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Bug Fix On Existing Group Buy Website

I have an existing group buy website which has several bugs that need to be fixed. The original developer can no longer continue working on the project so Im looking for some experienced php developer to quickly fix these problems so I can launch my site. Time frame is no more than 7 calendar days. Budget $200.
Please review the site and the list of bugs require fixing. Once you have won the bid, I will give you access to the backend as well as server files and db for you to directly implement any changes. Also if it helps, the site is based on the Couponic template on yii framework.

Site URL:

Bugs to be fixed:
1. Header and top navs
a) Visit More Cities, Get Deals by Email, Refer Friends, Get $ not formatted very well.
b) Please move Visit More Cities to just next to the city name.
c) Upon click on these links, the drop down is still below the main nav bar. Please move that also back to the top of the header.
d) Long city names do not display properly on the View More Cities list. Please review and fix. Please sort city names alphabetically in the View More Cities list.
e) Please also sort the Province/State names alphabetically in the Get Deals by Email drop down list.
f) Please remove the submenu strip to save header room.
g) Change header background graphic to just pure blue. No wavy pattern.

2. Remove the 3rd thing in the Share option list.

3. Slideshow auto slides which is good. However, if I play the video in the slide show, the slide show continues to scroll, which is not good. It should allow the video to finish playing before sliding over to the next thing.
Also the video doesnt show in Google Chrome. Please review and fix.

4. In the More Local Deals right nav, the Save xxx % green box cuts into the left margin. Please re-align.

5. Highlights and The Fine Print should be 2 columns of equal width below the picture.

6. Change background color for Buy it for a friend! to blue.

7. For a user buying with credit, once the balance is $0 after redeeming all credits, checkout process should not send to paypal anymore.

8. Gift card option should allow users to purchase with credit too.

9. Mobile page needs a little tweeking:
a) Logo appears too small.
b) Price/Discount/Savings section not formatted very nicely.

10. Need assistance configure newsletter. Either do it from my own server or integrate with mailchimp.

11. Make footer area into a CMS and can be edited in multiple languages.

12. Use local image instead of image from another site: (currently configured in /deals/themes/classic/views/worklets/deal/side/about.php

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PHP Developer Needed To Fix Bugs On App

Looking for a PHP developer to fix a number of bugs in a popular PHP app. Please PM me to get details of the app and what needs to be done.


* Strong PHP and Javascript knowledge. This app uses a lot of javascript, some quite complex.
* Ability to use Git and Github.

If work is done well, ongoing work will be offered.

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Need Help With My WordPress Website!

I need someone who is knowledgeable of WordPress to help me fix my site. I dont know why my tables are all screwed up. I dont know enough about html to be able to fix it but I assume it wouldnt take long for someone who knows what theyre doing.

I need someone to not only fix the problem, but to educate me also in what is wrong with it so I can keep myself from doing this to my site in the future.

Take a look at my site:

Also, I downloaded the "All In One SEO Pack" plugin and need someone to help me implement it correctly with placing all the information it requires, including my keywords, tags, etc.

Thank you!

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Fix Blogger Template

This is a very simple project that requires editing a Blogger template. An demo of the template can be seen here:

There are some alignment issues with the template that need to be fixed, please see the attached jpegs for some examples.

You will need to be good at XML, XHTML and CSS etc. to be able to fix the errors that are coming up. Basically the length of the post headings are causing alignment issues. We need to be able to use headings of any length in our posts without affecting the alignment of the blog itself.

All files will be provided including an xml of the blog posts so you are able to resolve the issues. This project should not take very long at all, maybe a couple of hours max, for someone who knows what they are doing.

If you have previous examples of your work or a portfolio, please PM me with the details. These will help me to choose who to award the project to.

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CSS Fix For IE

We are looking for someone who has good experience with CSS and especially with fixing CSS for IE! – this website needs some custom css for IE (/add/ forms)

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Magento Checkout Problem And Menu Fix

I have a website that needs some help. I am having issues with my shopping cart. Everything gets added but you cant checkout, and in the admin panel you cant adjust the payment or shipping methods. Also I need someone to fix the contact us part of our navigation bar to go to our contact us page.

