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Install PhpPennyAuction Script

I need this script installed:

I tried and got this error:

Fatal error: Class Router not found in /home/ptick/domains/ on line 283

Please help! Thanks!

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Auto Html Page Creator Script And Site


i need a solution for a mass web page html creator just like these examples websites:

if you check these websites,
there are thousounds of inner links and content
auto creater for header, metatags, keywords, for page content also, some auto writers can be good,

ask me for details

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Page Scraping Script

Page Scraping.


I am looking for someone who is proficient in writing a PHP script to page scraping multiple URLs, and storing resulting data into mysql database / tables.

There are 3 levels of URLs to scrape. Each level of URL, has multiple pages.

I will supply the first level URLs to scrape.
The data scraped will result the 2nd and 3rd level of pages to scrape.

The first level of URL is approximately 290 pages.
Based on the result of a singular first level page, there are 1-20 second level URLs
Each second level URL will result in 1-10 third level of URLS to scrape.

The data must be stored in tables so that data can be referenced to each other.
The levels are naturally hierachical eg

RaceDay (Level 1 URL Data) → Venues (Level 2 URL Data) → Races (Level 3 URL Data)

Level 1 url :

From the data scraped at level 1, using the MeetingCode variable we create the 2nd and 4d level URL to scrape
2nd level :
To create the 3rd level use the

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Sign Script Requiring UniversalXPConnect Privilege


I have a website which uses some functionality implemented in the Firefox extension, which I developed. JavaScript script on one of my webpages requires UniversalXPConnect privilege for communicating with XPCOM component implemented in my Firefox extension.

By default, when my script tries to enable this privilege for accessing XPCOM component:"UniversalXPConnect");

… the following error occurs:

Error: A script from "" was denied UniversalXPConnect privileges.

To enable this privilege currently users need to manually edit "signed.applets.codebase_principal_support" setting in "about:config" Firefox page.

From this page: I learned that it is possible to explicitly sign my webpage containing script which requires this privilege. After I sign my script users will not need to manually edit above mentioned setting.

I will provide you path to test webpage. Website is hosted on Linux platform.

I would like you to give me detailed step-by-step instructions on how do I sign my script (what tools should I download, how to create certificate, etc.), such that after following your instructions editing about:config setting will not be necessary.

Thank you,

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HTML Script

I need a line of html code which will tell a bar code generator to provide a unique (sequential if possible) number to each visitor to a web page…and prevent duplicate requests.

Can you help?

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Auto Click In Html Page Script

One word is there in HTML page called push to top.
create a Mozilla script that may click on the word push to top word is click-able.
we can set time interval that when to click like each 15 minute each 30 minute.

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