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Online Directory Portal

Hi there,

I want a portal combined or integrated with a business directory.

The portal must have the following functions:
– on the homepage: search possibilities, weather updates, news updates from different other websites (business/sport/foreign, stock updates), event calendar, prayer times, traffic jam updates, local oil prices

The function of other webpages
– links to other websites based on category, including the design of the subscription form for the website owners
– yellow page including the design of the subscription form for the advertisers and payment method
– business information, links,
– event calender, where companies can add their own events including the events through a form or / and rss feed
– food recipes page (database), with the function for subscribers to add their own recipes
– BABY names page (database)

Design of the newsletter subscription form

The design style for the website:

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Custom ECommerce Project With CMS

We have a custom ecommerce work. We need a development team or good programmer to make all the functionality running. This project has an urgent deadline in 20 days or sooner. You dont need to do the design or the css layout for front page. Please read the following requirement

1. Install payment gateway (for accepting credit card)
2. Add other payment method (bank transfer and COD) >> will be done offline
3. Activate an email notification for ordering (3 types: by Credit card, Bank transfer, and COD)
4. Create a shopping cart (Order workflow will be provided). >> there will be minimum amount to get a free shipping (e.g. $100)
5. Create a "tagging" feature
6. Survey feature
7. Tweet and like feature on each product
8. Activate a standard form: (contact form, catering form, and kids activity form)
9. Membership feature (for checking points) >> User will register offline, and member can only check their current points, checkout using their details, and get a points when purchasing a product.
10. Newsletter feature: just prepare the database (with CSV file) >> no need to provide a blast feature or use a newsletter application
11. Weekly Quiz feature
12. testimonials feature
13. each product will have a size selection and qty

1. CSS for admin / CMS (dashboard css layout will be given, you can continue from there)
2. ability to update the content for all web pages
3. ability to edit the categories, sub categories, and product (including image, price, description, and tag)
4. CMS feature: order status (past and pending orders)
5. CMS feature: member list
6. manage a weekly quiz
7. Sales report & Product achievement (Can be exported to .xls or .pdf)
8. pdf. upload for "download page"

I will provide the basic css codes, site map, and workflow details. Please provide the quote with your best portfolio and make sure you read all requirement and pay attention to the timeframe. Milestone will be released after full work is running well. Thanks for bidding this project.

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Quick Form Job

Need a smart and quick proagrammer who can use open source available php form script for multiple file submission. I already have a form in place but i need it 2 b Smart and look more trust worthy. More details to right provider in PM. lowest bid wins.

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ASP Developer For Contact Form


I need a contact form building into a web page that will have 8 fields and will send the data to the server via CSV. The server operates via ASP. I need to deliver the project on Monday so I will need the coding by Thursday Night/Friday morning. I also dont have the web page built yet so Ill need to know how quickly it can be turned around.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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Wanted: Web Form For Data Input And Reporting


I need an interactive web form for an existing website. The form will be for data input and basic analysis (graphs) and reporting (print and export capability).
(details are in attached .doc).

Brief description:
The web site currently contains a (non-commercial!) comparison matrix of technology features in table format ( The source data for the matrix is held in an existing (MySQL) database.
Currently the matrix does not allow the use of data beyond visually comparing it on the screen or printing it as screen- prints.
Aim is to expand this capability: create a form which adds the functionality to customize and add data which you can then evaluate and print/export as a report.

The main functionality of the form to be developed should be:
– Allow user to add properties to existing data (select priority and add comments)
– Allow user to fill in additional preconfigured and empty evaluation fields (adding rows to the table)
– Include this custom data in evaluation (temp tables?)
– Provide simple evaluation summary (graph+ and simple text field) +
– Export data in a usable format – pdf and print required
– (optional/later consideration): User can save/open report for later editing

The attached file contains details of requirements, sample use case and the mock-up png.

Please let me know if you are interested – looking forward to working with you!


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Transfer Running Site Into WordPress

Transfer my site www.apartment24-vienna (dot) com into wordpress. This site is about holiday apartments in Vienna.

Layout should be similar with additional tasks

– reservation inquiery form with Calender (arrival / departure)

– captcha for inquiery and contact form

– menues including submenues (on the side for infos about Vienna, sightseeing, restaurants, etc…)

– default EN site – if possible with Google translater for other languages

– seo friendly template is a must => need better rankings as today with given keywords.

Reason for changing into wordpress is – current site is not seofriendly enough.

Please provide demos of wordpress templates you designed.

