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Prestashop Theme Design For Food And Soft Drinks

i need some one to create a theme for food and drinks in prestashop
please bid if you are expert in prestashop theme


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Article Writer Needed


I am searching a good article writer who can deliver the work on time.

I want original articles only.

The topic will be on dog nutrition and my keywords to seo will be: healthy dog food, natural dog food and benefits of feeding your dogs a natural diet. You should use all the keywords at least 1 time in the article and the article must be based on facts. I need a good story in every article.

You must have good experiance in the pet industry.

I Will pay $3 per article at least (400 words) and I will need 10 articles for a start.


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500 Word Articles On Various Topics

Im looking for 5 500 word articles on each of the following subjects:
1. dream analysis/archetypes/symbols
2. sexual stamina/neotantrics/tantric sex
3. food ingredients/chemicals in food/ preservatives
4. different types of diets for weight loss
5. autism symptoms/signs of autism/stats/diagnosis
6. sexual fetishes/different types/regional

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Poster Design For Animal Food Advertising

We are looking for a company or a single graphic design pro with skills and a lot of fantasy in designing a great eye catching POSTER for an animal food company. A special dryfood for FERRETS will be advertised on the poster. This is the best dryfood for Ferrets available on the planet at the moment. That is not just what we as the manufacturer say, it is what customers and pet veterinarians also say about our food.

Poster will be printed in A1 size
We expect high quality photorealistic design
We need a design where people will talk about!

We will provide you with:
Our company logo in Vector Format and Pixel Format
The animal food name design and slogan on Photoshop PSD format
The special font for the food name (TTF)
We can also provide you with FERRET pictures in HiRes but you might also draw yourself (we do not want any Ferret cliparts from the web in the poster design) or use stock photographs
A PDF file which describes our company and philosophy because we are not just like any other animal food production plant we started making our own food because we wanted to very best for our own animals.
A link to our Webshop, so that you will see the kind of style we like and to get an idea what you are working on.

We are open to any kind of eye catching design from playful and very colorful to extreme experimental designs.
It would help a lot if you describe your first idea from our job description and show us projects you designed in the past. Please understand that we only want bidders who know they can create something SPECIAL.

If you just bid to be in the game and place a standard info like I think I can do this work, give it a try we hardly will take the time to look at your portfolio because we need to choose the perfect team or person from the bidders and how can you expect us to do that with this little info. So please if you really want to deliver a great job we expect that you also take the time and send us a pm either with a sample of what you plan to design or at least with previous samples of Posters you made.

All uploaded graphics should just give you an idea of the product and should not be copies 1:1 into the design!

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Lead Generation Online And Offline

Looking for a freelance sales proffessional to generate leads. We are UAE based shop fitting company. we have extensive experience in deisgning and furnishing retail stores. we also have a strong refrigeration divison for all supermarket requriments.

Needed a lead generation proffesional, that will bring in genuine enquiries for retail stores both food and non-food retail. We currently work accross the GCC and Africa. We want to strong leads from accross the GCC area and Africa.
Attached is our company presentation to give u an idea about who we are.

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5 Articles About Dog Food – $1/400 Words

Job Description

Im here to request 5 quality articles about dog food from contractors.

You will be writing SEO – optimized articles about sensitive dog food.

You will be paid $1 / 400 words. You cannot go below the minimum of 400 words, but you can exceed 400 words as needed; the extra words will be duly paid to you.

There will be guidelines for you to follow, and minor research aids for your articles.

I expect perfect grammar, and proper sentence structure in the 5 articles.

You will be given 2 days to complete this article, from the day you reply my email. If I like your articles and writing style, there will be further jobs for you.

As starters, send me an article about sensitive dog food. The keyword used for this article will be "sensitive dog food". Use the title "Sensitive Dog Food – Does your dog need it?"

By accepting this job, you agree that you will be transferring the full rights of this article to me after payment for this article. You will NOT be allowed to reuse this article in any way.

Send the test article in a Word document along with your job application. Title your Word document as "SENSITIVE DOG FOOD" in CAPS, as proof that you have read the instructions.

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Supermarket Market Share Of Retail Food Sales By Country

I would like a report on the market share of supermarkets for a few key countries around the world such as Australia, UK, USA, Canada, Brazil and Japan. In Australia Coles and Woolworths dominate, but what is the situation in these other countries?

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Online Pizza / Restaurant Foodwebsite With Iphone App.

Need an online food Website incl. Iphone application.

Food ordering function is similar to the following websites:

Features like:
They will have member restaurants, whose menu cards will be available online.

Customers can place online orders and restaurants get notified by fax , email and SMS. Restaurants fulfill orders in either pickup or delivery mode with payment done either on delivery or by credit card.

