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Changes To Website (build With Frames)

A small website built with frames consisting of less than 20 html pages needs a few changes.

10 images need to be edited.
Font style needs to be changed.
The contact form on the contact page has to be removed.
The navigation needs one more link.
Maybe 4 or 5 more little changes.

All in all, I estimate that the time needed to do all changes will be less than 90 minutes at the most.
However, you should be aware of how frames sites are constructed and should have prior experience with websites built with frames.

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3 Professional Banners

2 gif banners with 3 frames and one 1 jpg banner (1 frame)
We need 2 banners, size 160×600 and 728×90 . 3 frames in each, could be same frames…
We also need a 400×100 banner in jpg, same theme as the other 2 banners.
If we are happy with the banners we will provide lots of more work

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Wire Frames To PSD

I have some wire frames out of which PSD has to be created.

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Animation IPhone App

We would like to create an iPhone app which lets you take series of photos using the iPhone camera and then create an animation sequence which tells a story. For example – using Lego characters and background and taking photos and moving the lego characters slowly and then the app can be used to create a movie/story from it. See the youtube video my 11yr old made He used a digital camera and then upload to computer and then use picasa to make it.

What we would like to do is create an app which will take photos and then process it with the following
– once all photos are taken, open the app and then u can highlight all the photos u want from the camera roll
– then decided on the frame rate,, eg 16-24 frames(photos) per second
– able to add a frame – which can be used to create a title or text to add to the story – also be able to duplicate frames – as one frame would be instant and not be readable.
– once its create, you can view, make changes, remove frames etc..
– then be able to post to YouTube and also Facebook and other social media

Also you must create the icon for the appstore too

If you interested you must agree to the following
please email some of your work
All source code will be handed off once project is completed and sign off
App must be in our ios dev account
This will be our first app – please advise if there is anything else we need – also advised if this app violate any Apple rules etc. If this is sent to Apple and they do not allow it, no payment will be made.
So we need someone with experience who can guide us through the process and work with us to make minor changes and updates in the future

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Video Clips Edit

We need about 6000 short 1-5sec video clips edited saved and and labled.

You will be given 13x 12 minutes continuous clips of a person saying people names to camera. You will need to edit and save each name as an induvidual names of what the person says.

For example the person on camera says…. "John Butler" You will need to export and save "John" and label, than export and save "Butler" and label.

The continuous files will consist of frist names and last names

For first names you will need to add 3 frames at the start and 4 frames at the end
For last names you will need to add 7 frames at the start and 3 frames at the end

ATM we are looking for 2 quotes one to do 50 first names and 50 last names.
And one quote for entire 6000 files

Once we have checked all is well we will require the remaining 5900 files.

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Perl/bash Scripting Tasks

I have two tasks to be completed quickly. Programmer should know linux & basic scripting.

1) Download this test page from youtube:,24&search_query=hello
I need a script (bash or perl), which will extract basic video information from the saved html page. For example, video url, video title, uploaded by, etc. You can output a CSV file or preferably mysql statements to dump in a database table.

2) See this page:
ffmpeg is a tool that can be used on linux. Using some command line options, it can be used to extract frames of a video (specific frame number, or specific time, etc). Write a bash/perl script, that will extract all frames in a given video file. The frames should be stored per minute and per second. That is, say the video is 5 minutes long. then create folders 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 inside each of them, create folders named 0 to 59 (for seconds). All frames of a video (count=fps) to be stored in corresponding folder. This is an easy task (no video knowloedge is required, you dont need experience with ffmpeg). Just study the syntax and you have to write appropriate for-loops).

I will select the lowest bid from someone who can work today.

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New Blogger Store Design For Spectacle Frames

Starting a new online store (either via blogsite or a proper website) and require a designer to cover all aspect including logo design, blog site design friendliness, uploading my products pictures and details onto the site.

