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Need Forum Poster


I want a forum poster who can be active in my id in few black hat forums and coding forums and just participate in conversations there or reply to that people can see my signature.And if someone ask related to my service they can post in their thread.Im willing to pay 15 cents per post.Its not compulsory that you should post daily.I need you to do this for 15 days min 10 post daily and if everything goes good i can give this job for another 6 months atleast.

Need only serious person. forum names and account details will be given in PMB.


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Need Forum Poster


I want a forum poster who can be active in my id in few black hat forums and coding forums and just participate in conversations there or reply to that people can see my signature.And if someone ask related to my service they can post in their thread.Im willing to pay 15 cents per post.Its not compulsory that you should post daily.I need you to do this for 15 days min 10 post daily and if everything goes good i can give this job for another 6 months atleast.

Need only serious person. forum names and account details will be given in PMB.


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Forum Makeover

i have a standard PHPbb forum (plus some mods).
i want it radically changed to a more aesthetically pleasing forum such as s forum or that can incorporate ads (important). I dont want a standard PHPbb look
i am happy for it to depart from phpbb, as once it is modified so much, i dont see how i could continue to keep up witht he new phpbb releases? i need to be able to service and maintain it myself, and add the ads etc myself.
Needs an ad-track system, (although I am getting this with my other project so maybe that would transfer)
SEO awareness is extremely important, with retention of topics and subject names in the index
Need to be able to limit link posting to forum admin
would also like a box to go on my other website showing a feed of the latest posts
needs to have an excellent spam-blocking system of course

Optional – new logo design

I need this done asap, before tax year ends at least.

(i also have a project going for another website rebuild)

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Website Community Oriented (forum, Point System, Etc.)

I need a solid website, community oriented.

Personal account, forum, points system, affiliation program inside.

Please contact me for further info and website examples.


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Forum Poster Required

I am looking for experienced forum posters, quality working only in native english.

Poster needs to join in with conversation, No posts from gambling or porn related threads, try to avoid threads with 100s of spammers/pharmacy related content.

Quality posts only.

Forum needs to be indexed by Google.

If you can provide related forums that is the ideal.

In your application please include examples of your previous posts plus outline the cost per post.

If you have speciality in one area, please let me know.

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Vbulletin Google Checkout Payment Option

We have a vbulletin forum. Need an experienced freelancer to add Google Checkout payment option on the forum subscribe link. Currently you can only pay using Paypal, we would like to include Google Checkout.

Need an experienced Freelancer who can do a good job quickly at a competitive price. We always post jobs so if the freelancer is good we will use again.

SAJA team

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Coupon Site With Forum

Looking for coupon site with forum

Updated daily by RSS feeds, webmaster, and forum members

3 pages plus 1 forum page

Must be written in PHP

Already have OScommerce template installed for main pages
Already have phpbb forum installed

Must be SEO friendly

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50 Yahoo Answers, Forum, Bookmarking And Blog Posting

as we talk about.

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Forum Posts

Looking for some posters to kick start a parenting forum geared towards AU visitors.

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Do-follow Forum Posting. Prj #3

200 do-follow forum posting. (Not profile link building)

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WordPress Plugin Developer

We are looking for a well experienced person to work full time on creating custom WP plugins. Must have many years of WP and LAMP experience and be well versed at creating full custom plugins with custom database tables. PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML and CSS are a must.

We run a number of online communities that use WP as the CMS and vBulletin as the forum software. Any vBulletin experience will be a bonus. An example of the kind of plugin work we need would be a simple time line / to do list for members to check and update. The data would then be used to create a dynamic graphical timeline that a member could use in their forum signature.

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100 Posts On Forum Threads That Are RELATED To Our Website

Post to forum threads related to the topic of our website.
This is not a typical sign up to a forum and post a link job.
Your task:
People ask on sport related forums for solutions we provide, so you will need to find these threads and answer to these with a back link to our website.

All forums need to show a minimum of activity (several posts over the last days).

– Comments must be relevant to the forum subject and demonstrate that you read the thread
– Each post will have different content which will be directly related to the thread
– Minimum of 20 words per posting.
– URL to our website and to a specific page regarding the sport activity must be inserted and be active
– Notify on reply must be selected.
– Email address (gmail account) will be provided to you, which you will use for sign ups.
– Reporting after first 5 posts necessary, thereafter after every 15 posts that we will review, so we can assure quality is what we expect.
– Excel reporting with all forum links needed.

* High English test scores
* Must understand how to use HTML/BB when creating anchor text link
* Preference given to candidates with proven link building experience.

If interested please send me examples of your previous link building work.

In your response please succinctly answer the following questions:

To be considered for this job, you need to PM me and I will ask you for 2 links where you would post for this job. Further instructions follow.