SEO needs to be built into the project.

Automated SITEMAP.XML submission is suggested.

This site will be designed as multinational portal SMS alerts have to be incorporated.

Frontpage with menu of the day

Display a menu of choices by category.

Allow user to select condiments and order options (Mayo, lettuce, tomato, etc

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Healthy Articles – 2

We are looking for a series of 10 articles that are each 350 – 500 words. The articles will be about healthy food and nutrition related topics. We are specifically interested in Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free, Kosher, non-GMO and other healthy food trends. . We want one article per topic, and there should also be a submitted picture that can be posted along side the article. These will be ghost written by the writer. The articles will appear in a website and we want them to be easily searched through google and other engines. This is the beginning of a long list of articles. We plan to have over 250 separate pages and eventually a series of books. The writer should be familiar with healthy food options and how to research their benefits. Ideally the writer would also be aware of health and fitness trends. The writing style is casual yet informative with headers for sections. The articles titles should also appear a few times in the body of the articles. Following are examples of the types of articles –

1. healthy foods good for the heart

2. vegetarian pie crust recipes

3. gluten dairy sugar free recipes

Please advise turn around time and cost. A reminder that this initial scope of work is for 10 articles only, each article 350 – 500 words.

Thank you!


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List Of Food With Nutritional Value In Spanish

I need a list of all available food (that are thousands of aliments!) with its nutritional value. The nutritional values I need are: calories, proteins, carbohydrates and fat. Everything has to be in spanish and it should focus on food consumed in Spain and Latin America.
The list may be in excel, word, pdf or any other established format.

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Online Food Ordering Script

Im looking for someone to create a reusable script for my clients who are looking to use online food ordering. This script must have several very clean looking templates that can be updated through a settings panel to match the logo and colors of my clients…by my clients. Thus they need to be able to edit colors using a color picker and hex code option. It must also be able to process payments through For more details, send me a PM and request the document that I already have in place. If you just PM and do not request this document I WILL NOT look at your bid.

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Nutritionist Customer DB

Access – based DB. Based on Nutrition Planner template found in Microsoft templates.

Main idea: Ability to add new patients with all their details (like going to the doctor for the first time). View patients and when they visit log various measurements. Display graphs for various measurements over visit dates. For each patient log the payments received as well as the membership type, alert for overdue payments. Add new foods and recipes. Recipes made from foods in the food table or by user. Recipes have total for calories, fats, etc. Creating a weekly diet.

Calendar week and ability to add: Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Snack, Dinner, Snack. Ability to add extra meals. For each meal ability to add a recipe or food. Automatic calculation of calories/exchange list. Printout of diet/ability to export to word for further editing and saved under the patients name.

Main screen: PATIENT MENU: Add new patient, View/Edit patients. FOOD MENU: New food, New recipe, View/edit foods/recipes. PAYMENTS: Various Reports, total payments for a given period of time, overdue payments, etc.

New food same as the one in Nutrition Planner.

Add new patient: Name, Age, Sex, Height, Medical information etc…

Ability when a patient comes for a visit to select the patient and add new measurements: Weight, Waist, Hip and other mesurements, BMI calculated automatically, date the current date.

Graph as in nutrition planner for each patient.

Tabs for each patient, Details, Weight Log, Graphs for each: Weight, Hip, Waist etc, PAYMENTS

Payments: keeps log of all payments from customers; ability to print a simple invoice. Membership type (monthly etc)

More details if price is good

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Online Shopping Cart

Need an online food ordering module to add-on to a food directory website built by Joomla 1.6

Food ordering function is similar to the following websites:-
However, we would like the PHP programmer to refer to the food ordering module after thoroughly.

Features like,

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Food Description For Restaurant Menu

Our restaurant have about about 50 menu items and we would like to hire someone to translate and describe each item to English. I will provide the winner a list of the menu items in Vietnamese and the current English description that we have for it. In addition, I will provide photos for each menu item so you can have a better picture of what you are describing. Prefer someone with experiences in advertising and food marketing. Attached is a copy of the previous menu, please pick one menu item and PM me a description as an example of your ability. I will not response to those who doesnt provide me sample.

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Pro Writer W/ Style To Rewrite Natural Food & Med Articles

We are looking for a writer with superb command of the English language to rewrite a series of articles, essays and excerpts provided by us to be used as blog posts. You will supplement and incorporate additional research when necessary.

The content will be written to the absolute highest English standards. The style and tone will target an affluent and well-educated but non-technical American audience. There will be absolutely no spelling or grammatical errors.

The content to be re-written will be on the subject of natural food, natural medicine, vaccines, diet, organic food, GMO, diabetes, alkaline vs. acid, sugar and the benefits of vegetarian living.

