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Tsunami 101

First app – I need an iphone app does featuring my webstore. It should be able to update items automatically and customers can order items online.

Second app – I need a iphone app that shows videos.

Every time first app is activated, it will go to first app.

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Pay On Performace SEO – We Have Many Projects Need Help

We need someone who is VERY experienced in link building & who trusts there own work. We want to work with someone on ranking many websites. I want you to be able to take a very small deposit and get me to the first page, when I hit the first page is when I pay you a portion of the funds. Please bid and in the PM area please let me know if you can work with $100 down per site

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Pay On Performace SEO – We Have Many Projects Need Help

We need someone who is VERY experienced in link building & who trusts there own work. We want to work with someone on ranking many websites. I want you to be able to take a very small deposit and get me to the first page, when I hit the first page is when I pay you a portion of the funds. Please bid and in the PM area please let me know if you can work with $100 down per site

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First Page (only) Redesign

Web hosting domain registration services company needs the first page (only) redesign
SEO friendly
We have a Mascot that you need to place on home page images and anywhere you thing it feats

We need to redesign only out first page, and create a couple of images for the deeper pages
We sell almost cheapest domain and web hosting services so we need someone who knows how to promote offers for a visitor on a first page.

Please post your bids and a URL with examples of your works.

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My name is Luis Enrique Berrios and I am an Angel Investor looking to invest up to $5k for with minimum 30% stake and 15% Royalty for a completely though out business plan.

This will be a first come first serve basis.

Please send my your NDA before we discuss any part of your business plans.

Once you received the signed NDA back from me we can move to the next step which is a phone conversation to discuss your Company/Project.

Please contact me for further details.

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Statistical Analysis Mysql Dataset

I need a statistics expert that can conduct the analysis of data in a mysql database and produce reports on an ongoing basis.

1) download the latest dataset from this page (use March 29 2011)
2) follow the instructions to extract the file and populate the database
3) run queries and produce reports in excel

This job will be ongoing however I would like to start with a small project with some clear reports to asses your skills and to find the right fit.

Please provide a quote on the work of getting the dataset, setting it up and produce the following reports:
– a histogram of first view document complete page load time
– a histogram of first view start render times
– what % of sites use CDNs for the root domain ie: or any other domain that includes the root domain (ie: or
– correlation between the letter grades given for Keep-alive Enabled, Compress Text, Compress Images, Cache Static Content, Combine JS/CSS Files and Use of CDN to first view document complete page load time

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Guaranteed 1st Position In For 3 Keywords.

I have a blog on and I want to get on the First Position For 3 Keywords :-

1).Dofollow Directory
2).Human Development
3).Business Blog

There Will be Two Links of the same blog Which Needs to be on 1st position 1 for Dofollow Directory and 1 for other 2 keywords.


04/03/2011 at 9:26 EDT:

And Please Also Tell Me What You Will Be doing to get Those Keywords On First Position.

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First Street

I need a take off of the Architectural and Structural prints for the steel work on this project. I need a materials list and a breakdown of man hours preparing the steel in our steel shop and the man hours on the job site.

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10 Articles To Be Re-written In The Internet Marketing Niche

Here are my requirements:

1) Articles are to be grammatically and logically correct, no spelling mistakes, no short forms and must be in good English. Ezinearticles.coms editorial guidelines are to be observed and passed.

2) Articles have to pass copyscape and are to be at least 60% unique from original articles. Cutting and pasting work will not be accepted.

3) All articles are to be submitted to me for approval first. Upon approval, you are required to submit to my ezinearticles. com account.

4) All details and references required to aid you in writing the articles will be provided to you, once you win the bid.

5) The articles are to be completed latest by 7 days.

6) You are required to agree that all rights to the articles are owned by me and the articles are not to be used in any other ways without my written permission.

Payment for each article will be $2.

If this is done well, you will be required to write more articles in future, thus forging a long term working relationship between us.

Without reading and understanding the full details, most freelancers tend to place their bids spontaneously.

In order to be certain that you understood all the descriptions and you complied with it, please PM me with the first word "Article".

All The Best On Your Bid,

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Seo Of My Website

I want to do a seo for my website. the website is and I would like to pay per results.
that means you need to bid for each position in sixth,fifth,fourth,third and second(the first is the company of the development environment so I dont expect you to be first,please bid for the fifth position in the main bid and give me full bid in personal message) the search term I would like to advance is kapow. it is not very competitive(after the first position),the second position is a clip from youtube.

thank you very much!

