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Flash Banner

Important! Banner must be unique, attracting, confortable, etc, no matter how it was, what i want is, anyone saw it will have great interest to click on it. What we call CTR. Secondly, anyone who see this will have known for it is this company! Branding.

Ads Size
300 x 50 Mobile leaderboard
468 x 60 Banner
728 x 90 Leaderboard
250 x 250 Square
200 x 200 Small square
336 x 280 Large rectangle
300 x 250 Inline rectangle
120 x 600 Skyscraper
160 x 600 Wide skyscraper

You must follow the google guidelines for flash banner:

If you do a good job on the project, I will hire you for several other flash projects.
Please provide a portofolio flash banner+ logo link with all your previous work
Please tell me too why i should choose you over the other bidders? what are your strengths? timeframe of the project. I want someone is reliable and reachable .

All bids will be considered

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OSC Main Page And Side Banner Flash.


Below, I have outline 1 problem to fix and 2 tasks that need to be done, they are all regarding banners.

Problem #1:
When entering the main banner is not displayed. The main banner should always be displayed when typing


This main banner should always be displayed when typing (homepage).
These small banners should not be displayed on homepage but need to be displayed in all other pages

Task 2:
Instead of index page (homepage) banner and image:

You need to create new main page (homepage) banner array. All banners are jpg EXEPT banner 2 which needs to be flash slideshow (3 jpg images) like on

Banners 1,3,4,5,6 (all banners except banner 2) must be controlled from banner manager in Admin
Banner 3,4,5,6 can be enabled or disabled in banner manager
Banner 1 is always enabled
Slideshow images (flash Banner 2 images) must be named: Mainpageslide1.jpg, Mainpageslide2.jpg, Mainpageslide3.jpg and be located in "Images" folder, also these 3 images need to have a URL link, which I can edit
The result should be like this:

Task 3:
Banner group "125×125" in banner manager is located in column left. This banner needs to be flash animated like banner 2 in main page but needs to slide in from left to right

This animated banner group need to have 3 images called "columnleftslide1.jpg", "columnleftslide2.jpg", "columnleftslide3.jpg" the size is 149×235. The images must also be in "Images" folder, also these 3 images need to have a URL link, which I can edit
I have created and attached test banners for your convenience to test the result.

The pictures that come with this instructions will be emailed to you.

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Company Profile Page + Flash Banner (5 Frames)

Company business: Paint protection & car Grooming

Need to do a page for company profile (760 X 2000 pixels)
A small flash banner (5 frames) Size for the flash banner is 230 X 60 pixels

budget is $50-75

We will provide you the wordings

Please bid and send me your portfolio (including flash portfolio)

Let me know how many drafts you provide, how many days turnaround for the draft

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