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my price is 8$ per k


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Price Is Reduced After Specified Days

Price Is Reduced After Specified Days

I want the prices of my online store products reduced to specified amount on the basis of when the product was created. When a new product is submitted, the discountprice field in the products table receives a default value based on the price (price * .94 = discountprice)

PRODUCTS database fields (involved in this project)
discountprice price * discountrate = discountprice
discountrate .94 (default)
discountdays 10 (default)
datecreated 2010-11-08 23:34:28 CURRENT_TIMESTAMP (default)

Change the SQL Statement in the products pages to include an "IF" statement.
EXAMPLE: If datecreated AND discountdays = OR < NOW then show discountprice OTHERWISE price

PAGES THAT REQUIRE THE CHANGE: I will provide the following PHP pages for the freelancer to change. If its not hard, I may add the additional SQL to complete this project.

SCENARIO: On a default situation, if I created a product called XYZ with a price of $100 on 2010-11-08 23:34:28, then on 2010-11-18 23:34:28, the price would display $94. Only if I changed the discountrate, would the price of this product vary. Only if I changed the discountdays, would the price change on a different day.

Scripting Language/Database: PHP MySQL

Send me a private message regarding your approach to making this work and the results of the work in completing this project.

Above, I have provided what I believe is all the information regarding this project. Please base your bid on this but I will be happy to answer questions and exchange correspondence through this websites personal message board during the development of this work. Try to keep in mind of time zones differences if responses arent immediate.

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Simple Slideshow Video Editing

This project is a start to a long term video marketing campaign. Im am looking for a quality slideshow video editor to help produce short promotional videos for our project. Following this intial test production, we will begin a launch of a major video campaign producing between 100-200 videos.

Video production software is your preference, but special consideration will be given to those with Mac IMovie. I am familiar with many of the features and production capabilities of this program, which will improve our work together.

For each video series you will be provided the folowing materials/information:

1- All pictures for the slideshow
2- All music
3- Voiceover
4- Specific pictures for intro and closing slides (you edit to add title and text)
5- Titles/text for intro and closing slides of all videos in the series
6- Notes concerning all videos in series

From the information provided above, you will expected to complete the following tasks:

1- Recieve .zip file for video series via email or download from our website

2- Edit intro and closing slide pictures to provide space for title/text/url as appropriate

3- Create first video
* Insert intro picture slide
* Insert title/text provided on intro slide
* Insert pictures for slideshow
* Insert closing picture slide
* Insert title/text provided on closing slide
* Select/add appropriate slide transitions
* Add music
* Add voiceover
* Compile/export video for delivery

4- Create additional videos from first video
* Insert title/text provided on intro slide
* Rearrange pictures in slideshow
* Insert title/text provided on closing slide
* Select/add different slide transitions
* Add new voiceover
* Compile/export video for delivery

The process is as simple as creating the first slideshow video and then duplicating it using new title/text/voiceover. All materials will be provided for each video series. This is simply editing. I expect all bids to reflect this.

Once a video series .zip has been provided to you, you will be expected to deliver a minimum of one video per day. If you work quickly, you may provide more or all videos, but you must deliver a minimum of ONE PER DAY.

This test production will be for 8 videos. You will recieve the .zip video series materials once project has been awarded.

A milestone of 25% of bid will be placed for each video series. Once the first video is delivered and approved, the remaining 75% milestone will be placed. The milestones will be released for each video series once the series is completed and approved.

I have produced these videos myself and it takes me less than 15 minutes per video once I have collected all the pictures, written the text, and created the voiceover. Since all of this is provided, I expect that you could produce approximately 3-4 videos per hour of work. Therefore, I expect bids between $5-10 per video.

If you bid above $5 per video, I expected added production creativity in the form of advanced transitions, animation of titles/text, or other special features which you can submit through PM with your bid.

All bids should be at price per video. Example: 8 videos x $5 per video = Bid of $40

DO NOT bid over $10 per vidoe or $80. It will not be considered.

Please submit examples of your VIDEO WORK through PM with your bid. Bids without example work will not be considered.

Finally, these videos will promote adult dating sites and other adult materials. The pictures associated with these videos are professionally-taken images obtained from of a sexy, intimate, or provacative nature. If you are not comfortable dealing with such images, PLEASE DO NOT BID.

Any questions concerning this project, please send a PM.

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Sing Up Needed

Hello man

I need 170 sing up to my site.

U must have a ability to change your IP to USA IP. so 100 sing up from 100 new 100 IP.

Please bid with Your price for 170 sing up and your method.

PM me to know more about it.Payment will through milestone.

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