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Big Commerce Customization And Template Work

I am looking for someone who has experience with BigCommerce or other ecommerce sites. I am looking for someone to work side by side with me and help me design and also program some extra features into the site. A few things I am looking for are –

Template Design – Original not a customized one a complete design
Changes to the product listings – I want to be able to have it where I can put notes next to or by the pricing etc
Changes to the product featured side panels – I want the front page with all of the features products etc to look differently can discuss in more details

I am willing to pay for quality work. If you do crap work dont bid because it will only be a waste of my time and yours. I am looking for someone that is hard working and knows what they are doing. Dealing with or having animals is a plus seeing how my store is Pet Supply related.

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Swish Or Flash Animated Web Template Customization

I would like to build a website from a template. I have no experience with dreamweaver or flash though I have a tutorial and am pretty efficient w/ most software. I just dont have the time to learn it myself and need to get my site live asap. Very small budget to get this done. I have picked 2 templates I like though I havent purchased them yet because I was not sure if they would work for my gift boutique or not. You can view the templates I like at I like template number 20196 which is a ZenCart but a little more simple than what I would like to go with. I am leaning more towards template # 9735 which is a SWiSH animated template. The same template is available as a flash template number 8629. I would need to know that the text can be changed as my store is a gift boutique and not a flower store though we do sell silk and fresh flowers as well as many other items. I have a Payvment account for a shopping cart that I am currently using on facebook. To give ybrick ou an idea of my business please visit(Remove by site administrator). This is the fanpage of facebook for my brick and mortar store though it isnt complete yet. I definately want my logo used and anything else that allows me to really brand my page.

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Customization Of Template

I need a joomla template customized to suit my proposed site layout. Basically, new module positions will need to be added to a template I have chosen. The template has already been paid for.

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Minor Template Customization & Inclusion New Pages/Scripts

Simple minor style and page adjustments to a html template.

Some existing php pages from another template need to be incorporated into the new template, slight adjustments likely to php code to reflect new template, and adjustments made to style sheet, set up of a top.php and bottom.php from new template to work with existing php pages, tidy up of few sections within three to four pages.

All simple and quick work for someone knowledgable in html / php and css.

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BigCommerce Template Customization

I need someone to customize my BigCommerce template, uploading logo banner, chaging font and colors of panels, creating email template and creating a favicon. It should be fairly simple for the right candidate and i would need it completed within a week. Would prefer previous BigCommerce experience and proof of work.

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This job consists of the customization of a website flash template.

Customization will consist of the following:

– Deletion of all pages of the website (and some internal links) except the first page, where we need text and graphic changes;
– On this first page there are large icons. We wish that these icons, upon being pressed or clicked upon, will execute MS DOS batch files (or files executables) installed on the PC, instead of making a link to another page or url. So if we have a file called qwerty.exe in an outer location in path C:ProgramsFilesqwerty.exe , we wish this file to be executed should a user click on one of these icons in the flash template; after termination of that executable, system should revert to flash template.
– The process of the template running should be terminated by means of two conditions: (1) pressing ESCAPE key or (2) system idle for more than 15 seconds.

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