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Similar Slot Machine Needed

Iam looking to make a similar slot machine flash game:

I will need to be able to edit the game in the backend etc.

Need complete asap.

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Vertical Navigation

I need a vertical navigation created using jQuery liked the side navigation on

It needs to be db / xml populated with items and subs

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WordPress Website From Static HTML/Flash Website

Redesign website to WordPress website, incorporating Members only pages with login access to members only area. Same pages as currently on website, just rearranged with some pages available to signed in members only.

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Personal Website – Flash

Would like to have this template customized.

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Simple Virtual Assistant Website Needed

I need a simple 5 page website made for a virtual assistant
some examples include

my budget for this is $75 dollars, please let me know if this can be done thanks

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Digital Publishing Software

Hi There,

I am looking for someone to make me some digital publishing software.

I need to be able to publish a monthly magazine digitally.

This is an example of a digital publication:

It needs to work so that I can use a PDF document and upload it and the software will display it like the site above..

This is an urgent project.


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Flash/HTML Website

Iam looking for a classy looking website for my visulaeffects studio. I would like to have a flash opening but every this else can be in HTMLu. however Iam not married to the idea of flash opening…if you can do something better just with HTML..that would be great too.
The complexity of the website is pretty straightforward, but I want the layouts, colours, designs and the logos be fabulous. However,I already have an idea for the companies logo.
Also I should be able to edit the content by myself for future updates.
something professional like this.
This website might have 10to15pages

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Shady Nook Flash

I need a photo flash slideshow for this webpage:
Photos will be supplied (between 8-10). Transition between photos should be gradual.

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Website Flash Or Any Kind Of Animation

One of our client looking for better animation

this is the link to sample http://www.ener gy -r eta artMe tersA nim ation.html

you need to make something better then this . it is all about smartmeters , you can use the same wording and you can add extra as well . as long as it is looking professional.


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Index.html Update With Flash And Iphone Redirect

I need this index.html file updated to prompt users to download flash 9 if it is not present, and if present run the flash content as fast as possible.

I also need an iphone, ipod touch, and ipad redirect to the domains subfolder /iphone

also ensure compatibility with mozilla, safari, IE7+

It should be quick work for someone good at this stuff.

attached is txt file with html code.

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Website Refresh In Drupal

I have a website developed using Drupal ( that I need refreshed to make it more aesthetically professional looking. Action items include:
– The 3 rectangle columns on the homepage need to have rounded corners, and I need to add another column for a total of 4 columns

– Instead of links for

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Introduction Video

We need and introduction video which will walk people through our system and explain the benefits to them.

Our system is not a trading platform but i saw this introduction video which I would like to base ours on.

Please say in your quote if you can provide the voice over and how long the video will last.

We want the quality as good as the example above.

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HTML And Flash Website Web Designer For Revision Needed

We are in need of a web designer for a website revision to our site.

We previously hired a designer who did an excellent job creating a home page and inside page(template) before getting hired fulltime by someone else and leaving us stranded. The main page and inner page are already created and can be used as templates for the rest of the website.

A more detailed list of revisions will be given to you once bid is won, but as an overview: This project first of all would involve editing the drop down menus, the left hand navigation links, and finally connecting all the page links together. There will be a total of about 25-30 pages. It has already been all layed out, but any additional tips, changes, or suggestions are welcome—someone with marketing knowledge/experience would be preferred, since we want it to capture peoples attention. So we are not only open, but are seeking additional suggestions for the site.

There are five tabs across the top, each representing a different section of the site, and under each tab is a drop down menu, ranging from 2 to 6 dropdowns. Each of the 5 sections will be notated by a different FLASH header, which basically is a hi-resolution image with phrases and bullet points floating across it(in Flash)

We have all of the master files for quick and easy editing. We will provide you with the logo and master files so you can edit it for different variations throughout the site. We also have all of the images and website content that will be used throughout the site. You will also need to develop any addditional graphics for the site as needed

The site will be static, done entirely in HTML, with small amounts of Flash used in the page headers. We already have the domain and hosting.

I will provide you with screenshots of the work already completed. It wasnt done intentionally, but two sites that are similar and that we would like to model ours after are and

Our clients are medium-to-high net-worth individuals and corporations, so an eye for detail must always be maintained. The images and any graphics must all be sharp and high resolution. The text and formatting must all be exact and precise.

**ATTENTION** The following conditions MUST be met in order to receive payment:

**Any and All bidders need to show proof of their work and skills by way of LIVE websites. No bidder will be awarded without showing LIVE WEBSITES of previous / current work.
**The final website MUST be SEO friendly.
**You must show that you are able to create original websites and designs from scratch, not just tweaking website templates
**We would like the designer to apply some common SEO tools to this site, including: 1) Title Tags & Meta Tags 2) Add Header Tags 3) SEO friendly URL writing 4) ALT Text for Images 5) Adding a Sitemap to our site
**The Contact us page must be a working form that clients can fill out to receive more information.
**There is NO need for database or login functions. The site will be primarily static content. However, we need the ability to update content as needed.
**Prior to job end and final payment, we will need to test the site to assure no broken links / errors.

When bidding place the words "BFG1 WEBSITE REVISION CAN START ASAP" at the beginning of your bid so we know you have read and understand the full project requirements, otherwise your bid will not be considered

Thank you.

Time Frame: We need everything to be completed and tested within 21 days

Payment: Payment can be made either via Paypal or escrow. 25% will be released upon start of the project. 25% will be released once project is completed. Remaining 50% will be released once site has been tested to assure no broken links/errors

Copyright: Once the job is complete, all copyrights and ownership of the coding, files, scripts related to this job will become our exclusive property

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Flash Project

Such script is necessary to me : + slidebar for widht and height

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