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Custom MS Excel Formula

I need a custom formula created for MS Excel, compatible with 2007 and newer. This formula will determine total material usage based on the following:

1. Material units are 10 sticks. The returned value will be in number of units.
2. The material is used to build a frame: minimum dimensions is 4 x 4, with no maximum size, using 2 increments.
3. The formula will optimize material usage and use waste as applicable.
4. The formula will factor is waste due to 45 degree cuts at the corners.
5. A joint cannot fall within 4 of the frame corner.

Please let me know of any questions or clarifications.

Thank you

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Excel Vlookup, Match Or Index Formula

I have two spreadsheets (TestSheet1 and TestSheet2)

I would like TestSheet1 to look over TestSheet2 and add address data next to any matching name.

The solution may be vlookup, match or index formula

I am looking for an Excel expert who can provide the formula to solve this problem and provide it in the test spreadsheets provided.

I would like a solution within a few hours if possible and will select the first suitable bidder

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Create/Design Realistic Formula

Hi! I need someone to create formula, which will calculate true questions to the answer – "which came first, the chicken or the egg?" Process power may not be considered, as it is almost unlimited, I own 9 Quantum Core Desktop PC.

Happy bidding!

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Looking For An Excel Formula Master

Were looking for an Excel Formula master that can help us with a new calculation required. The formula calculation is based on a tiered commission schedule where commissions are calculated by a percentage up to a certain number. Once a certain number is achieved, the commission percentage increases, but not retroactively. There is also a max commission number that can be achieved which needs to be taken into account. Example excel file and complete commission schedule sample are available.

Please only serious bidders with advanced excel skills.

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Urgent Help Fixing SQL Formula And Jquery Form

We need urgent help to find an error on a formula that calculates costs values basing on a database.

Its a very simple formula written by a non professional. Should take not more than half an hour.

Then, we need to fix browser compatibility issues and presentation ugliness to the form you see and click on the big image.

Time is essential!

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Formula Needed To Calculate Distance:time In Animation

I need a formula to define the relative distance between 2 musical note icons (tabs), where distance represents duration, duration expressed as a multiplier of a variable beat. The tabs have a width which defines the minimum distance between them. So two tabs appearing right next to each other with no extra space between them would represent the shortest/smallest duration. The formula should describe how much space to put between subsequent tabs based on their duration value, a fraction of a variable beat.

This is for a music composition program.

I am not good with math. Or programming. I need this in a format that a programmer can use to create animations on the fly.

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Simple Iphone App

This is a simple app.

You enter 1-2#s and it calculates a formula.
There are about 12#s in the formula. Only 2 numbers will be the main #s entered, but the others will be viewable to be adjusted.

The inputs will use ONLY the number keypad.

I will give more in message board .

Very simple app – basically a spread sheet I have.
Needs to look nice and just work.

Should be well under $100.
I wont look at bids for more than that.
I prefer that you have iphone app experience in your portfolio but will work with you if you are new (show me something) and are eager to do great work and get great feedback.
I am looking for the lowest bid in the fastest time.

If we work well together, I have 12 other apps of fairly simple design, some will require more experience or complexity, but none are crazy.


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Simple Excel Formula

Excel sheet needs to compare two values (see: and based off that it needs to update the score.

This can be:
– Jackpot
– Excellent
– Good
– Fair
– Poor

Please see this zip file: for more details.

Each added line has to be automatically add this formula so I can add as many lines as I want.

Thank you for your time.

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One Page Use A Table To Display The Output Of A Math Formula

This is an easy project, only one page to display a output of a math fomula.
Please use php language for the project.

Math formula below:
input parameters: m,k, a, b (m, k are inetger, 1 <=k <= m <= 1000), (a,b are real number)
formula F(p,n) = xxxxxx (1<= p <= m) (1<= n <= p)
formula S(p) = yyyyyy (1<=p<=m)
You will need to do the following:
1. Input m, k, a ,b
2. array x[p,n] to store the result of F(p,n)
3. an array S[p] to store the result of S(p)
4. a table to display the result of x[p,n] and S[p] and some results (like ma, mb, S(p)-ma,

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Quick Excel Formula Work & Formatting Work

Just need to adjust a formula in an excel spreadsheet and also change the layout.

PM me for details.

