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Migration IPhone Apps

My company planned to migrate existing portal system to iPhone Apps. PM for more details.

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Website Template For Iphone Apps (no Flash)

I need a three page website template for iphone apps (no Flash please). Must be clean and easy to navigate. An example of a free iPhone application template can be found here

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Information About The Prosess Making Iphone Apps

We want to gather important information about making Iphone apps:
Can you explain this to us in a simple way, we do not have programming skills and are not doing the programming ourselves?

1. We want to make apps for the Norwegian market. What do we need to know before we start?
We want to use people at freelancer to help us make the apps and do the programming.
The apps are ideas that we have and does not involve other companies now in the starting process

2. How is the application process, how long time does it take and what is the cost?

3. Do we need to buy a web server/domain or a place to host them?

4. Is there other important information we need to know.

5. What is difficult and what problems can we expect to face in the process?

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Dating Iphone Apps

I want to work with someone who has excellent iPhone application development and graphics design experience. Easy to work with and great communication skills are critical. Looking for a developer that can create a dating application, It will b an added advantage to those that have created a similar application.

>Prefer to have a chat function to be included

>A self-made video will be added to profile as 1 of the function

>Smooth/attractive graphics and layouts are required.

>in-App purchase is to be added(included) in this app as well as iAd.

>Please show me 3 best iPhone apps/iPad/blackberry apps/android apps which done by you.

>NOTE: I have a number of other apps to develop so do not bid if you are not interested in a long term partnership.

>App shall be compatible with iPhone 2G, 3G and 3GS, iP4 and iPod with latest iOS
>Escrow: we will send 100% payment to escrow before project start.

>Payment: full payment will be released to you within 48hours once the app is approved on Apple

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3 Simple IPhone Apps

I am looking to build 3 iphone apps for now and more later. All 3 are basically the same. We will start with 2 of them and if all goes well we can make the 3rd and then later the others. These are very simple apps using xcode I believe.
No graphics. Just need one page of text and then I need it connected an API of an advertising company in order to show the ads and other apps served by this ad company. For first app this is it. For the second app we will integrate the companys virtual point system which is already built in and customers can get the prize that I have available once they reach a certain amount of points. I have my own app in the iStore that you can clone and will let you know what it is when you contact me so you have an idea. Do not waste my time and I am looking for programmers ONLY IN THE US.
Looking to get these done ASAP.

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2 Iphone Apps Needed

Project has many layers, But basically an app that allows Referrals to order products via it for their patients and helping the referral source get the proper documentation to our office. Prescription, Diagnosis(coder installed), Doctor signature, and even PICTURE of Extra documentation. Pictures of things being ordered will be in app, attachements for what was ordered and all dropped(text) into a perscription form where the doctor can sign. Then all info sent via email. Several Emails being able to be sent to several different locations to met doctor and provider compliance.

Other app will be for a Pharmacy, with Doctors being able to perscribe products(drop down of drugs), signature page etc and send over to pharmacy, need this to be user friendly and helpful sourse for doctor.

both of these apps will require updates quarterly or bi yearly and need somebody who can service these

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Need To Develop IPhone Apps

It is an application that allows small businesses to easily create a company website via the iphone.

The iphone app will have 10 easy steps

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IPhone Apps Review Site

Hello All,

I need a website for iPhone and android reviews.
Requirements: User side.
* Users can register and login in the site.
* Can submit their application to the db – (use a form)
* apps image size should be 75×75

* Need a admin pannel for manage/approve the apps.

In Site appearance:
Disply lastest 20 apps in 2 row.
Each apps title should to connect to detailed page – page url should seo friendly.
Other apps displayed under each catogory.

Lowest bidders can win… ( expect $30)

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Iphone Apps Developer

I am looking for Iphone application developers to work on project by project – for Clients in Canada.

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Iphone Apps Development

We have company into iphone App Development in Germany.
We would like to hire iphone developers from India for our apps-development.

1 year experience in :
Objective -c
Working experience on mac OS 10
iPhone apps development

Project details Transferring source code of ipad to imac compatible.

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Ayurvedic Massage Iphone Apps

Convert this webapp in an iphone/ipad application. Each webpage must be downloadable from the website for offline view (incl image/multimedia). Site architecture must be stored as xml file for easy changing.

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Iphone4 Apps Developer

I am looking for a skilled Iphone apps developer to fulfill my requirement.

Please contact me if you have experience in iphone development with sound knowledge
and honest.

Simple Utility application

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IPhone Apps

I need a developer to build parts of several apps we have ongoing.
You will work with a Lead programmer to develop code fro some technical iphone apps.
Paid on hourly basis, total hours calculated by lead developer. Ongoing work for the right coder, room for future growth.
Pay is standard Freelancer rates of $3-$6 per hour.

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Iphone Apps

Create sounds for iphone apps

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Iphone Apps , OCR Related Application.

We need some one or team to work on this project:

this is a OCR software related, so for bidder must be experienced in mobile OCR. please to show your work done before.

the application is to recognize some standard format photo in Iphone which is very simple, much simpler then the name card. also need to compared the recognized result link to my database.

