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Custom MS Excel Formula

I need a custom formula created for MS Excel, compatible with 2007 and newer. This formula will determine total material usage based on the following:

1. Material units are 10 sticks. The returned value will be in number of units.
2. The material is used to build a frame: minimum dimensions is 4 x 4, with no maximum size, using 2 increments.
3. The formula will optimize material usage and use waste as applicable.
4. The formula will factor is waste due to 45 degree cuts at the corners.
5. A joint cannot fall within 4 of the frame corner.

Please let me know of any questions or clarifications.

Thank you

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Simple Breakout Strategy

I need a EA trading strategy programmed for use with MT4.
It is a simple strategy for use on one time frame.
I am only after one version to be written at this stage. I may then contact you to add an indicator or for use with multi time frame data, will pay extra for each version after V1.

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Photo Uploader For Zen Cart

We run a Web shop. We would like to have the same photo uploader as the on the page:
But the uploader needs to be done under Zen Cart.

We would like to have the same options as on this site. We will have the same range.

When you enter the page is in the upper right corner are "votre photo".
They wanted us to enable the client to upload photos, he chose what he wants: a picture on canvas, sticker, wallpaper, etc. For a preview of the image size when you type should appear showing the area which will be truncated and the client can move to the area. if klent make the choice to picture options selected should be visible to us, so we know what we must cut.
We would like have choices of all materials (even those excluded).

After the selection like wallpaper appear to the left of 5 options. These options are the same in all materials. From the material chosen depends on option work or not. For the wallpapers are included in Options 1 and 2 (for the wallpaper does not select either the frame or the option of cutting on the parts).

The canvas paintings (the first option to be selected in materials) are now 4 options to choose from. See 3 the options. There are sizes available. and near size, eg 60×60 in blue marked 1,2,3. How to choose the size youll see that the image can be purchased as one, two and three-piece. The image will be the most 5 parts. We will do the same. (Image here is a sample-we deliver all the necessary graphics.) Click on the image of 3 piece. Select the frame and now look. You see your picture here and the red frame will look like your picture in three parts. This can move the red frame. This too would like to have. Options below it (outils and couleur). For the canvas photo is everything.

Now back to the material and select the poster. 1,2,4,5 options here work.
You can choose frame in option 4, and 5 (passe-partout), choose a background. These options also would like to have.

Connection with a basket in the zen-cart is very important.

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Picture Frame 1

I would like a picture frame designed.

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Margin Alligned For .net Frame

Hi yes i have more funds then i know what to do with we are looking for programmer that can build and provide us with a twitter functioning bot . All programmers welcome our budget is $550 approx and can end today if you already have it . We welcome all bids good day cheers .

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AS3 Flash 360° Add Ons To An Existing File


I need a flash expert to add some new functionalities to an existing 360° object presentation.

Currently, the fla is driven by a "hand" cursor on mouse over (in order to "drag" the 360 rotation) : there is a nice coding that make the effect realistic (motion blur for example). I wish to keep the effect, the mouse cursor, and therefore the whole code but I need to add these functionalities:

> When the swf is loading, I need the object to make a 360° by itself (with the same slight motion blur effect), without the users need to make drive the cursor
> I need to have buttons at the bottom (left and right arrows) to make the 360 turn frame by frame (no motion blur, just "frame" by "frame"), or when keeping the arrow pressed, activate the same effect as whats available with the hand cursor (with motion blur and so on).

> The movie needs to be declinable : I will give some sample images with the working version FLA, but I will later make 10 similar movies with the other images. Therefore, the whole fla needs to be well commented an all the images should be library driven of course (ONLY CODE, as what it is so far).

The fla is coded in AS3

More details can be given by PM

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PHP Zend Frame Work


We require 2 dedicated freelancers for 45 days .

The project shall require ON site work as well .

Location : Mayur Vihar, Delhi .
Min EXP : 2 years.

DO NOT BID if you cannot do frequent client visits.

Knowledge of ORACLE is NOT MUST but it is good if u have any idea about it.

Payment to be made via ESCROW .

Need to start rolling by MONDAY 21st

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Web Page Template

I need to re-format one section/page of my website. I have a photo gallery of images that I would like to reformat to each being an individual page. I need a template made to do this that will allow me to easily upload new images to the page and then upload that new page to the site. Should inlude these functions;
drag and drop image into template frame
alter in template frame- zoom, move directions, crop
save that page and upload to website- done in php

For example-This function is often used on e-card sites that allow you to personalize with an uploaded picture.