Thank you.

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Import And Update Csv File Script

We need a script the will do the following:

1) Download a csv file from a given url. There will be multiple files, so we will need the ability to add as many urls as we would need.

2) When the file has downloaded, a formula will need to be applied to the price column, this will need to be chosen by us for each file.

3) When the formula has been applied, it will then save the file with a name that we supply.

4) We will need to be able to set a cron job for each file separately.

Our server runs on Linux Cent OS5.5

Please contact me if you need any more information.

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Excel Regression Analysis Tool

My ultimate goal is a tool that will perform a regression analysis on a set of given data so I can predict Y values for given Xs. I can get the required formula using Excels Chart and Trendline feature with a second-order polynomial, but every time the source data changes, the curve and formula change, and the formula coefficients that are used to find subsequent values must be changed manually.

Specifically, for the scope of this project, I need an Excel page in which I can post two columns of data (the charts X and Y axes), with six rows each for testing but expandable up to 20 rows. I need the formula that accurately describes the relationship between these two columns of data. I need this formula to update automatically when the source data changes. And I need this dynamic formula to populate a table with the calculated Y values for many given X values across a range of Xs. With open source data so I can duplicate it in other sheets for other purposes.

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PHP My Admin Formula For Zen Cart Needed

I need a formula which I can type into phpmyadmin which will give me the following details from the Zen Cart database which I can then export to an excel spreadsheet.

products_id from orders_products

(This is the product id that I wish the data to be displayed for)

Customers_id, customers_name from orders AND products_options_values from orders_products_attributes

(These are the 3 fields from 2 tables that I wish to view that are all related to products_id. The products_options_values may vary from single or multiple customer input but will be the same number per product_id).

Exported to excel

(Can do that bit on phpmyadmin)

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EXCEL Formula(s) & Or VBE Macros

This project is for a MASTER OF EXCEL

Freelancer to provide formula(s) and or maybe VBE Macros for use in numerical spreadsheets EXCEL 2007.

I need this NOW !

Please PM for details.

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ZOHO form development.
Hi i need a very simple form made in ZOHO creator.
Please ONLY response if you know ZOHO creator very well.
I need to have a form made with a formula which looks up a filed in a row and start making a calculation field.
I want to upload this very simple form to a very simple website to order products in a c ontainer.

[CBM choice] = numbers only no decimals user can ONLY choose out of: C20= value 33, C40= value 67, C40CH= value 76

[amount] = numbers only no decimals – variable but in between 1-99

[code] = numbers + letters only – This is existing info in form to look up data for formula

[price] = $ + numbers + 2 decimals – This is existing info in form to look up data for formula

[cbm] = numbers only + decimals – This is existing info in form to look up data for formula

[total price] = $ + numbers + 2 decimals – This is RESULT 1 of formula

[total cbm] = numbers only + 2 decimals – This is result 2 of formula. (IMPORTANT NOTE: the total of this formula can NEVER (!!!!) go over/is more than the choice of "overall cbm volume, chosen by user in step 1, field. [CBM choice] *** Form should give error with message to chose less products or a higher volume PLEASE VERY IMPORTANT. THIS is 1 part of my issue )

[price per piece] = $ + numbers + 2 decimals – This is existing info in form to look up data for formula

[cbm per piece] = numbers only + 2 decimals – this is existing info to look data for formula

First step:
User chooses for 3 maximum volumes: text to display: C20 or C40 or C40C with the values of C20= 33, C40= 67, C40CH= 76) example this case C20 – 33 CBM
Step 2:
User enters an item number (form looks up if product code exists) example DDG123WG
Step 3) automatic the price will be displayed on the form. example DDG123WG – $5 per item
Step 4) user will choose a number in between 1-99 to choose how many products of this item 7
step 4) automatic a row will be displayed

(displayed of course from left to right)
CBM Max volume – item nr. – price p/item – total pcs ordered – cbm per product – total cbms – total price – total order value – CBMs left over – total CBM ordered so far –
33 – DDG123WG –
$5 – (price per piece)
7 – (pieces)
0.09 – (in this case cbm for this product is 0.09)
0.63 – (7 pieces x cbm per product = total CBM these products ordered)
$35 – (7 pieces x $35)
$35 – (is the first order row in order form)
32.37 – (maximum CBM to order = 33 – (minus) 0.63 ( total CBM ordered so far)
0.63 – (total CBMs ordered so far)

The user can keep adding on, till it reaches the limit of the total ,maximum CBM value chosen in step 1.
when he thinks its fine, he can submit the form and an email with the results will be send to user and me.
i already have the form set up, but i can make it work that is sends automatically.

please help.
let me know how much, it should be done pretty fast. I have an csv example with fields ready. ;et me know how long it take, it would be great if i can move on today.


