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Website Design In HTML And CSS

I need a tree service related website created. This website should be somewhat similiar to

It will have the same number of pages, same "request a quote" and "contact us" pages. The graphics and the layout should be changed to not look the same however.

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Penny Auction Website Design And Programming

Do not bid on this project for the sake of making some quick money. If you cant do the work, then dont bid on this project. I need someone reliable that is willing to do the work.

Please do not bid if you have never worked on a penny auction web site before, you have to provide reference of working penny auction site you did.

Please submit the following with your bid: past penny auction work, admin demo and PHP framework used: core PHP, CakePHP, CodeIgniter or Yii. I would prefer CakePHP as we have already workedwith this.

I need a website designed that is similar in function to,, and I like the layout of and (eg. 3×4 auction grid; no drag and drop or pinning required; I like the list of all live auctions under the grid).

As for functionality, I need most of the same functionality, but some features reworked or updated and some things deleted. I cannot discuss those here, but I will discuss them via the private message boards.

Website cannot look exactly the same, but Im looking for the same concept. The look and feel must be professional and not thrown together quickly.

Code needs to be completed using HTML, PHP, Javascript + AJAX and needs the inclusion of the PayPal API for payment. You must have your own test credentials for the PayPal Sandbox (free). Google Checkout support also preferred. PayPal (either core or Express Checkout) is absolutely required.

Must work in all browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

I need daily progress updates and the ability to communicate in English is a must. This may become a ongoing project for the right person. You need to either communicate with me using e-mail or MSN after the project is awarded. That includes development costs, logo (done) implementation, testing and installation. You must submit a document outlining installation steps. If we mutually agree to a higher amount, I will let you know and only then should you bid higher.

Do not use some script you purchased for $10 or $20 for this project. I know where to find those! If I discover you using such a script, the project will be cancelled.

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Designer For Psd And Html Pages

I need 5 pages designed in psd and html done. I need unlimited revisions until its perfect. Design is for same website

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Website Design HTML And CSS

I need a tree service related website created. This website should be somewhat similiar to

It will have the same number of pages, same "request a quote" and "contact us" pages. The graphics and the layout should be changed to not look the same however.

02/08/2011 at 20:46 EST:

The design should be very much web 2.0 with reflections, rounded corners and drop shadows.

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Website Design & HTML5 – Ecommerce

Our goal is to develop a new design based upon the the Gruopon business model. I am looking for a fresh design not a clone of groupon or other group buying sites. I have ideas that I can share with you on the look and features of the website. I am looking for the design (Photoshop) and HTML5 code developed but not the back end database code (I have a developer on our team working on that part).

Must have prior experience with developing ecommerce websites, groupon style or aggregators is a plus. I dont want to start from a template and must have clean HTML5 code.
I dont not want to use Flash but may have some flash like features.
No SWF technology

Fluent english speaker and available to talk over skype to review and modify designs
Consumers/Members -feature list
Browse/Search deals/ Coupons
Landing page: Select City and enter in Email
View featured deal of their location
Select their location (or auto-find)
Signup – page with user information
Enter credit card info (stored with paypal/gateway for 1 click buying)
Invite friends to join and become a referral member
Purchase deal
Share coupon (twitter, facebook, etc)
Edit profile
Connect profile with foursquare and other apps
Receive coupon via email, sms, print
Member portal

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Website Design Joomla


Im in a new project:

A interactive and attractive website with the focus are engineers, students, hobbyists and enthusiasts on electronics.

I need:
– A blog,
– A page for tutorials;
– A forum,
– A download area for thousands of PDFs;
– A simple and effective e-commerce – VIRTUEMART.

A site that I like so much is: This site have almost all I need, the only thing I want that this site dont have is the download area, like a library ( – very ugly – html only).

The background of the site must be very simple to use. Upload of tutorials, creation of new products, management of sales, etc…
I want a template equal the, with the resources I described, using Joomla.

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Scraper For Travel Website

I would like a script to scrape continuously (i.e. I need an auto-crawler).

The data needed will be time, price, place of departure/arrival, duration of transportation, etc. and an exact list will be provided upon hiring.

After the data is scraped, it should be parsed into a MySQL database, which we will give the specifications for upon hiring. The script should not be a desktop application or excel macro.

We will want the source code when it is complete.

– Script can scrape the data repeatedly (auto-crawler)
– Flag if the site has changed or data is not properly loading
– Parse and output data to MySQL

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Web 2.0 Affiliate Travel Website Design (long Term)

IMPORTANT: Refrain from bidding if you dont fit ALL 4 points below or if you cant produce designs like the ones shown below.

We want to redesign our existing travel affiliate site into a fresh new original design.

We are looking for a Graphic Designer with expertise in the following:
1. "Web 2.0-like" web-site designs
2. HTML / CSS following W3C standards tableless design (using divs, etc). We dont want a simple Photoshop design.
3. Some knowledge of AJAX / jQuery to be able to put fancy sliders in the design (e.g.
4. Need to see previous existing portfolio (just send me your top 5-10 web sites). I will check your HTML too in couple of them too.

