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1. Movie blog

– Scripting

Theres a script that automatically links the names of film names to the corresponding review in the database. Some links still carry hard coding from the old database (which was migrated from an old site). I need them all replaced to adhere to the new system.

– Database engineering

Some reviews from the old system also carry <br> tags between paragraphs. I want them all the necessary text replaced to the correct <p> tags.

– PHPList

I need magic quotes changed in PHP.ini to remove an error message when I log in.

– CSS Design

If you look at the cast/writer/studio etc on a review record its taking the details straight from the db so doesnt look very inviting. Can you restyle the layout of just that information to something like how it was in the old site (, ie in a nice table aligned left). Id also like each detail named like it was in the old site (ie Year instead of ReleaseYear)

– CSS Design

There is a comma after the last actor, which I want removed.


When you do a search, Id like the order of the results to be as follows;

fun rants


I want the date to not appear wherever theres a review record, ie on the reviews page and in search results


When theres a review link and then a comma, the review-finding script seems to put a space after the link and before the comma, but only sometimes.

– Database engineering

The database contains non-standard characters, as you can see here;

Id like them all removed and replaced with standards-compliant characters

2. Journalism blog

– Database engineering

Id like any necessary similar changes made to the database to ensure standard characters as above. An example can be seen here:

in the following paragraph

It was claimed he could have sex

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Adobe Cold Fusion Work


I have a cold fusion related website.

I want little bit modification in website, like adding calender, establishing connection with database, verifying all search results.

I am looking for web designer who have skilled on Adobe Cold Fusion.

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Creative Media Network – CF Database Connection


We already have a completed ColdFusion website for one of our clients, unfortunately after disagreements with their original developer they decided to move the website to our company server. Unfortunately we do not normally deal with ColdFusion as we always work in PHP and the old developer is being no help!

We need a proficient ColdFusion developer to create or use the current DSN connection to connect the website to the database and just tidy up some of the rules that link that govern folder location. As you can see the website is not sitting well on the new server:

This should be a very simple job for an individual who is used to ColdFusion, all seems very similar to PHP just with everything in a totally different language and different locations! To save us reading up on ColdFusion and randomly changing the code here and there we thought it would be easier to get someone in to quote on it.

We will eventually do a full rebuild but this may be a way off, in the meantime there may be more small changes in ColdFusion you could take care of for us.

Please get in touch with a reasonable quote

Kind regards,

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Flash / Flex Expert Need


Long term Flash – Flex project , you must have following skills

* Experience in Action Script 2.0 or Action Script 3.0
* Ability to create Flash or Flex base website
* Experience in HTML, XML, ASP, MXML and Database knowledge
* Must have strong exeperience in Flash or Flex

Happy bidding .

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Make Database Summary Of FLASH Reading Test I Made

I made a reading test in Flash in which a teacher or parent tests their child on 50 words to determine the childs reading level. After test completion, a page shows the childs name, date and test results. Right now parents must print out a copy of the final page after test completion to retain the test results.

To make it easier, I need to have some type of database set up that will allow a teacher to come back at anytime and view all test results for students in their class.

The best way for you to see what I want is to take the test yourself at

The final ReadingKEY Test Report Summary Page variables (childs name – date – test results) need to be viewable in the database with one child per row. I guess we need to make some kind of a Test Portal login page for the teacher to enter her own username and password to see all her students that she tested.

Whats important is that the teacher can test students in her class and retest anytime and be able to view all test results by just putting in her username and password.

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