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WordPress Plugin For GravityForms

This plugin is an addition to the well known wordpress forms solution. I need to create a plugin and widget that will display all the last completed forms a logged in wordpress user has done.

When the user then clicks through on one of their completed forms from the widget, the form is then loaded with all of their completed data pre-filled in from before. If the user changes any data on the pre-filled form and then submits again – a new form data record is created using Gravity forms default data saving procedure.

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Website And Programming

I have a couple of projects but they are together:

The first project is:

A Joomla CMS website where people can register online to attend seminars – choosing which state, date and location. Some of these seminars are live and some are via the web. This seminar information is to be pulled from another in-house program. Also I need a shopping cart so they can purchase the seminars by ordering CDs or hard copy material.

The second project is:

I need a secure data entry page on this site to be used by internal consultants, or consultants visiting banks to process various types of forms during their reviews. The data/answers from these forms should be stored in a database (??? mySQL ???) so the officers of the company can pull the data/export the data to .CSV or .XLS format. Also need to be able to create pie charts from the responses received from the reviews. Currently, there is no database being used, so I am opened for suggestions as to which one to use. We are starting from scratch. I need to be able to maintain both once created, so instructions would need to be provided as well.

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Joomlafy And Secure Custom Forms

I have a joomla 1.5 site with a customized series of Question/Answer forms I created that stores users input into a stand alone database (not Joomlas). I did NOT do this by creating a module or component. I am new to web development and just did the simplest way possible.

The Project: Securing the forms using Joomla features to accomplish this.

The custom app is currently working. It uses AJAX to submit the form and then uses a lightbox to display the work they just saved.

I need someone to both do the work of securing the forms (at least the first one) AND walking me through the basic concepts (using screen sharing such as GoToMeeting). To my understanding, the best way is to use Joomlas built in features for this.

If you are an expert at Joomla and securing forms, AND you dont mind connecting screens to TEACH me the basics, Id like to hear from you 🙂


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Electronic Book Production

I have about 200 forms that I have catergorized and I need them in ebook format so that my staff can go to the book, i.e. "auto accidents" and have a list of all the forms I have categorized. Click on the form and it pulls up. I want my logo on the front of the "book" so it appears to be officially mine.

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I have forms that have already been designed and majority of the forms are already
functioning, but functioning badly and missing fields as well as functionalities. You will need to rewrite all the code from and verify every field to ensure it is properly programmed. The back end for the member users requires some changes and some features to be added and programming. The back end for the web admin control panel has to be done completely and everything done prior must be disposed of and done as new. The database name needs to be changed as well as all the links to outside databases removed completely. No website design, the site design is already there only the module and databases to support. All the collected data is mostly for backend in databases and in control panel. There is some e-commerce with the use of payment as main gateway. Payments will be done on the fly and immediate so when the user is forwarded to paypal to finish and process payment they are brought back to site to continue with the process. If paypal payment is e-check then paypal will automatically send message to database and changes to confirm payment will be done automatically.

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Edit My Site

My site

Please visit the site to get a better understanding

I need the following work done:
1.My current forms(contact etc) through out the whole site do not work.
2. Need an additional 6 custom forms created.
3. Need to upload a dozen document to hyperlink through out the site.
4. Need to change main/header photo on some pages.
5. Need to make some cross links between pages.
6. Need to have all text font, size, color, etc., the same throughout site.

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Adjusting PHP Forms

This project is very simple and it can be done by professional in very less time, so only professional users are allowed. I dont have much time thats why im putting it up. My budget is not more than $30. I want it to be done as soon as possible.

Also Provide me example of same kinda work you have done before.

Project Details:
When user click on sign-in button it refreshes the page and open sign-in form, but i want to open it in the same page without refreshing the page. Same with Forget password.

More Information will be provided via PMB.

Have Fun!