1. Spectacles Direct (SD) is a very very new business concept I am starting to push out.

2. What SD does is sell overstocked, overproduced, and QC rejected spectacle/sunglass frames. Think of us as the Factory Outlet Store (FOS) for spectacle frames.

3. If I do a blogger site, what are my options, how can you help me? I do not even have a logo for SD. All I have on hand now are products that I want to sell

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2D Animations – Game

We need to animate a total of 6 existing characters for a game win screen.

Looking for 2D animation working from existing vector files.

Prefer existing game design animation work experience. These do not need to be complex but we want them to be really cool as they are each related to a win and highly visible within the game (a main focus).

Here are some technical details:

1. Texture sheet – The size limitation for each sheet is 2,048 x 2,048.

2. Number of frames – There is no limit here. If more than 36 frames are desired, then another sheet of 36 would need to be added.

3. Number of frames per sheet – 36 is the limit.

4. Each character frame – 335 x 335.

5. Animations should loop appox. every 3-5 seconds.

Please price it based on 1 piece as we might just do a coupe to start.

Please include samples of your work that most closely relate to this type of project.


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2D Animation For A Bunny

I want a 2D animation for a bunny character for a game in comic style.

I want:

– 5 frames animation for running.
– 2 frames animation for jumping.
– 1 frame for stand still.

I want the frames to be in size 200×200. or if it can be in svg it will be better.

Please send me sample of your similar previous work with your bid.

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Wire Frames Designed Into .psd’s, Then Turned Into Html.

We will A) provide 4 wire frames B) samples of existing emails C) image files as needed.

Well need these four wire frames designed into html, delivered as .psds, and then coded – using tables, not divs – into html.

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Wire Frames Into .psd For Housing Client.

We need a wire frame turned into .psd. Were making a template for a client who has 16 apartment buildings across the united states. Our template will be used as a "lead" form for each of the 16 buildings, and must be customized for each. The basic template stays the same, but some specific change.

Well provide: the clients URL, so you can see the "look and feel" they want B) wire frames C) ad copy D) quick feedback.


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Feature For Products On Magento


Required feature build and implementation on magento for a project "paintings and frames". Customer should have the possibility to change/ choose paintings and frames independently of each other on the fly and add choosed frame and or painting from the feature window to the shopping card. (frames should always fit to painting size). Customer should also have to possibility to choose a painting and or frame from the product list (painting a/o frame). Overall performance of Magento should not be affected by the new feature. All new products added to the related product categories should be accept/ recognised by the feature automatically. Furter details by after

Please only apply for this project if you are an experienced IT professional, providing examples of previous projects.

Post your bid!

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Seeking Framing Option For My Website Need Website Designer


Please goto and see the framing option… You can take pieces of Art, and add option of frames, and also option of wall colors. I want something very similar. Please send me some samples if you have done this work in the past. I want my customers to be able to see my pieces, click into it then choose from the frames, these frames will actually go around the piece of art, then you can see it directly on the wall. With options to change the wall colors from 300 to 500 wall colors on a grid.

It would also be nice to be able to add Different couches and love seats under the art. So customers can literally see this art as if it were on their own wall with a couch the color of their couch in there own house. Please goto that website I listed and click one of the items, then see the frame it category…

NOW PLEASE PLEASE make sure you can make this work with VOLUSION software. My site now is with volusion.

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Iphone Stick Figure Animation

I need a stick figure man, created in several different frames for an Iphone game. The frames should be him, running, jumping, and climbing. Looking for a style similar to cartoon wars with the stick figure is wearing gloves and boots.

I will need the final files delivred to me as .png

Looking for this to get done asap.

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Photo Montage

Script in php and mysql.
Clone site:
– categories / menu / paging
– sending photo frames in png with calculation of where the mount should be inserted
– generation of frames
– several ways to send file to generate photo frames
– save your search queries and generate tags

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Simple Video Remvoe Website Frames

To remove the web site address from few frames in the beginning and at the end you will see the website link Give me your best price this is a simple project I will go with the lowest price.

