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HTML5 & Flash Audio/Video EXPERT Wanted

We have already paid a developer to create a web based audio player and a video player which has some very unique functionality. The job is 95% complete and we have all of the materials (well documented) from the previous developer. We need someone to do some Q&A and fix up some of the bugs and glitches and to potentially work with our primary developer to implement the player. This player must work across all browsers. The applicant must have experience working with video and audio players for HTML5 and Flash. The applicant needs to be very available, and willing to work consistantly over the next week until the project is done. This job is work for hire, and will require that you sign and non-disclosure agreement.

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Html5 Audio Player +/- Flash Fallback

We are looking to update our audio player for products on our website. We currently are using simple html link to RealAudio and WMA. We would like to incorporate a player that would play directly, without having to have a third party player installed. We have looked at the Jplayer which is an open source html5 player with flash fallback but I dont have a clue how to customize or install it. The website is and is still under construction. The site is Miva5 storefront. Each product would obviously have a different track or playlist. It would need to be something that would be easy to add to future products as well. Take a look and let me know if you think. If possible, wed like to be able to add the songlists to our ebay store listings as well. Currently, we just paste the html into the ebay listing and it works since it is just html. Not sure if that would still work if we use a customized player using CSS/Flash. Thanks, Greg

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