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Article Rewriting For Seo

Rewrite current content for SEO. The site is for a wedding chapel. Articles to be modified are for different wedding packages. Key-Phrases will be given for each article.

Writing Guidelines:

-I will pay $1 for every article.
-Articles vary from 200 words to 500 words
-Make sure to use the exact Key-phrase 3 times ONLY in your articles.
-Many wedding packages include the same services. i need you describe the same service in different ways for each package.
-DO NOT use the key-phrase as the first word of the article.
-DO NOT rewrite a title
-All final content must pass copyscape
-All articles must be spelled-checked and grammar-checked before submission.
-You must be aware the copyright is transferred to us after you are paid.

Mode of Payment:

-Only articles that are approved are paid.
-paid through – $30 milestone deposit up front.

If your article is declined due to plagiarism and or grammar issues, you must edit it before you are paid.
The reason if why it is declined is provided within the declined article.
Deadline for editing of declined article is ONLY 24 hours.

Only 50 articles are needed for now. But we will need continued blog postings asap. which we will pay $1 per 400 word article.

Please provide a 400-word sample for us to evaluate your writing quality.

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Rewrite 70 Article


I have 70 articles that need to be rewrite, 10 per day. PAY $1.00 PER ARTICLE

I will give you the articles that need to be rewritten, you can use all text or part of it. Final article must contain 500 word, be at least 85% unique from the old ones and pass Copyscape. If an article has many spelling, punctuation errors and does not pass Copyscape I will not pay for the article until it is fixed and resubmitted.

Please attach a sample of your previous work for my reference. Also, TEAMS WITH ENOUGH EXPERIENCE AND NATIVE WRITERS WILL GET FIRST PREFERENCE. However beginers can apply too.

Thank you.

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Writer Needed To Rewrite Article Provided Asappossible

Hi everyone,
PLease only bid if you have perfect english.
I need a writer to rewrite some article i would provided.
Each article would need 2 rewrite.
You would need to send the article in note pad format, with 8 paragraph each.
Each article need different title
The maximum price i am willing to pay per rewrite is 0.75 dont bid more than that.
Rewrite are a lots easier than original article to write as the original article is provided
and you just need to change idea,put synonym.
The writer would start with 15 article to rewrite 3 time each and if satisfy will have opportunity for
long term opportunity.
Its simple you just need to provide a good quality then you can have longer contract.
The writer need to produce the rewrite for 10 article daily.
I got the right to ask for rewrite if the writer is droping the quality during the project.
If the rewriter is doing a unacceptable job he
remember its easy when your doing rewrite i you change the words and sentence the article wont show
more than 5 or 6% copy in copyscape.
Any article that i will receive that show to much copyscape result will have to be rewrite.
Good luck everybody!

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Article Writers For My Team

I am looking for a content writer with the very good writing skills.

Please submit your sample article while bidding and let me know whether you are ready to write a sample article on the topic given by me.

The rate I can offer is $1.5/500 words for new articles and $1/500 for rewrites. So, please do not bid if you are not agree with the rates. You will only be paid if your articles get approved and if its rejected, you have to entirely rewrite it.

Please understand that deadlines are important and if you have reasons for not meeting deadlines, please do not bid.

The articles once paid for would be under my ownership.

Please do not bother to bid if you are not willing to work for long time and interested in writing just one or two articles.

Happy Bidding,

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Article Writing

I am looking for a writer to write me articles for my website.

– All articles must be written in perfect UK English.
– 100% manually written . No software allowed.
– Articles should be delivered by email.
– Correct spelling or grammatical errors.
– Articles must be written manually, sound natural, and be easy to read.
– I will own the full copyright once I purchase articles from you. (you may not reuse them!)
– Each and every article MUST PASS COPYSCAPE and dupefreepro

I am looking for the best writer who provide me the best quality of articles.

I will only pay if the articles are unique or CS passed.

I dont have a time to rewrite the articles so I want articles to be free from grammatical errors.

I ready to pay 1.1$ for 500 words articles.
Payment will be made only through freelancer.