Experience writing on health and diet related subjects is a distinct advantage.

Winning provider will produce blog posts between 500 to 1000 words per topic.

Structure your bid on the cost of rewriting 10 articles at a time. (Your bid to rewrite 10 articles = $ _________ )

You will submit a first draft at the completion of any particular topic. Only if necessary we will provide you detailed edits, changes and revisions. Yoo will then submit a second draft.

All rights to the work will be assigned exclusively to us upon payment.

Payments will be done through milestone payment on GAF. Funds will be placed in escrow when bid is chosen and released promptly upon submission of revised drafts.

We will require active updates during the writing process. Prefer to chat on Yah Mssgr.

Plagiarism is unacceptable. All work will be checked exhaustively.

If you are one of those writers who has a difficult time staying in close contact with us during the writing process, I ask that you please not bid on this project. Constant work for right writer.

Good Luck Bidding,

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Online Food Ordering Module For Joomla

Need an online food ordering module to add-on to a food directory website built by Joomla 1.6

Food ordering function is similar to the following websites:-
However, we would like the PHP programmer to refer to the food ordering module after thoroughly.

Features like,

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Researcher – Dog Food Category – Retail & Specialty Retail

**This project was originally posted several weeks ago and awarded, but research was unable to complete. As a result, I have reopened it for bidding again.**

I need an experienced researcher to find current, relevant research and articles on the retail supermarket dog food category. Specifically, I am interested in: category trends (including growth figures), product segments (canned, dried, rolls, organic, vegetarian, etc), key brands and key manufacturers by the following markets: United States, Australia, New Zealand.

Recent research shows that a retail supermarket like a Vons offers quite a different range than a retail supermarket like Whole Foods, so I would also like to better understand the category by retailer segment as well.

I need you to use the Internet to find recent articles/research/presentations and then save the documents and forward them to me. Good organisational skills required as I need each article to be sourced (bibliography) so it can be found again if required.

The final part of the research is I am also looking for the details (website) of the leading Trade Associations and Trade Journals that discuss the dog food category, category trends, etc.

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Dog Food Android App

I am looking to have an android app built for me. We sell dog food, in the app, our customers should be able to enter details about their dogs breed, weight and age, and then the app should show them the suggested food and quantity. Furthermore there shold be a picture and some info about the breed.

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Making A Web Browser Based MMORPG

I want a game on the smallest budget possible.

Basically, I need someone to do the programming bit as I already have the graphics artist who will be more than willing to work with you.

Essentially, there is a geoclimatic shift and the worlds climate goes haywire. Then theres the countdown to death as there are now a limited number of perishable resources that people are fighting for. The round ends when food and water runs out and everyone dies. However has the highest score wins.

When the player starts up, they get a small settlement with depleting resources (food and water) and a given population. In a block 2D layout, they build buildings on their own plot of land. There are 2 world views – one their own, and the second, the world map.

Civilians" go out and gather food and water and are also sent to recruit "specialists" like doctors, engineers and soldiers. Searching for such specialists requires a lot of food and water (drains resources). However, they in turn train the general population in their respective profession (more doctors engineers and soldiers). They can also respectively enabling the building of hospitals (doctor) , building perimeter defenses (engineer). Importantly, people have the option of getting special upgrades that they must purchase in real money at the online store. Otherwise, they play for free

This of this as a game like "Evony" but more simplified and add the element of "The Road" – its a book about a dystopia. Was also adapted to a movie, look it up its awesome.

May also need some pointers for game design, but I have a good idea of how things will work.

I will be providing a detailed game document (am working on it now)

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Template Monster – Customization – FLASH


This is for a single unit restaurant lounge.

I want to modify this template:

Content and graphics will be supplied by me

Heres what I need changed and update/added

1.Must be CMS

2. Logo on first page would need to be changed to the restaurants logo and name and tag line will also need to be changed

3.SERVICES on the header menu will change to GALLERY – in the gallery page there will be different headings to click on to view the different types of pictures, i.e. Food would show food pictures, Wedding – would show pictures from wedding held at the facility etc etc. I have and will provide all pictures

4 .All images will be changed on the site

5. BOOK A PARTY Heading will need to be added which will lead to a simple user input form with basic details form like name, email,type of event, phone number, details of event text box which will then be setup to email the restaurant.

