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Link Posting

We are looking for someone to post between 50 and 100 links on websites within the UK which are similar to ours.

The website is

We will supply some text which we would like you to post to at least 50 websites which are related.

This is a fairly low cost project – we are looking for someone full time to help in the future but thought we would test the market by trying this first. Our holding company owns 300+ websites and the aim of this is to test and see how well it works.

The winning bidder will be chosen in the future for all additional work.

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Link Cloaking

i would like to create a web script for link cloaking or masking + description on that link
it also must have feature to record click on that link.
This script must be applicable for linux hosting.
Need to make 2 script, which:
1) user can upload and install it in their hosting.
2) they can use service from our hosting (they need to register and then
can use it to cloak their link).

*sorry for bad english.

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I need to get PR4 TO PR7 and to be in GOOGLE in top 10 .

If the project gives very good results, there will be next cooperation also –

– links must be permanent, active, never expiring.
– links must be in text, no graphics
– relevant websites or content to post backlink preferred
– no link exchange programs or web rings.
– only legitimate ways, no software and submitter bots.
– only white hat methods
– links need to have a good page rank.
– one way links only (no reciprocal links)
– must not contain the rel=nofollow tag.
– no redirects, JavaScript links, hidden links, Flash sites/pages, or other unethical or black-hat tactics.
– no black-hat tactics. No blacklisted or Spam sites or spamming techniques. No banned sites, porn, gambling, violent, illegal or hate-based sites.
– no hidden, cloaked, or redirected in any way
– links that are not approved will have to be replaced

We will require an excel report with the following info:.
– Site Title
– Site URL
– Site PR
– URL of page with link
– URL Page PR
– Anchor Text
– Date Submitted
– Date Accepted

*********************************BID WITH A SAMPLE SHEET & LOWEST BID WILL BE SELECTED***********************************

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Spanish Link Builder (forum/ Blogs)


I need 3 links per week for 4 websites – a totalt of 12 approved and published backlinks per week. Anchor test is not important, it could be "juan" or some other name.

All links must be from Spanish sites – not just Spanish speaking, but sites from Spain (not argentina, mexico etc)

The links CANT be from the same pages on blogs. Some must be to the root domain, some to individual posts, 50/50.

For each 10 links 3 should be forum and 7 blog comment. 3 of those 10 should be do-follow.

All comments must be from on topic forums/ blogs (mobile phones/ technology)

Had a link builder before that failed at this – you should know what youre doing.

The job is for 3 months = 150 links. You decide the escrow interval.

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Data Entry Link Posting

Need someone to post links to blogs, no automated software. Person needs to be able to write in English at a high level.

We will need 50 accepted links posted every day 5 days a week and will give you exact instructions on how to post to various blog and forums. We will give you 5 test posts first. If we like your work, well give you the job. Hours start from 8am eastern time to 4pm eastern USA time. The job pays $1.00USD per hour to start. This will turn into a long term position if we like your work. You will need to verify that all of the comment were accepted at the end of the day.
– At each forum or blog we will need you to setup a new account. We will provide an email address for this and you will have to login to the forum or blog.

– Each post must be at least 4 sentences long, which is around 48 words in length. Using correct grammar and sentence structure

– Forums range in many different topics. Some are technical forums, so research may be needed on your part to make a nice post.

– The posts must be written in good English and always relevant to the threads.

– MANUAL POSTING ONLY. No use of software. Do not copy and paste text from other forums or websites. Do not spam or do anything that would get you banned.

– The posts cannot start a thread. They MUST be replies to existing threads and must be related to threads without creating spam posts.

– Only postings with working signature and publicly visible links are accepted. If you have to log in to see it, the link will NOT be counted.

– We will require an Excel report with the following information:

1. URL of page where our link is located.
2. Date the link has been placed, and the comment you posted
3. Username
4. Password

Will Mostly Include:

1) Content Creation

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SEO / Link Building In Bulgarian

You must complete the project for 3 days!

We are looking for a qualified Link Builder to provide us with: 100 One-Way, non-reciprocal, do follow links from Bulgarian Sites with a Google PR3+ for 1 website and 1 keyword.

– Directory submission
– Forum posting
– Social Bookmarking
– Blog comments
– Social Networks Submission
– Articles Submission

The project is for Bulgarian language sites only!

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Link Building For Many Sites


I am looking for a a link building service to build links on a daily basis. The links should be relevant to the category that I specify as well.

Send me your prices / package.

