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Classified Ad Poster For Rooms And Share Section


I need a poster for rooms and share section of cl.Please contact if you can post live ads without violating Craigslists TOU.

If anyone can do this than contact me asap!

I need 50 ads in cl and

I am ready to pay $50 for this.


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Classified Ad Poster 72 Ads Needed Daily

I need a classified ads poster to handle our internet marketing and advertising we need 72 ads daily posted in the classified ads for our specialty service.

If you are able to meet this requirement please contact us by replying to this job posting.

04/02/2011 at 17:11 EDT:

I need a classified ads poster to handle our internet marketing and advertising we need 72 ads posted daily in the classified ads for our specialty service.

If you are able to meet this requirement please contact us by replying to this job posting.

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Professional Classified Ad Poster

I need someone to do 72 classified ads posting daily to help us do online marketing and advertising.

This person will have the opportunity to have a long term position if they perform well.

If you are interested in this job posting please respond.

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Classified Ad Posters

I am in immediate need of a Classifieds ad poster that can
place our dealership pre-owned inventory on Classifieds Ads sites, with removal and re-upping about every 4 days. Must use a staggered approach- ie, post 20-30 cars today, 20-30 tomorrow, etc. This number is not set in stone. Then, when taking them down and re-posting them, repeat this staggered approach, so that some inventory is always up and being swapped. We are looking for someone that is experienced in Classifieds Posting posting. You must provide your own PVAs, phone, proxies, etc **you can use clad genius if you would like**

The posting must be made in:

3 cities in TX 4x/Week in Cars+Trucks for Sale By DEALER
3 cities in TX 2x/Week in Cars+Trucks for Sale By OWNER

Post Until ALL Inventory in Pre-Owned section is posted.

Pay is flexible, but looking for about $.25/ ad. With that in mind, pay would equal $25/100 ads posted, using our ad-creation and posting software, this is VERY EASY MONEY. Then, multiply that by the removal and re-upping, and weekly pay increases very steadily.

I will provide you an login details for an inventory management/ad-building software that you will use. You can find the details of the package here:
All details such as phone numbers, addresses, names, etc. will be provided for you to use in the postings. I have personally used this software successfully; once you enter the contact info and Classifieds Ad account info, it retains it for future postings. Very E-A-S-Y to use.

This is a continued job and based on performance workload will increase
Please contact for more details.

Several Ads have been predesigned for your reference. This job will require a little bit of creativity in the descriptions of cars- ie, "This Mustang is a great two-door sports car for summer. Show up next to Camaros and Challengers and prepare to have fun!" Simple stuff like that. If you need help w/ a cars features or descriptions, please email me and I will help you w/ that.

We will PAY for only the live ads that are posted, and remain posted for a minimum of 8 hours. Once each ad have been sent, you will need to forward us the confirmation email from the Classifieds Ads sites.

We will not pay for any Ghosted ads. You must provide a daily report displaying links in excel format. If you can deliver a successful campaign this job will become a continued job; based on performance workload will increase

Again if you Do "NOT" have Proxys, IPs and PVAs to use, please DO NOT BID.

Classified Ad Posting Newbies***NEED NOT RESPOND***

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College Classified AD


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Classified Ad Project2

For yealatif only

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Classified Ad Project

For yealatif only

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Classified Ad Poster

Post 30 Products on 12 Free Classified Sites. 3600 ads Total
Sites include
Project will follow and is only looking for candidates that follow Terms of Use on a case by case basis
-I will provide information, poster will determine whether or not the information is applicable to the particular site
-Offering $120
-Only Live Ads with correct info will be compensated

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Internet Research Japan

I would like to promote my online English courses to Japanese people. Id like a Japanese person to do some research for me to find suitable places (classified ad sites, online notice boards, forums etc.) to place ads online. Only Japanese people to apply please.

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Classified Ad Posters In US

I need someone who can post on the job section in the US big cities. Your bid will be for 20 ads.

Ill only pay for live ads. I will NOT pay for ghosted or deleted ads.

Also when you bid let me know how fast you can do this job.

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Classified Ad Poster

Post 20-30 ads per day in business section 5 days per week, for a month. You must supply your own PVAs. I will supply ad and titles. Text ads only.

Also be familiar with anti-Flagging procedures.
No ghosting, if ads are flagged or ghosted that wil deduct in pay so please have experience.

I need a detailed report showing post.

If provider is successful there will be many jobs in the future.

* EXPERIENCE POSTING WITH THE SPECIFIED CLASSIFIED AD SITE! Im looking for someone who is comfortable doing 20 – 30 ads a day to start (small volume), but will likely ramp up with a skilled poster).
* Successful bidder will provide all resources to post to classified site (including, but not limited to, PVAs).
* Some sense to make sure that the ads post correctly, and since the ads have links, ensure that the links work properly.
* Ensure that ALL OF THE ADS GO UP EVERYDAY! I dont want half to go up, then wait until the next day for then next half. This is easier for manual posters.
* A strong ability to communicate in written English.

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