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Facebook Fan Adding

Im looking for reliable Facebook Fan Adding Services…

I have hired many times for this service, I know the going rates and time frames… Im very experienced in this area…

– I need very low and competitive pricing on 1K, 5K, 10K, and 25K lots.

– Need Fast Time Frames – Quick Adding

Please email your bids to me on the above increments.

Jobs would start immediately.

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Bookmark Submit Script

I need an auto submit script for bookmarks on my site. Here is a step by step example of what needs to happen:

1. Look here:

2. See under the RED Header, on the right there is a button called BOOKMARK

3. Mouse over that and then click the show all (little down arrow).

4. Now you see all the bookmark sites listed here. So what this does is submit the article to all of these, but the problem is I must do it one by one.

5. What I want is a link I can click and submit any article to ALL my accounts with ALL the bookmark sites shown here.

6. Now, some of these sites require action (like choose thumb, or click submit), so maybe one way is to just open all of these on one big page and using frames I could see all of these on one page, so I could quickly go through all of the frames and choose thumb and submit.

7. I am totally open to other suggestions, what ever is the fastest and most efficient way to submit my articles to all book mark sites the fastest possible.

8. We have 10 new articles a day, so first we must get caught up with old ones then submit daily from then on.



1. Bid if you want to just manually submit each article to each bookmar site.

2. Bid if you want to build a frames type of multi view page, so can then see all listed on one page and then choose thumb and submit.

3. Bid if you have a better solution, to do this automtically (although I dont know how you would do that when I must choose a thumb on some of the sites).


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3D Cart Expert Needed. (Simple Frame Edit)

I need someone experienced with 3D Cart who knows how to edit the main "Frames" document. Specifically I am looking to swap out the navigation for [Manufacturers] and [Categories].

The manufacturers or brands frame runs down the left column and the categories frame runs horizontal across the width of the page just under the header. So I need someone who can not only swap the location but understands how to format the called lists properly.

In addition to this swap I would like to add some sort of small separator to the new Manufacturers frame so that each of the links have a visual element (A small line or icon of some sort) between them.

I can provide the frames .html and any graphic element for the separator all I need is a programer that understands the 3D cart Frames references in HTML and can deliver.

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Remove Frames From ASP Website

I have a ASP website built with frames that we need changed to no frames.

site is

directions USA . com

we also want the navigation more SEO friendly using CSS instead of flash

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Wireframe Creation

We are looking to work with a company/person that concentrates on the creation of wire frames. You need not apply if you are not accustom to creating an outline, flow, wire frames and layout and design of web sites.

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Angry Santa Animations

Hello. We are looking for someone good at illustration/design to create some funny Santa Claus animations for an "Angry Santa" application we are working on. The app shows a picture of Santa, but this isnt your typical jolly Saint Nick! When you tap, poke, rub or shake Santa, he gets progressively angrier, saying funny things to you.

For this project, we need the following art designed:

7 versions of Santa showing him getting progressively angrier:
1 – Neutral Santa – slight smile
2 – Frown mouth
3 – Angry mouth
4 – Really red cheeks
5 – Angry eyes
6 – Angry hat
7 – Red eyes, completely mad

Each version should built on the previous as an overlay.

We would also need the following animation frames (overlaid on the image to animate as he "talks"):

* 2 mouth animation frames, shown alternating as Santa talks.
* eyes rolling animation frames – shown as the user shakes the app
* "oh" mouth – shown as the user shakes the app

The animation frames would be overlaid as a layer on top of whichever of the 7 "angry" images is shown.

Images should be high resolution, in a resizable vector format is preferred (which we will then pull into Photoshop at the size needed for the application to export the images for the app). The background should be transparent.

*** Preference will be given to bids that show examples of what their Santa art for this project will look like ***

To see an example of how this art will work into an app, see – this shows how we used the frames on a similar app we have already completed.

