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Various Website Fixes

Need help with making website fixes. Need a bit more color and some adjustments with alignment, etc.

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Joomla Website Bug Fixes

We have a couple of bug fixes in our JOOMLA website at

1) We want to be able to customize the listing of the real estate agents that display on the right

We want to be able to choose who is first and who is second

2) There is an "asterisk" that shows up only when the size of the unit is entered –

This USED to display a warning when the square footage was entered – but now, we just want to remove the "*" and instead, ALWAYS display the following text on the bottom of every listing

Square footage and other information has been received from third party sources. Such information has not been, and will not be, verified by Climb Real Estate Group. If important to buyers, this information must be verified by buyers own investigation.

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PHP Ecommerce Site Fixes

We require a developer/design team to complete first stage fixes of our PHP coded

ECommerce site from a functional point of view, The site is viewable but has some critical

issues which are preventing us from going live.Our current developers have taken us this

far and have been unable to fix the issues.

Technical Requirements

* You should know PHP, Flash,Shopping Carts (although quick PHP fixes are our
* Be very familiar with Web 2.0/3.0 methodologies and general Social Networking Trends
* The practical delivery of Paypal Payment integration
* Understand Hosting Strategies Shared Vs Dedicated etc
* Troubleshooting pre-existing Code(particularly PHP) and correct where neccessary
* Have viewable sample sites for us to see

Personal/Team Requirements

* Must be able to speak English and have access to a Skype headset
* Committed to an ongoing professional relationship
* Be honest, contactable, and prepared to provide regular status updates
* Have an appreciation of western business practices and expectations
* Understand the user/ experience and the importance of testing

What We Will Do for You

* Pay You promptly after reaching agreed milestones
* Treat you with Respect
* Assist you in gaining additional work with our partner organisations
* Offer you additional work internally as this becomes available.

Please dont submit a quote if you cannot meet the requirements stated above, as time is at

a premium.

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I have a strict deadline as the project should be completed tomorrow. Technically its almost ready, and will be ready by the end of the day(in 6-7 hrs).

Meanwhile I need you to make some design fixes for me.

some pages have :

1) Missing images(can be easily converted from PSD).
2) Wrong sized-images
3) Align bugs
4) CSS bugs
5) Need to add text-shadow parameter in some places
6) Need to align stuff according to design

All in all I think there are 10 or 15 very small fixes(5 min each maybe) for a person who UNDERSTANDS what he is doing. For you to see, I am attaching an image with bugs(I will supply you with those images to show you better what needs to be done).

I am willing to pay max 50 USD for all the fixes + all fixes that MAY be needed during today and tomorrow.

I will be selecting provider in 3 hrs and want you to start work that time, because there will be less that 36 hrs of deadline by that moment. Do not bid if you are a team who has a lot of work, if you are individual who has a lot of work. A need a person with high concentration to finish this AS NEEDED. More work expected in the future for good worker.

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Complete Database Development For A Tutoring Database

I had a previous freelancer who started this project and did not finish it.

I need this project completed ASAP.

It is for the completion of the development of a database application which acts as a management tool for a Home Tutoring business. The purpose of the database was to manage clients, tutors and track payments across the students clients and tutors.

The current database has been developed in : .net 4.0, MSSQL express, Linq, c#.

I have all of the current source code.

This project is about 80% of the way through and there are only minor tweaks and fixes that need to be applied to get this completed.

1 of the more important items was that currently the database only functions from 1 computer. I need it to be able to be hosted on a machine and then simultaneously accessed by multiple computers to read write data.

This is a relatively small project which had an initial budget of $440.00. Given that this is 80% completed i expect to only be paying somewhere near the remaining 20% of $440.00.

I have all of the changes fixes and requests for this and the source code all ready to go for whoever takes the job.

Again – i need this completed ASAP.

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Drupal Site Fixes And Enhancements [for Drupaldelhi]

Need to fix some issues probably relating to JavaScript/Style Sheet and add/enhance page contents.

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Magento Plugin – Bug Fixes, Updated

Im from LiveChat ( development team. LiveChat is a live chat software that, in particular, integrates with Magento.

Im looking for a Magento developer that will be able to improve the integration with Magento. This will include fixing current bugs and adding some more functions to the integration.

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Another Fixes For Redhopit ONLY

just for redhopit

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Some Fixes

Fixes to existing website.


Template Customization And Bug Fixes

Need someone to adjust template and fix bugs ASAP!

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Small Website Fixes

Hi we are searching for an individual to make some minor fixes to our website and install a script.

The below is what we need done:

New navigation menu (we have the .css files)
Fixes to a testimonial page with lightbox issues / new idea
We need this script installed on a page which we already purchased (
Also fixes to our pricing page to be justified to the left. (This is a css issue we cannot figure out)

This should be really easy for someone who has web design experience. We dont have the time to sit here and mess around with the html to figure it out.

The longest this should take an individual is around 1 hour max if you have the correct skills. We are not stupid when it comes to getting a job done and prices for simple fixes. so if you place an outrageous bid dont expect a message or project from us 🙂

Happy Bidding

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WordPress Fixes

I have a wordpress site which we have recently launched. we are using the wp-members plugin. I need some adjustments in how this system behaves, including a way for subscribers to update their details.

i hope this work is a couple of hours at best. However, good programmers always get more work from me. You must bid $30 for this. If it should be extended, more will be paid.