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Forum Posts

120 relevant posts to travel related forums – adding links to our two websites ( we will give you directions )
You must use 30 different forums – no more than 2 posts on the same site
Very good English
Comments must be relevant to forum subject and demonstrate that you read the ongoing discussion;
Each posting must have different content;
Minimum 30 words of original and quality writing per posting
URL Link to our website must be inserted in each posting and be active.
Links within posts must be made with the anchor text provided
The links must do follow
The page which the link is on must be indexed and cached by Google.
Sites must be from different C-class IPs
Reporting must be provided

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Backlinks Building, Comments Posting On Pages With +2 PR

Hello dear all..!!

We are looking for some professionals in Backlinks Building..

Our target, is to get a 100 posts on pages with page rank 3 or higher.. DO FOLLOW..!!
Thus, if the pages where the posts are, apply the HTML TAG rel="nofollow", then they are unacceptable.

Websites, where those links are placed should be encoded in UTF-8, for the links to show up properly.

You will be provided with a txt file, that contains a ready HTML + BBCode that you need to enclose in your posts (seek attachments for the txt file).

If you think you meet our needs, want to bid and have the chance to be accepted, please.. send us a comment, with at least 1 post with the links provided as a sample for your work.

– Hasan

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I Need 200 Forum Comments( Adveritising My Software )

I need 200 forum comments( adveritising my software ) to existing forum posts related to "problem/searching for solution" which solves/provides my software

I will provide url to my software site

and your responsibility will be to post posts about my software with link( clickable ) to my site on different forums related to area of my software

not indexed by google links are not counted

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Forum Link Posting

I need these tasks a month:

1. Forum posts in different medical forums – they have to stick
2. Reports in excel format
3. daily communication a must
4. long term commitment

I need someone who is honest, hard working, and who will do exactly what I want. Please no deceptive bids, honest bids only.

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Mutlimedia Website That Link To A PhpBB Forum


I need to add some multimedia fucntions to an exsiting phpbb3 forum including setup for file upload, download and users account registration using these applications below:

1- Wimpy Player (Rave version) :

2- Filechucker (file upload, download) :

3- Userbase (for registration) :

Setup requirements : the user will have his/her own upload, download account and folder, admin will have the ability to control the contents (approval process that can be turn off, email notification, bandwith control…) , has the ability to scan for viruses and malwares. The page has to be custom design for mutimedia purposes (movie, music and picture display) and uses pop up style to keep users on the original forum (phpbb3) while enjoying mutimedia fucntions on the popups. You can utilize and implement any open source CMS to achieve the result and put a link button on the phpbb forum, as long as it hepls users to easily adapt and enjoy it is ok (simple design, big icon and nice color theme…), flash is prefered. All of the softwares above have been purchased, please go over their website for more information. I think this set up will need four pages, one for registration, one for upload, download that show the folders and file structure, one for the player and the last one is for admin control. First 25% payment will be send out when you show me some design visual, the next 25% is when you can show me some test on fuctions and the rest is when you are completed the integration and all the files have been transfered. I have some design sample, will show you in PM. Thank you for reading!

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Simple Forum Posting

We plan on hiring a group of 10 forum posters.

You will be posting on various forums which I provide you over the course of the next few months (estimation next

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Advert Management & Forum Posting – Fingerprint ONLY

As discussed

working 1st November till 1st december

8 user accounts posting at least 3-5 messages per account per day

all adverts updated to remain in sync with main site between 1st november – 1st december

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Forum Poster

Hey all,

I have a marketing list of the following in a specific niche:

meetup groups
facebook groups

I need someone to post on the various forums, blogs and social sites to help generate some traffic to a squeeze page for testing. There will be multiple posts needed and I will provide the content for the forum posting.

It is also required to record everything on an excel sheet including the links to all the comments.

I need work to start ASAP



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150 Blog & Forum Comments

I need 150 Links by blog & forum commenting. Im on budget so low prices have more chances to attract my attention. PLEASE, do not bid only to offer me other link building packages. I dont need P&A links, or any other services except 150 LINKS.

– ALL links must be DOFOLLOW.
– Minimum page PR = 3 (thats not homepage PR but page where the link will be set).
– No Freehost Blogs
– OBL strictly less than 100
– No Porn/Adult/Viagra/Poker/Casino Blogs
– Only 1 comment per Blog (Im not interested in placing more links on the same blog but different articles.)
– Manual creation of links. No automated scripts allowed.
– Links must be approved and permanent (I dont accept links in signature or places that may be changed after some weeks by the service provider).
– No black hat techniques, no iframes or other means of displaying links with no value for a link building campaign.