NDA need to sign before supply more information

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Updates For My Iphone Apps

I would like to update my iphone app based on what users have been telling me to update. The names of my apps are the following, so you can find them on the store. You can download the free versions so you will know what Im talking about. The names are:

Ultimate Hypnosis App
Ultimate Hypnosis App – Lite
Weight Loss Hypnosis Program – Ultimate
Ultimate Weight Loss – Lite

I believe I worded those correctly. But you should find them if you know how to look. I need to do the following to all four of these apps:

Fix a bug where the "Go to sleep afterwards" plays instead of the "Wake up refreshed" audio content.
Make the play and pause buttons bigger.
Add a "back" button to the last page.
Add a Twitter and Facebook plugin to the last page so people can share their experiences with the app.
Make is so my apps show up when people search the "iPad" apps. I would like to have my apps fit an iPad screen if someone purchases my app with an iPad. I know that people who have iPads can purchase iphone apps too, but I want my app to be more iPad friendly. So all I would need is for you to change the screen so it fits, I could provide some new graphics if needed but if they just stretched to fit that would be fine. And it is very important that my apps SHOW UP under the iPad app search. I dont mind if I have to create whole new apps to make that happen. Just let m eknow what I need to do.

Thank you and happy bidding. Looking to get started very quickly.

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New Project For Teknowledge 2

As we discussed, 6 new iphone apps.

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3 IPhone Apps

3 projects for iPhoneBD we acorded 60$.

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New Project For Teknowledge

This is the project for the iphone apps with the changes we talked about.

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3 Iphone Apps

Looking for a developer who can make 3 iphone apps.
1 to do application,
1 photoshop application
1 game

Please provide an Iphone portfolio with your bid, since I will only consider experienced developers with great feedback.

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How To Build Iphone Apps

I would like to interview some app developers about how to make apps, what information a developer needs to make an app. what are common problems with freelancing app development.

I am starting a mobile app development community, and would like to give this info to perspective freelance employers so they can have apps built with minimal changes, and minimal headaches for the freelancers.

if you like check out my site its

thank you

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Specializing In Developing IPhone Apps

I am looking for a skilled iphone application developer with extensive experience in the following;

Cocoa Touch
X Code
Apple SDK
Developing Software
Building Interfaces

* Marketing experience a definite plus

I have 18 different iphone application ideas so far and counting which I feel will be very well liked by the public. Please contact me to discuss further

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Help Me To Promote Some IPhone Apps

Hi there, and thank you for your interest in this project.

I am looking for someone to assist me in posting ads on free classifieds sites worldwide to promote iPhone app sales for a specific industry. These are apps that are geared towards productivity for small businesses, and not games etc.

I am thinking that a PER AD price will likely make the most sense, but I am open to other methods as well.

I will supply all text for the ads, so this is really just posting, and if we come to a good arrangement on price we can do as many ads as possible.

Please place the word "thoughtful" in your bid title to indicate you have read the full ad, and please send along your thoughts on pricing, availability to start and time to commit to it/ ads per day you will be able to do.

Thank you in advance to all those who are interested in this project! I look forward to hearing from you all soon.

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Tests / Rezensionen Von IPhone Apps

S | Reviews

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Tests / Rezensionen von iPhone Apps  

Tests / Rezensionen von iPhone Apps is project number 728243
posted at Click here to post your own project.





Selected Providers:

Budget: $30-250

Created: 07/02/2010 at 4:08 EDT

Bid Count: 0

Average Bid:

07/07/2010 at 4:08 EDT
(4d 23h left)
Project Creator:

Employer Rating: (1 reviews)



appkit ( ist ein Informations- und Community-Portal für mobile Applikationen. Wir testen neue Apps und wollen ein Wegweiser sein, durch die Welt der Mobile Apps.
Deshalb suchen wir Verstärkung für unser Autorenteam.

Zum redaktionellen Prozedere:
Die Programme liegen schon in unserem Content Management System vor (inkl. Preisinformationen, App-Icon und Screen). Ein Autor müsste also

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IPhone Apps

We are looking to make iPhone applications for several of our websites.

More details will be given to the succesful bidder.

Experience in creating iPhone applications with geolocating and connecting to MySQL databases is essential, as are examples of previous applications coded for the iPhone.

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Simple IPhone Apps


We are looking for Good Programmer to build many applications for us.
A lot of our apps are not a complicated apps.


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IPhone Apps For Accounting Leads


We are a successful CPA firm that has developed a unique accounting management program to help small business owners financiall protect and grow their business. We are in need of an iphone app development capable of capturing accounting leads for our services. We are located in Colorado Springs, CO and would like to be able to capture (if possible) accounting leads in the Colorado Springs and surrounding areas (100 mile radius)

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Looking For Ready-made IPhone Apps

I am looking for some ready-made iPhone applications, which could be easily customized and provided to App Store.
Applications should be delivered with a full source-code and all rights to modify and publish them under my name.
Preferred applications from Productivity and Utilities area.

Please do not propose any open-source, publicly available ones or their adaptations.

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Looking For Ready-made IPhone Apps

I am looking for some ready-made iPhone applications, which could be easily customized and provided to App Store.
Applications should be delivered with a full source-code and all rights to modify and publish them under my name.
Preferred applications from Productivity and Utilities area.

Please do not propose any open-source, publicly available ones or their adaptations.

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Simple IPhone Apps And Utilities

I would like to provide some simple iPhone apps – games and utilities, to users.
These could be exisitng apps that can be easily customised for us to use
for promotional use.

It would be an advantage if the apps were also available as widgets.
Im also looking for someone to develop some simple widgets.

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Buying ReadyMade/Copy Of Your IPhone Apps!!!!

Hi there, Do You Got a ready made iPhone App? A Game? A Tool? Its simply cool and you could think of selling as a copy that we can rebrand then and sell in our name?

tell me the cost you can sell for and etc about the app in the pmb. Not Outrageous!!


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IPhone Apps

We need a small iphone app which will have 2 parts:
1)small database hosted on my server, with basic CMS to edit DB. From this DB app will download information. And user can change DB content from his PC using CMS.
2) Phone part. 4 buttons in menu and 4 pages.
Every page download content from DB and show it on iphone.

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