Should this campaign prove to be fruitful we will probably assign you in future with more work.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Promoter Forum Poster

Hi there,

We need someone to post in "spearfishing" forums for us.

What we need:
1. Posts in at least 500 different spearfishing forums
2. Poster need to create a profile in each of these forums
3. Poster need to post 3 relevant to the topic posts and must not appear as spam
4. THEN Poster need to post a spearfishing video from our youtube channel
4. Poster need to report back daily with forum accounts details and post urls


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High PR Forum Posting & Blog Commenting

The most important part of this project is you ability to provide comments and forum post & replies that are meaningful and not spammy.

For this reason, a sample of your blog commenting and forum posting is critical. If you cant provide a sample, you wont get this project.

This is a one-time project, but it could be monthly depending on the quality of the sites and the quality of your posts.

1. 500 blog accounts from separate, do follow blogs. You will provide us with the un/pw, then you will provide 500 quality blog comments.

2. 500 profiles from high PR, do follow quality English forums. We will provide the industry and you must find as many trade related forums as possible. Each signature with 2-3 anchor links. Then you will provide the following for these accounts:

1,000 forum relevant forum posts

1,000 forum relevant forum replies

You must spread the posts evenly over 30 days.

Do we really need to list all the dos and donts? Dont so anything black hat or grey hat, period.

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Develop Forum For Our Website

We need Forum integrated and customised for our website
We use Joomla and Forum must be integrated with JomSocial, be very user friendly and visually attractive.
The example we would like to imitate is

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Upgrade Website

Gaming Website

Existing website is a template, has multiple blocks, cms, and custom banners and logos that we have had designed.

What we are looking for is an upgrade to our site, keep some of the functionality, and add some other things like a video section, Facebook, a real nice forum section, lots of options for forum posters, updated profile options, videos, rosters.

Need the abiltiy to update site as needed in the future after the project is done also.

** Can speak very good English.

Please show link to portfolio, thank you.

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Huting Bbs Webmaster For Affiliate Or Advertising Or Cooper

hi everyone
I am becky ,A employees of a B2C website. I know there are many Elite webmasters,i need your guys help me !!
I am huting some webmasters of bbs/forum, for Cooperation.
my plan is :I publish product information, and contacts on your bbs/forum( the products selected based on your forum), as an official capacity.In returns,We can provide a Super big discount for members of your Forum, I promise, that will be a great discount.then,your Forum members can get exclusive discounts.besides, we can give your Advertising and management fees, or Affiliate Programs commissions, which will vary depending on the actual situation.
that is my plan, or we can talk about it .
so ,contact me ,if intersted!

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Facebook Forum App


I need to integrate smf with facebook.(I am also open to other forum software)

I want it to work like this:
1. User goes to facebook
2. User adds the forum app
3. User gives facebook permission to get their profile details
4. User is automatically registered as a member and can start posting. No need to ever log in or register!

So the person can post right after adding the app. There is no registration, its done automatically. I have found an app that does just that with phpBB:

After you add the app, you can post right away. It uses your name as your username and your default picture as your avatar.

I also want it to be integrated into the facebook newsfeed. Whenever someone starts a thread, there should be an option there that is selected by default that posts the new thread on the persons newsfeed or facebook wall.

I would also like each members profile to have a link to their facebook page. I am also open to other suggestions that you may have.

I am not looking to spend more than $150 on this project.

Please let me know why you are right for this project. Tell me what experience you have with facebook app coding and smf forum software. Dont just send me a standardized list of things youve done that doesnt relate to this project.

Thank you very much.

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Vanilla Website Creation/migration With Facbook Link

Our website: has just incorporated a Vanilla forum. We feel that the whole website can be made using the theme of the new Vanilla forum ( ) instead of the HTML homepage. Content is readily available.

Wed still need our current pages incorporated:

Camp Basilone

The theme used on the forum is acceptable, with minor changes to the colors and photo.

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Php Forum BB

Hi we already have a installed php bb site with details . Below our project is listed .

1. We need a sign up form that can integrate the information that is submitted under a new tab in php bb called Profile 1.
2. We need someone who can take the login panel off of the php bb so i can use with any site .

Thats it if you know how to do one of the following please contact us immediately and we can start thanks .

The budget for this is extremely great $75 -$150 pm us if you have any questions .

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Database And WordPress Hosting Transfer

I have two sites on one server that have already been moved once, adjusted, now need to re-transfer the wordpress site and ONLY update the database of a IPB forum. Should be a very simplistic task, I would like it done right away.

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Can You Create A Posting On Forums?

Can you create a posting on forums?