I will provide you with 2 keywords with links for each of them. For main keyword I need 100 links. For secondary keyword I need 50 links.

Time required to accomplish this task: 3 – 5 days.

After you will finish, you must provide me a report in Excel that contains: keyword, link where it is placed, page PR. I will check all link and I will pay you only if ALL links are OK. If I will find nofollow links or pages with PR less than 3 you will have to resubmit those links somewhere else.

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Longterm Link Building Service Needed For 10 Websites.

This is the start of a long term business relation. we own more that 10 micro niche websites most of them are under development. I need to find link builders for our websites.
The niches including dentistry, medical, cooking, games and automotive.

we will start a small task in this project just to discover good link builders and later there will be much work.
######## please send your prices for blog commenting, forum posting, articles submission, pr distribution, web 2.0 creation, link wheels and any other link building services you can make in the pm#######################

task of today,
25 blog comment, 25 article directory submission and 25 forum post.
blogs and forum posts should be on pr2+ and relevant pages

1-only dofollow, permanent links on related pages will be paid for .
2- no spamming the comments should be related to the post.
3- any links on pages with more than 8 links including ourlink will be neglected.
4-each link should be in a different domain, ip address.
5-excel sheet report required that contains the exact url, pr ,ip addres, number of outbound links,

No link farms accepted. One link per domain will be counted .

Links must be static html links. Including the target keywords I provide in anchor text
Links must be permanent, active, never expiring.

nooooooooooo black or Grey hat at all, just pure white hat.

this is only a test project there will be much more jobs once we find a good link builder.

################ no milestones, payment on finish. #############
################ keep your bids low the budget is limited so price matters ############

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800 Forum Posts

I need 800 forum posts about my software

I will provide url to my software site

and your responsibility will be to post posts about my software with link to my site on different forums related to area of my software

I need 800 posts

3 posts per 1 unique forum

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Link Posting Project Urgent

I Want to Post links for my web…
Project is very easy, just create forum account and post one link and so on. A list of Forums/Websites will be provided where Links have to be posted as well as postlink type and other things will to be provided.
Bid only 30$ so that i am sure you read the description fully and write "Dragon" also…
payment will be done after the work has been done….
Payment only through GAF or Money Booker.
For further detail please PM.

Happy Bidding !!!

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Link Wheels Poster

1) show experience in previous link wheels.
2) tell me the no. of articles and we will provide it.
3) You need to signup and post in link wheel fashion.
4) very fast delivery
5) cost – please remember you are just linking and posting, we are giving you the articles

Dont bid if you have no experience in linkwheels. begin your bid with read it so i know u read these instructions

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Backlink Building Service Creation(design/script)

Need a website like but with followings options:
(ajax behaviors )
Design and the logo would be really simple…
Member will be able to buy following services;
Articles submissions
Press release submission
Directory submission
Social Bookmarking
Relevant links
Articles writing
VIdeo creation
Press release

Client will be able to deposite money and order submissions.
Rhey will pay only for the number they select.(will be able to request panding money in the account)

Each client will have dedicated member page where they can communicate with the service:
poste message, send files, receive files

Order statuts.

Admin will be able to send message to the clients, send order delivery with attached files.
Create a promotioal code for reductions
configure the price for each submission and services

You can use a cms and customise it regarding our requirements.

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Blogs & Forum Poster PR > 6


Link building at blogs & forums :
1- Must be dofollow
2- PR of the comments page is >= 6
3- Auto approve
4- Comments without login
5- links anchor text directly to my website link .
If you have experiences of this job before then show me your skills .
serious SEO professionals are always welcome .


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Simple Forum Posting

We plan on hiring a group of 10 forum posters.

You will be posting on various forums which I provide you over the course of the next few months (estimation next

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Simple Forum Posting

We plan on hiring a group of 10 forum posters.

You will be posting on various forums which I provide you over the course of the next few months (estimation next

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100 PR+4 And Up One Way Links Needed

Hello guys,
i want PR+4 and up one way back links for an health insurance broking site. the links should permanent and do follow. we need atleast 100 links.
request you to sent the list of pages where you will publish the same, links will be examined first and then payment will be done.
canditate most probably should be from mumbai india, anchor text will be provided by us. no forum posting, signatures and link farm allowed.
please with your bid let us know the ETA for the task.
Thank you

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Link Building Needed

I need complete link building service for 2-3 sites. 1st we will start with 1 site if this goes well we will continue with other 2. Let me know you best price for each site and White Hat Only!