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Add Form Fields To PDF

I have 9 sets of 4 PDF documents that need to have form fields added (36 PDFs in total)
These are simple forms and have many repeated elements that will make adding fields easy.

The final forms are for offline filling and do NOT need to be submitted by clients.

Please bid on the entire lot of PDFs taking into account repeated elements. A sample of the PDFs can be supplied by PM if required.

Thank you.

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Daily Deal Web Site (Like Groupon)

# group buying platform in ASP.NET 3.5 + SQL Server 2008
# newsletter through
# payment gateways trough bank of choice + PayPal
# pushing deal throughfacebook + twitter
# facebook like box
# support for online (url) + offline (printed coupons) affiliation
# deal RSS
# full CMS
# communication forms for cooperation with other companies
# creation of coupons in PDF
# intagration of Google Maps for daily Deal location
# reports + coupon list for partners
# Backend system for management of deals, users, affiliations, orders etc
# support for CAPTCHA in all forms

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HTML Forms With XML

We have an HTML form we want created. It will be used on a Yahoo Small Business website. When the user clicks on "Submit" the answers to the various questions will be emailed and eventually uploaded to a MS Access database. Its actually quite a simple project.

Respond to this and I will send you a spreadsheet that defines the form for your review and bid.

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Fixing Some Php Forms

Private project…

For dswtechnologies only!

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2 Parts Job-1st Part Everyone Can Do,2nd Part CPA Leads Pro.

Greetings everyone.

there are 2 parts to this project.

Phase 1 – Easy as filling up forms! [anyone can do this]
You will be paid once for filling up a certain number of forms from a website.
You may do this only once.
Do check the project clarification board time to time.
pls bid according to per 100 forms and state in the bidding its phase1.

Phase 2 – CPA lead provider for 1 month*
This phase requires professionals experienced in this field to bid only. More will be discussed after knowing individual more..

Thanks everyone.. theres opportunity for everyone. So u may bid accordingly, pls state on the main bid board which phase u are interested in and more will be discussed in PMs.

Thanks again everyone.. Im using the GMT+8 time zone so i may not be able to answer all msges at ur timing..

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Proejct For Nur /grvdent Joomla 2 Addon Forms

Proejct for nur /grvdent joomla 2 addon forms

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I Need A WordPress Website Created From A Graphic

I need a WordPress website created. I will provide the html of the home page that will need to be turned into a wordpress theme. I will also provide a psd file of the inner pages that you will need to generate html for.

The theme needs to support multiple sidebars
-5 sidebars in the footer section
-1 for blog posts
-1 for pages

I have the hosting space and I will install wordpress ahead of time and you will be given FTP and admin access to it.

The navigation needs to utilize the new menu capabilities in WordPress 3.

The featured content area on the home page will need to take advantage of custom fields to display ALL information on each slide from both pages and posts. I can provide clarification if needed.

Contact forms will need to be created using the Gravity Forms plugin (I already have a license).

Plugins that need to be installed AND configured:
-Gravity Forms (license key will be provided)
-Ultimate Google Analytics
-SEO plugin by Yoast
-Wordpress Backup (by BTE)
-WordPress Database Backup
-Akismet (key will be provided).

A facebook page "like" box will also need to be added.

Permalinks need to be turned on to be %category%/%postname%

Meta keywords and descriptions need to be written for each page using SEO plugin by Yoast

.htaccess files needs to be updated to use proper caching of files (code will be provided).

A list of pages that will need to be created will be given to you and you will be expected to write the content for those pages.

w3c standards need to be adhered to as closely as possible.

The website is for a local shoe sales and repair shop.

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Html Form Data Output To Merge Into Pro-forma Html Script

Write a forms code in html, so that upon output data is merged into pro forms html templates.

Details and a working example of what is needed is at one of my sites, start here – a-set-of-instructions.html at www.fox20085 in /folder formsBH — that is:- Please do NOT contact me via that site, only reply via this site – I will not deal with anyone directly.

