
– Extraction Should be run on multiple networks
– Ensure ip does not get blocked for the site.

More detail will be provided to the winning bidder.

****If you are succesfull with this task, another hotfrog.*com.a*u and* will also need to be extracted.

***Many more Projects to come Long term Relationship preffered***

Thank you


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