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Magento Fitness Shop Redesign

I got a fitness webshop based on magento.
The shop is selling anything for people to do fitness at home,

The current design of the shop is old, and dosent look very clean and make people come back.
Therefore Im looking for someone to redesign my magento shop with a functional and uptodate design.

Features I want on the frontpage including the design is:
A functional Big image slider just like on
A Box with best selling products

I want a preview of the design before you start changing the design on the shop.
More details will be releashed, just PM me.

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English- Russian Translation- YOGA And Fitness

Need several pieces translated from English to Russian-
Yoga and fitness specific, so need to be familiar with terminology

Please quote your rate/time frame for a 500 word total

Please translate this short piece as a trial
and send me a pm with translation to be considered

Good things flow and generate from strong core, creating unlimited reservoir of power, strong and positive flow of energy.In this workshop you will learn creative ways of building up core through rhythmic and
dynamic yogic routines. Build up strength and grace to utilize precise arm balancing and jumping techniques.

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Diet Tracker Portal

We are looking to build a fitness and diet membership portal for our customer base. This will be a fully customized application using a framework preferably MVC to easily manage the development structure.

Examples of diet portals include: and

We are open to using a open source framework to speed up the development timeframe.

Full details specs and a example site will be provided to those that qualify.

You must have experience in building large data portals and have some sort of understanding of health and fitness, some of the tools we would like to have are:

– BMI calculator
– Calorie Counter
– Diet Plans
– Fitness guides and videos

We are looking for a team with experience, please do not post a bid if you do not have examples of enterprise level portals which your team has developed.

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Drawings For Dynamic Fitness Exercises

I need drawings in order to help explain trampoline fitness exercises. The drawings can be very simple but have to make the movement clear. Thus for every exercise I imagine a strip of 4-5 pictures which should be about 400 pixel wide. (I would prefer vector grafics though) There might be approximately 30 Exercises.

If you are interested please provide the following:
1. an example of how you would draw a exercise explanation for doing a jumping jack on a small round trampoline.
2. your price for 30 exercises
3. how long you would need to draw all 30 exercises and provide the pictures in digital form

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Fitness Website

Need a very basic Fitness website about 5 to 7 pages that can be updated by a user. Similar to Need it as soon as possible.

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SEO Link Building For Running/FItness Blog

I need 300 Links building from the following:

150 Forum Posts:
From the following categories:Sports, Fitness, Running, Health, Weight Loss
NOT links from forum profile
Links must be from relevent forum posts that are at least 30 words each and are not taken down as spam.

50 Article Links:
Write me an article, spin it and submit it to 50 article directories.
Do Follow

100 Blog Comments:
From the following categories:Sports, Fitness, Running, Health, Weight Loss
Links must be from relevent comments that are at least 30 words each and are not taken down as spam.

All links must be approved – links that havent been approved do not count towards the total 300 links.

Evidence of links must be provided as a spreadsheet at the end of the 30 days

Time Frame – 30 Days

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Personal Fitness Trainer Listings Needed

Need listings for personal fitness trainers. Must primarily be US listings.

Name Of Trainer or Business
Email address

Email is important.

if you are scraping, is a good place as it leads to the website of the listing which often has an email address on the site.

Please give your price per listing quantity.

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Step 2 Well: Fitness Club And Gym

Step 2 well fitness club. All types of exercises like dance,
Aerobics, Stretching, Floor exercise, Weightloss, Bodyfitness

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Build An Online Fitness Community, Diet And Workout Tracker

Im looking for a developer to build a social networking fitness site based on the model and all its features. Please register with and take a look around to see what kind of model we are striving for:

Site Features:

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Fitness App Development

Need an iPhone fitness app made quickly!

I need someone experienced in iPhone app development with sensible UI design skills to produce a simple app which consists of approximately 25 exercise videos (7 – 10 second clips)

There will be one other element to be discussed on application

You must be someone with at least 200 hours of odesk experience and at least 4 star ratings.

You must take pride in your work and produce polished apps

Please provide examples of work, UI design and other information (links to itunes apps is fine)

When you reply please include the reference *** KLAPPv1 ***

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Software Needed For Weight Loss Members

I need a software that I can offer to my clients or I could sell, copy or reproduce. I own a health and fitness website and i would like to offer the software free to an unlimited number of my clients.

There are many programs online but they are limited to only the number in your household. Thats why I need to have my own software to share with my members or to sell to non-members.

The software should be designed similar to Fitness Assistant 2.4 see:

I will consider bids between $500 – $1000 first!


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Lead Generation Box Design

Im putting together a charity event to raise money for St. Jude Childrens Hospital ( and Im getting ready to put out some lead generation boxes to help get participants signed up. So… I need something to put on the boxes. Size for graphic is 8.5" x 11".
My website:
St. Jude website:

I would like the graphics to be bright and colorful and also incorporate the themes of helping sick children and outdoor fitness as the event is an outdoor fitness "boot camp."