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Looking for a simple site to be built for to pump this site to the top of google search for the words "catering melbourne" with link to primary site and simple form to fill out to generate leads, a few photos, a paragraph of words, email, fill out form great seo, hey presto! done

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Zip Code Search Returning HTML File

I need immediate assistance. Im able to do general html/ccs code and understand other code but dont know how to write it. I need a php or javascript based simple entry form made where a zip code is entered and a upon submit an html page (already built) appears based on that zip code. I have 12 different locations. All I need is an example made of the form with the code that I can plug into my page with a few simple instructions if needed. Id GREATLY appreciate the help; I cant find a decent tutorial online. Thanks so much and please let me know if you have any questions!!

04/04/2011 at 22:08 EDT:

An html file of the form along with the necessary code would be most helpful 🙂

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Tweek Forms For Medical Centre

I have a 7 page form used in a medical centre that has been typed out in Word with the text boxes where they should be. I need the form converted to an aesthetically pleasing format. The use of colours/shading and text boxes be appreciated.

My preference is to be able to print this form on a mono laser printer from a PDF OR in colour by a print shop so it must look good in both formats and be provided in a print ready PDF and as a PDF document to print on local laser printers.

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Word Doc To Google Form

I have a 7 page word document that i need converted into a google form there people can be emailed a link to the form fill out the form and submit. The last 2 pages of the document are pictures with text that need to be added to the end of the form and be printable by the user. The answers are either text feilds, drop down selection, check box or radio buttons.

In addition to completing the form, people need to be able to upload either word or pdf attchements to be submitted with their form.

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Create 2 Landing Pages

Create 2 landing pages with signup forms and graphics.

Here is an example

this is not the content – other content will be provided but images will not be provided.

Job is to create and design the pages including adding your own images and sign up form. we will integrate sign up form to our lead capture.

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Simple PHP Form(urgent)

i have created a simple form in Html which will get input From user and sends the result to an email. i need some one to write contact.php page for it so that the results are send to specified email. this is 10minutes work for a professional need it to be created as soon as possible. more details in Pm

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VS FormView Insert

SQL 2005-2008
VS 2005 – 2008 – 2010 VB

Im having problem, and cant seem to find any solutions using Google, to be able to pre-fill textboxes in FormViewInsert mode, using data from Table A, and saving form contents into Table B.

I need a small demo created showing the process, along with detailed instructions. Need an example using both EXEC Stored Procedure and a query, and using Northwind database. Form will be called with a link using QueryString value or Session value. Link(s) on non related page may call the form, and thus would need ModeChange to insert.

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Accident Claims PHP Form

We require a form for our website – the form must be able to make calculations based on the users input and then report the results to the user via a webpage and email the results to an email address for our sales dept.
Normal contact info Name/email /telephone number required fields, aswell as "was the accident you fault?".
next the user will tick boxes based upon their injury.
Head and Neck Injuries (8 subsections)
Damage to hair – Low £1K – High £15K
Facial Disfigurement – Low £1K -High £75K
Torso,Arms and Hands
Legs,ankles, Feet
user will mark their severity based upon 1 to 10 (10 most serious)
If you see you can see all of the figures or the attached document.
I want the output to say something like "based upon your answers we believe
your claim will be X – no lower than X(low figures) and as much as X (high figures)

Form can be HTL.Javasript/php/ ajax or whatever you want to use as long as we can host it.
Dont post if you will cost more than £300

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CustomContact Form

I am looking to get a custom contact form created. I need contact from that will track the keywords, and search engine a customer types into Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

The function would work like this:
Someone types into google, hair dresser, and when they click on my hair dresser site and submits a contact form on my site the form tells me which keywords, and which search engine the contact form came from.

Here are the requirements:
– Contact form that can capture and let me know which keyword phrase someone is searching.
– I need it to track keywords from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo.


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RAILS3 Developer


Project: multilingual web search application
To write MVC code for a multi-model form with javascript (framework) for embedded models.
Based on e.g. formtastic, accepts_nested_attributes_for,
To extend above form to allow for batch entry of same multi-model objects via table/spreadsheet like form (a la MS Access) or spreadsheet upload

Please contact for more details!

Rails 3
Deployed to heroku

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Custom Google Maps/location Feature For My WordPress Site

I am looking for a Google Maps and WordPress expert to create a custom Google Maps feature for my WordPress site.

This feature will take user submitted data from a form (which you will also create or I am open to using a ready-made form solution) and plot this data on a google map based on the users location. I will need to display the form and map in each WordPress post, so I need the ability to generate multiple forms and maps unique to each post. In addition, there is a main "Maps" page of my site which will aggregate all of the data from the individual forms/maps and allow the user to filter map data by posts.

Please PM me with examples of your Google Maps and WordPress work.