Looking for a skilled worker who can:

create postings from the provided list of URLs


– it must be approved and published
– it must have backlinks

It seems like the forum list I will provide is heavily moderated and you will be banned immediately if it looks lik a spam

it is suggested to create about 5 postings without any backlinks before adding backlinks
it is suggested to be part of the community (relevant content to the forum)

it will be a weekly task

let me know how much you would charge per posting

please write "i can post 123" in the message.


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SEO/traffic For Sports Betting Forum


Im the admin of

Website established four months ago.

I want website to be on the first google (european) page for terms:

"betting forum" (or other suggested terms)

I want guarantee (pay after effects)



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PHPbb Forum Style Modification

I have a phpbb powered forum that I run that I am having a few small problems with.

The style that I am using is a bit out of date and will not display the captcha question and the new post button also seems to be missing.

I simply need someone to fix/modify the style so that these things display correctly.


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Upgrade And Integrate New Forum Script

I have a forum script that is installed on my website, but, it is a very basic script. I would like to upgrade the script to something more robust and secure.

I am open to using just about any type of forum software that is available, so long as it is open source.

You will need to remove the script profiles (as my site already uses profiles and the script would have to be integrated 100% with my site.)

you can see my current software at:

I would like to use one of the following: (this is the preferred script)

I am open to any suggestions that you might have as well (please include a link to your suggested script demo when bidding)

Remember the script AND the admin panel must be fully integrated into our site/admin panel

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100 High Quality One-way Backlinks In Forum 03

I am running an antivirus software coupon site. I would like the following to be done:

Answer questions on good reputation forums, the home page of backlink should be at least PR4, the backlink page can be PR 0, when you answer the questions, you can refer to my perticular site URL or put my site url as the signature, I will provide you the anchor text and links.

Totoally 100 postings, budget $100. if your answer is so good that is picked as the best answer(in, not all the sites has this feature) or it is set to sticky in forum, then I will count this as 2 postings, i.e, one posting counts as 2 postings.

1. Your answer should be meaningfully, relevant and answer the postings question, no spamming, one line comment just saying something like "this is a great posting, I really appreciate this or benifit from this" does not count.
2. Target US, english site.
3. Backlink pages must be relevant to my page, prefer computer software, tech support, hardware and shopping discussion etc topic.
4. Domains must be from different IP addresses and different Class-C IP addresses, i.e. you should not post 2 links in the same forum. if you are doing good, we can do this project again after couple months.
5. No more than 10 postings per day.
6. Prefer authoritative domains (.com/.net/.biz/.org/.us/.gov/.edu/)
7. ALL links must be DO-follow.
8. Every 3 days, provide a progress report, so I know you are in progress.

I will setup 50% escrow when you accept the project, after you finish the work and I have verified it, I will release the 50% escrow, then setup another 50% escrow, wait for 2 weeks to make sure that all the links are still there, then release the escrow.


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Forum Postings

I am looking for someone to create accounts and write short posts on forums with signature links

that has anchor text links back to my site

This will be oportunity for part time/ full time work if you are doing a good job.

my budget is only 30$

I will need 200 posts made with a maximum of 4 posts per forum. This means that you have to sign up to 50 different forums with a new account and a new email address (same email for all 50 accounts) and submit 4 posts that "stick" in each forum for a total of 200 posts

You will need to make sure that all links are dofollow and that all links stick. I will require an excel report once all 200 links have been placed , and I will check the links one week later to see that all links are still live and active.

As mentioned I can only pay 30$ but if you do a good job , I will offer you more work at a higher rate for future projects.

Also, if you have no reviews you can get a 10 review from me if the jobs done right.

When bidding you should tell me a little bit about your experience and why I should give you the job

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Forum Posters Required – Long Term – Other Than English

Hi Pals,

I have a very long term Forum Posting work, basically promoting one site by creating a topic in the Forums and have discussions over it.

I prefer people who can do this other than english..

Very long term project, can pay you for every 60 posts.

Please BID here with PM.

I am happy to talk further on this.

Pontu Ding!

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Are You A Good Forum Poster?

Hello Guys.

We are in need of good forum poster, Who can post a relevant comment to the threads.

This can be permanent place, We need dofollow forum posting and if possible relevant one.

Budget is limited, we need best in less.

Quote your price for 1000 Forum Replies


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In Need Of Very Skilled Web Programmer.

In the works of designing a "social networking" website. Will need a very skilled website programmer/designer. You must be proficient in Photoshop. This will be an aesthetically pleasing sight that must be seamless from iPhone to iPad to computer. It will be dynamic so PHP knowledge is a must. The website will also have the ability to create "accounts" (like a forum, without the forum but pms ect. still intact). They will be able to vote on said user generated content. I am looking to pay by to-be-determined milestones once you accept the job. The site will be VERY extensive. So if you are not well versed in creating dynamic websites please do not contact.

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