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Editing And Formatting

You will be editing, formatting and organizing my years of research centering on the founding philosophy of Korea.
For the right person this job will be educational, informative, transformational, and hopefully down right enjoyable (not to mention profitable).

I pay in $30 increments at $5 per hour until…
Bid only $30 to get started
You need SKYPE (with a mic) and PayPal

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful and committed citizens can change the world; indeed, its the only thing that ever has."
Margaret Mead

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ECommerce Website

We are looking for a custom and unique eCommerce design using the platform. Your responsibility will include designing the site, creating the pages we need, inserting and formatting our content, uploading our products, working with our SEO, and launching the site. We have content and need you to do EVERYTHING else. Besides eCommerce, we want to incorporate up to 20 informational content pages. Please provide a quote and timeframe for the entire project including:

Site Design and Layout
Payment Integration
Content Formatting and Integration
Inventory Upload (Including photo and description formatting from a pdf catalog)
Daily communication and quick response
Ongoing Support and maintenance billed hourly (please include your ongoing maintenance and support rate)

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Formatting HTML Page

I need to work closely with SOMEONE right now…

ON n SKype…

To help me take some plain text.

And turn it into a page that looks more like this.

Some images will need to be installed…

And some formatting done..

And Idnt think anything is difficult…

But the important aspect here…is that you be ready to work closely with me tonight until its done.

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WordPress Plugin Modification

I have downloaded a free wordpress Petition plugin which is no longer supported by its developer. The plugin works fine and works like this:
A user finds one of multiple petitions on my website that he wants to sign.
After registering and signing the first petition the user cannot then sign another petition because there is a restriction on this.
I want you to remove this restriction and allow a visitor to sign as many different petitions as he likes.

I also want to make some changes in the formatting of the text and the layout of the signatures tht have already been received but i am sure this is a simple css formatting issue.

For anyone who knows php i am sure you will quickly be able to find the relevant lines in the code and delete/modify it.

This is a very simple job and i do not expext to pay more than the minimum and in a short period of time. Thank you for your time reading this.

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Designer/Formatting/Savvy Internet Marketer Needed!

Hey there,

I just need someone whose Internet marketing savvy, possibly has experience, and can make slick designs, formatting…putting together pages/formatting etc… talking to developer and getting softwares made, tested, etc…

More than likely this will turn into full time if you can do it right 🙂

So project is more for screening for "saviness/slickness"

Let me know if this is YOU and your experience!


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IT Management Report Writing Formatting

IT Management report writing formatting

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Word Processing With Formatting

Retype a 4 page A4 PDF document in MS word format with formatting the document is required within 2 days.

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Articles In Arabic +proper Formatting

As above. Native Arabic speakers only

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Excel VBA Macro To Convert Text Formatting Into Html Tags

I need to have a script which converts text in bold for example to <b>bold text</>
I need this for:
bullet points
new line (carriage return/new paragraph)

thank you

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Few Website Changes And Form Implementation2

I need someone to implement 3 php forms (1 for each site on 3 websites), add a query to a search input feature and do 3 minor format fixes on 3 html sites that I have. This is a very quick project and I want it done within 1 day or a few hours. My budget is $50. Let me explain:

1. 3 php forms: I have 3 PHP form templates and all the code but I have had a new template designed for me which is very much similar. I want you to take the code from the old template and implement it into the new one so it is fully functional with all the steps, errors, submission, etc. The way it works is that when a user enters in data it is inputted into a database. I want this functionality to fully work with you implementing it on all 3 websites.

2. On my 3 websites, I currently have a box where you can input a zip code. The functionality that I want is that when you enter a zip code on the top of the page and hit SUBMIT or the [enter] key then it inputs the zip code into the FREE CONSULATION form on the home page. I want this done on all 3 websitess.

3. On my 3 websites, I have a 3 minor formatting issues. I have a phone number which is in a div box and I want to center that phone number inside the box on all 3 websites. On one of the websites, I have text by the search box which flows onto the second line, I want it to be fixed so its all on one line like the other 2 websites I have. On all 3 websites, on the free consulation form, I have text that starts too high, I want the formatting to be fixed so the text is a little lower. I want all of the formatting to be done in the correct way so that it is compatible with all browsers.