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Print Instant Price Calculator, Formula(excel) Based.

I need a price calculator for a print business. I need it to be based on a formula system the same as our current calculator we use in-house. Its a print business and need it to include maybe 10 items with their variables. steve shotz com au Our web site is built in joomla 1.5. We will need a couple of secure login with online shop at a later date too.
thanks steve

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Database And Imports

There are 2 aspects to this project:

1. Importing data from source a http [by passing parameters] link or hard drive, in both cases the file type is csv file
2. Database requires a recursive / repetitive function defined based on a formula [with variables such as number of records] to run comparison [as a combination, n c r ] between tables and store this comparison in a table.
3. Another recursive function – based on a formula to generate about 3 values and store it in a table.
4. Taks 1 , 2, 3 will be batch jobs run each day and should be able to be parameterized.
5. Be able to provide a query / report based on the above recursive calculations each day.

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I Need A Delphi Chemistry Program! Nomenclature Of Trinary

I need a program in delphi, made in windows application that can deduce the name of the components (trinary components) by receivng the formula, also by receivng the name to be able to deduce the formula of the component.
I am attaching a sample on inbox. The program needs to work in spanish and it is urgent! shall be done for sunday! Who can do it?

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Horse Racing Software – Just Put My Formula Into A Software

Hi, I will give a quick explanation of exactly what I am looking created.

Basically I have a formula that I follow when picking a horse but it is too time consuming to do for every race, what I do is find out 3 criteria of a horse and then put it into a spreadsheet to help me calculate the outcome of a horse and then I back the first 3 selections.

What I need this software to do is basically at the click of the button complete the formula for me and show me the output of which horse to pick.

I know of this that has been done before and so I have a rough guess as to how much this should cost, I know that this will be well under $300 anyway so do not make an offer if it is above that, sorry.

Anyway I will discuss fully with you if you want to ask any further questions about this project but basically the formula has been created already it is just upto you to put the formula into a software type calculator to make it a time saver for me.

I will even provide a mockup of how I want the interface to look to make it easier for you.

Looking forward to seeing the offers and getting the questions in thick and fast.

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Calculate Internal Rate Of Return

We are building an investing website and would like to provide our users with the ability to compute the IRR for their investments. The formula and solution method are readily available on Wikipedia. We are looking for someone to provide us with the step by step solution. The solution must be either:

1) Detailed and simple enough that a programmer can code it
2) Even better coded for us already. Our website is a Joomla website and uses php, ajax, javascript etc…

Ideally the formula should be able to handle multiple deposits and withdrawals at arbitrary time intervals.

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Excel Formula Help

I have a requirement for someone to build a formula which can do the following:

I have two sets of data in spreadsheets A and B.

I require a formula which can look at a time (hh:mm:ss) in a cell in spreadsheet A and look up the matching time in spreadsheet B, and also check that another cell in the same row as the matching time in spreadsheet B has criteria "X" and return the data from a third cell in the matching row in spreadsheet B.

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Metastock Formula Development

We need to write a program using Metastock formulas.

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Simple Excel Formula

This is a project that might now even be a project…I would appreciate any help you can give a formula for a cell in an excell sheet that simply adds a 1 in front of the phone numbers in a column of cells. BTW, I manage a few companies and have editing, programming, data manipulation, legal, etc. work all the time and would appreciative if someone could send me this excel code "gratis" – my usual source cannot be reached today.. I will return the favor by sending you the type of work you do for other projects.. I do not need any other fancy spreadsheet, just one formula for one cell that I can copy down..

At any rate, the attached spreadsheet is a column with phone numbers I wish to call. In order for my dialing software to dial correctly, they need to have a 1 in front o the 10 digit number. Since I will need to add the 1 to hundreds of phone numbers each week into the future, Id rather not do this individually, but instead find out the function that will turn the first column into the same number with a 1 on it. i.e. 214-723-3492 would now be: 1-214-723-3492. I dont think the dashes matter.. Does anyone know the function or can write this function?