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Lookup Emails And Websites For 1000 Contacts

Project is to obtain email addresses for a list of about 1,000 contacts.See attached.

The list already has all contact info in excel. By using the firm name you need to look up the www for the firm. Enter it in Column B by adding a new column. In column C enter the email address for the person.

Currently the first and last name of the contact are in the same column. Copy the first name and past it in a new column, leave the middle and last name last they are. You must produce a sample of 10 entries to make sure you understand the project prior to being awarded.

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Need Solution Within An Hour( $5 Per Question ) 3 Hr Time

well task is done..i just want u to paraphrase the solutions and send me urgently……i am sending u the questions with solutions…whoever bidding first pls send me ready made solutions for the questions after rewriting perfectly in different way..i can pay $ 5 per solution..i prefer 9.3 and 9.2 first which is inside the zip and which is in image

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Crack The Code For US$1000!

I will pay US$1000 for the first person who can crack this code. The US FBI is looking to solve a murder and all they have are these notes.

The first Freelancer to crack this code walks away with US$1000!

In your PM please have the answer. First person to get this right wins!!!

You must be able to demonstrate how you have broken the code!

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Simple Seo 3

I need basic seo started immediately. Search engine submission, Google Business place listing, social websites…etc
I need the provider to complete these task and be able to provide a report on what they have done. Trying to get first page of google for two key words. Send me your seo packages you have to offer. Lowest bid gets the first consideration.

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Weekly Social Networks Submissions

I am looking for someone who can copy content from our website (2 specific pages) and post into 50 websites that allows to share content.

First you will have to create an account on each websites (you do it only once) later you will just have to copy & paste the content
in each of the 50 sites.

This task you will be able to do on a weekly basis – we are uploading content about 4 times in each week.

So for the first week please bid for 200 submissions (4 days* 50 websites).


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Google Germany First Page For 2 Keywords (new Site)

I recently launched a new site (wordpress) in German related to Gold Investment. Site is on a nice generic name, which would surely help.

I need to reach first page of for 2 keys:

1. Gold Kaufen
2. Goldkauf

I can release a payment when these 2 keywords reach first page of Google and then monthly maintenance to keep/increase positions ( 2 -3 months). Milestone payment only.

I need quality links from financial, money… GERMAN only sites.

DO not bid if you will offer this:

Directory submissions, forum posts, article submissions, etc.
Links from unrelated sites
Automated software or bots.
Ping sites
Links from fake PR sites, banned by Google, etc.

WHITE HAT methods only.

When bidding please PM your plan for achieving the goal.

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Simple Seo 2

I need basic seo started immediately. Search engine submission, Google Business place listing, social websites…etc
I need the provider to complete these task and be able to provide a report on what they have done. Trying to get first page of google for two key words. Send me your seo packages you have to offer. Lowest bid gets the first consideration.

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General Help For A Website

Please begin your reply with the interval of age you see on the first page of the website(I will not accept bids who havent even seen the website I want modified), so I know you have seen what I want you to work on.
Hello workers! Nice to post my first project here. I would like to have some help with a website . I would like to make it more attractive and give it a more modern fell and look. Perhaps image adding, css, php, html?
I might want someone to help me promote this website.
I will most likely choose more than one worker for this project, and I have no problem paying a considerable amount of money, as long as the end result if incredible and stunning.
Bid with, or without ratings, as I am not in a hurry and I am willing to have a dialogue so I know I make the best decisions. Happy bidding!

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Excel Macro To Compute Some Averages And Draw Charts


I need a very good Excel Macro writer to:

loop through a csv file and separate data by account number
once its done separate first time orders from the rest (basically the first occurence of an order number on the spreadsheet(
once the first time orders are identified put a flag (1 or 0 or Y or N) in a column

From there i would like to create a one spreadsheet summary for each account.

The spreadsheet summary will have some averages as well as a couple of graphs.

I need this project completed very quickly so do not bid on it if you dont have time to work on it right away.

(Max bid $50)


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Joomla/Virtuemart Database Field Data Copy

We are adding two new fields to our Virtuemart registration page (Student First Name, Student Last Name).
Job is to write an executable for Joomla that will copy the data in Bill-To First and Last Name to the Student First and Last Name for all existing records.