Anyone who does not meet this requirement kindly don

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Rewrite Article And Blog Posting

Hello everybody,

I need a good writer to

1) rewrite an article and then post it to 25 different blogs. The article will include at least one photo. Its a plus if you maintain a blog or more yourself because not only do you have experience, you will also be allowed to post the article and the photo on your own blogs but we have 25 different blogs created for you where you should post the articles.

2) write a 400-500 word article about a beauty recipe or ingredient.

The budget is $30. If you are a good writer and do a good job this can become a steady gig and you can steadily earn $30 a month.

I will NOT ESCROW any money. I will pay through PayPal and after completion of the job. If you insist on getting paid through GAF, I dont have an issue.

Thanks for reading !

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Article Rewriting – Easy Work $1 Per Article

Project Details:

Articles must pass copyscape
Must be well written and exhibit proper spelling, grammar, punctuation etc.
Must sound written by a native english, please do not bid if you cant write fluent English
Articles must be 450 words

Bids will only be considered with a trial article rewrite…
All other terms and requirements will be discussed if you are hired

We pay:
$1 for the first 100 articles
$1.2 for 101-200
$1.3 for 201-300
$1.4 for 301-400
$1.5 for 401-500
$1.6 for 501-600
$1.7 for 601 and more

Thanks and goodluck

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Rewrite Article For Sheetal

Project for Sheetal rewriting text

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Rewrite An Article

I need someone to rewrite all 7 articles on this website:

Its a really easy job but I need someone who knows how to write well and follow ezinearticle guidelines.

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Neil May 2010

5 orig + rewrite + rewrite
1 rewrite + rewrite + rewrite

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Rewrite 1 Single Article 60 Times – 1 Week To Finish $30

I have an article that needs to be rewritten 40 times each rotation will be unique
copyscape, good grammer, natual writer

this article is on laptop ac adapter.
be creative to present the article.

here is the article

each article with different title and different sub headings and offcouse content

so 40 times you need to rewrite and you should be accommodate to allow revisions.

if you guys like, send me 1st rewrite for consideration.

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project for lilmsmooody

articles rewrite – project for lilmsmooody only

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I need 50 US-native writers, $4/article

Our team needs 50 US-native writers. If youre not, dont bid.

I will pay $4/500words fresh articles
and $2.5/500words article rewrites.

You must atleast submit 5 articles daily.

Certify that you are a US citizen when you bid.

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project for riteshmaity 3

50 articles rewrite

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Article rewriting project for seowriting

Article rewriting project for seowriting.
Please contact asap.

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article re/writer for longterm (40 articles )

I need 40 articles re/written.

Articles must follow these guidelines:

1. Be written in a grammatically correct and free-flowing style
according to US English.
2. Contain between 3.5 and 4.5% keyword density
3. Article body must be at least 350 words in length
3. Be completely original, no plagiarism (I will check each
article on copyscrape and insider services)

Feel free to send me an example of your work!

I can use Escrow service!

At the moment I am aiming on 1$ per article (rewrite)but if your work is good you will get many job opportunities from me! And of course better rates at the following projects.

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====================Looking For Dedicated Writer To Join My Team, LONG TERM====================

Hello there!

I am looking for a writer that can join my roster of excellent writers.

You must be able to produce copy-free articles that need no more editing after submission.

Hence, we are preferring those who use American or UK English as a first language. You may not be a native English speaker but at least you speak or write in the same way as native Englishmen do.

A variety of topics will be on hand and steady work for weeks, months, or maybe a year.

Prompt writers are very much preferred.

Payment will be made through PayPal at a rate of 0.30 cents per 100 words or $1.5 per 500 words.

Please bid for twenty articles with a length of 500 words.

When you bid, type the word Great.

Please attach your sample original article(s) and post it in your PM.

I am excited to assess your portfolios!



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project for mahmudul05

project for mahmudul05 – 50 articles rewrite

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project for DIAS30

project for DIAS30 – articles rewrite

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project for Chitraparna

project for Chitraparna – 50 articles rewrite.

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Need article rewriters

I need a rewriter for $1/500 words. Please apply with samples.