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WordPress Plugin For GravityForms

This plugin is an addition to the well known wordpress forms solution. I need to create a plugin and widget that will display all the last completed forms a logged in wordpress user has done.

When the user then clicks through on one of their completed forms from the widget, the form is then loaded with all of their completed data pre-filled in from before. If the user changes any data on the pre-filled form and then submits again – a new form data record is created using Gravity forms default data saving procedure.

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Customize The Magento Form & Sms Intergaration ! Very Urgent

Hi there,

I need to customize the magento customer registration form :

1. Need to add some field Like mobile number and remove some field.
2. Same to add in the Billing address and shipping address.

and need to add and sms api on order & registration.

i can provide the api code if need or you could also suggest the sms provider

it is very urgent need to start by monday.


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PHP Form – 2 Pages – With Paypal Payment


I need somebody to program a PHP form with approx. 15 fields – separated in two pages. With a validation after page one .

The form have to be related to a nice and clean CSS Style, easy to modify.

The form also have to include a Paypal payment option ( but not mandatory ) and two confirmation letter, one if the person sent money by paypal and the other if he didnt .

– Also need a box than the person have to scroll to the bottom. ( Term and condition )
– The confirmation letter have to include variable ( Dear *name of the person* , )
– I receive the form by e-mail – no Database
– Please, plan an hour to comment the code in details
– I would like to have it ready in 48 hours if possible

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Website Re-Design, Re-Launch

QUICK PROJECT DESCRIPTION: My Website has been online since 2003 and needs full re-design, re-write and a FRESH NEW LOOK!! I created this Website myself years ago, in one weekend! BUT time for change as it is now out-dated and not functioning properly! For the right team or person, this project should be easy! Most of the content is simply to be copied, BUT I am looking for fresh new ideas, re-shuffling elements to make it more appealing, organized, and more user-friendly. The color scheme of the logo and site stays the same, so try to work with that as you introduce new concept or design.
Structure and flow of the Website must remain intact — but I would really like to see 2-3 design homepage image samples I could see. All current site logos and/or images are to remain, but I would like to re-fresh main page logo and the roll-over links in the subpages. If you could present options (screen shots are fine) for me to help me decide what is best for re-design and new look, this would be GREAT!
My Website must be in whatever code that is strong, secure, and most current, etc. Please verify first, please let me know in the bid. Whatever the case, the Website and its programming code must be 100% COMPLIANT with W3C guidelines. NO non-compliance issues. NO ERRORS. I do not want too many scripts and flash, only what is absolutely necessary… keep it simple but powerful! I do NOT require as many pages as already existing, would like to condense and/or remove content.
PROJECY WORK REQUIRED: Take my current Website and re-launch it with fresh NEW look, graphic re-design, and new feel! Elements of this work include: main page Logo fix up, Full re-design of all pages: homepage + subpages, maybe a new appearance scheme, homepage news feed, some text, and some links… not sure yet. It will also have sampling of the images. Will see when were in re-design phase. Simple registration form for 2-3 products, 2-3 types of payment (paypal pro integration needed), a custom confirmation email sent to clients upon post-order which automatically shows client information from the registration form, a contact form, captcha for all forms, all forms in https:// environment, would like a simple database OR maybe another simple way to track all paid members upon payment (email snippet I could put into excel is fine).
Product I sell is an image/and subpage to be hosted in my site, to be automatically sent to client upon payment and my approval, (you will have to come up with the code logic) attached to a follow-up email. Will provide more details upon selection of provider, it should be easy for you. Need a links page subpage, for paid members. Site evaluation form also to remain, but re-designed. Complaint form to stay too. The Home page is the most important page, and must have automatic mobile/browser detection site must be capable of being viewed with most browsers desktop or mobile! VERIFIABLE. I am looking to minimize my work with the site, vision is to set it up and forget it! I want to compete with other same sites.
OTHER INFORMATION: I must be able to update any page content and ftp upload page easily. NO CMS required. READ CLOSELY: If you BID looks anything like a cut and paste write up or automated bot write up, I will ignore it.
Need serious and genuine bidders only. My time line is project start date of April 25, I am okay with 4-7 weeks which is more than enough time. (I did my site in one weekend, about 12 hours). I want to see samples of what you can do for my site. I am only interested in paying 25% up front, 25% halfway, 25% after final testing, 25% 10 days after project is uploaded and functioning great. Non negotiable. PLEASE DO NOT BID IF YOU CANNOT AGREE TO THESE TERMS. I have done business at sites like guru and through past lessons, this is the only way I will conduct business… hopefully Freelancer has the right people who understand this! Thanks.