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Want My Site On Top In Keywords

I want my site on first page of thesekeyword
mobile wallpapers
free mobile wallpapers
mobile screensaver

1.i will pay u after my site get on first page if u dont agree then dont bid

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First Chapter To Edit (fiction)


Im writing a fiction novel, and Im half way through it. Id like to see what an edited version would look like. Therefore, Im providing the first chapter (3,530 words ~ 11 pages), and Id like to experience your skill in editing before I would hand you the whole thing. Please quote me for the 3,530 words.

Let me know if you need the first chapter in (.docx)


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Google’s (Brazil) First Page’ Top #1

We need to get one of our sites to get on Googles (Brazil) first page Top #1 search results for two keyword phrase:

"implante capilar"
"transplante capilar"

url site:

the site is new and today is #30 position for "implante capilar" and #42 position for "transplante capilar"

This is not a rush project, so you can take as much time as you need to, but only bid if you are 100% confident you will rank

When you bid, please PM me this information:
– SEO Methods used (numbers and details please)
– How long you need to get it done

– Google guidelines must be followed and no way should be compromised.

Links building should follow:
– No black hat and other unethical SEO Spam techniques. Only white hat methods
and ethical work will be accepted.
– Backlink pages must relate to our site topic
– Link pages and our links must be visible, readable, indexable and do-follow.
– Links must be permanent, static html links.
– One way links only, no reciprocal links.
– No robots.txt blocking. No links from rel="nofollow" or "noindex" tag for pages themselves and for anchor text.
– No use of automated software or bots.
– No links from under construction pages.
– No java links, jump scripts, framed pages, redirects, cloaking, CSS redirects, 301 redirects, dynamic links, flash sites/pages, hidden links, no string parameters, etc.
– No link farms, link exchange programs, and web rings.
– No paid traffic sites.
– No banned sites, porn, gambling, violent, illegal sites, etc.

* Links that are not approved must be replaced by service provider.

Report requirements:
We need weekly report from you to see the improvement.

* Please provide us the detailed SEO techniques you will use, and info of similar successful completed projects you have done.

50% payment when our site appears within the top #5 of the first page for both keyword phrase
50% payment when our site appears within the top #1 of the first page for both keyword phrase

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Linux Admin Help Wanted

Linux Admin Help Wanted

We need about 10 new linux servers for in-house Java apps (not web-servers). Looking for a highly experienced and qualified administrator. Combination of hands-on configuration/installation work plus advisory work.

This first project is to help us see that you are the right professional for the job. Other projects will follow. In this first project, you will help us with 2 servers. One must be ordered, the other is already rack-mounted. For both servers, you must:

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Get Website Ranked 1st In Google

SEO Job for 1st page placement on Google – Paying for result.
Long-term collaboration. This is the first project. If you do the job correctly, I will give you other similar jobs, regularly.

You will put my site on top of first page in google (ENGLISH).
PART 1) Pay 50% when the site reaches top 5 search results on first page with the keyword that I give you.
PART 2) Pay the other 50% when word ranks first.

I do not grade the page by software or other SEO ranking tools, the site needs to actually be on the desired page of Google for said key terms in order to have escrow released.

I expect weekly excel files showing improvements. This information should be sent via FREELANCER messaging system so that it is tracked by FREELANCER as well as both my self and winning provider.

Please indicate SEO Methods used and Time frame to reach Top position.
On site SEO is not possible (apart from keywords and website title and description) – this is white label website.

ABSOLUTELY NO BLACKHAT OR GREY HAT METHODS, ONLY WHITE HAT METHODS. — Google guidelines must be followed and no way should be compromised.

To avoid time wasters, Again we cannot make this any clearer…

Exact website will be disclosed to winning bidder.

pampers coupons

Please, just to confirm you read and agreed with all requirements I asked, together with your bid post a message with "I AGREE" written in the first line. (Without "I AGREE" in your message, your bid will not be read).

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Codeigniter Functions & OsTicket

We are looking for a php coder who can modify a copy of the latest version of osTicket (currently 1.6.0) to include two additional (optional) fields, and modify the view ticket screen to display a click-able link, if one of the additional fields is not NULL, containing a part-static, part dynamic address.

i.e. if Additional Field 1 is not empty, a text link on the view ticket screen should show that points to With the xxxx value being retrieve from the contents of Additional Field 1. The same applies for Field 2.