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project for richardlango

project for richardlango – 50 articles rewrite

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project for cscantoria

project for cscantoria – 50 articles rewrite.

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50 articles re/written

I need 50 articles re/written.

Articles must follow these guidelines:

1. Be written in a grammatically correct and free-flowing style
according to US English.
2. Contain between 3.5 and 4.5% keyword density
3. Article body must be at least 350 words in length
3. Be completely original, no plagiarism (I will check each
article on copyscrape and insider services)

Feel free to send me an example of your work!

You can send batches of 10 articles and I pay you via paypal after each batch.

At the moment I am aiming on 1$ per article (rewrite)but if your work is good you will get many job opportunities from me!

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Article dentist needed

I need a long term rewriter who I can be in constant touch over messenger to rewrite articles for me.

All the articles are dentistry related and will be used on my dentistry website.

I will provide the articles to rewrite and the workload is about an article or two daily..

What I require.
–Good literary ability, the ability to quickly and efficiently rewrite articles which although imply the same meaning as the original but are expressed in different words.

-Good punctuation,spelling and error free writing.

-Good response and ability to stick to deadlines.

Im paying $1 for every 500 words rewritten by you.
Thank You

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Article Rewriter urgently needed(Only freshers)

I need two to three rewriters urgently!
Please only for serious bidders. And also make sure you are agree on the terns that i will pay for 400-450 words rewrite,0.75$!! Make the bids urgently as i have to start this urgently!!!
Happy bidding!!

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Writers Needed — Ongoing Work!

Native English Speaking Writers ONLY!! (US,UK,AUS,CAN…)
Native English Speaking Writers ONLY!! (US,UK,AUS,CAN…)
Native English Speaking Writers ONLY!! (US,UK,AUS,CAN…)

I can offer you a lot of ongoing work and reliable payment each week.

Im looking for fast and reliable content writers only.

I expect:
* Fast Delivery within 2-4 days max!
* Error Free Articles!
* 100% Original Work!

Please dont bid if you cant write at least 3-4 articles a day for me. The more the better.

This is ongoing work and I have lots of work! Most articles are between 300 and 500 words plus many rewrites.

Quality: If you fill the article with gibberish and fluff and waste the readers time then we dont accept the article.

I can provide you with a steady flow of work but I expect some professionalism from my writers, means I always expect delivery within the deadlines and articles without errors.

The faster you deliver, the more work you get from me! I honor hard working and reliable writers by sending them more work. So, if youre looking for a reliable income stream, just deliver quickly and with good quality and I will send you work every day.

Your work shall always be 100% original, means no plagiarism, no cut and paste from other sources. Always your own words. I will check this with

Payment per article:
300+ words: $2.00
400+ words: $3.00
500+ words: $3.50
750+ words: $5.00
1,000+ words: $6.50
Rates for rewrites are a bit lower, will send you details on PMB.

I pay 5% extra for all articles turned in within 24 hours from order date. Urgent articles are paid 10% extra.

Payment is every Sunday!

Please just place the minimum bid, it doesnt matter since Ill choose more than one writer and open a separate project just for you.

Thank You!

Legal stuff: we have full solely ownership and copyright of all writings. You are not allowed to re-use the articles in any form. You represent that, except with respect to material furnished to you by me, you are the sole author of the writings and all of your services are original with you and not copied in whole or in part from any other work. The writings contributed by you hereunder shall be considered a "writings made for hire" as defined by the copyright laws of the United States. we shall be the sole and exclusive owner and copyright proprietor of all rights and title in and to the results and proceeds of your services hereunder in whatever stage of completion. If for any reason the results and proceeds of your services hereunder are determined at any time not to be a "writings made for hire", you hereby irrevocably transfer and assign to me all right, title and interest therein, including all copyrights, as well as all renewals and extensions thereto. You agree that we may make any changes or additions to the writings prepared by you, which we in our sole discretion may consider necessary, and may engage others to do any or all of the foregoing, with or without attribution to you. You further agree to waive any so-called moral rights in the writings.

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Project for msKathleen

25 article rewrites required. Must be written in free flowing grammatically correct English with keyword density maintained.

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