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Java Application Thats Implement The Scoring Of Bowling Game

The application
A user is first presented with a main menu, the

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Statistical Anaylisis: Creating An Excel Sheet

Dear Sirs,

I have x time series of currency rates in the following format:

Date: year / month / day / hour / minute
Price: 1.60304

For example, I would like to analyse the following 4 currency pairs:

Euro – US$
US$ – Swiss Franc
British Pound – US$
Australian $ – US$

These pairs are highly correlated, so in theory, if 1 pair goes up by 1 point, the other goes down by 1 point.

In real life, it is different:

I need to know how much points the whole 4 – x pairs diverge into negative or positive within a
set time frame:

Input parameters:

Direction: long ( rising price ), short ( falling price )
Time frame: year / month / day / hour / minute – year / month / day / hour / minute

The maximum negative or positive divergence measured in points,
not only from the beginning of the entered time frame to the end of the entered time frame,
but over all possible starting to ending points within the set time frame

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Magento Site Needs Online Picture Framing

Develop or supply an add-on to my Magento site to include online picture framing.
Similar sites,,, or,

Features to include:

1) Give the customer the ability to select an image from available works of art or
digital art from different categories.
2) Links to include a (See It framed) option, Then select a picture frame profile from different categories.
ie: style, color, width, etc. up to 20 profiles; Initially and I have the ability to add more through admin
3) Adjust color of wall background with a slider Widget passing through a the color spectrum
4) Adjust color of mat with a slider Widget passing through a the color spectrum.
5) Option to select a Mat and frame. Chose to Select mat type, and chose Select Mate and frame type. etc.
6) Option to select only a frame, Frame type wood, metal, Frame hangers
7) Select a mat/border for the frame (this goes inside the frame and has a cut out section for where the picture is).
8) Adjust size of mat/border – Slider Wiget to adust mat
9) Adjust shape of mat/border – slider wiget to adust ,mat height and width.
10) Option of a second or third mat/border or no mat/border from different categories such as: color, fabric, etc.
11) Ability to crop picture
12) I have the option to add more mat colors from admin
13) Produce a cost with all options. (Cost is based on size of the work of art or digitial prints)
14) Add a comment section
15) Ability to then add the final product to the shopping cart and purchase it or edit the wall color, frame, mat or
glass options until happy
16) I have the option to add and remove frames and mat colors from the Admin back-end.

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Prestashop On The Fly Price Calculator

I need an on the fly price calculator for the Prestashop shopping cart. The store is a custom made frame company that requires the user to input the height and width of the frame that they would like in text and the calculator works out the price on the fly. Other attributes will be added to the product which will also need to be added up. AJAX would be the preferred method. If you take a look at and see their system you will see what I need.

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Frame Buster Buster / Mask URL

I have become a resale affiliate for a scuba website……….i get paid commision on every sale that comes from my link………………………………………problem is they have a frame buster or something so i can not establish a page that uses my login info…………….with in my own website…………………………im either looking to mask the URL…………or frame the website with my link in an iframe or something ……i can promote their site and still get paid for my work

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Need A Photo, Either Original Or Alter From Stock Photo

I need a photo that shows a solider resting somewhere in the battle field or in the barrack, looking at a small photo frame. The photo frame should be in such a position/angle that the reader can see the contents of the photo in the photo frame.

You can shoot an original photo of that kind if that is inexpensive. Or you can find a proper photo from a stock photo website and then alter it to meet the requirements. In this case, show me the photo you find and Ill go that stock photo website to buy it.

Also, usually the stock photo website has small sample photos to download before buying. You can work on that small photo a little bit to show me how you would alter the photo.

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Notepad + Capture SMPTE Timecode

Need to create an ipad app (artwork provided) that captures timecode information from the audiojack input. Interface is scrollable grid made up of three-column rows that are created and ordered dynamically. Interface states are "normal" (creates/deletes row at any position and cell text is writable) and "locked" (existing row order is static and cell text is read-only).

Audio timecode comes in audio jack/mic input and the frame value is put it into column (as text) when triggered. Possible solution may be something like libltcsmpte library for reading/capture timecode ( But feel free to implement any solution that works. Documentation on the data structure of timecode can be found at or Wikipedia "SMPTE time code". Application does not need to be single-frame accurate.

