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Simple Website

I am looking for a very simple website with CMS capability. It is mostly like a web brochure, text and photos with contact form. I would also like a favorites icon

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As2 And Flash Designer Needed Urgently

Experienced as2 and flash animator needed for a flash banner.

will provide details via pm

job is very simple. but needs to be done immediately

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Simplicity Combined With A Creative Spark.

This project can be divided into website only

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Simple Form / Page Publisher

Need a simple form generator that auto publishes results.

I need this to be able to make different forms and the results and form itself be capable of being embedded
into a webpage.

I need to be able to use the form and see it work before I pay. I dont care if you put restrictions on # of forms before I pay.

Any questions, please let me know.


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Simple Contact Form Required For Offline Credit Card Payment

A Simple contact form is required for offline credit card payment processing. All this form will be required to do is receive a buyers credit card details so that offline processing is possible. It will require the following fields:

name as appears on card
card number
card type (drop down box) (visa, master card)
expiry date (mm/yy)
security code (back of card)
Address as appears on credit card statement
post or zip code
donation amount (drop down box) (options $10, $20, $50, $100, $200, $500, $1000)

the form should go a confirmation page on the site

the following image should be used in form:

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Flash Contact Forms

I need 2 simple flash contact forms that I can plug into html pages,
One of them will only have 3 fields (email, subject, message)
The other will have 8 fields (email, name, location, product name, used it for [drop down box], pros, cons, bottom line)

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WordPress CMS

Dear Bidders,

I want a site done in WordPress.

Since I already have a blog that is in WordPress, it would be really good if you could use that same WordPress install to manage the main site so they dont have two WordPress accounts to manage.

The site is simple with some links like about us, contact us, home etc etc.

No complex functionality, just need CMS to manage the content and pictures.

Budget is very low.


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Simple Data Mining Job – Contact Info Mining

Hey all,

I have a list of websites that I need the contact information for. Very simple but tedious task. Basically go to each website and get all the contact information that they have: email address, phone # etc. All contact information needs to be entered into an excel spreadhseet.

This is a 2-day task so please bid for 16 hours worth of work.

I look forward to seeing all your bids.



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Simple Flash Story With Choices (sort Of Like A Game)

I am looking for a very simple story/game done in flash. I want the story to progress based on choices the user makes. The thought behind it is like the old "Which way" books that used to come out. You read a few pages of text and then choose your next route. For instance, the player gets done reading and then needs to decide whether to go search the jungle or explore a nearby cave. If they choose the jungle, the story should show a different screen with a different story than that of the cave. There will multiple choices along the way. I would really like the source you provide to be more of an engine that I can create multiple stories from so if you can do this please let me know. I am open to any creative ideas from you so if you have an idea for this type of game/story then please feel free to post them! Also, if you have any questions just ask.

Thanks and good luck bidding.

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Simple Flash Site Needed

Hello, Im a graphic designer looking for a someone very proficient in flash, I with the links below you will have an idea of the site I wish to create, somewhere in between the two, is where I want my site. Flash animations and transitions nothing to elaborate but the feel Im going for is sleek and modern. Since my budget is not that high, As a graphic designer, I can help with the images and feel of the site, but will need a flash expert to create the sites functions, transitions and animations. I dont have a storyboard or sitemap yet, but will have the storyboard ready shortly after I choose a freelancer.

main functions:

contact form
image gallery
flash text
twitter connect
facebook connect
flash intro
audio player, with toggle on/off

site examples… high quality

——————————————————– average quality

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Simple Form Filling Jobs

Hi all Its a simple data entry Job
you just have to sit in our homes and fill out some online forms that will be provided to you.

You will also be provided with images which you will have to upload every day.

It is a long time work hopefully you will enjoy follow the link register and get started all new comers are also wellcome .


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Create Simple Form In WordPress


I have a WordPress website. I need a page with a simple form created like this one Please see the example and after bid. My budget is max $8 for this form. I may have another task for you after this. I need it fast. If you work fast you can finish in 2 hours. Please include "tgt" in your bid to see that you have read the specification.


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2 Simple Banners From My Concept And Contact Form

I currently have a web page that I want to add a banner ,(a) I have a sample concept which you will need to use to create a similar banner, (b) I also have a banner which needs to be redesigned for advertising on a web site. These banners are simple projects.

The banner (a) will need to direct people who click on it to a sign up page with name, address, phone, email, choice of cities and state they are looking for information. Once they submit their information they must get a link to their email to verify that their email is correct and not made up. Once they verify the email bay clicking on the link within their email verification they will be directed to the web site they have chosen and we will received an email that shows that a verified person have sumbitted their info and we get their details (name, address, phone, email etc.) as they fill out on the form.

There will be a terms of service statement at the bottom of the sign up form which they much check they agree and then submit.

This verification process is to eleiminate bogus sign ups/ emaails and give us good contact information.

Lastly: Please provide a seperate quote within the PM notes to add a control panel which we can change a parts of the main web site home page – PM me with questions on this part.

This is a very simple quick project, I need done within a few days. Money will be placed in escrow and released ONLY after the project is 100% completed and live withing on our server/web site.

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