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Book Formatting For Lulu

I need someone to format this book ready for publishing on

source file:—.doc

Please only bid if you have experience.

Any questions, use PCB.


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Quick Excel Formula Work & Formatting Work

Just need to adjust a formula in an excel spreadsheet and also change the layout.

PM me for details.

Thank you.

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Excel Formatting, Data Processing, Scraping, Re-formatting

As seen in the attached excel file, I have compiled a large database of data

I need to merge various rows together (for each player who is the same), and format all of the names in the same way. All of this needs to be done without losing any of the data in any of the respective rows

Please let me know if you need more information.

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WordPress Theme Modifications

I have been tasked with several web presence projects for a client and need assistance with one portion of this; modifying an existing WordPress Theme. The current theme is modified from Modicus Remix and has a few peculiar implementation traits, like an incorrectly implemented splash screen page. There will be approximately 3-6 template pages to create, some CSS changes and widgetizing of certain areas (footer, header body, etc). It is heavily desired that widgets be a fundamental component of the sites formatting. I have approximately 12 mock-up pages representing the sites formatting, of which there are several pages that could be considered redundant with respect to template pages.

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Apply CSS Formatting Across Drupal Nodes

I have a drupal site with a few hundred nodes that I need to all be formatted the same all the way throughout the site, I would think this would be done by applying a CSS stylesheet to format them all the same,

Some of the nodes when have been entered have had HTML tags added to them on entry so all this HTML formatting on nodes needs to be over-ridden by the global CSS formatting. ie. all nodes formatted Globally AND NOT Locally.

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Help With Data Formatting Unix Or Shell Scripting Expert $20

I have data which needs formatting with my needs.

mostly with awk, sed,grep commands to extract data out of pipe delimited files

apply conditions to extract data

it requires few hours to stay with me to finish this data extract

if you are expert with UNIX shell and who are immediately available wihtout asking too many questions
and be patient to stay with me bid

ready to start

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Make Formatting And Design Changes To Zen Cart Website

We already have a customized ecommerce template and we would like to make a few formatting and functionality changes to the product page. The changes you need to make will be provided to you. Please PM for website as well as changes that need to be made.

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Help With Cross Browser Formatting And Javascript Issue

This project has two items to it:

– I have created a page that is working fine in IE7 but doesnt display correctly in other browsers such as IE6. I need someone to look at this and fix the formatting issues.
– In the page I get a javascript error and cant understand why so I need this fixed.

You can view the page at

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Blog Formatting And Internal SEO

I am looking for someone that can format blog posts to look pleasing and make people interested in reading them. I need spell check, grammar corrections. Some articles you might have to add photos or formatting to. The goal is to enhance my content a lot.

The second part is while formatting and correcting I need internal SEO links. I need key words connected within all the content. I want to really spruce the site up. I would expect someone that is pretty good in English for this. Shouldnt take that long. There is 60 articles in all.

Final part of the job is getting serious with on page SEO. I have the Ultimate SEO plugin and I would like every article completely done with this plugin unless you know a better one. I dont want to take any chances of not having everything I need to win in Google.

Upon hiring I will give you an account to the admin so you can do this. This is WordPress. Successful finishing of this job with give you a long term job with the company. We have 100s of sites needing work all the time.

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PHP Array Formatting To HTML (reposted)

This is a very simple job, I have an API returning a complex array and I need someone to pick up the result and format it into proper HTML data in a php loop.

Please see the attached file for the array returned and please note that I need to have access to all data as variables so I can display it in HTML. Max budget $50, 100% escrow and release on completion of work.

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MS Word Formatting

I have two workbooks in MS Word. The pages are not very well formatted. These pages need to be better formatted according to the original printed English workbooks which I will supply. Since they are workbooks, each page has very little text with some pages having a small image as well. So each page can quickly be formatted. Each workbook is about 80 pages. The workbooks to be formatted are Serbian translations of original Engish workbooks, but you should be able to easily do the job even without knowing Serbian, since you are just doing some basic formatting work and can look at the english originals. My budget for this project is $100. This project is simple, but it is urgent — you need to complete it within 1 day of accepting the project.