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Facebook Fan/likes

Need alot of facebook fans from 1 specific country ONLY!
please pm with the amount you can provide in the shortest time frame & the time frame progress along with payment structure

will release payments upon progress

Pm me for more details

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Fix Script – PHP + JQuery – Frame Editor [Done 90%]

Is a project which user can submit the images , and do editing on the images with a simple functionality.

Few step
1. Fill in details [Done]
2. Select Package [Done]
3. Frame editor [Done 90%] – Fix this part
4. Show the submit details [Done]

Need to do
1. Store information in database
2. Checking status on the package

I will send the more info if you interest on this project.
Please PM me as well.

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Website SEO

Outline of work
We need an experienced SEO firm to improve our search ranking.
A list of all major keywords used on the site will be provided separately to the successful bidder on this project.
We are only interested in New Zealand based traffic.
We are only considering Freelancers with more than 100 positive reviews so if you do not meet the criteria please do not apply

When you bid, we need following information
A reputable outfit to apply the same logic that has resulted in us getting a high ranking in certain areas and expanding this to other key areas where we are not ranked so highly
SEO techniques you will use and examples of successful projects completed
Time frame for completion of work
Time frame in which you can rank the above keywords on required positions in
Exact website will be disclosed to winning bidder
No canned responses please
Advance will be paid however complete payment only on achieving the desired results

Absolutely no black or grey hat methods, ONLY white hat methods
Google Guidelines must be followed 100% and not be compromised in any way.

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Telstra ‘Frame Relay’ Datastream

Note: we do not know the specific skills required to do the job & have simply guessed by clicking the selected skills above.

We are a government authorised information broker. We need to setup a computer in our office to connect to the government departments computers via a dedicated frame relay datastream Telstra line.

The ultimate aim is to retrieve text information from the government departments computers and and convert it to a PDF document that is part of a shopping cart for a customers to have their credit card charged and then receive the PDF.

We are inviting tenders for the job. We will supply the complete communications specifications on request.

Look forward to your email.

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Pictures Collage Program

The Project Name: Pictures Collage Program

OS Platforms: Cross-platform (Windows and Mac), desktop application

Program Language: Adobe Flex with AIR

Deadline: April 15, 2011

General description of what a typical user would do with the application

1. The user starts with a new page (8.5

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Replace I-frame With SEO Freindly Alternative

I have some content I would like to share with other websites.

Currently I do this via an i-frame.

<iframe width=

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Need Facebook Likes

I am looking for genuine fb likes for my fan pages.

Please bid as for 1000 likes

I need 1000 likes within 5 working days.

So please only bid if you can gather within that time frame.

Payment will be not released if you can not gather likes within time frame.

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YouTube Views And Subscriptions

We are a startup Entertainment and Multimedia comapny with an artist in need to reach over 100,000 + REAL youtube views and 10,000 + subscribers and maintain a 4-5 rating. All views should be generated from different IPs unique visitors. Traffic should come from all over the world with the primary majority being in the USA!

No bots/ androids/ scripts allowed !!

*** Music Video needs to be linked to MUSIC DOWNLOAD, MP3, ITUNES and Amazon

You should not use methods banned by Google & Youtube !!

The video will be delivered to the desired winner(S) …

Please include your time-frame in your PM

Please bid with your time frame & rate for 1000000 views generated ethically & honestly !!
Bidders who can provide working references to previously completed successful projects will be prioritized.

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Quick Flash Demo: Urgent & Fast Payment

Please work on a ready made .fla and add the following action script and send back the updated .fla

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Feature For Products On Magento


Required feature build and implementation on magento for a project "paintings and frames". Customer should have the possibility to change/ choose paintings and frames independently of each other on the fly and add choosed frame and or painting from the feature window to the shopping card. (frames should always fit to painting size). Customer should also have to possibility to choose a painting and or frame from the product list (painting a/o frame). Overall performance of Magento should not be affected by the new feature. All new products added to the related product categories should be accept/ recognised by the feature automatically. Furter details by after

Please only apply for this project if you are an experienced IT professional, providing examples of previous projects.

Post your bid!

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Open Cart Customization & Module


This is an open cart website

You will have to do a clean installation on the website. Please I dont want
you to install any free module out there I have tried all that is not stable
or its with errors

I need a module for these modules should be open source so that I can use it on other sites as well.