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Need Photoshop Expert To Create Custom Picture Frames

Greetings Freelancers,

Today were looking for a Photoshop expert to create two different custom frames on two different pictures. The frames need to have a hand drawn or rough look and need to have transparency around the edge so they can sit on a colored box in InDesign.

[Edited by Admin]You can get ideas from

Please include your portfolio so we can take a look at your work.


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Glasses Ecommerce Website To Finish Building

Our eyeglasses ecommerce website has been partly built ( 35 to 40%) by a previous time-wasting freelance we had to get rid of. We are looking for a prompt responding, self-starting freelance to finish this Magento initiated job.
He will have to uploaod images and data of 5 more frames series totalling about 60 frames; about 10 text pages, selection of frames and lens and payment processing.
All images and texts shall be supplied, there is nothing to invent, just to upload, except for a virtual try-on glasses online app to finish.
The main requirement is a total 100% immediate full time availability to finish the job in no more than 7 days from now regardless of reasonably priced job hours.

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IPhone App Project Reposted

IPhone App for Wall Art Effect

I need a phone app that is similar to Adobe Photoshop Express on the Iphone App Store. It should look somewhat similar in presentation but definitely needs to look as professional. It needs someone who can do a very professional looking design.

Please check out the following link:

This will be a Photo Editing Software that converts your photos to paintings effects with different frames that can be posted on FaceBook. The app should have photo editing features like the Adobe Photoshop App but in addition have the functionality to be able to convert photos into different types of paintings styles (see below) and

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Try-On Virtual Mirror For Eyeglasses

We require a virtual eyeglasses / sunglasses try-on feature for our website. Examples include:

Once on the website, the user can use demo model pictures, or upload a picture of themselves by webcam or hard drive to try this feature.

There should also be a secure back office where an Administrator can manage the frames database, client database, upload new frames, delete frames, prices for each frame and so on.

Cost and how long this project will take? Your references and past website designs?

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IPhone App Project

IPhone App for Wall Art Effect

I need a phone app that is similar to Adobe Photoshop Express on the Iphone App Store. It should look somewhat similar in presentation but definitely needs to look as professional. It needs someone who can do a very professional looking design.

Please check out the following link:

This will be a Photo Editing Software that converts your photos to paintings effects with different frames that can be posted on FaceBook. The app should have photo editing features like the Adobe Photoshop App but in addition have the functionality to be able to convert photos into different types of paintings styles (see below) and

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Flash Banner

I need a very simple flash banner designed urgently. 4-6 frames, all the graphics and text are ready.
Sample flash will be provided and it needs to be high quality with similar to sample flash.
Flash itself is very basic, it just needs to slide-show the frames.
My budget is between $20 – $50

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MPEG4 Player – 2

Need a special MPEG4 player which only display I frame, I+P frames. The P frames are not always fixed. Sometimes it is 15 frames of P frames, some times it is trancated to only, say 2 frames. Need th source code and tech documents.

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MPEG4 Player

Need a special MPEG4 player which only display I frame, I+P frames. The P frames are not always fixed. Sometimes it is 15 frames of P frames, some times it is trancated to only, say 2 frames. Need th source code and tech documents.

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I Need New Website For Musical Artist Optimized For SEO.

I need a good website made, which is optimised for SEO. It is for an industrial music project of mine. I have a logo I want to use, and I want the mood to be black and dark to fit the music of my band.


Need it to be several pages to optimize for SEO:
-download music

-NO frames. I want no frames on the website.

-XML sitemap

– Text and ROR Sitemaps

– Google, Yahoo and Bing verification codes

– ATL tag

– good meta tags, description tags, title tags and keyword meta tags

Basically anything that can be done to make the website easier to SEO optimize afterwards.

My website right now is
You may use that logo. You can see what I am trying to achieve in its most crude forms. Dark, evil and alien. But I want it to look much more professional and more optimized for SEO. I also want the music to be downloadable like on the current website, I like the way they can click on the covers to download the music, but I may make some more professional looking covers.

Please post suggestions and earlier projects youve made.

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