Planning: We want you to get started by Friday February 4th. We would like to see mock ups quickly so we ensure you are producing what we have in mind. Once you finish with the Homes HTML, well make a first payment and we will start integrating it in our site (JavaScript, PHP), and you can continue with the other pages. Planning is to have it all finished within 3 weeks or so.

Expectations: we are looking for perfection, high quality, attention to detail, forward thinking.

The type of quality that you should be able to produce are as follows (just samples):

The site will be composed of the following. We have a detailed briefing which we will provide to the successful candidate:
– Home page
– Hotel listing
– Hotel page
– Country page
– Search landing page
– My Account

Can accept higher budgets for exceptional and committed candidates.
We are seeking a long term relationship. After initial design ideally we can reach an agreement of X hours per month

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Website Required

Simple Website design only HTML


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Website Design For Music Site

I need a mock-up design for music web site within 24 hours.. it urgent after approval . i need it to be slice in HTML.


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HTML Website Design

I want to make a simple html website for my company.The website is supposed to be 5-6 pages. I will provide the content to the successful bidder.

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Travel Website, 7 Pages Design + Search Upgrade.

Look for a programmer to complete 7 pages of the website following the existing JPG mockups. Parts to upgrade include design and search/navigation programming. Only those having a serious background in booking engines and travel content design are welcome.
Portfolio must include travel websites.

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Adventure Travel Website – Design & Build

My start-up company is launching a new e-business; a travel agency website offering luxury adventure holidays. We are looking for a skilled web-designer to take the page hierarchy structure, content files and design brief I have created; work up specs for us to review & agree; and then build, test & launch the site on our registered domain.

I am an ex-IT program manager, so should be pretty realistic and easy to work with, and I am keen to listen to your views on improvements to the structure, design and technology. I will need you to provide an indicative timeline for the work and guide me on how we keep the site as flexible as possible for future extensions and add-ins. I will also expect regular reports and a series of deliverable based billing milestones (or payment on completion).

The initial content will include a landing page, customer data capture, authority / testimonials micro-site and full e-business website with holiday products pages (photo & video), map / filter / searching functionality, secure online purchasing, admin back-office area, user area, online community / blogging pages / soc-net feeds, contact information and live web chat functionality. We will also need to link in a series of feeder domains to get the right sort of traffic to our website and earn income from referral clicks. I have identified 3rd Party sites as a functionality guide for all key features (see & as a starter) – so the ability to reproduce these sorts of sites to the same standard is important.

The intention is to launch with ~50 products but to develop the product catalogue (in size and complexity) over time. Our focus will be on building a prospect & customer database, a niche online community, an efficient sales engine and a network of adventure providers & hotels around the world, all via the site. Clearly as this site and business develops there will be further work to bid on and we could look into setting up a support contract with you at some point.

I have worked remotely from my IT team for a number of years and know the value of full specification and agreement up front. I therefore request an initial base cost bid on the project deliverables as outlined, but please do price further extensions you advise as extras, as these will evidence your experience. I will select the package that best fits the ongoing needs of the business at the right value – not just the cheapest. That said, we are a start-up! 😉

The right contract bidder will need to share proof of web-design, build, test experience, and have an online-community / network-building skill-set; plus, ideally, some testimonials from other satisfied clients. I am open to providing clarifications before you bid if you need more information! The work should be your top priority on acceptance of your bid and launch will need to be complete before 31 Mar 2011.

I look forward to hearing from you and building an interesting and exciting site together!
Regards, Rob

PS. We will own all copyrights to all work upon payment. Any content, coding and feature shall be unique and it will not be permitted to reuse them without written permission and on a case by case basis. Non Disclosure Agreement will be required as part of contract.

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Website Design & Development

I require a clean, professional looking website that will consist of the following pages in addition to the home page:

1. 4 information pages
2. 1 contact us page
3. 1 purchase page with integration with paypal, plus a form they will fill out after successfully paying
4. 1 box where a visitor can enter their email address and receive a free (automatically emailed) report, with us saving their email address.
5. Id like the ability to track visits to the website by referrer. Im thinking this could be done by having links like direct to the homepage, where we could track the 123. Ideally, wed have a way to track where which referrer is generating sales, I am open to ideas on that.
6. Free or inexpensive stats program to view our visitor information.

Some reference sites whose style I like:

I set a small budget as I am unsure the fair market price for a simple website such as this but I have some flexibility to pay more for great work if the market price is higher than what I am estimating.

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Sports Handicapping Website

I am looking for a very simple website that I can sell my sports betting systems at. Something like Need to be able to set up ClickBank through the website. Nice and clean design.

I already have a free host through Godaddy and all my files are in there.

Very basic and not a lot of work.