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Virtuenart Problem Fix

need an php – virtuemart expert.
only freelancers – companies will not be replied.

problem will be discribed in pm


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Need OSC virus removed from infected files/website

need all required current security patches installed

need site tested for virus

need fix within 24 hours

need invoice for payment

thanks for your attention

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Fix/intall Xcache And Zend

I have a cpanel that has following error :

XCache requires Zend Engine API version 220060519.
The Zend Engine API version 220090626 which is installed, is newer.
Contact mOo at for a later version of XCache.

I need a system admin that can fix this asap.
System needs to have cache install and it shall work together with Zend engine api.

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Zen Cart Website Completion

-Need Someone To work on my layout need to add 3 banners on specific location, change slighlt Layout of product views
-Need to have the pages ready for the 2nd language (translation will be done by myself, just need the correct pages in place)

-fix ez-populate (not working properly)
-need to copy customer Database from old zen cart and add it to the new Zen cart Database
-fix layout for pdf
-add search productin edit order functionnality(when adding a new product)
-need a specific type of report to be available or custom created
small minor layout work

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Template Fix Up For IE


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Usvn Fix/configuration Help

We require some help configuring SVN with USVN frontend on a shared hosting.

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Minor Website Fix


I am looking for an expert php/html service provider that can fix some minor bugs on the site

currently this is the report:

There are 87 html bugs on the site. There are no heading, sitemap and robot.txt.
There are no title links, alt text and the website needs to be speeded up
also need modrewrite for your urls….

You must have excellent knowledge of website validation and SEO compliance and can fix these issues

Pay: $30


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Fix Facebook Like Button In Internet Explorer

Need someone to make my facebook like button show up in Internet Explorer. Its show s up in fire fox butr not IE, 30 firm.

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Install Script On Xoops Cube And CakePHP..Fix Xcube Problems

Sites are made on xoops cubes and another site on cakePHP. Having problems installing the xoops cube and cakePHP on new server, if you can fix this problems let me know.
Give me sk yp e ID we can chat more and i will pay you on freelancers.

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Need To Fix A Site

I need help with one of our sites, The drop down on IE is not working.

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Fix Javascript Image Cycle Feature & Add Preloader

The javascript image cycle feature works fine with only one set of images, but when multiple sets of images are used, there are bugs and when viewed online because the image array is not preloaded there is significant delays.

The page should load the logo image first and preload the image arrays so that when the user does mouseover on one of the images it will cycle instantly.

This is page where fix is required: greenfootprintdesign[dot]com/portalpage/

I want the preloader to happen discreetly in the background. I do not want any kind of loading.gif used unless it is the logo that is currently there.

Essentially this page is duplicating the effect found at joelfitzpatrick[dot]com with js instead of flash.

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Joomla Re-Fix

Hello guys,
i have a Joomla base website which i like the design very much, but the back end not organize so well and i want to have someone expert with Joomla to arrange all the component to be more easy to use.

1.Check and fix XHTML validation code.
2.Check and fix CSS validation code.
3.Check and fix JavaScript/error console "Firefox "
4.Make sure all the site is SEO friendly
5.Fix the back end to be more clean and easy to use
For example: Left panel in 1 category and top panel in another category. Blog category, content category.
6.Check if mobile device view can be better
7. install a nice extension for better use.

* Dont bid if youre not a professional with Joomla!!!


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Os Commerce Creloaded Security Fix

We are looking for a simple fix on a current Creloaded site that currently had its main paged redirected to external websites from (hackers)

We need someone to take away this redirection and fix up the Security loophole that they are obviously getting through in one of the PHP Pages.

Please only bid if you have seen this error before and no exactly how to fix up.

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Job Modofication

Hello, I have a job that was messed up by a freelancer and I need someone that can fix it and do some other jobs for me.
The messed up job link is ( and the new site to be done is clone. If you are that guy that can fix and do the new job, please contact me as soon as posible. Scammers please do not waist my time, as the first guy scammed me to get my money and I cant find him now.

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Magento Make Model Year Extension Fix

We need a magento Guru to fix this extension:

Bad developers from here require me to hire a Magento Guru to fix problem with Products not being assigned correctly when using the Make / Model / Year

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MAgento Webshop Fix Css, Template &Pricing Rule

This is a private project.

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Help To Fix My Wix Site.

Hi guys, I need someone who knows all about Flash and Wix sites. My Wix site is not working well and its being penalized by Google as well. So I pretty much need someone to fix up my website so it runs smooth. I would like someone with knowledge in Wix and someone who knows about Flash sites as well as SEO. Thanks!

