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Purchase Order Management System For Windows Intranet

Im looking to re-create a paper system for issuance and tracking of materials purchased by our company using purchase orders. Its basically a database to be built, that I want integrated into a (not yet built) company intranet.
When making a purchase, I need to enter the Date, the Vendor, the quantity of each item, the item name / code, a price per unit. It should record who is placing the order. And it should generate the sequential next purchase order number. There should be a field to notate whether item is for our company or a drop shipped item to a customer. If dropshipped, fields should be presented to input client information for future reference. Once submitted, the item should appear on an "open purchase orders" list, sortable by vendor / purchasor / date placed / order value.

Upon submitting, the item is "open". I then want a way for "checking in" the item once it has arrived. A different person in our organization would upon receipt of the items, check them in "line item by line item" with an ability to notate that some but not all of the quantitiy ordered have arrived.

Once items on a Purchase order have been fully checked in, the system should generate an internal e-mail to the accounts payable department that the PO has been complete and they are approved to make payment for any invoice that comes in relative to that purchase order.

I want to be able to see a list of all the open orders, closed orders, cancelled orders.

This may change based on conversation with potential programmers, but this is the gist of what Im trying to do.

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Global System Hook

Looking for lowest quote and project to be completed within a day.

I need a global hook to windows operating system that will capture all WM_PAINT messages to any application running on the system.

Please provide your quote and how long will it take to complete.
If its going to take any longer than a day please dont bid.

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Help with testing PayPal submit script on various platforms

We have a custom script a coder did a great job on, but we just have suspicion that it might not be working on certain platform/browser combinations. It is a multi-option customized PayPal submit function with pull-down menus, etc. Your job will be to play around with the different options, and make sure that it is submitting to PayPal correctly. No need to actually check out through PayPal, just get to the PayPal checkout screen. You will need to get a screen capture of each test and submit those as proof of job success, with some way of proving which operating system youre using on that test. Also you should of course report any bugs you find, and on which browsers / systems you found them on.

You will need access to these browsers working on different system versions.

Internet Explorer

On the following systems:

Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 2000

Were not concerned with Mac OS, as weve already tested that.

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Windows HTTP Analyser/ Blocker with MySQL backend.

Hello, I need a small program that will connect into a remote MySQL database and download list of websites to allow/ block.

Software should work on Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7, but older operating systems are also welocome. If possible it shouldnt be detected by firewalls/av.

Program shoud work with two policies: Allow websites from list or Disallow websites from list.

Addresses will be stored in table in a format allowing wildcards, so when I enter *pink*, it should block websites like etc

When you bid, please tell me how are you going to complete the project, what technologies to use etc, and provide timeline.
I will not read bids or PMBS that are not started with HFAG and ds gg dfg ffff respectively.

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