Please: all bids must have examples of work. Mockups are preferred. Thanks!

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Fitness Website


Im looking to have a Joolma site built. It will be for fitness tracking, to allow myself and individuals to register/login, then upload what exercise they did for the day. From this information, the person will be able to produce a graph on their exercise to see how they are improving. An example of the graphic output of the exercise can be viewed here:

I can supply you with the full requirements if you message me.


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Header/Banner For Website

Just need a good looking header/banner for my website. The website is about hosting bootcamp fitness events in order to raise money for childrens hospitals like St. Jude Childrens Hospital etc. So…Id like a header that matches the site, is colorful and incorporates the theme of helping kids and promoting fitness with a fun bootcamp feel. Perhaps some pics of the kids with some outdoor fitness pics etc. Heres the site (still a work in progress).

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Health Bloggers



Health and Fitness Villa Blog is looking for expert Heath Bloggers that can provide two health-related blog posts per day. (One Blogger – One Post per day)

Health and Fitness Villa is a budding group of Health Bloggers who offer a very interactive user experience and expert advice in the field of Health and Fitness. To help us continue to grow our content, we

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Diet / Fitness Log – Joomla Component

I am looking for an online diet & fitness log exactly like
I would basically like create a website like a but in a component for Joomla (1.5 and 1.6). (PHP and AJAX)

I am also deciding between CommunityBuilder and JSocial so the component would have to integrate with one of those two.
Im a student and I spend all my money, so please I look for someone serious.
Thank you for your time.

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Write 5 Fitness Articles For In-home Personal Trainer

Im so busy I can no longer wear all the hats in my business. I am looking for someone to help write at least 5 articles on in-home personal fitness training and submitt them to online article sites and anywhere else on the internet. Must learn a little bit more about my online mobile personal training services to get a feel for what I do. is my website.
If I like you I will want more articles done in the future.

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Data Mining Fitness Programs

I need someone to do web research / data mining / web scraping to find as many fitness workout routines as possible. The workouts I am looking for need to be specific- including number of repetitions, number of sets, different workouts for different body parts, multiple days with varying routines, etc. The more detailed the better. And the more specific the better- dedicated to specific sports (football, baseball, etc.) or specific concerns (building body mass, losing weight, cardio fitness, etc.) would be great. To ensure a successful result, it is important that anyone who bids on this project understand fitness routine verbiage. If you read the above paragraph and any of the term were not familiar to you, please dont bid on this project.

– This job posting is for finding and compiling the data on 200 workout programs.
– No more than 20 workouts routines should be dedicated to the same goal and target audience (i.e. men looking to build mass, or women looking to lose weight)
– This project is the beginning, I will need much more data in the future but need this trial run to determine the cost and time of doing larger scale data mining projects.

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AH Banner For A Fitness Company

AH Banner For A Fitness Company

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Website as per discussions

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Flyer For A Fitness Company

Flyer For A Fitness Company

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Fitness And Bodybuilding Forums Posting

I am searching for an intelligent person who is fond of bodybuilding and fitness and doesnt give up fast.


– Must be native english speaker

– Must post threads and posts and keep them alive

– Must be available to post 7 days a week

– Has to have a prior knowledge of bodybuilding

– People with huge postcount accounts on bodybuilding forums are much more preffered, the more the better.

– Job can become permanent if everything works out well
Also if youre very succesful at it, I am willing to pay you more every month.

Good luck every one, post your reasonable bids.

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10 Fitness Articles @ $3 Per Article

Need 10 fresh, original and unique articles written for a site dedicated to New Mums Fitness. The site focuses around fitness and health benefits for new mums, so writers will need some previous knowledge in this industry.

Will discuss specific topic ideas when a bidder has been selected.

The requirements for the articles are as follows:

10 Individual/Unique Articles
Articles must be written by you, no copying of existing articles
800 word count on each article
American-English Language
Should use correct English grammar, punctuation and spelling
Do not need to be SEO friendly
Ghostwriting of content, all ownership of articles wil be turned over to us
These articles can not be sold to others

$3 per article. 10 Articles x $3 = $30
Only bids of $30 will be accepted.

Please provide with a sample of your work or your ideas for article topics


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Fitness Cartoon Illustrations

I need two small illustrations for a fitness site of mine. They will both be white male cartoon like illustrations showing a transformation from a skinny weak person to a muscular/strong person. The first will show a full body before/after illustration (like the attached sample except not for fat loss) and the second will show one before after of maybe just the chest and arms flexing (similar to the blue image attached, just skinny to muscular).

They need to be clearly viewed inside a 200×200 banner so if you make the illustration big make sure they can be viewed small as well.

You can see the level of detail I am looking for in the samples.

Please show me examples of cartoons or other illustrations you have done of people.

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