The winning bidder will also be required to create a Codeigniter 2.0.0 library class called osticket.php, which can take the contents of a web form and interface with osTicket to create a new support ticket (including getting osTicket to generate its standard emails).

The class should also have functions for the following:-
* To return the number of currently open tickets
* To return the number of open tickets assigned to a specific person or department

In addition, we need two Codeigniter functions (could be merged into one if necessa). The first should be passed a text string, and be able to identify any dates contained within it, in any of the formats listed below. It should then be able to extract the date, pass it to the second function (see below), and then replace the date in the string, with the value returned from the other function.

The second when called, needs accepts two parameters the first is a date, in one of the following formats, the second is the output type – which has three possible options F for full date (i.e. 1st April 2011), C for compact date (i.e. 01-04-2011 dd-mm-yyyy), or M for MySQL format date (2011-04-01 yyyy-mm-dd). The function should return a single value, of the date in the format requested.

The function needs to be able to recognise the correct day, month and year and undertake the appropriate conversion. In all the examples below the day is the first value, the month is the middle value, and the year is the last. All are 1st April 2011, although the function should be able to accept any calendar date, in any year.

Both should be optimised to be as efficient as possible, using the least amount of code.

An example of a text string containing a date that should be passed to the first function is:-
"Fred arrived at the hotel on 1 Apr 2011 and checked in as planned."

The first function should detect the date as 1 Apr 2011 and pass that to the second function with additional parameter of F in this case, which should then return the value of 1st April 2011. The first function should then replace the date with the returned value, and return the full text string….

"Fred arrived at the hotel on 1st April 2011 and checked in as planned."

The text string may contain one or more dates, in one or more formats. The list of formats required to be covered are as follows:

1 Apr 2011
01 Apr 2011
1 Apr 11
01 Apr 11
01 April 2011
1 April 2011
01 April 11
1 April 11
1st April 11
1st Apr 11
01 04 11
01 4 11
1 04 11
01 04 2011
01 4 2011
1 4 2011
1 04 2011
April 1, 2011
April 1st, 2011
April 1 2011
April 1st 2011
April 01 2011
April 01, 2011
Apr 1, 2011
Apr 1st, 2011
Apr 01, 2011
Apr 1 2011
Apr 01 2011
Apr 1st 2011
1/ April/2011
1/April /2011
April 1, 11
April 1st, 11
April 1 11
April 1st 11
April 01 11
April 01, 11
Apr 1, 11
Apr 1st, 11
Apr 01, 11
Apr 1 11
Apr 01 11
Apr 1st 1

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Website With Back End User Controls And Files

Need to build a website with 7 to 8 pages, will require back end control panel for admin, and be able to keep users files stored in two different files, basic site not much design needed, just basic user input pages and website info/help pages. site would also require a html generator and a user control page for options to create htmls function.
first site will be a free site for users to try, a second site (builder will be chosen after first site is complete) will be the same but will need more complex user features.

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Email Offer Submit (Leads)

Only accepting leads from the U.S.A

–PLEASE–: Read all of the details and rules for this project. If you have any question just ask. If you cannot follow ALL of the details and rules posted here then do not bid on this project.

If we have never used your services before, you will have to send us 10 good quality leads before we hire you.


We will pay .25 a lead to start then can raise

after we know you are sending quality leads then we will pay.

That is when our affiliate company pays us. You will only be paid once we receive the money from our affiliate company. The reason we do this is if we pay you up front for the leads and the affiliate company tells us that our leads are garbage then we will lose out on all of the money.
If you send us garbage leads and we get our account banned then you will not be paid! We will also leave you with a bad rating which will ruin your reputation here on Freelancer.Com so please dont. 🙂

—–Here are a few rules for you—–:

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Oscommerce – Slow First Time Page Load Fix

OSCommerce active store. For last 2 weeks the initial page load has been getting slower and slower. No add-ons or plugins have been installed in this time – more products have been added to the store though.

I attempted to index the database but not sure I did it correctly. Did not speed anything up.

Upon first page load (20 seconds), all other pages load in 2 seconds. Total page size is under 200kb, so it is timing out or slowing down on something. If a user is inactive for 30 mins or so, the initial pageload will take around 20 seconds again.

Need this problem fixed ASAP.

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