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Travel Website Design – Urgently Needed

Need a web design done urgently and converted to xhtml once approved

I will PM the links

1 home page and 1 inner page needed


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Project For Minakshi

Need a 2 pages website design and HTML…

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Travel Website Compare

I will like to have a site like one of the following:

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Website Design Plus Integrating PSD To HTML

I have a website, but it has a template design. It looks very poor, and we need a porfessional design. Example of the website you can see here:
You will need to create a design and then integrate PSD to HTML.
IMPORTATNT NOTE: The job myst be completed within 2 days, it is very important!

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Travel WebSite Design

Looking for website template for a travel website. home page and product page.
you can have some ideas from those websites

i like most the but it must be not alike

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Looking For A WordPress Designer For Travel Website

Im looking for a wordpress designer to assist in transferring our current white label website across to wordpress.

** I would like to transfer the website across to something similar to The site is made up of a series of different subsites/pages or "hotel desks", and I would need this to continue through to the wordpress version.

** Each "Hotel Desk" sub group of pages e.g. The O2 Arena, Birmingham NEC, to have unique header, unique search box, different text, and specific hotels listed on each page. General pages linked from all categories would include a "Budget Travel", "Contact Us", "Group Travel", "Privacy" etc.

** Ability to add news items and new hotels easily would be needed

** Fonts/design should be similar to the webpage below –,null,GB&additionalDataString=vrBookingSource|hotSearch&locale=en_US&searchParam=9f987aa2-a671-4608-b7f0-ae1347b7dc35&searchType=LANDMARK&travelDetail=[20101110-1]1&cid=195464

Examples of your previous work, together with examples of costs are required please.


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Japanese Travel Website Design

Dear providers,

We are looking for a talented Web Designer who can start working immediately and will provide us both logo and graphic design for a new travel website we are working on for the Japanese market.
As our layouts are going to evolve with the design, please only apply for the project if you are comfortable thinking and making layouts as well.

The project does not include HTML/CSS conversion, we only need the Photoshop / Illustrator files.

The website will be multi-lingual so there is only need for English speaking skills (we have translators for the other languages)

The ideal candidate will have experience with making simple, slick designs.
Please include your portfolio and availability so that we can quickly asses your application.

Looking forward to your applications.

Kind regards,

Lateliers team

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Website Design, Html, CSS & Js

I need a quick wbesite design for a spanish school. Once approved I need the html and css for the project and some js to control menu behaviour.
Must be completed by next week.

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Website Design

I already have a stationary for this company, logo etc. Need a website design with the same idea/feeling as the stationary. Also need it sliced to HTML. Frontpage + contentpage needed!

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Website Design HTML/CSS/ JavaScript

My company currently had our website developed in Flash. We need this same site replicated in HTML/CSS/Javascript so our users that have ipads, iphones, or other devices that cant read flash can still use our website. All of the back end programming is complete using JSON and we have an in house team of programmers who will handle connecting the front-end development with our back-end.

We have a fairly tight budget on this, but expect high quality work. Your bid will be disregarded if you do not include past examples of your work.

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Complete Travel Agency Website – Design

Im wanting to own an operate my own travel site (hotel, cars, airfare, cruises, etc..). I will be going with Travelocitys program ( This is an end-to-end private label site.

I can either purchase a template and have you code it or you can custom build a template for me. I can send you what Im looking for. nin a site design. Also, this project includes a Logo design. Your input in the type of template to purchase would be greatly appreciated as there are many different programming options out there (CSS, HTML, API, etc..) From what Im told the standard set-up is pretty simple to achieve by just uploading unique Headers and Footers which have been customized to your site

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Basic Travel Website

I need static html pages designed (around 5 pages with rich graphics, logo, flash banner etc) for a travel related website.

Kindly contact asap with references to previous work.

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Travel Website Re-design Needed


I am looking for a designer that could re-design the following site: . I only need PSD mockup.

The website features accommodations in Banff, including hotels, lodges, resorts and more. It is number one destination for anyone looking to stay in the city.

Examples of designs I like:

The bid is for the homepage only. When bidding, please provide me with up to 3 examples of your previous work.

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Website Design, PSD to HTML, HTML

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Travel Agency Website – Design

Im wanting to own an operate my own travel site (hotel, cars, airfare, cruises, etc..). Im currently researching Travelocitys and Expedias programs. Both programs are free. Im leaning now towards Travelocitys Program (World Choice Travel Partners) as I was told there program is much better and the coding is easier. This is an end-to-end private label site.

I will purchase a template and have you code it for me along with a Logo design. Your input in the type of template to purchase would be greatly appreciated as there are many different programming options out there (CSS, HTML, etc..) From what Im told the standard set-up is pretty simple to achieve by just uploading unique Headers and Footers which have been customized to your site

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Readymade And Instant Travel Website With Cp

One instant website for travel agency in india.

1- control panel to upload the packages
2- jquery
3- cp to upload google & other companies advts.
4- full and rich cp for all the requirement.

instant requirement, hence send your quotes now.


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