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Facebook Link Posting For Ahsan

Link Posting on Facebook as discussed

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Link Building Via Forum And Blog Commenting

I am in need of a forum and blog poster to assist in increasing traffic and establishing high value backlinks to one of my web sites. The idea is that you will familiarize yourself with the subject matter of the web site, visit forums and blogs that are related to my sites niche, and post a unique and informative entry to the forum or blog while including a link to either the home page or an interior page of my site. My site is about travel and area attractions.

All forums or blogs that you post to must have a current Google pagerank of 3 or higher for their home page and they must be follow sites (meaning that they do not use nofollow links). Our audience is American and for this position it is important that the posts contain PERFECT American English.

What I will provide:
. A link to my web site so that you may familiarize yourself with the niche.
. A list of a few sample web sites that I think would be good candidates for posting.
. Links to some sample posts so that you understand what I expect in a typical post.

Timeline: 4 weeks minimum, 8 weeks maximum. For this project, I need a total of 80 links to my site from blogging and forum commenting. The links need to be built over a period of time rather than all in one day. The posting rate will be a maximum of 20 per week. If you post 20 per week, you can be finished in 1 month. We can extend the length as necessary if you do less than 20 per week, but all 80 posts should be finished within 8 weeks maximum.

. 80 high quality links to my web site resulting from natural sounding forum and blog posts to web sites of at least Google pagerank 3. A minimum of 40 of the links should point to my home page, the rest can be interior pages.
. A weekly report providing links to the pages or posts that you created. You will be payed based on this weekly report, so its important that none of your posts are removed. The weekly report shows me the quality of the posts you are creating, so I may contact you with feedback regarding your posts.

How you will be payed:
. You will receive 25% of your bid for each 20 posts that you create and submit to me in your weekly reports. If any of your posts are removed due to inappropriate conduct or policy violations, they will not count.

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Need Blogs PR1-8 Interested In Link Placement/blog Posting

Hello, I am in need of 100+ blogs that are interested in link placement and/or blog posting.

For link placement, here are the details and compensation:

– Each blog will be needing to place "5 links" and be paid every month.
– These links will be about HEALTH.
– Compensation: PR 1 = $2, PR 2 = $3, PR 3 = $6, PR 4 = $9, PR 5 = $14, PR 6 = $18, PR 7 = $24, PR 8 = $30
– BEFORE YOU BID #1: Interested bidders need to submit an Excel report that have at least 5 blogs which have already placed the links after I sent you my first message on interview as my first message will include all the details. Each blogs will be manually checked.
– After first submission, theres no minimum blogs to be submitted anymore. As much as you can, please submit an Excel report every week.

For blog posting:

– PR 3 and up only, strictly.
– Each blogs will be needing to write their own post for a "guest blog posting".
– 300+ original word article with 2 text links in the "author bio section" showing my name and a brief description about me.
– The topic will cover anything you like from dating, health, sex advice, insights on midlife or senior living, herpes, erectile dysfunction, weight loss, hair loss, flu prevention, skin care to allergy relief.
– You can write personal responses as long as its professional.
– Compensation: PR3 = $7, PR4 = $12, PR5 = $18, PR6 = $23, PR4 and under 100K Alexa score = $27
– BEFORE YOU BID #2: Interested bidders should submit to me at least 1 blog that have already posted a guest blog post after I sent you my first message on interview as my first message will include all the details.
– After first submission, theres no minimum blogs to be submitted anymore. As much as you can, please submit an Excel report every week.

Important: If you are going to bid, make sure you are able to do the BEFORE YOU BIDs before bidding. Either of the two would do. For me to make sure you understand this job posting, please include "I understand what I have to do".


Please work before bidding and let us discuss further.

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Homework Resources

The homework resources for iPhone includes:

Stage 1: Quiz (Matching, Cloze, Multiple Choice, Short Answer, Order)
Stage 2: Database modules + Wiki modules
Stage 3: Assignment modules (similar to Forum posting + attachment)
+ Glossary modules (90% = Forums)
+ Choice modules (100% = Multiple Choice of Quiz)
+ Journal modules (90% = Glossary)

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Forum Link Building Project For Jasonvishva

500 one way backlinks to my website using forum posting for websites with no less than PR 4. This is specifically for jasonvishva.

Report to be provided with all links and sources and PRs of the websites where the link resides.

Guarantee of links to stay on the sites for 2 years.

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