This work is quite simple for anyone conversant with html, php and pearl type scripts. I have had such forms written before, and I guess the work is 2 hours – too 4 hours.

There will certainly be follow up work over the next three (3) months to improve the form as I start to use it, such as, e.g. make merged html template data output link to a word-press input form, automatically on click button by a form box lodge words inside box with google maps, take the url from the google maps result, encode the words with that url, so that a box can be clicked and the google maps code appears, which replaces a manual step. However, for the moment, only quote for thew basic work via a-set-of-instructions.html, but you must be willing to do 10 – 20 hours more work over a few months as needed – price to be agreed.

Any questions, feel free to ask.

Rob Fox

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E-filling Form O Website + Shopping Cart

I am looking for persons / companies who would be able to create a website where customers can fill out forms online.
Forms are ready in PDF format in English, and personally I can not edit them.
This would look something like this:

1.A customer selects the appropriate form (which is interested)
2. It shows the price, each form will have a different price, I give them later, and delivery (via email or by post)
3.After acceptance, the client goes to the list of questions that needed to form
(The entries are transferred automatically to the cells ready PDF form – attached for review one, they are in English, translated will sent you, what and where in what field you want to have a counterpart in the form)
4.After completing the data are stored on our server
5. When you select a payment method, shipping (via email immediately after payment online or by mail)
6. Client shall make a payment using the payment module (module is ready, simply implement SAGE Gateway)
7.Po payment, the customer receives an email with the completed form.

For information, send one of these forms (there are about 15, some have more or less the same pages, but also those which are 1-2 pages. All are in English and are to remain in that language.
Services and web page to be in Polish and will be directed to people who do not know English, so they can using our website fill out the form in Polish, but I get it already filled as the original.

On the website would be an option for a number of shopping cart services, the payment module the same Sage.
On the home page will be a description of the company what it does and a list of forms. It would be good if we could manage the content of the CMS on the home page by adding a variety of information and bookmarks.
On both sides of the page to add a ready-made banners affiliate program.

I would ask for a quote and execution time, a preliminary draft for me
(I have to present for inspection)
would be made until the end of March.

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Implement 45+request Forms And Pdfs Into A Site

Client has a travel company and I need help with updating contact forms (all content already provided) for 45+ countries
-the remaining countries will have a tour that is a pdf (20+ countries)
-pdf will be implemented into the site

This project is not challenging to someone who knows code and doesnt mind busy work.

All content is provided…your job is to just plug it into the site. Please contact me with questions! Only honest, qualified people please apply.

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Contact Forms With Captcha

We have a requirement for someone to adapt our contact form to incorporate captcha and email resulting form contents to several email addresses.

Simple project for someone skilled in php and captcha.

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Contact Forms With Captcha

We have a requirement for someone to adapt our contact form to incorporate captcha and email resulting form contents to several email addresses.

Simple project for someone skilled in php and captcha.

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Lead Form, Other Additions To Already Designed Site.


Need someone to work on this ASAP!

Need some revisions done on a site. Basically need a few more images created and added, some text thrown on, and a quote form made functional. In addition, need 3 more quote forms created that rotate so I can get data on which one converts best. Thinking of using google tracking for each form, if you have other solution, please tell me.

2- images
-3 quote forms. <—- already have a quote form on site that will be used as a template, with text changes only, so take this into consideration when bidding.

Paying between $80-$125

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SharePoint Developer/Word Forms/VBA Consultant

Small consulting firm in Eastern US has immediate need for a SharePoint expert with strong programming skills; strong experience with Word forms/VBA scripting required. Problem-solving, communication skills, and a positive attitude are a must. Position is part-time contract

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Basic Php Forms

I am a web designer, but I am looking for some php simple works I can easily use, as: users generators, signing in forms, java or php calendar to select dates. ftp to upload pictures and post them online.

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Submit Our Message On Contact Forms Of 1000 Blogs

You need to submit our partnership request message to 1000 blogs on their "Contact Us" page.