6. OUR MENU heading will lead to a page that will display our food, happy hour, cocktail and wine list embedded and also a link to open in in adobe reader

7. Twitter and facebook icons and links will need to be added

8. Navigation will remain the same

9. contact us form set-up

10. would like to champagne bubbles to be floating in the background of the pages….(this is not 100% necessity but would like to see how it would look if possible)

12. RESERVATION link would lead to a simple form that would capture Name, date of reservation requested, size of party, phone number and any special requests with reservation….info would then be emailed

13. Would like site to be automatically redirected to a simple mobile site for those using iphones where they can get general information on the restaurant if they do not have flash rather than getting the "You must have flash installed on this device" error.

More changes will need to be added later but this would at least get it going.
Thanks very much

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Gather Email Addresses For Foodservice Distributors

We manufacture a variety of healthy products that use the all natural ingredient Xylitol.

We are trying to compile an email only list of all the FoodService Distributors in the United States. A food Service distributor is a company that sells goods, food items to restaurants, schools, hotels, offices, etc. They dont sell to stores, they sell to places where food is served.

We want a freshly compiled list of the emails for all these companies. Initial bids should have a small sampling of email addresses so we can see the quality make sure the project is understoond.

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Food Menu/online Ordering App For Ipad, Iphone & Android

Develop and integrate self ordering menu system with Micros POS. The customer should be able to view the items of food, place the order, pay through loyalty card method.

The successful bidder will be finalized within short time after reviewing past experience.

Good luck!

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Calorie Counter / Food Journal / Progress Chart

Project for Jay Cooper as previously discussed.

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Food Menu/online Ordering App For Ipad, Iphone & Android

Develop and integrate self ordering menu system with Micros POS. The customer should be able to view the items of food, place the order, pay through loyalty card method.

The successful bidder will be finalized within short time after reviewing past experience.

Good luck!

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Delivery Food Website

Looking for a professional with skills in Java and web projects to build a website of delivery food. It will looks like this website: .. please, its not a copy, but the same idea.. so it will run over Java, PostgreSQL. For the UI, it will use Jquery and some java libraries.
The database is already done and the layout as well.
The Java framework is Vraptor ( its a very simple framework, but if you not feel familiar, we can discuss another one.

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Gourmet Tiffins

Happy Valentines day!

We are a start up boutique catering business. We need a website with a focus on green / organic/ vegetarian food. We door deliver food of amazing quality in limited quantities on WEEKDAYS only. WE need to launch on Feb 20th 2011.

We need only 3 pages.
Our Menu
Order now
Register now

The Our Menu button –

should allow us to post our menus for 2 weeks at a time
display number of meals available

Order now button –

should look at which date the order is for, maintain a counter for the total meals available as 20 and decrement as each order comes in
Should get the to be delivered to address
connect with paypal
connect with quickbooks on the backend

The system should remember frequent visitors and auto populate all information except credit cards.

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Online Food Ordering And Table Reservation Website


This project is to develop an Online Food ordering and Table booking system which will involve the following:
1. a website that will allow customers to search for restaurants or food and order it online through cash or card payment. Also, the website should be able to book table reservations.
2. a backend CRM system for Customer Service to upload menus, enter restaurant details, track order details, report on sales, enter table plans, allow restaurants to lock table bookings etc.
3. a mobile site for customers to order food and make table reservations from their mobiles.

Thus, the developer for this site should be able to:
1. Design the website using best creative approach incl. logos and flash
2. Develop the website front end in PHP and backend in My SQL.
3. Develop the CRM using My SQL. CRM should be URL based.
4. Develop the mobi site and test on various browsers.
5. Test the full application i.e load test, regression test, functional and non-functional test.

The site is very similar to,

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Food Photography

You need to live in the VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA area –

We need you to take pictures of our pizzas, and desserts.
Please include a link to your existing portfolio with food shots.

We are looking for photographers with great initiative and creativity – who are willing to give us many shots. Payment is based on results, not time spent, or team members used. We are looking for a friendly person to work with who wants to help us. We have 20 pizzas, + about 7 desserts we need pictures off. We need a full pizza top shot, a slice on a plate shot, and a slice out of the pizza shot for each of our pizzas (Please see our website for ideas). As well as pictures of our desserts. Using ingredients in the background might be nice. Shooting can be done in our downstairs banquet lounge on our wooden pizza board, using your reflectors, and light setup.

Please, we want lots of shots we can work with our graphics designer.

Shots should be delivered in JPG high res.

please place your bid below

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Food Related SEO

I want to target the keyword "Biryani" and make it to the first page on Google. "Biryani" is a type of south asian cuisine.

Here are some pointers:

– White-Hat only
– No links from under-construction pages, link farms, web rings, porn or illegal sites.
– No automated bots for funky java scripts.
– Links coming from food-related websites would be preferred.

Please tell in PM, what methods you would use, the time frame it will take and share any previous results. The budget is a bit flexible but do understand that It is not a totally generic term so shouldnt be as hard.

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