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Design A Header And Build A Sign Up Form

We are hiring a developer to create only the beginning of a larger project we will be working on. If this milestone is completed well, there will be more work immediately. The requirements are as follows:

Design: We need a simple header designed. This will allow us to judge your design skills for the larger project.

Sign Up Form: We need a simple signup form and a post a project form developed. The best way to describe this is to follow the steps from until the project has been created. We do not need the project page to be completed with design, but we need to see that the project was posted so we know that the post a project form actually works.

For completion of this project, please have this up on a development server so I can access it and test its functionality as described.

VERY IMPORTANT: To separate you from the spammers, please write I AM REAL as the first line of your bid. We will delete all bids that do not write this phrase, since most bidders never read the requirements. Thank you for being one who does!

Also, if you have developed a crowdfunding website before, please PM me the details as this is what the larger project will be.

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Small VB.NET Project To Complete

Very Small VB.NET project to complete overnight. Required within the next 10 hours after bid acceptance. Bidding will run for a few hours until right programmer is selected. Do not bid if you can complete within 10hours of accepting the bid.

=> Database provided
=> VB.NET Code samples provided
=> VB.NET Forms Design provided

Software will have a maximum of 4 forms. About 5-8 fields per form.

Four Database Tables:
Customers, Products, Orders, Order Details->search add edit delete update

Printable Report for Order-Order Detail only

Flow of operation:

Main Form:

Create New Order-> Search Existing Customer -> Add New Customer if not exist -> Create Order for Customer -> Add ptoducts to order(order details) -> Take payment -> print report

Product Form: search add edit delete update
Order: search edit update

The flow is pretty simple and straight forward. No formatting or esthetics needed.

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Fix Javascript Form With Ability To Add Fields Dynamically

The attached files are for a Recipe Form. Users will submit recipes to our database. A fairly simple form, however I decided to try and implement a Javascript feature to allow for better usability/user friendliness. However, this has resulted in becoming a nightmare for me!! LOL. I have tried everything. I need expert help.

Heres how it should work: For the ingredients and Directions users can add as many fields as they need. They should also be able to delete these fields as they are creating them. When they hit submit, if there was an error with the form, they must be returned back to the form with all the fields pre-filled as they submitted them.

As I can see now, there are only 3problems with it right now. But beware! It seems like every time I fix something, I see something else that needs to be fixed for it to work right. So it might just take us a few tries going back and forth to get it completely fixed.

But as far as I know… these are the only three problems right now….

1. When you click "Add More [+]" in Internet Explorer, you see a little movement, but the new field is not added. However, this works perfectly in Firefox ???confused?? Thats the biggest issue.

These problems occur only when the user has forgotten to fill out a required field, and the user is kicked back to the form. Their previous entries should be saved in the session and show back up on the Form so they can only fill in the fields they missed. Just leave the Name Field blank while testing so it kicks you back each time.

2. For Ingredients: Say you have three rows, If you delete row three, hit submit and return, row three is Deleted! Perfect!
BUT, if you delete row 2… hit submit, come back, and youll see what happens. Both Row 2 and 3 are gone. When it should show rows 1 and 3.

3. Directions: This one is even more weird.

On first submit, with cleared session, I add:
Direction1, Direction 2, Direction 3
Hit Submit, return to page, I see one, two three. Good!

If I delete Direction 3. Hit Submit and Return. Direction 3 Is gone! Good!

I add Direction 3 back, hit Submit, return to page. And its back. So far so good!

Now I click the "x" to delete Direction 2, hit submit, return to page. I see, Direction 1 and Direction 3. Still good!

Now the problems….

So I now have Direction 1, and Direction 3. I will add a new row for Direction 4.
Hit Submit, return, and now it has replaced Direction 3 with Direction 4.
So now I see: Direction 1 and Direction 4 only. This should have been: Direction 1, Direction 3, Direction 4.

I tried to explain this the best I could in text, if we can chat on the phone or skype it may be easier to explain.

Please make sure you test every aspect of the form to make sure it works for every possible action that the user can take. Thats the idea with any application right?

I need this done as quickly as possible.

The bidder with the clear english, fast turnaround time and expert javascript skills will get the job.


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PHP Ip Log, And Finish Upload Text

Hello want you to take a look on at little project of mine, it is a upload page. There is 2 things i would like you to code for me.

1. when a file is uploadet to my server, i want a log to write the upload link + ip address into "random".txt

2. I am using a php and ajax form to upload with, and the uploaded files just appears beneath the upload botton. I want it to pop up like the rules on my site (see under "regler" and then one of the links on the left), i think you can use the same form, but i cant figur out how to use it for the finished uploads

Kind regards

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Booking Form Modification

Update the booking form form chanign nthe old pick up and drop off dates for new ones.

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