1. SEO friendly URL
2. Bulk uploading for products, categories, brands, images. either in
excel or csv or…..any format.
3. A documentation how to use these modules


1. ) I need some modification in it i want to replace the name

Model to *Composition*
*Manufacture to *Company**

2.) Brands Drop down character length is only 32 need to increase it to 90
as well as the frame or else the drop down bar will go out off order from
the frame. I hope you understood.

3) Need to add another field as Packing Details

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Need A Mobile App Build And Launch For Android/i-phone

Android phone / i-phone application.

Involves several screens of basic data input and relies on GPS technology to source potential matches based on location.

Will also need branding with logo (design brief assistance provided) and introducing to the global market-place for commercial purposes.

All intellectual property is under copyright and must not be re-sold to 3rd parties or used in conjunction with any other application platform.

This is a great opportunity to showcase skills and flair for design and ingenuity. Repeat work under negotiation and based on performance.

Please place your best bid / best time-frame and I will be in contact with more details for successful programmer


We are hoping to end the bidding allocation time early due to unprecedented interest both on and off freelance.

Will all accomplished application makers please submit best time frame and costing bid to be considered.

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Screen Capture And Upload Tool

Any of our registered user that wants to access some of the advanced features on our website, will be required to upload two references. These references are actually available on pages of external, password-protected, HTTPS sites. The user is expected to visit those sites and provide us a screen capture of the relevant information on those pages.

Ideally, we would like to provide him with two buttons/links on our web page: "Upload Reference1" and "Upload Reference2"

The user will then open another browser tab or window, to visit the external URL where his reference material exists and will login to that account. Once he has arrived at the right page within that external site, he will click on Reference 1 on our web page and a rectangular frame will appear with a title called Reference 1 and a Capture button on the bottom right of the rectangular frame. The user should be able to resize the frame to cover the specific area of the screen that he wants to capture. The frame should remain

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Youtube Views : 1,000,000 Youtube Views Needed (MUSIC)

We have a music/entertainement client that is in need to reach over 1,000,000+ REAL youtube views and maintain a 4-5 rating. All views should be generated from different IPs unique visitors. Traffic should come from all over the world with the primary majority being in the USA!

No bots/ androids/ scripts allowed !!

*** Music Video needs to be linked to MUSIC DOWNLOAD, MP3, ITUNES and Amazon

You should not use methods banned by Google & Youtube !!

The video will be delivered to the desired winner(S) …

Please include your time-frame in your PM

Please bid with your time frame & rate for 1000000 views generated ethically & honestly !!
Bidders who can provide working references to previously completed successful projects will be prioritized.

This will be a long term project, that will have new videos every month …

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We are seeking the expertise of a website designer who specializes in lead generation, to create a simple and effective website within a short time frame. Requirements are that the website has the capability to provide automated responses, have images and videos imbedded & most importantly that it is easily found by our target market. The website would consist of approximately 3-5 pages of information. Please contact me if this sounds like a job for you.

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Webdesign. Brand New Web Site With Design. SEO Preferrable

New webdesign for an norwegian corporate event company. We are working with this categories; conferences, group activities, boat adventures, summer parties, christmas parties, kick off, team building, product release.

We like the web site to be fun, easy to navigate, including.

Top banner with Picture
5 main link under the picture
Side frame with category links
Main frame with text
Main links under the text frame again
Needed picture gallery.

The site should be search engine optimized and as little flash as possible(because of ipad/iphone).

Page set up i like:, but no web shop and no log in.

I have all pictures and text. Im capable of put in the text in notebook my self, programming html. The text will be in norwegian.

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Urgent Youtube Views Needed.

I need to reach over 20,000 REAL youtube views within a week or less. All views should be generated from different IPs unique real visitors. Traffic should come from USA ONLY!

No bots/ androids/ scripts allowed !!

No porn sites

You should not use methods banned by Google & Youtube !!

The video will be delivered to the desired winner.

Please include your time-frame in your PM

Please bid with your time frame & rate for 20000 views generated ethically & honestly !!
Bidders who can provide working references to previously completed successful projects will be prioritized.


Basically, we have like 20 videos a month so we are really looking for a permanent partner. This is why it is a test video to find the right person. You will get paid for this video but i want to see your ability to perform the task. What i am interested is to find out after delivering the views what will the insight show as this is very important. Would it show other viral or site name as referrer

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