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(4) Different Facebook Campaigns Of 1,500 US Facebook Fans

I am looking for a professional freelancer or company to work on 4 separate 1,500 US Real Facebook Fan campaigns.

Here are the requirements:

– All 4 campaigns must be complete in 10 days or less
– Must have experience in this work and MUST have feedback
– I am a reseller so please bid accordingly. I have many projects on here and many more coming up so I always take care of the providers that take care of me.
– I dont offer milestone payments. When the work is complete, then Ill send full payment. I have + feedback.

Thanks for bidding.

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TVI Express Clone

I need a clone of TVI Express ( Please PM me for more details). This is an MLM script which I want you to develop for me. If you have no experience on MLM related development and if you dont have any demo then please dont bid.

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Brand & Comms Development

We are a small independent provider of care to individuals with enduring mental health issues and forensic histories. We are looking for an experienced marketing professional to assist us with:

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WordPress Expert For Multiple Custom Development Projects

We are looking for a designer/developer who is expert on wordpress, capable of adding/editing scripts and css. Creating simple widgets/plugins if needed.

We have many projects in line (and currently ongoing) using wordpress and would like to work with someone for long term for each project we take.

No matter what you bid, send me a PM with your hourly/daily/weekly/monthly whatever rate you would do custom wordpress projects for.

Hope to finally find our long term partner with this post.

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Iphone Game For Sell

Hi all

i have a iphone which is developed by my team
i want to sell it
if buyer need than we will modify it.
please bid and more detail in PM


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JavaScript :)

I need JavaScript expert!!

Must have experience in JS.

There are numerous Projects.

Bid $80


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Website Development

I need one shopping cart website to fixed. It has one bug in it. Its in Oscommerce. experienced developer needed no need to bid if you havnt any experience in oscommerce.

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Kinect Game Development

Development of a game using kinect, openNI

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WYSIWYG Video Game Maker

I am looking for someone to create a video game creation software similar to FPS Creator

Software should also be able to easily convert game files to XNA (for XBox 360 – providing the developer has access to Microsoft developer network) or be converted for use on the Wii system, as well as PC.

Physics system will be based upon ragdoll, with ability to pinpoint pixels. Also, physics system should allow for flying and vehicle use (driving, mounts, etc.)
Full shading effects are required. Maps should be MUCH larger than what is allowed in FPSC. And allow users to also create 3rd person perspective games and camera change.

The system should be EXTREMELY versatile allowing users to create many types of games and variants.

Bid should also include 1000 static and dynamic entities, meshes, decals and characters. (mixture of them) and should include a full users guide.

Software should have full online multiplayer ability.

Winner of this project should be willing to work with me on a regular basis to ensure quality of the project and that all requirements are met. We will communicate via email and messenger at least once a day.

Please bid accordingly (project budget is approximate)

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Project For Amdadhbd For 2.5 K Fan From Canada

As discussed and some already done projects with him.please bid for 115$ as discussed

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Android Game – Quickly!


Need a Android game based of isometric content.

Please PM me for game details.

Please Bid Accordingly and not OUTRAGEOUS!


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Need A Script

We need a script used in freshbooksdotcom. Only prorammers who have done similar projects please bid.

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Casual Game Development (time Management Game)

Im an indepedent game designer. I have a full Game Design Document for a casual time management game. I would like to find a studio or a team that are willing to make the full game based on my design. I need the level design, the interface, the art, the programming, everything.

My document describe the style of the art, the characters, the backgrounds, the props, the difficulty of the levels, the progression, the bonus, the gameplay…

The gameplay is quite simlar to Vogue Tales and the art should like Cake Mania or Hello Kitty Online in terms of colors and architecture. The game is for woman and girls, so the cuter the better.

I have no particular preference for the developing language. However, if you choose something easier to port on iPhone or iPad I would prefer this option.

I plan to publish the game on various PC game portals. If the bidder can handle the negociation and placement of the game, please mention it. I am also willing to port the game to the iPhone or the iPad. Please also mention if you can do that.

The bidders must include links to at least one time management casual game that they have done and that I can try. If you have done art similar to what Im looking for its even better. I will only consieder bidders capable of doing the whole game. If you can only program or only do art, please dont bid.

I can provide a copy of my GDD if the bidders that agree to sign an NDA.

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Writers Who Want To Work On Long Term Projects Do Bid Here!!

Please read the complete description before bidding….Otherwise dont waste your time if you have concerns regarding any of the points…..

I am looking to hire multiple freelancers to work with me for my ongoing projects….While hiring Ill prefer natives…I can pay $1.10 per 500 words(non-negotiable)….I want writers who can provide at least 5-10 articles of 500 words each on daily basis…I want quality work that can pass copyscape and will not be ready to pay for any plagiarized content until the issue is fixed….Please bid with the sample of your work…Bids without sample wont be considered!!

I prefer to pay through GAF if you want immediate payments….Can also pay through other payment modes but in that case payments may get delayed but still you will be paid for sure!! So Bid with confidence…..

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Website Development/Maintenance

Our current website has became outdated (less than 10 pages).

We are looking for a website developer to update and refresh the look of our existing website. Adding any new content would be a plus.

Please bid if you are a creative webmaster looking to establish a long term relationship.

