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HTML5 & Flash Audio/Video EXPERT Wanted

We have already paid a developer to create a web based audio player and a video player which has some very unique functionality. The job is 95% complete and we have all of the materials (well documented) from the previous developer. We need someone to do some Q&A and fix up some of the bugs and glitches and to potentially work with our primary developer to implement the player. This player must work across all browsers. The applicant must have experience working with video and audio players for HTML5 and Flash. The applicant needs to be very available, and willing to work consistantly over the next week until the project is done. This job is work for hire, and will require that you sign and non-disclosure agreement.

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Flash/Flex Video/Chat Upgrade

I have the source code from my last project. I need to do some updates easier to explain on hand. Optimize the flash players too so less bandwith is used on the mini preview cams… also make some changes to the exisiting code that was just developed for me in Novemeber of 2010. He did use flex to compile I believe. There are only a few changes that need to be made. Font colors need to be changed, We are having issues with double screen size mode and fullscreen size mode. The user is supposed to be able to switch to double or full screen size mode and still be able to chat in a transparent window covering the bottom 25% of video. We also have an issue with some of the functions that are used on the backend like "whois" and "ban" for the admins. During private chat, there is no scroll bar for that window and we need one. General optimization for a more stable SWF. Thats about it.

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Audio/video Chat Room Using Django

Hi everyone ,

i want to create a audio/video chatroom that people can create a chatroom themself in my site ,

you can send some Solutions using PM

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Multiple Audio / Video Docking For Web Chat

I have a social website, i use blendapps as a chat tool, it works really well, however i need a similar chat that allows members to view multiple video cams and audio, preferrably a minimum of 5 at a time but as many as possible.

the members should be logged into the site in order to use this chat.
the chat should have multiple docking options (multiple video/audio options)
the chat should have blocking, whispers(private messaging within the chat)

An exact example of what im looking for can be seen on the website it has a free sign up no download.

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Video Chat With LCCS / Flash / Adobe AIR

We need to develop a simple video chat using Flash AS3 and Lifecycle Collaboration Service. The project must show participants list and allow p2p private video chats between users.

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Consulting For Dev Of Audio Chat Over IP Using UDP Ports

Here is problem definition as you have requested.

We have developed peer to peer audio chat application for PC. It uses RTP protocol built over UDP.
We are using port range from 5000-6100.

Application works perfectly when two machines are in same LAN and also when two machines are directly connected to internet.

There is a problem which we are facing while working in following case:
When one machine is behind router and in LAN(Domain Controller) and when other machine is in other network and directly connected to internet. Then the machine which is in LAN and behind router not getting feeds of other machine. But other machine which is connected directly to internet is getting feeds of machine in LAN.

We need to understand and need help on the following
a.) How do we verify Which UDP ports have to be used ?
b.) Which UDP ports are not blocked by standard firewalls

We need some consultancy and guidance on the above. Knowledge of the above or experience of the above would help.

I guess around 4 hours of total consultancy over Skype / Telephony would be helpful.

Please quote Hourly rate.

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