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Flas Intro Page For Welding Company

We need a simple and elegant intro page for the welding web site, images and all necessary materials you can suggest your own!

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Making Flash Animation Updated In Home Page Intro

This project is for a already existing Flash Intro update into the Home page. You need to be a expert in Flash + sound editing+3D animation to do this. No Fresher please.

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Flash Intro Page

We are in need a flash intro page for our schools website.

The intro page basically consists of a mootool sliding login, an functional analog clock and a school "chalkboard".

The chalkboard is the flash element of the page (the part that we need coded).

What we would like it to do is display the initial content of the chalkboard (which is an image file containing the text "Welcome to our school").

After a few seconds, the eraser that is sitting on the chalkboard starts erasing the chalkboard to reveal the second image underneath. After a few seconds, the eraser begins to erase the chalkboard again to reveal the third image and so on.

I do not want the chalkboard images fixed inside the flash demo; but rather, I would like to be able to add images to a directory where the flash file will display and erase all the images in that directory ending with the original "welcome" image.

If you can create this flash page (or able to achieve this effect by another method), I can PM you some sample images of what we had in mind.

Please place your quote and the time frame of completion.

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Flash Intro Page (only) For WordPress Site

I am looking for a Flash Developer to create a Flash intro page (only) for an upcoming horror movie promo site. I will be integrating this flash intro into a WordPress site, so if you have knowledge on how to do that redirect, then that would be helpful, but not necessary. I will need you to create the graphics for the FLASH intro page also. A similar site to compare look and feel is (this is not my site nor am I associated with it in any way, Im only using it as an example of what I need so you can have a better idea of the scope of the project ). Again, this is only for the intro only, not the entire site.

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Flash Splash Intro Page

What I have in mind is to create colorful lines that will be moving.
This will be displayed above and maybe below our company name.

Heres an example (Looking at the first picture):×240-232714/index8.html

Or it can look like this:

This company specializes in techno music, so make the colors nice and vibrant.

Vibrant definition:
1. Pulsing or throbbing with energy or activity;
2. Vigorous, lively, and vital;
3. Exhibiting or characterized by rhythmic movement back and forth or to and from;
4. Produced as a result of vibration;
5. Relatively high on the scale of brightness: a vibrant hue.

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Flash Intro Page

I need a flash intro page for my website which is under construction at the moment. I want it like this intro page I have my own logos and video to incorporate Please let me know any information asap this project needs to be done in the next 3 weeks and I am working with a budget.

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Flash Intro Page Required.


I have designed one website. I need one flash intro page for my website.

Flash intro page should contain 5 images and 5 slogans. I will provide you images and slogans.

You need to create effective flash intro page.

Budget is only $5. Payment after completing and submit flash intro page. Payment through money bookers only.

Accepted and interested bidders please mention ” S, I m Interest ” in your bid. And PMB me your previous work on flash intro. Here no need experience.

I need good quality flash intro designer. It will be finished today itself.

Note: Remember budget only $5.

Happy Bidding.

Thank You

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