You need to take a screenshot once you paste the message on the contact Us form and type the verification captcha, before you click submit, so we know that you have manually sent our marketing message.

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Submit Marketing Message On Contact Forms Of Sites And Blogs

You need to submit our marketing message to 1000 websites or blogs on their "Contact Us" page.

You need to take a screenshot once you paste the message on the contact Us form and type the verification captcha, before you click submit, so we know that you have manually sent our marketing message.

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Dixie Forms V3

1. Create new Web Form and PDF for Dixie boys
2. Create method for store owneer to regenerate orders abondoned after submit for payment
3. Move the password verification code on logon closer to the password box. With the current refreshed design, many people are not seeing it and it generates support calls saying they cannot logon.

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Dotnet Work For Auto Website

Need .net 3.5 or higher work done. I need it done in 14 days or less. Ill pay $200 for this work.

Heres more info
First Step:
The CONTROL PANEL of each users account : ( Dealers & Public users ) will be improved and rearranged.
I have all a very good description image file, it will be available to you at your request.

2nd Step

You will create the following subcategory tabs for the forms you will create in this project.

| Purchase Record | Expenses | Credit App | Test Drive | Contract | Bill of Sale | Payments | Forms | Reports |

Third Step:
Under each sub category , you will create web based forms ( also printable version) ALL FORMS MUST BE CREATED PRECISELY AT THEY ARE DESCRIBED IN THE SAMPLES .

Fourth Step:
Majority of data will pull from already existing form " Bill of Sale " and copied to each form.
Each form must be printable and the ability of saving the changes that was input into the forms.

This should be a very simple project.
All form samples will be available in PDF file format for you to create a web based required form. Each page in a PDF file is ONE form.
The form in this PDF file is placed in chronological order.
There is a total 20 Forms.
Most information in the fields would be copied from already existing form on the web site.

The payment terms for the project will be 4 payments of 25%. Ill escrow 25% right away. Once thats been done Ill release it and escrow another 25%. And so on.
So 4 total milestones for the project.

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Integrate Extjs Forms Tools For A Doctor Referral Site

I need someone with EXTENSIVE Extjs experience – not just someone who knows javascript. DO NOT APPLY UNLESS YOU ARE FAMILIAR WITH EXTJS.

Website: a membership website where health care professionals (doctors, nurses, etc) log into the site and send correspondence to other doctors. I want to be able to add contacts via extjs forms, display them in an editable grid (or grid that has been bound to a form). The user can send encrypted forms (via GnuPG or other method) to persons in their contact list. When filling out the forms, they can also choose to add a new contact on the fly which will save new contact and send form with one click. Multiple forms will need to be created for each doctor type and displayed for only that type. They can choose from a long list of forms to send by making some favorites or choosing from a long list.

In the profile you can choose to allow your name to be searched. If this is checked, then you can also log in to see any correspondence you have received. Otherwise, the correspondence is outgoing only and you will not be able to see what you have received.

The outgoing forms will allow users to choose if they want to send via email, fax, or snail mail. The email is easy – a method to send faxes can either be done by subscription to fax service, but Id rather queue them into a FOIP on our own server to save $. The snail mail feature may be an addition in the future and will probably have to be contracted out to a service.

The information entered into forms for contacts as well as correspondence will need to be saved in mysql as encrypted data. Everything will need to run via SSL for sake of HIPAA.

The users contact list should be presented in a grid and editable. The "sent" correspondence should be listed in a searchable grid as well but not editable. A rowexpander grid would be best for this.

The user will have 30 days free and afterwards have to sign up for small monthly subscription. Faxes will be charged at a per-page fee (or per MB depending on service). Snail mail will also incur an extra fee.

Invoicing and other profile pages must be built – Im considering Joomla to take care of all of that but throw some suggestions at me.

