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FLASH – Click Index Link On Left To Move To NextFrame

I have an HTML website that allows people to click a text link on the left which then opens another HTML page in the main Frame at right. I now want to convert this into FLASH to dress it up a little. I am looking for someone to take the .fla file I have and set it up so it works similar to the HTML site. I have an .fla Flash file started with a scrolling index at left but I cant get the links in the scrolling index to jump to the designated frame in the flash file. Keep in mind that I do not want you to put any content on the pages. All I need for you to do is to code the index at left so it opens to another flash frame. Take a look at my HTML site at – I want to accomplish this in Flash. Again, I dont need the content added just the basic template. You can see my FLASH file I partially completed at – I have the .fla file as well. Any questions please email or call (352) 484-1020

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Flash Project

Such script is necessary to me : + slidebar for widht and height

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100 PR3+ Relevant, One-Way Links

Objective: I need 100 PR3+ (Google Page Rank), One-Way (non-reciprocal), Quality, Relevant links (in English) to one page on my website for my niche market.
*Please note that the requirements are for links from PR3+ pages; not from any page on a website with a PR3+ homepage.

1. Links must be posted over a 4 week period (i.e. not all on the same day. Approximately 25/ week)
2. The page our link is placed on must have a PR3+ and be related to our website

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