If you cannot do this work right now, meaning today, RIGHT NOW, do not bother bidding.

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WordPress Site Needs Few Small PHP And CSS Fixes

1. WordPress photoblog uses WP-postratings plugin to vote posts. We need a top rated page to sort highest rated posts with the post-meta info attached.

2. All our images shrink upon being uploaded and appear blurry and stretched, we need this fixed.

need this done by thursday night

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WordPress Website Fixes

Hey gang,

I recently transferred several sites over to new servers, but were getting a lot of errors when accessing the sites. The WordPress admins work for the most part, but the content will not display. There is yet another site that wont display at all. Everything that I can tell is transferred correctly, but something is obviously broken.

I made a quick video to walk you through the errors:

In your bid and reply, please demonstrate that you actually read this posting – all generic posts that show no attention to the listing will be deleted.

I look forward to working with you!

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Small Fixes For Live Magento Store

We need to fix small issues on live website [Removed by Admin] which runs on Magento with template and extensions from

Also help with the upgrade to the latest version would be great.

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Adventuresof… Script And Css Bug Fixes

Private for vicki.

Clear all the list Ive sent.

Bid what you think is fair for the list.

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Magento Fixes

I need to do some fixes in my Magento store after some modules installed broke the pagination. No I change from page 1 to page 2 of the catalog.

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HTML/CSS Fixes(site Needs To Lock Exactly As PSD Original)

Hi everyone!

I need a quick work done. I have a HTML+CSS website and PSD original. The site differs in some ways from PSD, and I need this fixed, so i need 100% copy of PSD. There are not many fixes to be done, so max budget is 30$.

However, the deadline is strict : we have not more than 15 hours. Happy bidding.

03/14/2011 at 2:34 EDT:

UPDATE : If quality is super-good, and the client is happy with the work, I will pay the bonus up to other 30$.
Waiting for professionals to take this work on.

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Permission Fixes

Hi, I need a very quick permissions fix re ownership of files to upload images to a new template.

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WordPress Plugin Fixes

Thank you for your interest in my project! Please note, this is a small task and I estimate the cost to be no more then $65. If you bid much more then that, I will not even consider your services. Please also keep in mind, I am looking for a hard worker that is interested in all of my future projects. (There is at least 1 a week and they are normally much much bigger then this project)

1.) I recently upgraded my WordPress from 2.9 to 3.1. There have been a few small issues with the upgrade and I am in need of fixes to the issues. There are 3 small bugs that I would expect to take less then an hour to fix in total for someone that knows what they are doing.

2.) I need a few areas of the profile to be hidden from everyone except admin user roles.

3.) I need to have the user roles permissions changed on a handful of plugins. For example, instead of requiring a "contributor" role to access a feature of my site, it should now require an "editor" level or higher. The roles are custom roles based on this plugin

4.) I have this plugin installed but I need for it to be properly configured. Currently, it is caching a lot of my other plugins that I do not want it to cache. I need to have the fractional cache implemented. Also, I want caching of my plugins to be set up. In order for this to be set up properly, you need to be familiar with how to install a server side cache like xcache or eaccelerator.

Please note, I am seeking a contractor that can work quickly and efficiently. I have lots of future work for a hard working individual who meet the needs of my site.

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PHP Fixes And Updates To Create Facebook App

Custom updates

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Quick Joomla Fixes, TemplateMonster Template

Need to make some quick fixes / changes in a joomla website

Please bid 30 $.

Needed within next 2, 3 hours.

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Slider – Css – Fixes

Change layout of the slider – plugin. work into css.

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CSS Browser Compatibility Fixes For Ie7

I require fixes on the site to display correctly for all popular web browsers.

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WordPress Site Needs A Couple Minor PHP And CSS Fixes

WordPress site needs a couple minor fixes involving php and css. im using "vote it up" plugin to rate posts

1. css – need to move the post ratings element outside of the post container.
2. php- need page to display top rated posts of the day
and also need thumbnails and images resized proportionally to fit in posts, plugins wont do so

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Osc Fixes And Changes For Zeldaze

Various fixes and changes needed on an oscommerce website as discussed with Zeldaze.

Please do not bid – the project has already been agreed with a specific freelancer. Thanks!

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Oscommerce Fixes

Need help with 2 contributions
Sitemap and Header Tags; installed, working with few errors that need to be removed.
Quick job for an expert.

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PHP Fixes And Updates To Facebook App Posts

Custom updates

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ASP.NET & SQL Developer Wanted For Bug Fixes, Modifications

We have a Digital Asset Management system that has been live for 12 months. We require small bug fixes and modifications to improve the system. We currently have a list of several bug items that range from a few minutes to a few hours to fix.
If that works out well, then we have further ongoing work.

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Quick JOOMLA Site Fixes

We need 2 quick fixes to our website

1) Fix and customize permalinks.
Current link:,com_climbsf_agents/Itemid,151/task,viewAgent/id,993/
Link should be:

2) Open House dates on listing pages (example listing page: are erased each time the listing is saved. In other words, we have to re-enter the Open House Dates each time we change any of the other content on the page.

Please let me know what files you need to inspect in order to determination if you can do this job!

This website has custom modifications to it.

Looking for long-term JOOMLA developer to provide ongoing support for website.

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