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Need Freelancers To Bid On Projects For Me


I am in need of freelancers who can bid on projects for me and do whatever is necessary to win the project. Each project that is won, once the project has been completed by my team, I will give you 5% of the cut. If our relationship is going well then within a few months itll go up to 10% and possibly higher depending how good you are. I will have a seperate account created just for you to bid with. I will give you all the necessary qualifications and project types I want once the winner is selected.

This is basically free money for people putting in very little time. You need to be able to give a good sales pitch to win the bid. In your PM please give me information how you feel you will be able to provide that for me.

Its a win win situation for both of us! Good luck!

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3D Modeling For Mock Game Development

Files must be done in MAYA!

Were looking to create a mock game that we can show to our potential client. We want to make this animation and make it look as if you chose an option and moved on. Were willing to build the interface but we need these animations built. Could you give us a quote and time line on build this? Thanks!


1. First person view, landing in urban Afganistan in a helicopter
2. After you land you hear bullets and war sounds, you see guys off in the distances shooting. Your in an urban area that the fight has already gone through. 5 guys laying on the ground.
3. You see the following guys off in the distance:

* The farthest guy is 50% hurt (meter above avatar laying on the ground, icons next to each meter for injeries, for example blood for bleeding, bullet for bullet wound, broken bone for broken bone)
* Guy 2 is 80% hurt and bleeding
* Guy 3 is bleeding and broken bone
* Guy 4 bullet wound
* Guy 5 head laceration

5. Show user running to Guy 3 show user clicking on med kit and selecting the bandage, then click on the wound on the leg to wrap it.
6. Run to Guy 2, give him morphine shot and wrap wounds

Scenes and Items to be built

Urban Afganistan
White wrapping bandages
Morphine Needle
Multiple avatars wearing camo Army uniforms
– Bleeding with head wound
– Broken leg and bleeding
– Additional avatar laying on the ground, but not much detail will need to be added to them, should just look wounded
Helicopter (looking out the side door)

Interface visuals (We will provide)

Med Kit with icons for:
– Bandages
– Tourniquet
– Morphine
– Tweezers
– Pliers
Button for:
– Call for helicopter
– Call for help
– Radio

We can also provide Avatars for you to use.

All items need to be high quality and also able to be downsized in Poly count to eventually be used in the game IF we win the project.

Please provide images of your work and animations for review when bidding. Otherwise you will not be considered.

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CMS Integration To Theme Joomla

Joomla experts please assist. I need help will lead to further work. PM me for details. Please only bid $30 for the projects I just have questions about joomla.

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Need 3D Animation

We sell ceiling fans online. Can you take a still image and Convert it to 3D then animate it to spin?

We are also intereted in following servics
3D Animation
4D Animation
3D Modelling
3D Rendering
2D Animation
Custom Comic
3D Game development

Pls provide best price for those projects.

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We need a site like this We will provide the video but we need a great FLASH and graphics person that can pull it off. We need the video intergrated into the FLSH site just lik the link provided. My client plans to use this to push product and services. They will need 4 of them so the person that wins this bid will get the opportunity to do the other projects as well. ONLY BID IF YOU CAN DELIVER!!! PLEASE SUBMIT DEMOS OF PAST WORK.

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3rd Private Project For Samdevildude

Continue blog commenting. Please keep bid at $250. $50 per week as previous projects.

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Flash Animation Fast

I need someone who can use Flash to animate the art youll find attached here. I can provide a layered .psd if needed, of this art. Finished product should be 5 x 7″, I need Flash and .swf — the animation should be the stars coming from the books center need to flow out and fill the bottom half of the art – below the ribbon. The animation should cycle so it doesnt end – stars just keep streaming out from the binding. Need this fast and cheap. I am SERIOUSLY looking for someone who can do these kinds of projects for me – large volume anticipated for the fastest/best/least expensive solution provider. Please bid with some sort of .swf animation sample. Im choosing a provider within hours.

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Drivers Game For Android

I need to develop a parking with obstacles game for Android.

The game should have design and controls like park it game from iTunes. You can check free lite version.
– about 8 car models with different colors,
– 20 levels to complete
– each level would have own description.

Please, bid here if you can show any examples of previously developed games.

More details would be provided upon request.

Thank you.

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Ranking sistem for a flash game website

i want to improve my gaming website

I want to implement a ranking system based on how many games youve played (i have the tabel with the numbers for the ranking and the names )

And of course with that ranking i want the user to have a little profile
which will include

An avatar

A customized experience bar(i have in mind what i would like to have as an experience bar ) to see the progress of his ranking

A thank you point system where a user can be awarded a thank you point for being helpfull to another user

Last 5 games he played

Last 5 comments he left on games

Comments for users

I have a layout that i draw in paint how it should look.

And a forum that will be connected to the ranking system. the forum should be with dark colours and a gaming theme

Please when you bid let me specifically what can you do!!

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Flash Playlist – help finding

I need help finding this playlist module. You can see it on both of these flash sites.

I had a flash person develop for me and then disappear. The first person that can tell me where to get the source code for this playlist, Ill pay them.

We have a very large project and all that we have left to do is this playlist. And we cannot get it working.

Please help.


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flash games

Im looking for a good flash game developer , show me the work you have done and when we choose you we can discuss the work that need to be done later.

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Basic Game Builder Project

Very very urgent! Budget $50 – $100. Delivery time – 1 day or worst case 2days.

Please read the attached specification. I need professional answer. If you do this well, the continuation one may also be given to you itself.

I need a brief documentation on how to test the solution.

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Flash – for freelancer786

Project for freelancer786 – change in existing file + upload of fla file.

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