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Fix Real Estate Program

The site is :

1) replace content on the front page with content to be supplied.
2) fix display of records to be in ascending sequence and make alterations so that it works when you input a MAX.
3) garages & lounges are overwriting each other.

MAXBID = $40
thank you.

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Fix Windows PC Software Problems

Toshiba Satellite Laptop PSAA8A with Windows XP service pack?
Symptom : If the laptop is started with an external screen plugged into the the VGA port the external screen (a Samsung LCD ) comes up in a low resolution mode and the only way to fix it is to restart it without the screen plugged in. On another laptop (Acer Aspire 5738PZG running Windows 7) a similar thing happens but the problem can be resolved if the external screen is switched to portrait and then back to landscape.

Solution required: A fix that allows the Satellite laptop to start up with the external monitor plugged in and still provides support for the maximum resolution supported by the external monitor.

Symptom: When starting Visio 2010 it appears to run all the install/setup/config programs that I have used over the last X months? I have to kill about 50 processes before it runs as it should. I have unistalled Visio and reinstalled it but to no effect.

Solution required: Make Visio 2010 start as normal.
LabView remote panels do not work with Trend micro running, provide a workaround to enable these to work compatibly.

Please specify your quote for each or all tasks.


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Fix Oscommerce After Hack

We need a programmer who can fix one of our clients websites after its been hacked. We already have it running again but it still has some small issues, for example session directory not writable, htaccess which is not right ect.

This website has been setup in 2006 and is an Oscommerce installation with minor code changes. Not a lot has been modified, the biggest modification is probably that its in Dutch.

You job would be
* Fix the installation so that it works.
* Make some security updates so that it doesnt get hack that easy again.

As you can understand this is a job that needs to be done quickly, we dont want the client to wait for days, so only bid if you have time to do this within 24 hours. Its an easy job for someone whos familiar with OSC and shouldnt take more than a couple of hours.

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CRE Loaded 6.2 Malacious Code & Removal Security Fix

CRE loaded 6.2 site has been hacked on a number of Attempts, We have 4 Sites Linked to one Database. All 4 are bening Hacked. We need to Remove Malicious Codes and Virus and Patch Security and to Prevent Further Attacks.

CRE Loaded 6.2 Malacious Code & Removal Security Fix

Project Budget $150

(tux admin please rebid)

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CRE Loaded 6.2 Malacious Code & Removal Security Fix

CRE Loaded 6.2 Malacious Code & Removal Security Fix

I have 6,2 Standard CRE loaded, which is being hacked constantly wth a code injected on site. I need to remove all codes and fix the security to prevent further problems occuring.

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Can You Fix Web Sites? Joomla, Undocumented Code?

We need freelancers that can fix undocumented code. We get 2-5 new projects a day to fix joomla, wordpress, virtuemart, Custom PHP/MYSQL sites. We also get a lot of sites that have been injected.. and need fixing.

We need 2 Freelancers who can work US EST time and 2 Anytime…YOU NEED TO BE FREELANCERS as the work will vary from day to day.

Prefer that you know how to manage dedicated servers as well.

DO NOT SEND BOILERPLATE responses that you build websites… these projects involve FIXING WEBSITES.. and you must be comfortable in fixing undocumented code…

You also must be good at fixing sites that are not cross browser compatible.. and know W3C html code.

Please list your skills and we get requests to fix all types of web sites and technologies.

Projects usually start from 2-5 hours.. and can then go to 5-20 hours…every project is different.. but we get a lot of work every day.

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Fix YouTube Grabber On PHPMotion 2.0 Site


I have a PHPMotion v2.0 site that has a YouTube grabber feature. The script is now broken (grabbed videos show up blank). I dont know why it doesnt work, it may be a change in file location on YouTube, or it may be an issue on my site.

The site is (remove xs)

The script works using a Cron.

I need you to fix the script for me.

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Linkedin Ad On Needed And 1 Box Fix Up

Hi i need a linkedin add on and 1 box redesign on my home page please

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Fix My PHP!

I have a very simple web form which allows customers to order tickets to concerts. It transfers them to Paypal, where they can pay. However, it doesnt seem to be working! It all looks ok on my computer but all of my customers say it just takes them to a Paypal page which says theres an error.

Im sure its a very simple fix for someone who knows what theyre doing.

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