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Make My Formula To Be Easier (excel)


we do excel calculation

but the steps i am doing right now talking long time

i need someone who is good i mathematic to write a nice formula to calculate the last result

in one step

will show him how we do current calculation step by step

u may need to use plugin or anything

what i concern about is only the last result that come correct

serious bidders only


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MMORPG Project


We are in develompent of an MMO game and face some network programming problems. Now we look for network programmer able to solve these issues.

Our programmer has prepared preliminary description to start discussions and find out all detailes of what will have to be made.

Here it is:
The main task of network management that needs to be done is a client

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HHS Wind Of Luck


We are in develompent of an MMO game and face some network programming problems. Now we look for network programmer able to solve these issues.

Our programmer has prepared preliminary description to start discussions and find out all

detailes of what will have to be made.

Here it is:
The main task of network management that needs to be done is a client

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UR Pro Charting Software

Major Objective :

Program will be called = UR Pro

Objective will be to log in into MB Trading in demo or live account and download and stream realtime data and create custom charts that are updated in realtime (historical bars also ) , and display the calculated result in defined settings.

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Excel Formula Parser To C/c++ Function

The objective is to parse the excel formula into a c/c++ function and store it in a file:

1. Parse the value of a cell and its precedant cells, which could also have formulas and so on.
2. The formulas that can be evaluated immediately.

if C[10] = 100 and C[11] = 20


D[10] = C[10]*10+C[11]*rand()+user_define_function()

then D[10] can be immediately evaluated as
= 1000 + 20 *rand()+user_defined_fuction()

The output of your add-in should be stored in a file as :

double func(){
double x = 100 + 20 * rand() + user_defined_function();
return x;

An example parser for excel cells can be found here:

Some comments:
1. You must take care of mapping excel data types to c/c++ data types.
2. You will need to prepare a dictionary of functions (can be hardcoded in the add-in/program) which will be skipped from immediate evaluation and outputed to the text of c/c++ function. In the above example such a dictionary would have two entries: rand and user_defined_function.
3. You will provide a user defined function e.g. =parse_cell(C[11]). This should parse C[11] by following the precedent cells if there are any. The parse_cell can return the string Done after creating the output file containing C/C++ function or any error message if unsuccessful.

You will deliver the source code and a regression test suite with example excel files.

The further details can be discussed after you are selected. If you have done similar projects before, please provide any references.

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Development Of A Formula/recipe

Provider will develop a formula/recipe for a certain paint/coating.

The formula/recipe should be ready for immediate production of the paint. Further information about the paint/coating will be given at a later stage, once confidentiality can be assured. It will not be a common type of paint.

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Upc Formula Creator In Excel

I need some to write a formula for me in excel that will convert my part numbers into UPC-A for format
My part number vary in length from 5 to 12 number. It must be a valid upc with checksum.

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Formula1 Blog Content Needed

Hi Freelancers –

We require content for a Formula 1 blog. This is a bit of fun for sports car buffs and a long term project where we can work together:

Initially we want to commission the following (all times GMT):

* 1 or 2 articles prepared and approved by 5pm Friday March 12 – general background and interest piece on Formula 1 and the 2010 race season
* 1 article prepared and approved by 5pm Tuesday March 16 – specific to the races which will be held over this weekend
* 5 general articles about Formula 1 between March and June
* specific articles commenting on each of the races until May 30 (according to the race schedule here:

We will:
* periodically supply you with keywords to embed in your articles
* pay either per article, on approval of the content, or at the end of the project – your choice
* require 100% ownership of your content
* review work produced and either renew our agreement or retender for this work for the rest of the Formula 1 season

Your articles must be:
* unique and pass plagiarism verifiers
* follow all standard English spelling and grammar rules (your choice of British or American)
* 350 – 500 words in length
* have 3 options for titles per article (approx 10 words in length each)
* have 3 options for article descriptions / abstracts per article (approx 20 words in length each)
* limit use of protected words and phrases wherever possible

Sorry for the tight turn around for bidding and the first article. Your quick response is very much appreciated.

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