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Fix IE Formatting Issue On Html/css Page Of Static Website

I have a simple, static website with a formatting issue that is only appearing in IE on one of the pages (the homepage). Elements that appear lined up and correct in chrome and firefox are appearing pushed down the page and doubled up in all version of Internet Explorer.

Some simple custom CSS is probably needed to clean it up. Should be a quick and easy job, I just dont have time to figure it out.

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POI/Excel Enhancement To Java Application

I have a simple interface exposing a TableModel with java.text.Format instances for custom column formatting.

I have an implementation exporting this TableModel to an excel file using Apaches POI package. There are a few problems that you need to resolve.

You must also produce excel sheets that are appealing, professional-looking (good choice of background colors, fonts, header formatting). I have templates that you can use as guidance.

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Document Clean Up And Formatting

We are looking for someone to re-format and edit a word document , convert to PDF and have it ready for public viewing.

You will need to know how to use word – I have completed the first couple of pages in the style that I require and I will give you some examples of other pdfs that I want ours emulate.

For more information P/M me.

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Data Entry – Immediate Need, Possible Longterm

Im copying information from a PDF document to be inserted in an already-created Word document. Formatting must be exact. Im estimating 4-6 hours of work (44 pages total). This particular project is simple, populating an already-created table with codes and dates from the PDF version, but I often have a need for more advanced formatting (all using Word … tables, columns, tabs, text formatting, etc.). 100% accuracy required! Please submit hourly rate and CV for consideration. Please respond only if you have *immediate* availability. Payment will be made upon delivery. Many thanks! Strong English is a must. Knowledge of Spanish and/or Portuguese is a plus, but not required.

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Excel Spreadsheet Data Formatting

I need to take databases that my manufacturers give me, and have them formatted so that I can upload them to my eCommerce store. I need someone who can logically put this together and who can add the right keywords to the meta data for our seo.

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Clean Up Formatting Of My HTML Site

This should be a very simnple job.

I had a website created for me.

I added content to the website myself.

Now the formatting on the website is messed up.

And the link structure is not set up properly.

I need someone to spend probably about an hour with me on Skype as I instruct you on how the site needs to be fixed up.

A few images need to be installed.

The fonts need to be made consistent.

And images that got moved out of place need to be moved back into place.

This is all that needs to be done.

You will need to be available on Skype for this project and always be responsive to my emails within 1 day.

07/25/2010 at 20:56 EDT:

Provider must be available to work on this tomorrow at 12PM EST.

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Translators – All Languages Needed – CVs/resumes Required

** Looking for translators to join language team. Also looking for proofreaders/editors. **

PLEASE SEND CV in PM as an attachment – PLEASE NOTE: applications without CVs will be disregarded !!

Seeking translators in all language combinations, including (but not limited to): English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, etc. etc.

-Must be fluent and bilingual in English and source/target language.
-MS Office proficiency necessary.
-Priority will be given to those translators with knowledge of Adobe products and formatting PDF documents.
-Work requires knowledge of formatting into MS Word.
-Translators with TM software will receive special preference (TRADOS, WordFast).

Individual must be reliable, detail-oriented, flexible and able to meet strict deadlines. Must be available to work weekdays and weekends if possible. In addition, must be a quick learner and able to follow all formatting guidelines. Please indicate if able to work with translation tools. Communication via messenger is necessary as well.

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Excel Formatting Expert Needed

We need (right now for a couple of hours) and excel expert in formatting/macros to work on small spreadsheet. We need a routine that allows the user to pick a row (20 rows all together) on a spreadsheet and produce a simple analysis and 1 page nicely formatted report of the data stored in that row (60-70 columns). If weve time perhaps produce a few graphs etc., You need to be ready now to commence the work!

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Need WordPress Admin Help

I need help with posting articles, and modifying text on WordPress CMS pages. You must be good at formatting content in both CMS Pages and Articles. The WordPress instances will be designed already and ready for deployment with the exception of new content on the CMS Pages. Plus you need to be able to post articles with good text formatting and picture placement.

I plan on paying on a per project basis – maybe based on word count. Please indicate what your bid is based on.

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Professional Book Formatting

Professionally Format Book.
Convert a Word Document into a .6 x 9 pdf

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