Site must be a nice ajax/web 2.0 look and feel with open spaces and pleasing to use. Please only apply if you speak english very well. Experience with health care apps is a plus. Future work depends on how well this site goes.

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Website Forms Fix – Contact Forms Fix

Need Forms Fix – All contact forms go straight to email.

Some fields dont come through in email. Need formatting of the fields fixed.

Very simple/quick project. Will give all details to qualified bidders.

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NBill Customization, Quote Forms, Order Forms, Joomla

I am looking for a developer with working experience with nBill, a joomla extension.

I want to modify the existing Quote Form to add products and pricing to it. I want the Quote Form to have the same formatting options as the Order Form. The Quote Form should be able to add "related product categories" and "related products" to it; as well as being able to calculate price based on product selected and quantity.

This is so that my customers can create their own quotes using the Quote Form and get instant pricing, without having to wait for me to generate a quote for them.

I would also need a few complex quote forms and order forms created. These would contain many dynamic drop-down menus and options. These would have to perform calculations based on product and qty. I would like the user to be able to select a product type (parent category) from a drop down menu, which would then provide more product options specific to that type. These products options would vary in price and would need to be calculated based on qty.

For example, if the user selects "Flooring" from a drop down box (which would also contain other product parent categories, such as "painting", "molding & trim", "electrical", etc.) then there would be another drop down to select the flooring type. This would be "Tile", "Wood", "Carpet", etc. Then there would be more options depending on the selection. Additionally, there would be a drop-down to select whether or not the user knows the square footage. If "yes", then provide a numerical value box to enter the quantity. If "no", then provide multi-selectable radio buttons with the room type options "kitchen", "bathroom", "living room", etc. I could supply the average values for these "room types" which would be hidden from the user but added together to form an average or "planning stage" estimate for the customer.

These forms would need to be created for Quotes (so that the customer can get an instant price without having to pay) and for Orders (so that the customer can pay for services that they selected).

In addition, I would like some work done in the back-end so that it is more user-friendly. Mainly, using AJAX to pull the product info into the fields when the appropriate SKU is keyed in; instead of having to click the "lookup sku" button, wait for window to open, and have to select the product from the list. I would also like to have 5-10 lines of items available instead of just the one.

Please only reply if you have experience with nBill and also explain your experience.

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Redesign Web Forms

Redesign some of the forms and pages to accommodate online submission to our sharepoint site
1 Creating and Connecting website form to our internal portal for submitting contact information and resume.
2 Create a job posting module which will have admin login for posting the job while guest can view and post their information.

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Catering Company

The freelancer will:
1) take a new design template (already designed by us) and apply it to a 5 page website (inc. 2 forms), freelancer has the freedom to modify this layout within reason
2) optimize forms layout and flow (the site has simple forms, so not too much time here is needed)
3) use php, valid xhtml and valid seo tactics for tags/content; use css layout from Matthew James Taylor and css reset from Eric Meyer; use jquery
4) implement lightbox for gallery and testimonials
5) add in a few content items: 3-5 more testimonials/images. freshen content placement
6) well provide 6-10 photos that "theme" the website, they will need to be used to graphically enhance the content
7) adjust site music with provided file
8) validate compatibility for ie7+,ff+2+,chrome,saf3+,opera 8+ (all within 95-98%)
9) finalize the project by making sure 1-8 are complete and run on our server (w2k8r2+iis7+perl+php5.2.6)

Terms & Conditions of Freelancer/Employer relationship:
1. All code, programs, flash, images, designs produced by the freelancer that pertain to this project are fully released (copyrights, code, intellectual property, etc) to the employer.
2. Freelancer will not attempt to make contact with the owner of the website or web app. Freelancer will only make contact with the employer.
3. Freelancer agrees and understands that all information of this project is intellectual property of the employer and will keep this information confidential.
4. Upon completion (as determined in the project description), payment will be rendered to the freelancer by the employer and all produced assets of this project will be turned over or released to the employer.

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