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Color Change

Needing something silimar to link
would really like some input where to start so i could do myself

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Ruby On Rails Features

Hey all, I have a project that needs to be finished in a day or so, I have a ruby on rails social network app that is in beta right now and I want to do a public release on the 1st of July. There are some features that I would like added and some things fixed:

admin gives 500 error, picture thumbnails on main page does not scale images and I need them to, I want a page for users to view a list of all the members, I have a function that was added that makes a piece of code that a user can paste into an html ready form for a blog or classified that links back to their profile I need that cleaned up.

I want a few extra fields added to the profile page for users to input their education, awards or certifications and I would like two things added to the sign up page, a place to upload at least three pics and a place to put your business licensee number before the system create the account.

Lastly I want to make sure that on the first that the app can load from the root url instead of :3000 in developer mode.

Keep bids under 400 please! 🙂


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Change Look And Feel Of A Form

Dear creative designers,

I am a coder but not a designer. My client gave me his site designed by someone else (not accessible now) to code a simple form in PHP in sites theme.

I did the same, but my client feels that the form I have done is very poor on graphics.

Please remember that he feels it even though I feel that I have matched the form with site theme

So, I am looking for a REALLY GREAT designer with IMMENSE CREATIVITY to help me on this.

When you contact, I will send you my clients original comments, and the link to see the current form

Pl do not bid here if you are not in absolute love and passion with creative designing

This is a 1 or maximum 2 hrs job for a creative designer and I am ready to pay up to $50

I need this get done today

Look forward to bids from pure designers (coders pl stay away)

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Customize Prestashop

We urgently need a php developer with prestashop ( knowledge.
We would like to customize some default product fileds, adding new fields and change the way importing from csv files is working.

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Few changes and additions to subtitle site

I am looking for someone to help me with the following…

1- Slashes problem. eg. (He//////s)
2- save to html and linking eg.(/subtitles/movie-name.html instead of search.php?q=movie-name)
3- google sitemap update with the new .html format
4- yahoo sitemap to generate linking to .html

5- In the admin panel make another input field for popular searches to edit the amount of results displayed for each page.
6- Home page to display keywords ordered by popularity
7- Results page to display keywords ordered by recent searches

Popular searches = the most searched keywords (count most) and also ordered by recent searches (if popularity search fails)

Thank you

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